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French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s In Meilhards, Corrèze
Sandy and Phil (Canada): Online courses

My wife and I are learning French as we wish to spend part of our time in France when we retire.  We found Nicole when researching potential immersion home-stays, and decided to start video classes instead, while there are so many travel restrictions in place.

Nicole is an excellent teacher and we are really improving our French thanks to her lessons.  Initially she assessed our current level of French so she could tailor the lessons to match our level.  Although we had some high-school french from a long time ago, we were very much beginners. She uses the “Alter Ego” textbook, along with the companion workbook.  Then we each have a weekly one hour video session with Nicole to go over the lesson for the week.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to practice listening to spoken French and speaking French ourselves, as well as learning grammar and vocabulary.

The conversations with Nicole are really enjoyable.  She’s a very patient teacher and can clearly explain the concepts that cause us difficulty, as well as give us details on how French is spoken in real life as opposed to textbook French.  For both of us, our spoken French has improved tremendously in the few short months since we began working with Nicole. Although Nicole is fluent in English, we quickly found we could converse mostly in French, after just a few classes.  Being able to speak French in a ‘safe’ place has increased our confidence a lot – we are no longer hesitant to speak French, as we were before. We enjoy our weekly lessons, and having email discussions with Nicole in between – she is now a friend as well as our tutor. We are really looking forward to a stay at her place in the future so we can meet her in person!

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s In Meilhards, Corrèze
Sarah (Australia) Online Classes

Bonjour à tous et à toutes.

Cette année 2021, j’ai eu le grand plaisir de faire la connaissance de Nicole par le biais de nos cours hebdomadaires sur Internet. Elle m’a énormément aidée à progresser dans mon apprentissage de français et nos cours ont vraiment été un point fort pendant le confinement. Merci Nicole du fond du cœur.

Nicole, c’est une prof douée et bien organisée qui vous met immédiatement à l’aise. Elle découvre rapidement vos points forts, vos points faibles et vos besoins pour qu’elle puisse vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs.  Nicole a individualisé  les cours selon mon gré et  après chaque cours elle fait le point par écrit. Parfois nos cours sont structurés et parfois je cherche plus de spontanéité pour me tester. Ça m’a beaucoup encouragée et, en même temps, ça m’a aidée à intégrer les cours et à rester motivée.

Nicole est généreuse avec son temps et elle rend les cours intéressants et bien adaptés à mon rythme. Elle est accompagnée de son chat « Socette » qui s’assoit sur ses genoux et qui ronronne. Mon but personnel est de parler avec plus de fluidité et de parler plus comme un francophone, tout en prenant du plaisir. J’ai déjà étudié avec tous les manuels et j’avais plutôt besoin d’une prof qui pourrait  me corriger sans me faire bloquer et qui m’enseignerait des expressions courantes et familières, c’est à dire, le français comme on le parle vraiment ! J’ai encore du chemin à faire mais j’ai progressé à grands pas grâce à Nicole. Elle m’a donné un aperçu de la culture française et un soif d’en découvrir plus.

J’ai réservé un séjour en immersion chez elle en 2022. Vivement que je sois là!

French Immersion At Teacher’s In Provence, Avignon, France

I have been studying French for many years and have attended many immersion courses all over France and Belgium. Some of these courses have been good; others terrible. Julie’s was the best.

And, bonus, after two weeks I felt sufficiently confident in my French to talk the ear off every French person within reach. All understood what I was saying and not once did any of the French speakers resort to English.

The apartment Julie has rented for her students is large, stunningly decorated, and located within the “old town” fortifications of Avignon.

Julie herself is beyond personable, knowledgeable, and patient. The lessons are demanding and the results evident. If you want to improve your French; if you want to gain the confidence to use your French in an everyday setting; if you want to leave school French behind and enter the world of everyday French speakers; then, this is the place to come. Bon courage!

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher's In Volvic, Auvergne
Pat and Jeremy

La meilleure formation linguistique que j’ai trouvée est la méthode d’immersion totale. Il y a une semaine je suis partie avec mon mari pour une semaine de formation en immersion française dans la belle Auvergne. Celui-ci a été dirige par l’incroyable Soline Sterbecq de French in Context (

Pendant une semaine nous n’avons parlé que français, cours avec Soline le matin, suivi d’un déjeuner (Soline et son mari Jérôme étaient de très bons cuisiniers), puis l’après-midi découverte de la belle campagne et des villes d’Auvergne, de Vichy au champ de bataille de Gergovia, tout en français et parfois avec des guides locaux. Il y avait en plus l’hospitalité de Soline et Jérôme certains soirs. C’était un travail vraiment dur, mais Soline nous a aidés en grammaire mais surtout en parlant français dans tous les environnements. C’était toujours amusant et notre confiance dans la parole et notre vocabulaire ont tellement augmenté au cours de la semaine. Nous avons couvert un très large éventail de sujets, allant de la politique, de la culture, de l’éducation et de la science. Et nous avons beaucoup ri !
Cordialement, et bonne weekend, 


French Immersion At Teacher’s In Provence, Avignon, France

This program was superb! Julie is an excellent teacher. Every day we learned and practiced grammar while at the same time learning commonly used phrases and words. She was a perfect host and exposed us to French/Provençal cooking. After my class I went to Montpellier and practiced what I learned. Everyone said my French was very good and they understood everything I said. I thank Julie for this. My confidence improved with each story I told in class. Avignon is a beautiful city ! Highly recommend this class.

French Immersion At Teacher’s In Provence, Avignon, France

This was my first immersion program, and Julie made it a delightful experience! I feel much more confident with my French after spending a week with Julie.

She taught 3 of us friends in her beautiful Avignon apartment, and she did an excellent job of managing to make learning fun and relevant for us, with games and conversations and story telling.

Julie is the best cook, and her meals were delicious! And our excursions to Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Villeneuve-les-Avignon were great excuses to see more of the area and to continue practicing our French.

I highly recommend Julie as an immersion teacher.

French Immersion At Teacher’s In Provence, Avignon, France
Debbie & Marcy

My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with Julie. Julie is a delightful young woman with a mature world view.. She endured our struggles with the French language with patience and humor. While I still find it difficult to form a complete sentence in French, I felt Julie’s tips and methods were very helpful – I would love to be able to spend a month with her to improve my communication skills!

Julie’s 17th century apartment is gorgeous and conveniently located.

She prepared 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches for us – she is a wonderful cook and served unusual dishes like duck breast, blanquette de veau, escargot etc. When my sister expressed a desire for “French Onion Soup” Julie prepared a delicious one for our next day’s lunch. She brought unique cheeses, pastries, fresh fruits, mushrooms, etc from Les Halles. Every lunch was served with a delicious, specially chosen wine, and followed by dessert! We rarely had the need to eat any dinner after such sumptuous lunches!

Our afternoon excursions were really fun, and gave us an opportunity to practice French in the real world. (mostly with Julie in the car and on our walk to Pont du Gard. The folks at the winery and wine cellar preferred to converse in English.)

While a month with Julie is probably not in the cards for me, I do hope to spend another week with her next year. Highly recommend!

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher's In Volvic, Auvergne
David and Wendy Noton

Le dernier mois j’ai passé une semaine de cours immersif français un-a-une avec Soline Sterbecq de « French in Context » en la belle région de l’Auvergne. C’était une expérience inoubliable ; un défi bien sûr, mais si productif, récompensant, et agréable aussi, pas pour moi seulement, mais pour m’épouse Wendy aussi. Soline, ma professeure, était une femme très sympa, patient, professionnelle mais gentille. Nous avons eu beaucoup des blagues pendant nos conversations en français.  Les 3 ½ heures nous avons passé toutes les matins parlé français semblé de tirer par.  J’ai profité si beaucoup de l’expérience.

D’apprendre une langue n’est pas facile ; ce sera une marche longue, je sais ça. Mais je l’adore, et maintenant après mon temps avec Soline je suis pleine de motivation, et enthousiasme. Je sens j’ai fait grand progrès pendant le dernier mois. Maintenant je juste veux le faire encore. Au fait, nous allons revenu encore l’année prochaine. Si vous été sérieux à propos d’apprendre Français je ne peux pas recommande Soline assez.


French Immersion At Teacher’s In Provence, Avignon, France

I had the most amazing one-week French immersion with Julie at Avignon in early September. I took almost one-year online classes with Julie before I came to Avignon for this much anticipated immersion experience.

When Julie welcomed me at the train station, I felt instant connection with her. Julie was an excellent teacher, cook and cultural guide. She was very good in determining what I needed to focus to get the most out of the short one-week learning experience. By the end of the week, I felt that I have improved and built much confidence in speaking French, and knowing clearly what I should focus in my future French learning journey.

In addition, Julie wowed me with the meals she prepared, and I enjoyed every one of her dishes. It was a treat to stay at her spacious, charming and historic apartment located in the center of Avignon, which was very convenient to walk to many restaurants and attractions in town. Julie also offered me excellent recommendations on restaurants and activities that I might enjoy on my own.

Most importantly, I had so much fun going with her to shop fresh produce at the market, visit an old medieval village, learning language and culture even without realizing it. It was awesome to go to a piano recital with her in an old castle, and it was pretty cool.

Julie worked very hard to make my one-week stay with her so memorable. I have already decided to come back again next year for another week of immersion with Julie.

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s In Meilhards, Corrèze
Connie (from San Diego): 2 weeks Immersion Stay

I have been trying to learn French for the past three years.  I knew something was missing as I hadn’t been able to speak and understand even simple phrases in French.  I had the pleasure of meeting friendly French people, some have become my friends.  I love traveling in France and hope I can speak the language while being in France. 

Nicole under-promised and over-delivered her French learning immersion program in her hometown, Meilhards in Corrèze region.  I had the great opportunity to learn from her for two weeks.  I wish I could stay longer.  She was well-prepared before my arrival including taking some time to record and write down an interview of a perfumer because I am passionate about perfumes and she also got perfumery books from her local library for me to read.

The name of her website is Le Français juste pour vous (French just for you) and she offers a unique bespoke learning experience. She understands each student is different, therefore, she prepares for the learning course for students individually.  I really appreciated what she does to help people like me to learn French.

Nicole is a highly educated professor with many years of teaching experience in Asia and her homeland France and she does it with an incomparable passion.   She answered my questions instantly and it’s so easy and clear for me to follow.  

A side note: It’s such a rejuvenating experience to stay in the countryside in France. The living/staying experience was much better than I expected with the home cooked (French) meals by her every day. The bedroom, bathroom and study room I had stayed in her house made me feel like staying in a 5 star hotel.  It’s an unforgettable experience!  

Merci beaucoup à Nicole!  Connie

Beaujolais Wine Country French Immersion At Teacher's In France
Heather and Chris

My husband Chris and I spent a week improving our French with Marion in September 2021 near Ouroux in the beautiful rolling hills of Beaujolais. I only wish we could have stayed longer.

Marion is delightful and a very gifted teacher. Our French is at different levels, but she successfully accommodated her teaching to meet our specific needs. My husband, who hadn’t studied any French since school, and was understandably nervous, was immediately at ease. Having studied the language on various apps during the long Covid lockdown in South Africa, I was thrilled to learn in an environment with someone who spoke clearly and de-mystified much of my Internet French.

Our week wasn’t all study though. Our apartment was comfortable and had a beautiful view. Marion is a creative and enthusiastic cook and she and Melie shared their knowledge of French wine with us. In fact, one of the outings we chose was a visit to Chateau de Pizay, which enhanced our knowledge of wine as well as French.

We have family in France and need to be able to understand and speak with them readily, so I know we will be back for another rewarding week with Marion.

French Immersion At Teacher’s In Provence, Avignon, France

I write this as I am finishing a one week French language immersion with Julie. I am not ready to leave tomorrow because this has been such a wonderful experience.

I had the opportunity to converse one-on-one with Julie everyday while she focused on areas to improve and answered all of my questions about the French life and language. It was the perfect mix of personal and professional. I also had the opportunity to explore and fall in love with a new city. Avignon has so much to offer and all of Julie’s recommendations for dinner (and more importantly gelato!) were perfect.

Over the past week, I not only improved my French, which was the main goal, but I made a new friend and found a new place to visit again. I look forward to the next time and highly recommend Julie’s French language immersion to anyone that wants to improve their French.

French Immersion At Teacher’s In Provence, Avignon, France

My wife (who is not learning French) and I (who speak French at roughly the B1 level) spent the first two weeks of August 2021 at Le Français Chez Julie. It was a wonderful experience! Julie performs three principal roles for her clients, and she is outstanding in each of them: French instructor, cook, and local guide.

FRENCH INSTRUCTOR. Every weekday morning from 9:30 until 12:30, Julie and I worked on improving my ability to speak French and to hear French with understanding. The focus was on French as it is spoken in the streets today, which entailed a lot of work on contractions, liaisons, and omitting the “ne” from negations. Her pedagogical methods included:

• Me extemporaneously relating stories from my life and discussing them with Julie.
• Playing games that entailed me speaking extemporaneously at some length; for example, drawing from a deck a card on which was written a situation and a list of words to be incorporated in a story about the situation.
• Listening to French popular songs, repeating the lyrics with proper pronunciation, and discussing the lyrics and the artists with Julie.
• As homework, watching one- or two-minute YouTube clips from a recent French movie and doing a dictation of the dialogue. The next morning, Julie and I would watch the clip together and I would repeat the dialogue, trying my best to mimic the actors. We enjoyed discussing the plot and the performances.
• Julie also engaged me in conventional drills on conjugation, gender/number agreement, etc.

COOK. Julie prepares breakfast and lunch every weekday and picnics for outings. She is an excellent cook who enjoys sharing her extensive knowledge of French cuisine with her clients. She avoids processed foods, preferring fresh products from the market in town, her garden, and a neighbor’s small farm. She introduced my wife and me to so many great French cheeses, mmm! They were so good!

LOCAL GUIDE. Julie took us on two or three afternoon or evening outings each week. Some were in town (a tour of one of the grand old houses, a visit to a private garden, afternoon tea at a Michelin restaurant), others were in the surrounding countryside (river canoeing and an outstanding piano recital in a medieval chateau, preceded by a picnic).

The apartment that Julie provides for her clients is located in the center of town, which made it very convenient for my wife to walk to interesting destinations while Julie and I were engaged in our lessons.

One perhaps obvious thing that I would point out about being accompanied by a non-French speaking/learning spouse or partner is that the overall experience may be less immersive than it otherwise would be if, as I did, you encourage Julie to switch to primarily English during meals and outings when your partner is present.

To summarize, I give Le Français Chez Julie, my enthusiastic positive recommendation, without reservation. In fact, I will be following my own advice by returning to Avignon in April 2022 to study again with Julie.

French Immersion At Teacher’s In Provence, Avignon, France

I just spent a week of French immersion with Julie Gaudin.
All I can say is that “SHE IS THE BEST”.
Here is what I loved about my experience.
Julie is so easy to get along with.
Julie is remarkably good at what she does: understanding the needs of her student and then structuring her lessons in a manner that optimizes the end result.
Julie is an excellent host. The apartment has historical equity. The meals that she prepares are out of this world. Mon Dieu!
She is so knowledgeable about the area that you need not to do any research. She has it all.
I give her an A++

French Immersion At Teacher’s In Provence, Avignon, France
Lennart & Siv

I have been to several language schools in France, but the groups there were usually too large and not adapted to my language level. Of course I learned a lot but it was far too little grammar and how to speak French.
A week of intensive language studies with Julie is the best choice I have ever made, when it comes to language courses in French.
She was able to listen and decide what weaknesses I had and with the help of various games and problems I got drilled into what I needed to learn.
Julie is a social and nice person. I liked and had fun during the lessons with her. When it ended, she always found a way forward.
Food and accommodation were included in the course cost and my wife and I lived in a spacious nice three-room apartment. During the XVII century this apartment belonged to Nicolas Mignard, court painter to Louis XIV and also a friend of Molière, who performed some of his plays in the courtyard of this house from 1655 to 1657.
Good French food was served prepared by Julie, who is an excellent cook. She was careful to find out what food I could not stand or could not eat.
At the lunch table we could sit for a long time and talk, which was a good language lesson.
The excursions were very interesting, because Julie has knowledge and is a good narrator.
One day was a whole day trip with lessons, food and mountain hiking in Provance. One day we went to the halls and she showed me ingredients and taught them what they are called in French.
So I really want to encourage you to get in touch with Julie.

Siv says :

My name is Siv. I’m from Sweden and I was a companion to my husband Lennart on his trip to France.
As I consider myself quite good in speaking French I didn’t take any language lessons.
So if you want to study French and your companionship won’t, but want to follow you to France, I can recommend you to be in contact with Julie.
I had a marvellous time in the beautiful apartment, where I lived with my husband and where we had our breakfast and lunch with Julie.
When my husband had his lessons I was on my own discovering Avignon, which I found was a nice city.
I have also been to France many times, but this week was absolutely the best one up until now without exaggerating.
So if you only had a covid-19 test negativ certificate you can easily go to France.


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