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French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s In La Liviniùre, Occitanie
Stan and Oda, Ohio, USA

My wife and I originally booked an immersion week with Pierre for 2020. However, much to our dispappointment, COVID ended up derailing those plans. As 2024 was approaching, we wanted to make spending a week with Pierre part of our 40 anniversary  in France. It was worth the wait ! My wife is relatively new to French, whereas I am at a more experienced level. Despite the disparity of our levels of French, Pierre was able to make our learning time effective and interesting  for both of us. Pierre’s knowledge of language and his ability to teach spoken French in an immersion style is exceptional. My wife was hoping to learn more of the basics of French and to establish a proper foundation upon which she could build. I was hoping to have the opportunity just to speak a lot of French, with the objective of correcting recurring mistakes of grammar, pronunciation, and accent so that French speakers would stop switching to English whenever I try to speak with them. We both got what we were hoping for ! After our week with Pierre, we spent a second week in France on a self-guided bike tour in the Dordogne/Lot area of Freance, and I can honestly say that among the dozens of interactions and conversations I had with francophones that week, there was only  one person who preferred to speakin English with me (the front desk Clerk at the Mariott in Toulouse).

In addition to the excellent learning experience, staying at Pierre’s place was also just what we were hoping for. We prefer to experience France in  the countryside closer to the people’s lives rather than in big, fancy, touristy cities. La LiviniĂšre  was just what the doctor ordered.

Additionally, Pierre’s cooking was excellent. One of my wife’s favorite French dishes savory galettes, and Pierre’s were superb ! He even made sure we had them twice !

Pierre also took us on several excrusions and beautiful hikes. We saw ancient ruins, chùteaux, beautiful hamlets and villages, just to name a few. Pierre is very knowledgeable about almost everything-culture, history, plants, birds, geography, you name it ! He is also a good tennis player. Knowing that we were tennis enthusiasts, Pierre  made arrangements for us to play at his club. In addition to some fun tennis, he taught us a lot of tennis vocabulary. It will be a lot more fun the next time I watch the French Open !

Overall, our stay with Pierre was an outstanding experience and we would positively recommend an immersion stay with Pierre !

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s Near Fontainebleau
Kathryn (Hampstead Heath, London)

 I am full of delightful memories as I put pen to paper and write about my magical French immersion with Fabienne in the lovely village of Bourron-Marlotte.
I am an Englishwoman in my late 50’s with a lifetime working in Theatre Arts, so I can spot an incredible teacher a mile off, and this is what I found in Fabienne. She is a highly trained Pedaogue, no doubt, who is in love with the very action of teaching and the awakening it brings in others. 
I had been searching for a holiday where I would be absolutely certain to speak and develop my  French language skills, and be able to immerse myself in French culture, history and Arts and my experience was wonderful beyond anything I could have anticipated. 
I had not travelled for some years and was very, very nervous and I felt very supported by Fabienne through the journey, which was in fact very easy from my home in London to Fontainebleau, where her kind and thoughtful husband Fabrice collected me. 
The pretty and well equipped gite is very private…I could sit in my own little outside space, not overlooked, but yet very near the house, and so I felt totally safe. When I chose to walk alone, Fabienne kept a gentle check on me through Whats App. There is a lovely, friendly little supermarket ten minutes away with fresh local produce and specialities that stays open until 8pm, and a well stocked pharmacy. There is also an astonishingly  striking bookshop which could grace any Parisian street with proprieters who are helpful and very knowledgeable. 
My French is higher intermediate,  but as I studied alone a lot through lockdown and am deeply interested in C19 literature, I actually have a strange mix of advanced French, and a lack of simple colloquial expressions. Fabienne with great rapidity identified my faults whilst really encouraging my existing ability to understand and converse. 
On the first evening I had a delicious home cooked dinner with Fabrice, Fabienne and their  gracious sixteen year old daughter Elsa. We spoke entirely in French with Fabienne helping me in English where needed. All three speak very good English and so if you are a beginner or developing you can be confident you will feel very able to flow between the languages at your level. A really good translator can take a step back and make you feel you are talking directly to another person in French, and after five years in the UK, Fabienne was able to mould the whole conversation so that it felt like a fully French four person soirée. This was a fantastic start! I also have an adult son so we chatted about family too.
Each morning I had a delicious breakfast in the wonderful main house with Fabienne and we spoke French throughout. We realised that whilst I could discuss Victor Hugo & Zola, I had almost no idea of the names for the food and cutlery or the small manners of engaging “À la table”

This flowed into a formal two hour class. Fabienne kept notes of all the corrections made, and in the evening I was able to study and go over our conversations as well as choosing to do the optional exercises set. I felt very, very mentally stretched and reckon I have warded off dementia for several more years after just 5 days! 
After this I worked quietly alone whilst Fabienne made a gorgeous lunch with fresh, seasonal organic produce. She is a great cook and it sure was fun as a single woman to be served eleven perfect meals! I actually lost 2lbs (nearly a kilo) in 5 days whilst there, despite feeling very well fed indeed and worrying I had gained weight! During this I was working on written exercises at the kitchen table and so could ask for help if stuck!
After lunch I had asked to take brief siestas & then Fabienne drove me to various venues. We spoke French continuously and she was indefatiguable in correcting me in a warm and supportive way.
We visited the gorgeous ChĂąteaux of Fontainebleau with its ravishing Renaissance ballroom and Halls, its elegant gardens and ponds, and the magical “source” seen in the picture said to be the reason for the placement of the ChĂąteaux in the Medieval period. Napoleon lived in Fontainebleau with Josefine and there are many artefacts and rooms linking to this time. But my favourite room was created for Marie Antoinette just before the Revolution, with an inlaid Mother of Pearl desk and beautiful white gold panelling with images of Pompeii. As a keen amateur harpist myself, I loved the sculptures and images of harps and lyres throughout.
We went to the stunning Maison Cocteau, a must for me, and saw remarkable artefacts and images pertaining to AndrĂ© Gide, Picasso, Satie, FrĂ©dĂ©ric Chopin, Serge Diaghilev and of course to Jean Cocteau and his long term partner, film actor Jean Marais. The garden there is truly mystical with sculptures from Cocteau’s film OrphĂ©e and even its own castle…
We visited the house, studio and forest grounds of the remarkable C19 animal artist Rosa Bonheur which contains many of her paintings snd sculptures and was also presenting the large scale works of a modern day animal sculptor.
Finally Fabrice and Fabienne took me to an exhibition at the local Town Hall which houses some moving figurative paintings and local landscapes as well as sketches and faĂŻence by artists drawn to the beauty of the area. A wonderful local historian described the history of some of the sketches I loved.
I have heard that on some immersions, any time above the precise hours outlined are charged as extra. Whilst I understand that the hosts are businesspeople, and this is to some extent to be expected, I feel impelled to say that both Fabienne and Fabrice were both immensely generous with their time and conversation. I was speaking with careful, non invasive help for eight hours a day. This was an embracing feeling and one I think you can only get with genuinely giving people. It is rare, and worthy of mention in a world where so many things come with a price tag, to meet the human gifts of service and deep interest in others.
Fabrice has a broad knowledge of French history and we had a lunch  the last day where he explored French attitudes and key figures around WWI & II that was incredibly fascinating. I have a whole list of films to watch! 
Another point which may matter to those studious enough to seek a solo French immersion is that I had beautiful quiet evenings with a library in my gite that included French books at all levels, childrens books, Art books and English books on France. There was a rustic, well-lit desk where I enjoyed studying. After such busy days it was great to enjoy the peaceful  serenity of the gite.
I came home feeling healthy, inspired and well-equipped with a knowledge of my strengths and some real information on how to develop and correct my weaknesses in French. I felt respected and cared for, never invaded. 
I absolutely and without question will return to study with Fabienne  and to see some of the many places I simply could not fit into my programme. 
This was a  wonderful opportunity for immersion into the magic of French language, food, culture and history, and to breathe the clean air and see the loveliness of a sweet little village, in delightful company. 

French Immersion Homestay At Camille's In Paimpol - Bretagne

I am a beginning French student – I have never spoken French or taken a French class.  My wife, who speaks French very well, was going on a one-week immersion to Paimpol to study with Camille of “My French Friend.”  She invited me to go with her, but I was hesitant because I did not speak French.  I decided to go anyway.  What a great decision that was!

Camille spent one solid hour with me each morning, and one solid hour with my wife.  Our lessons were geared to our own individual level of knowledge and never overlapped.  I felt so comfortable with the basic learning and the French learning method Camille used.   I had fun with the lessons and couldn’t believe the French words were coming from MY mouth.

After morning lessons, and a delicious lunch made by Camille, we all visited many beautiful sites in Paimpol, had picnics, and spoke as friends. Camille would converse in French at my wife’s level and Camille would translate to English for me.  I never felt isolated or left out.  We walked several times to beautiful beaches and took pictures of the marvelous scenery.  I felt she had planned these walks specifically for me since I am an amateur photographer.  We visited a deserted Abbey, ate at wonderful restaurants, and explored the town market.  I felt very much at home.

If you’ve ever considered a French language immersion, this is the one to select.

C’est magnifique!

French Immersion Homestay At Camille's In Paimpol - Bretagne

I was so excited to return this year for my second immersion with Camille of My French Friend! My stay with her last year was so wonderful that when I read she was offering immersions again this year I wrote immediately with a great big “YES! I want to come again!” And although I wouldn’t have thought it possible, this year’s trip was even more wonderful.

Camille is a gifted teacher and has a knack for tailoring lessons to each student individually rather than the one-size-fits-all approach from some other immersive experiences. Each lesson was designed specifically for me, for my level, my interests, and with an understanding of how I learn best. She is patient beyond words, and best of all, we had so much FUN together, laughing our way through even the most difficult grammar instruction- a particular challenge of mine.

All that plus a comfortable and beautiful home to live in, delicious, healthy food (again, tailored to my own specific tastes) and fabulous excursions and day trips- and the breathtaking scenery of Paimpol and Brittany.

Need I say more? Run don’t walk to study in this fabulous immersion with Camille.

I wonder
 is it too early to apply for next summer?

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s near Vannes, Brittany
Vivienne et Vanessa, Australie

Nous avons passé un excellent séjour chez Flo. La réservation a été simple a effectuer, le logement était trÚs confortable et nous avions tout ce dont nous avions besoin.

Florence a trĂšs bien compris, et trĂšs vite, les domaines linguistiques sur lesquels nous devions travailler, les cours Ă©taient intenses mais aussi trĂšs amusants.

Les excursions on Ă©tĂ© trĂšs bien choisies et bien expliquĂ©es, nous avons beaucoup appris sur la culture bretonne, l’histoire et la vie quotidienne de la famille de Florence et des habitants.

Les repas étaient merveilleux, simples et goûteux, cela nous a donné un goût de la culture gastronomique bretonne.

Merci beaucoup Florence, c’était une expĂ©rience merveilleuse, tu es une personne chaleureuse et amusante. C’était un plaisir.

Être chez Flo est comme si on est en famille. Nous nous sentions comme si nous Ă©tions de vieux amis, et chaque dĂ©tail a Ă©tĂ© soignĂ©, y compris mon besoin de manger sans gluten.

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s In The Yvelines Near Paris

Immersive French Experience in April 2024

I spent two weeks doing a French immersion program with Georgiana in April 2024. I had just retired to France and the two weeks of classwork, conversation, meals, and activities in French were the perfect introduction to ‘jumpstart’ my French language education.

Ideal Living Situation

The living situation was ideal. The apartment has a private entrance, a fully equipped kitchen, bath, and a spacious bedroom. It was an easy walk to a nearby park (that has a lake and outdoor body weight exercise equipment), the railway station, and the various shops in the town.

Full Board Option

I chose the option to have full board and was provided the basics to make breakfast myself. I had lunch with Georgiana and sometimes her husband, and dinner with the entire family. I really enjoyed the healthy food and having to understand and speak French outside of the morning class sessions.

Effective Morning Classes

The 3 hours of class each morning went by very fast and were full of the knowledge I needed to build the foundation for understanding and speaking French. Georgiana understood my poor French, corrected me in an easy-going way, and helped build my confidence to make myself understood. Also, she spoke in a way that allowed me to understand her even though French was new to me. During meals, both she and her husband conversed and corrected me and best of all, along with their children, made me feel very comfortable and part of the family.

Active Afternoon Activities

Outside of the class, I prefer ‘active’ activities and Georgiana and I biked places, hiked places, and played ping-pong outdoors – all additional opportunities to converse and improve.

Highly Recommended Immersion Program.

I cannot imagine a better immersion program than Georgiana’s.

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s near Vannes, Brittany
Helen Tso, Hong Kong

J’ai fait plusieurs immersions avec French Today et la derniĂšre Ă©tait il y a 4 ans.  Cette fois-ci, je suis allĂ©e chez Florence pendant 2 semaines  Ă  Saint Jean BrĂ©velay en Bretagne,  Une semaine ma sƓur m’a rejoint, l’autre semaine, mon amie. C’Ă©tait dans les meilleures 2 semaines en France qu’on a passĂ©es. On a de la chance !

Merci beaucoup Florence, c’était une excellente immersion, C’était harmonieux, riche et profond avec beaucoup de qualitĂ© et de variĂ©tĂ©. Pendant les 2 semaines, j’ai travaillĂ© dur, donc j’ai beaucoup appris. C’était assez Ă©panouissant, fatigant et aussi satisfaisant, mais c’était l’objectif! Bravo !

En plus, il y avait des activitĂ©s en dehors des cours. Florence nous a emmenĂ©es Ă  Auray, Carnac, visiter un ChĂąteau, un musĂ©e, et surtout au marchĂ© de Vannes, oĂč on a achetĂ© des saucissons, des fruits, des lĂ©gumes, des fruits des mer, comme des huĂźtres, des saint- Jacques, et un gros crabe de 2 Kg.  On a eu beaucoup d’opportunitĂ©s de parler en français avec  les gens locaux, dans des vrais situations. C’était les meilleures expĂ©riences!

GrĂące Ă  l’hospitalitĂ© de Florence, j’ai rencontrĂ© ses parents, Annick  et Guy, un couple charmant et trĂšs gentil, et ses  amies, Liliane , VĂ©ronique et Viviane, des femmes adorables et charmantes !

Quand on prenait des apĂ©ritifs, ou en partageant les repas, j’ai beaucoup appris sur toutes les histoires de 14-18, 39-45, et ce qui s’était vraiment passĂ© dans les environs du village et dans leur pays. Nous avons passĂ© ensemble des moments prĂ©cieux.

Quelle ambiance, quelle chance et quelle joie pour ĂȘtre accompagnĂ© par tant de gens, qui sont aimables, sincĂšres et encourageants quand on s’entraĂźne Ă  parler une nouvelle langue.
Et ça marche, ça marche trĂšs bien. En fait, j’ai commencĂ© Ă  parler en français avec plus de fluiditĂ© ! C’était comme un rĂȘve devenant rĂ©alitĂ©.

Merci encore Florence et Dawson, c’était  un sĂ©jour exceptionnel.
Le logement Ă©tait calme,  les repas copieux, l’accueil chaleureux, les cours dynamiques , et bien adaptĂ©s Ă  moi

Florence et Dawson, Je vous remercie encore et à bientît,  j’attends notre prochaine avec l’impatience !!

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s In La Liviniùre, Occitanie
David, Northampton, Connecticut, USA/ Villefranche de Rouergue France

Pierre is an unusually gifted French teacher. I have taken classes and used tutors multiple times before to learn French and no one has explained things as clearly as Pierre. Not only were his sessions specifically tailored to my needs, but he patiently pushed me to a level I never expected to reach in two weeks. His teaching format is a great combination: morning sessions with more formal content and afternoon outings that provide an opportunity for relaxed and extended conversation while touring or hiking in the beautiful region near his picturesque village. He is also a delightful cook! I strongly recommend him.

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s In Montpellier, France

Ma troisiĂšme expĂ©rience d’immersion et la meilleure Ă  ce jour. Anne-Elisabeth et Michel sont des hĂŽtes fantastiques et avoir notre propre appartement privĂ© Ă©tait un luxe agrĂ©able. La situation proche de l’ancien village, de la riviĂšre et de toutes les commoditĂ©s (y compris le tramway) Ă©tait un autre avantage inattendu. Anne-Elisabeth Ă©tait l’enseignante parfaite pour ma femme et moi-mĂȘme, et je suis reparti avec plus de confiance et d’ambition dans mon parcours d’apprentissage de la langue française. Je recommande vivement cette immersion.

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s In Montpellier, France

J’ai attendu pendant si longtemps ma visite Ă  Castelnau et maintenant c’est fini : quelle tristesse !

Je n’ai pas de mots pour exprimer combien de plaisir cette visite m’a apportĂ©. Je savais par avance qu’elle serait quelle serait quelque chose de spĂ©cial mais la rĂ©alitĂ© a dĂ©passĂ© toutes mes attentes…Vous m’avez accueilli si chaleureusement dans votre famille, vous avez pris soin de moi quand j’ai Ă©tĂ© malade.
J’ai beaucoup apprĂ©ciĂ© toutes les discussions conviviales et instructives que j’ai eues avec  Anne-Elisabeth, nos excursions, tous les prĂ©cieux conseils : quel bon prof de français !
AprĂšs l’excellent repas prĂ©parĂ© par Michel vendredi, j’ai eu l’honneur d’entendre votre fille chanter ! Quelle merveilleuse fin de visite !

Tous mes vƓux les meilleurs. Merci. Merci.  

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s Near Fontainebleau
Nicole (Idaho)


Je me souviens du jour oĂč j’ai trouvĂ© sur internet la page qui expliquait le programme d’immersion en France. J’ai pensĂ© que c’était une bonne idĂ©e. Je t’ai posĂ© beaucoup de questions (et mĂȘme si la plupart d’elles avaient dĂ©jĂ  Ă©tĂ© Ă©crites sur la page web, tu as quand mĂȘme rĂ©pondu Ă  toutes !) j’ai eu un coup de pot de te trouver !   :  )

 Je ne te remercierai jamais assez !

Toi, Fabrice et Elsa sont gentils et chaleureux. Merci de votre temps et attention, de vos dĂ©licieux repas et pour m’enseigner. J’apprĂ©cie vraiment. Vous ĂȘtes une famille merveilleuse, intelligente et amicale. Vous m’avez permis d’avoir un aperçu de la vraie vie française. Cela a Ă©tĂ© pour moi l’expĂ©rience d’une vie !

Je n’ai littĂ©ralement pas rĂ©ussi Ă  trouver les bons mots au bon moment en français pour exprimer ma surprise et ma gratitude.

J’ai adorĂ© le gite avec le lilas et le muguet frais, la nourriture dans le rĂ©frigĂ©rateur, les visites du chĂąteau, du village, du marchĂ©, de la librairie et du musĂ©e de Barbizon et merci pour m’avoir permis d’utiliser le vĂ©lo.

Merci de partager votre famille, vos repas, vos conversations et vos chats !


French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s near Vannes, Brittany
Sarah et Sheila- USA

Je voulais progresser en français et passer du temps en France, donc j’ai choisi de faire une immersion. C’était une expĂ©rience absolument incroyable ! Le logement Ă©tait parfait et j’ai beaucoup aimĂ© le village de Saint-Jean-BrĂ©velay. La vue du gite Ă©tait magnifique !

Pour les cours, j’ai beaucoup appris en une semaine. Avant l’immersion, j’avais toujours ce sentiment de stagner en français, et Florence m’ai aidĂ© de comprendre mes points de faiblesse pour que je puisse amĂ©liorer mon français. C’était gĂ©nial d’utiliser le français dans la vie quotidienne pour progresser. Avec les cours et toutes les conversations, juste aprĂšs une journĂ©e, j’ai pensĂ© et j’ai rĂȘvĂ© en français !

Les excursions Ă©taient magnifiques ! Florence connait tellement de choses sur l’histoire et elle nous a racontĂ© l’histoire pendant les excursions. J’ai adorĂ© visiter le chĂąteau de Suscinio et c’était la premiĂšre fois pour ma mĂšre de voir un chĂąteau. J’ai aussi beaucoup aimĂ© Vannes. C’était trĂšs cool de voir le marchĂ© et j’ai pratiquĂ© le français en achetant des choses au marchĂ©. Le pique-nique Ă  Arzon avec la vue Ă©poustouflante Ă©tait une journĂ©e parfaite. A la fin de la semaine, on a eu la chance de diner avec la famille de Florence. C’était une bonne façon de pratiquer parler français avec d’autres personnes.

Merci Florence et Dawson pour cette immersion inoubliable !

French Immersion Program Near Montpelier
Philipp TIMISCHL - 50h de cours

J’ai adorĂ© mon cours avec Clotilde. Elle a une quantitĂ© illimitĂ©e de patience et c’est amusant de parler de la vie quotidienne mais aussi de travailler sur la grammaire. Je recommande vivement ce cours !

French Immersion Homestay At Camille's In Paimpol - Bretagne
Cinq Étoiles 
In April,  I had the good fortune to attend a 10 day,  solo, in-home French immersion with Camille in Paimpol, France.   It was an intense learning experience, in a beautiful region of France, with an amazing host. A Five Star experience without reservation.
Intense French Experience 
From “Bonjour Robert” in the morning to “bonne nuit” in the evening, each day was a powerhouse of French learning.
Mornings  began with breakfast and light French conversation that transitioned into  two hour structured lessons.  Lessons were based on French Today’s amazing learning app with the  À Moi Paris curriculum .
A tasty shared lunch, then a welcome break to rest and do homework, then afternoons and evenings were spent in the community interacting with locals, participating in various events and touring the region.
All  French.  All the time. Challenging, at times exhausting, but always exhilarating.
Amazing Host   
The opportunity to be part of a French family far exceeded my expectations.
A solo, in-home learning experience with Camille is more like being a foreign exchange student with a wonderful host family.
Comfortable private accommodations, a well stocked refrigerator and pantry, and delicious meals made me feel like I was part of her family.
The bonus for me? I was constantly being encouraged to speak French 24×7. No escaping!  By the time I left, I was dealing confidently with daily life in French. It was a real break through for me!
Beautiful Region
Paimpol is a small French town located on the rugged north west Atlantic coast  in Bretagne (Brittany).  Easy to reach by train from Paris, Paimpol is a historical fishing port with the surrounding area rich in  local produce like artichokes, tomatoes, and strawberries. Beautiful spring flowers everywhere.
Warm authentic people more than willing to speak French with learners 
I had so many wonderful and diverse  local experiences including playing golf, attending the Coquilles St Jacques Festival, beach picnics, local shopping and Michelin fine dining where I treated Camille and her friend Jean-Loup who had taken me golfing.
However,  my favorite was  attending a  theatre production of an incredibly intense dialogue between two actors regarding an unsolved murder. It gave me a whole new appreciation and understanding  of French theatre and film .  After the show,  the audience stayed for 2 hours to discuss the play with the actors – friends of Camille who ended up sitting at our table and we enjoyed  a wonderful light dinner together.
More French all the time. It seemed like everyone wanted to talk with me. A very rich community experience.
Thank you Camille for a wonderful immersion experience. I can’t wait to come back.
French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s Near Fontainebleau
Victoria (Chicago)

Wow! What a great week! Thank you Fabienne!

I read all of the reviews of Fabienne when I was searching for a region in France to discover. They are all informative and present an accurate description of what you will experience.  

Fabienne has a very warm and generous demeanor and really made me feel like I was on vacation during my French immersion week. We started each day with conversation and breakfast and then went into the grammar lessons which focused exactly on the parts of grammar where I felt that I needed work. She provided me with exercises from several different levels of French which was very helpful.

In the afternoons, we did excursions around the little villages that surround the forest of Fontainebleau. We explored the village of Barbizon, walked in the forest where the great painters worked on their craft, and visited the house of Rosa Bonheur in Thomery.

If you are wondering about the guest house, it has everything you need. Comfortable bed, a full kitchen, and a fantastic shower!

My week with Fabienne was perfect; full of conversation, grammar exercises, and wonderful cultural excursions in the region. I highly recommend anyone who wants to have this kind of experience to trust Fabienne to give them a wonderful week!  

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