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French Speaking Switzerland Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s
Deborah, Los Angels (USA) & Morges (CH)

My long-weekend with Raymonde was an absolute pleasure as well as a hearty brain workout!

Raymonde first asks for the objectives that you wish to achieve during the time spent together. Then she quietly assesses your strengths and weaknesses in your spoken French as your conversations progress. From this, she builds some lesson plans that you will do together over the course of the weekend. She uses a grammar book that she calls “the Bible” of grammar, but she told me that not all of her students wish to do any grammar at all, and that’s fine too! She is completely flexible and will do exactly what you would like to do, and avoid what you do not want to do.

The rest of the time is spent conversing naturally as you do various activities together. Every immersion is completely different and personalized.

For my weekend, we cooked together and she was sweet enough to go out and buy all gluten-free foods for me due to a gluten-sensitivity. She shared some of her favorite recipes. I will say that I ate better chez Raymonde than in many restaurants! Her cooking is very healthy and fresh uses loads of fresh (and local!) fruits and vegetables, as well as delicious proteins of all kinds. She loves to cook and entertain, and her enthusiasm is palpable and contagious.

As we both love to ride bikes and to walk in the mountains, these were our activities for the mornings together. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I know that for other students, she does other sorts of activities from sightseeing to shopping to going to museums or events.

It is incredible how much you can learn both during the structured lessons and also during the course of the activities we did together. You hear many little filler words, as well as the rhythm of the language. By chatting all day, any mistakes that you make can be corrected in real time, so that you can begin to retrain your brain again and again during natural conversations.

Also, Raymonde’s home is impeccably clean, tasteful, and light and airy. Your ensuite room is delightful and private. She lives in a small village only 10 minutes from Nyon gare, where she picks you up and drops you off.

10 out of 10- I cannot recommend her highly enough!

French Speaking Switzerland Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s
Daniel, Charlotte USA

I can’t put in a few words the value of the immersion experience that I had with Raymonde. Not only is she an accomplished language teacher but, most important, she is an amazing human being. With her guidance and patience I was able to test the limits of my knowledge and, at the same time, gain confidence to try my French in real-world situations. Before attending the immersion and, after eight years of self-study, I was convinced that I was in a much lower level. After the experience, that included much more than simply going over lesson plans, I know where my weaknesses and strengths are. This way, I can focus better in the areas that need working. Thank you Raymonde for an amazing experience!!

French Speaking Switzerland Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s
Revue Janet, Sydney

I had the most wonderful time staying with Raymonde in her lovely home, experiencing Swiss life and language immersion in this beautiful area of Switzerland. Raymonde and her partner Michel both made me feel very welcome and I was so lucky to be able to also enjoy meeting some of their different friends and neighbours while I was staying. I was even able to attend the local village celebration for Swiss National Day!

Raymonde is a very warm and insightful mentor with a lovely openness which makes it so easy to connect and feel comfortable. We enjoyed some beautiful countryside walks, bike riding, visits, music, excursions, great food and lots of conversation. These together with the daily lessons gave me many opportunities to extend my French listening and speaking skills, all the while with the help of Raymonde’s gentle correction and advice close at hand.

I would love to come back for another stay, maybe even in the winter. I feel like I now have a new friend and a special place to return, in Switzerland.

French Immersion Homestay At Camille's In Paimpol - Bretagne
Angela and Humphrey

We had a wonderful week with you in Paimpol, certainly exceeding our expectations. Many thanks for making us so welcome.

I was slightly apprehensive it has to be said as I had never overcome feeling daunted when attempting to speak French. My time with you was both encouraging and rewarding with your unique approach to teaching, creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere with lots of opportunity to have fun. A huge benefit of your immersion stay was that you provided a course specifically for me and that you addressed my very limiting lack of confidence. Speaking with Olivier and other delightful friends to whom we were introduced also helped enormously to overcome my fears and to go for it!

Humph really enjoyed himself too and very much appreciated being included in our various jaunts together and with your friends, including a memorable visit to the island of Bréhat in glorious sunshine, exploring Tréguier, enjoying crÚpes Bretonne, Apérol Spritz and rosé generously poured at sunset picnics overlooking the sea. Merveilleux!

You provide perfect accommodation both spacious and comfortable; in fact you’ve thought of everything one could need for a combination of study and holiday in the lovely town of Paimpol.

French Immersion Program At Teacher's On Ile de RĂ©

I had a truly wonderful week of French immersion with Clarisse. She was able to adapt the level her speech to my ability and then push me to improve.  More than anything else, I needed to speak using the French that I already knew.

So we stressed having conversation together and with her family and friends. We chatted over coffee and croissants in the morning at the La Flotte town market, while driving to see the sights of Ile de RĂ©, at lunch, during the afternoon review of my nightly homework, and with friends and family during two social gatherings.

I was amazed that we were able to have some real conversations that went far beyond the tourist subjects one learns at the beginning of studying a language – for example we explored the differences between health care in the US and in France. As a result, I made excellent progress in my comfort level speaking French as well as my ability to undertand native French speakers.

Most remarkable was the sense of accomplishment that I felt after communicating in a new language for the first time. My goal when I began was to become conversational in French and the immersion experience with Clarisse encourages me that I can succeed in reaching this objective.All the best,Sam

French Immersion Program At Teacher's On Ile de RĂ©

I absolutely enjoyed my time with Clarisse and her wonderful family while exploring the beautiful Île de Re.

Although I currently live in France, having a one-week intensive course really helps me push through to the next level and I was not disappointed after my week-long stay.

Clarisse is so welcoming and easy to be with, you feel like you have always known her! She adapts to your level and keeps the topics very interesting, more like a conversation between friends than a student and teacher, exactly what I was looking for… real french interactions.

There was never a dull moment with so much to see in this area, including visits to historical landmarks, artisan workshops, famous ice cream shops and endless paths for walking or cycling. It was a fantastic stay and, above all, a pleasurable and productive french learning experience.

Mille mercis

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s In La Liviniùre, Occitanie
Sara N, Bend, Oregon, USA

Pierre is a gifted language teacher and a wonderful host. During my week of French language study and cultural immersion, Pierre thoughtfully and continuously engaged me in language learning, as well as in the culture and history of his region of France. He assessed my linguistic strengths and weaknesses well, then adjusted his instruction accordingly. I appreciated his unrushed exploration of important language concepts, with detailed attention to common usage as well as grammar. The excursions Pierre planned (according to my interests) were unforgettable walks through the history and nature of the region. Pierre (and his parents as well) were perfect hosts–generous with their time and very thoughtful of my wishes. I have wonderful memories of long, delicious lunches and dinners in their garden! I would highly recommend a French immersion stay with Pierre, and look forward to returning again one day.

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s In La Liviniùre, Occitanie
Stewart Ralph, Palm Springs, California

I found a week with Pierre and his family did more in improving my verbal communication skills than any other emersion program I have done in France.   Discussions at the dinner table in conjunction with Pierre’s lessons showed me the real French spoken language and expressions – far more useful in everyday communications than all the text book exercises I have done.   Also, I was treated like royalty –  great food and family activities, and Pierre showed me hiking and cultural attractions, all while speaking French! 

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s Near Fontainebleau
Emma (Wolverhampton UK)

Ma semaine chez Fabienne Ă  Fontainebleau.

J’ai toujours voulu faire une immersion en France, mais avec les engagements familiaux et travail, c’etait difficile de le faire.
Pendant ‘lockdown’ J’ai lu les articles sur French Today et J’ai trouvĂ© les informations d’immersion.
L’immersion Ă  Fontainebleau m’a intĂ©ressĂ© parce que c’est seulement 40 minutes de Paris!
Je suis trùs heureuse que J’ai choisi l’immersion avec Fabienne, son mari, Fabrice et leur fille, Elsa dans le petit village de Bourron-Marlotte.
Je suis restée dans un joli gßte à coté de la maison. Fabienne et moi avons pris le petit déjeuner ensemble dans sa cuisine et puis nous avons commencé les études.
Fabienne, Fabrice et Elsa sont vraiment sympas! Ils sont trÚs accueillants et pendant le dejeuner nous avons eu des conversations trés intéressants (en français, bien sûr!)
L’aprĂšs-midi, Fabienne et moi ont visitĂ© quelques musĂ©es de l’art et de la poĂ©sie et tout le temps nous avons parlĂ© en Français.Ma visite prĂ©fĂ©rĂ©e Ă©tait le ChĂąteau de Fontainebleau – c’est formidable!
Les soirs, J’ai achetĂ© de la nourriture pour moi et Je me suis dĂ©tendue toute seule – un bon moment pour rĂ©flĂ©chir Ă  la journĂ©e et tĂ©lĂ©phoner Ă  la maison.
Je voudrais dire ‘merci’ mille fois Ă  Fabienne parce qu’elle m’a donnĂ© beaucoup plus de confiance en moi avec mon français.

I would highly recommend an immersion stay with Fabienne – fabulous French, delicious meals, beautiful area and wonderful company!

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher's In Volvic, Auvergne
Jane & Paul

Un grand merci à Soline et bien sûr à JérÎme ! 

Notre semaine à Volvic a été bien plus que ce que nous espérions. 

Chaque matin des conversations intĂ©ressantes, stimulantes et instructives avec Soline. Beaucoup de pratique – parler et Ă©couter tout en dĂ©couvrant des expĂ©riences diffĂ©rentes.

Ces discussions se poursuivaient lors du déjeuner partagé avec JérÎme et Paul (mon mari). 

Nous avons dégusté des plats  préparés avec soin par JérÎme (Je dois noter les superbes fromages locaux, délicieux !). 

Nous recommandons absolument le gĂźte, parfait pour notre sĂ©jour et d’un confort exceptionnel.

Enfin, nous avons profité de toutes les activités de la région et aurions pu rester une autre semaine sans tout voir sur notre liste. 

Une excellente boulangerie locale nous a tentĂ©s avec diffĂ©rentes gourmandises chaque jour. Dans l’ensemble, un excellent sĂ©jour pour nous deux (l’apprenante et son compagnon) que je recommande Ă  tous !

C’est absolument la meilleure façon d’apprĂ©cier la France et les français.


French Immersion Homestay At Camille's In Paimpol - Bretagne
Gwyyny (and Jessica)

Une semaine avec Camille a Ă©tĂ© absolument gĂ©niale. Camille est un excellent professeur de français ; elle est trĂšs facile de comprendre et elle explique la langue française d’une maniĂšre trĂšs facile et amusante.

Camille planifie cette semaine d’immersion incroyablement bien ; il y a du temps pour les cours, du temps pour les devoirs et du temps pour se reposer.

Les repas étaient délicieux et il était trÚs agréable de participer à la cuisine. Camille était trÚs attentive aux aliments que nous aimions.

Camille consacre vraiment du temps et de l’Ă©nergie pour s’assurer que vous passiez le meilleur moment possible, en explorant la rĂ©gion, en rencontrant ses trĂšs charmants amis et en organisant des activitĂ©s surprises.

Tout cela Ă©tait trĂšs amusant et je n’avais pas autant ri depuis longtemps !

Je ne saurais trop recommander une semaine avec Camille.

French Immersion Homestay At Camille's In Paimpol - Bretagne
Jessica (et Gwynny)

Comment dĂ©crire des vacances en immersion avec Camille?  C’est presque impossible mĂȘme avec un bon niveau de français et avec un vocabulaire assez grand !

En fait, une description de tout ce qu’on a fait pendant une semaine belle et bien chargĂ©e n’est pas suffisante. Pas du tout !

Un sĂ©jour avec Camille (et ses amis) c’est plutĂŽt une expĂ©rience pour le cƓur.  Camille offre son cƓur, toute son Ă©nergie en tant que professeure incroyable mais aussi en tant que femme chaleureuse, amusante, inventive, crĂ©ative, attentive et bien plus.

Elle a la capacitĂ© de changer ta vie non seulement comme apprenant de français mais aussi en tant qu’un ĂȘtre humain.  Avec sa sagesse, son enthousiasme et sa dĂ©termination, elle nous montre que nous avons, nous aussi, la possibilitĂ© de nourrir notre vie en tenant un verre toujours demi plein et prĂȘt Ă  remplir !

Je rentre avec de bons souvenirs et avec le dĂ©sir de voir, Ă  nouveau, mes objectifs d’une optique diffĂ©rente.

Merci mille fois Camille pour avoir été si inspirante.

French Immersion Program At Teacher's On Ile de RĂ©
Anda's Family

In July 2023, together with my family I’ve spend one week on Ile de Re with Clarisse for a French immersion course. We are a family of four (having 2 daughters of 11 & 15 years old)  and we moved to Switzerland in a French speaking canton. So, for us the immersion course was what we needed to improve our French.

The immersion week with Clarisse was above my / our expectations and now looking back I’m so happy that we decided to spend one week of our summer holiday like this.

We stayed in La Flotte area in a private home (provided by Clarisse) and each morning she was coming to our place for the French lessons.

I loved the way she managed to accommodate to our French level (similar but not common) and what I appreciate the most is the way of explaining the “lovely” French grammar. For me, a visual person, I loved how she was writing with different colors and making everything so easy and understandable. She also provided us with support materials, books to help us learning, that are very useful.

Clarisse is a real professional, coming prepared with different interactive exercises that could involved the entire family and making sure that we all participate to the class. Also, she is the best tour guide on Ile de Re, during the afternoon we had the opportunity to explore the island with her and at the same time practice our French.

Also, we had the pleasure to spend some evenings with her and her family, we appreciated the most the “Apero” mystery box and dinner on the beach.

So, if you are looking for a great way to spend your holiday and learn French at the same time I recommend you to reach out Clarisse 😊

French Immersion Homestay At Camille's In Paimpol - Bretagne

” My week-long immersion with Camille was life-changing!

Her approach gave me the confidence and tools to make great progress in a short amount of time. Camille’s energy, love of people, and sense of style all work together to give you the impression you’ve won the French Immersion Lottery.

You’ll wake each morning to a stylish table set with fresh fruit and croissants or a baguette bought that morning from the local bakery. During the day, you might visit the Pink Granite Coast for a swim or walk through nearby woods that look like an enchanted forest. One day it’s a champagne picnic on a rocky coast with breathtaking scenery, the next you’re touring a castle and conversing with the locals.

Camille packs each day full of French culture and language opportunities. She tailors the program to fit your needs and works hard to help you achieve your personal learning goals. Each day, she proposes different options to you for the following day based on your needs and desires.  Throughout the day, she takes note of new vocabulary and sends you a list. At night, I would often write what we’d done that day and in the morning she would make any corrections, and we would discuss grammar points or vocabulary.  During the day, she would often ask me to recount what we had done earlier for extra speaking practice.

She introduced me to friends and family and opened her heart and her home to give me a truly unique experience. I highly recommend a French Immersion Experience with Camille!”

Beaujolais Wine Country French Immersion At Teacher's In France

My language immersion with Marion and MĂ©lie was more than just a taste of French; it was a taste of authentic French Country Living.Situated among farms and pastures, and surrounded by vineyards of the famous Beaujolais region, I experienced the quiet joy of life in the French countryside, all the while being immersed in the French language (with Marion as my guide) and in the world of French Country Cooking and wine tasting (with MĂ©lie pointing the way.)
No words that I could write will ever do justice to the joy and power of the experience.Marion, in addition to being an excellent French teacher, is as passionate, cheerful, and warm a human being as you could hope to meet. She’s the kind of person who gives me hope for the human race. MĂ©lie’s gastronomy is about home cooking using simple techniques and delicious ingredients (often directly from the nearby garden). Her approach to wine is informed but playful. MĂ©lie is quite the character actually. She is intelligent and witty and has the most expressive face. It’s funny but I found myself unconsciously imitating her facial expressions by the end of the week.What I learned did not come from lists of vocabulary or rules of grammar. It came frombreathing in the culture, savoring the taste of good food and wine, and rejoicing in the peace of the countryside. What I learned from the immersion, more than anything else, was the courage to speak and the patience to listen.At the beginning of the week, Marion and MĂ©lie were my teachers. By the end of the week,they were family.

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