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French Immersion Program At Teacher's On Ile de Ré

Quand je me suis inscrite √† une semaine de cours √† ile de R√©, je m’attendais √† plus que 5 jours d’apprentissage de fran√ßais, en effet, l’influence sur mon fran√ßais est plus forte que √ßa. Elle a commenc√© par la premi√®re rencontre en ligne avec Clarisse, Clarisse a √©cout√© mes objectifs, et m’a recommand√© un livre √† utiliser pendant le programme.¬† J’ai mis un mois pour tout lire avant le programme, histoire d’avoir une conversation plus efficace.

Pendant le programme, elle m’a donn√© un autre recueil que j’ai mis 3 semaines √† finir, et √† la fin du programme, elle m’a emmen√©e √† la libraire, vu que¬† ses livres pr√©f√©r√©s sont nombreux, elle m’a recommand√© son livre pr√©f√©r√© de ces derni√®res ann√©es dans lequel je me suis plong√©e pendant encore un mois plus. C’est ainsi que l’apprentissage pourrait s’√©tendre, il suffit de quelques conseils ou consignes qui √©taient nos int√©r√™ts.¬† ¬†

Pendant les cours avec Clarisse, on a parl√© des sujets qui nous sont venus √† l’esprit, comme l’immobilier √† √ģle de R√©, les anecdotes les diff√©rences de cultures dans les couples autour de nous..etc, plut√īt des conversations entre amis qu’ avec un prof. Elle m’a invit√©e chez elle quelques fois, c’√©tait la premi√®re fois que j’√©tais invit√©e √† un repas de famille fran√ßaise. Son mari, sa fille, son chien et ses deux cochins d’Inde sont amicaux, son mari a jou√© de la guitare en attendant le repas, sa fille s’est appliqu√©e √† m’apprendre les pas de danse sur tik tok bien que j’aie eu pas mal de pudeur, mais c’est une exp√©rience inoubliable.

¬†L’√ģle de R√© est une √ģle de vacances tr√®s connue par les fran√ßais, mais pas pour les √©trangers, du coup c’est un endroit parfait pour apprendre le fran√ßais, les gens parlaient fran√ßais avec moi dans les restos ou magasins m√™me si c’√©tait flagrant que j’√©tais une √©trang√®re. Clarisse conna√ģt l’√ģle de R√© comme sa poche, les restaurants et les sites incontournables , les magasins uniques. et si tu aimes les hu√ģtres, il faut prendre le temps de fr√©quenter les ostr√©iculteurs restos sur la route c√īti√®re, tr√®s bon rapport qualit√©-prix, profitez du soleil, de la mer et des habitants locaux.

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s near Vannes, Brittany
Krystyna Colburn

A week with Florence will amaze you. Somehow, you’re able to spend six days conversing only in French and not feel completely overwhelmed. You’ll begin to really enjoy speaking with Flo, her family, her friends, and her neighbors as they make you part of their world.

The daily lessons are challenging, but that’s what you’re here for and you see yourself progressing daily. In addition, Flo has an uncanny way of quickly pinpointing your needs and gently helping you overcome your blockages. She’ll make you impressed with yourself!

Then there are the meals . . . yes, I ate very well but also learned to cook some traditional Breton foods so I brought back a little of Chez Flo to share with family and friends. Foods are local and fresh and in season there are eggs and vegetables from the home (not to mention Flo’s father’s cider).

The village is an easy walk away via paths and fields and lovely rural countryside. It was a lovely time to reflect and enjoy and breathe the non-polluted air (this from a city-dweller who noticed the difference immediately).

There were excursions as well to a nearby city and the beautiful Gulf of Morbihan, but my favorite was to the Carnac alignments. It was beyond my imaginings and since it was winter, we could go amidst the standing stones and appreciate the Neolithic society that created this intensely magical place. Since Flo is from the region, we went to a “Tumulus” she knew where we were alone inside. Never in my life could I have expected something so special. I loved that we escaped the tourists. And to add to the authenticity, on the way there we ran into a farmers‚Äô tractor blockage of the route and you can‚Äôt get more authentic French than that.

I loved it all.

French Immersion Program Near Montpelier
Zeina KASSAIFY - 5Oh de cours en ligne pour une immersion professionnelle

Excellent professeur, professionnel, expérimenté et accessible.

J’attends nos séances avec impatience car je constate des progrès très rapides séance après séance.

Je la recommande vivement !

Zeina, Directeur mondial de la sécurité alimentaire, Mars, Soins pour animaux de compagnie

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s In La Livinière, Occitanie
Kennedy Claire

Claire Kennedy
January 14-20, 2024

I live in Toronto and work as a lawyer and corporate director.¬† I have some exposure to French in a professional setting (through a board on which I serve, though I participate in English) but my interest in learning French is mostly personal. I have studied French off and on for a number of years and would describe my level as intermediate. I can read French reasonably well and can write functional French but I’m much less adept at conversational French, in part because I’m still in the mode of trying to translate from English in my head while speaking and also because I have difficulty following French speakers, who naturally don’t sound like the textbooks from which I’ve been learning!!

I decided that 2024 would be the year that I recommitted to French and I was very lucky to find Pierre on French Today.  I wanted an immersion experience, away from a large city (too easy to fall back into English) and the tailored 1:1 experience vs. a classroom setting really appealed to me.  So did Languedoc both for the milder weather in January and the fabulous wine and food (more on that later).

As eager as I was to do this course, I was nervous as the TGV from Paris pulled into Narbonne station, where Pierre was waiting to pick me up. He greeted me with a kind smile and our conversation started, haltingly for me, but he was patient and put me at ease. In under 30 minutes, we were at his charming home in the equally charming village of La Livini√®re. His house is very well laid out for immersion homestay –¬† ¬†I had essentially the whole first floor to myself with a large bedroom with private sitting area, private bathroom and kitchen (which I had no occasion to use).¬† Stone walls and wood beams in the ceiling created real ambiance. The dining area and living room (also site of lessons) and main kitchen were on the second floor, to which I had access, and Pierre has a private third floor loft.

After I dropped my bags and got a little settled, we headed out for a walk to get the lay of the land in the late afternoon light.¬† The village is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves and Mediterranean herbs and wild oak and almond trees abound.¬† Pierre is very knowledgeable about geology, geography and history as well as local flora and fauna so we had lots to talk about on our walk. We returned chez Pierre and he prepared a delicious meal of swordfish. During the week,Pierre prepared continental breakfast and lunch for us. He is very accommodating of dietary restrictions (I don’t eat meat or poultry) and he is an excellent cook, using fresh, local ingredients and offering local cheeses.¬† Evenings are free time and I availed myself of the 2 excellent restaurants in La Livini√®re, one casual and the other a little more formal, both with very good food and wine (reasonably priced too!) Had I felt like cooking, Pierre would have taken me to the grocery store but I was on holiday and decided I wasn’t cooking for myself.

Breakfast was served around 815 am and conversation (and learning) began.¬† After breakfast, there were about 3 hours of lessons.¬† I found the time flew by even though I was working hard. Pierre is obviously an experienced teacher and he quickly assessed where I needed the most help (yes, subjunctive, I’m talking about you!). Lessons were organic, not using textbooks, but with enough structure to be useful and enough fluidity to stay engaging and an emphasis on French as it’s spoken by native French speakers. Pierre is good at gentle, clear corrections, frequent enough to be useful but not so frequent as to sap confidence and interrupt the flow.

Not surprisingly, French is an orderly language with a logic, albeit not one always obvious to Anglophones. Pierre was very good at explaining the “why” of French language usage as well as the “what” and I’ve carried those lessons with me and find myself now figuring out the correct usage more quickly, which helps my comprehension and speaking pace (and is very satisfying!).

After lunch, we watched the lunch time news (another good way to pick up vocabulary) and then each had some “own time” before heading out on a walk/hike.¬† Pierre is an experienced hiker and knows many fantastic local walks, some challenging, others less so, so we had a great mix.¬† It was invigorating and more time for conversation on a wide variety of topics. On one gorgeous, warm afternoon later in the week, we ran into the vigneron at Ch√Ęteau Sainte-Eulalie. I was thrilled to be able to have a spontaneous conversation in French with him and it was a good marker of how far I’d progressed, not just in the language per se but in my confidence to speak (despite my inevitable mistakes).¬†

I deliberately decided not to rent a car while I was in Languedoc and found I didn’t need one. There was a good restaurant open every evening in La Livini√®re and everything there is within walking distance but there are not a lot of shops or other amenities in the village so if getting around on your own to neighbouring towns is important to you, you might want to consider a renting car.

At the end of my stay, Pierre dropped me at the train station in Carcassone. I’m determined to return to La Livini√®re to improve again. Since coming home, I watch French news regularly and have downloaded a French TV App so I can watch French shows and movies with French subtitles and have started weekly lessons with a local tutor.¬† What a great start to the year!

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s In La Livinière, Occitanie
Chris and Ben Peterson, Florida, USA

I have been learning French for some time and really wanted to try an immersion as a way to boost my conversational skills. My one week stay with Pierre in November 2023 did not disappoint. Pierre always made attempts to converse in a natural way, whether we were en route to visit a historical site, eating breakfast, or checking in at the end of the evening to discuss our evening and plans for the next day. I found Pierre to be easy to talk to, yet not talking too much (incessantly) or draining my energy (since I am an introvert). He also was very helpful in giving gentle corrections while I was speaking, something I really valued. Regarding the lessons, he adapted them to work for both myself and my husband who just started learning French in the last year. He is very knowledgeable of the grammar, pronunciation and especially nuances of spoken French that one does not learn about in university courses. Our outings were tailored to our interests, and my husband and I very much enjoyed them. There are plenty of interesting things to see in the area, and Pierre was happy to take us, even in the cooler weather and sometimes a little rain. We really enjoyed Pierre’s cooking and meals as well. They were simple, nutritious and delicious. We loved trying different cheeses, and I learned that I really prefer to have a fried egg on my galette. (I would not have tried one with an egg if he had not prepared it that way.) We ate at the local restaurants in the evenings, and those were very good also, with generous portions. Pierre’s home is comfortable and met our basic needs. Overall, we very much enjoyed our time with Pierre. I highly recommend giving an immersion with Pierre a try if you are interested in improving your French language skills.

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s In La Livinière, Occitanie
Kate, United Kingdom

After buying a holiday house in France in 2022, I needed to start learning French. 
I spent around a year doing Duolingo and teaching myself from a book. Whilst I was making progress, I could only use the present tense.  I was too nervous to actually speak to anyone and very unsure how to pronounce the French correctly. 
I booked a week with Pierre in order to try and boost my French. I was so nervous arriving at Carcassonne airport. I needn’t have been as¬† Pierre was very friendly and welcoming.¬†
Each day we ate breakfast together and then spend 3 hours studying, with emphasis on new tenses and pronunciation. Pierre was very patient and persistent in helping me get it right. After lunch we went for a hike somewhere interesting including the Castles of Lastours and the gorgeous village of Minerve. While hiking I would try and use the French I was busy learning. It was fun! 
I chose to have half board and I really enjoyed all the lovely food Pierre prepared for me . I looked after myself in the evening which worked for me as I was pretty tired after speaking French all day and hiking. 
At the end of my week’s stay Pierre dropped me in Carcassonne where I stayed a night before flying home.¬† I was now able to check into the hotel, buy things and order in restaurants while speaking French. Whilst I have a long way to go, I am no longer frightened of trying to communicate. I was delighted with my progress. Thank you Pierre.¬†

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s Near Carcassone

I read every one of Eliane’s reviews before I committed to spending a week with her.¬†I can tell you that my experience with her and her family is 100% consistent with all of the reviews.¬†

I must add that Eliane is quite versatile, flexible, and ultra responsive to one’s own objectives.¬† She is a dynamo and is super-attuned to one’s goals.

Notably, she has mastered English so she knows what we are up against as English-speakers in developing our proficiency in French.  In my case, I sought to participate in the mundane chores and errands supporting her household because I gain perspective from those daily interactions and experiences, and I learn how transactions are handled linguistically. 

Eliane supported and fueled my confidence building in spoken French, and arranged a private wine-tasting, and she expertly guided me through the medieval cite of Carcassonne. 

During my week with Eliane I tangibly expanded my language proficiency and cultural awareness.  I also availed myself of the pastoral charms by borrowing a bike and riding along the Canal du Midi into Carcassonne. 

I will treasure my time with Eliane and her family.

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s Near Carcassone

It’s early Friday afternoon and I am nearing the end of my stay with Eliane and her family in Pezens, France. It has been a wonderful week filled with lots of language practice, beautiful scenery, and great food. Most importantly, however, is the gracious and friendly manner in which Eliane welcomed me into her home. The arrangement of students having the lower floor to themselves and Eliane and her family upstairs allows everyone to have their own space and be comfortable.

Each morning we talk (en Français) while enjoying coffee and breakfast. She gently guides my learning and explains fully the areas that give me trouble. We focus on conversation and pronunciation as was my request, with necessary grammar thrown in when needed. Her husband Benjamin and his younger brother William are there occasionally and will join in as well.

Eliane is also a wonderful cook. Our lunch each day is a home cooked meal with other members of the family joining us as their schedules allow. Dinner is on my own each evening. There is a beautiful restaurant just up the road for those who desire some haute cuisine and plenty of excellent restaurant choices in nearby Carcassonne. Don’t miss the cassoulet at Brassiere de 4 Temps! A couple evenings I was fine with a light dinner of cheeses and meats from the local supermarket, with local wine of course.

Two highlights of my stay were the wine tasting at the local winery and an afternoon strolling the cobblestone streets of Carcassonne with Eliane and sweet Elena.

All in all, I couldn’t have imagined a better environment for improving my French and discovering the joie de vie of this area.

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s In Montpellier, France

Dear Anne-Elisabeth and Michel,

Thank you very much for this amazing time and experience. I really enjoyed it. I highly appreciated your flexibility and support regarding “mon r√©gime”. Les repas were excellent.
Also, I would like to express my gratitude for the possibilities to visit the cinema, listen to the beautiful choir Cat’Alinsa and for the amazing trip this Sunday where we had a picnic at the beach.

Hope to visit you soon again.
Many thanks.


French Speaking Switzerland Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s
Sarah, Toronto (CA)

This was the first time I have studied as part of an immersive homestay, so I didn’t know what to expect. I can honestly say it was a highlight of my summer ! Raymonde is a thoughtful host, an excellent teacher and a fun conversationalist. She made me feel welcome from the time I arrived.¬†

Raymonde’s home is clean, fresh and spacious.¬† It is in the country, with beautiful walks right outside her door, views of Mont Blanc in the distance, and farms selling their produce a quick drive down the road. Raymonde is also an outstanding cook, so we enjoyed many delicious meals from those nearby farms.

Our mornings were dedicated to French conversation and lessons, usually over coffee, and covered a huge array of subjects. The time flew ! Afternoons included excursions to nearby sites, either solo or together. Early in my stay, Raymonde had quietly noted my biggest language weaknesses and customized her lessons and feedback going forward to focus on those areas. In this way, I was able to break some entrenched bad habits over the week I was there.¬† I also learned some new language “rules” I had never learned before. The one-on-one time meant that I was constantly learning and being challenged, but not overwhelmed. And the customized lessons meant that I was always interested and inspired.

Raymonde is tremendously generous with her time, her energy and her enthusiasm. She is also a gifted teacher. I feel fortunate to have been able to learn with her for a week, in idyllic Switzerland no less. Mille mercis Raymonde!

French Speaking Switzerland Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s
Graciela, Portland (USA)

A Five-Star French Immersion Adventure at My Teacher’s Home!

Rating: ‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź
I recently embarked on a truly unique and unforgettable French immersion journey at Raymonde‚Äôs home in Gingins, and I can’t express how remarkable the experience was. This experience deserves every one of its five stars and more.

Studying the French language in the comfort of Raymonde’s home was an incredibly personalized and enriching experience. The cozy and welcoming environment provided the perfect backdrop for immersive language learning. Raymonde was not just an educator but also a gracious host, creating an atmosphere that felt like a home away from home.

Raymonde tailored the curriculum to my individual needs and pace. The program incorporated various activities and experiences to enhance my language skills and Swiss culture understanding. From daily conversations over delicious, fresh, nourishing meals to cultural outings and local excursions that brought me joy and amazement. Each day was an adventure!

The French immersion program was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I will always treasure. If you’re seeking an authentic, tailored, and unforgettable way to learn French, I can’t recommend Raymonde‚Äôs program enough.

My gratitude to Raymonde, Michel, their family and friends for an experience I’ll cherish forever!

Grace N. from Portland, Oregon USA.

Beaujolais Wine Country French Immersion At Teacher's In France
Jacquie & Yuka

WOW! We are so glad we opted to stay for 2 weeks and chose M√©lie’s ‘French Cuisine & Wine’ option to complement Marion’s ‘French Language Immersion’.

Marion is truly a skilled and dedicated teacher. There was no end to her patience and also necessary persistance, as she encouraged me forward with the difficult task of learning a new language. But also, essential to all learning, it was great fun as she exercised creative ways to expand my vocabulary and work through the often frustrating aspects of french grammar. Regardless of what level of French you arrive with, you will leave improved with greater confidence to go out there and converse.

And outings with Marion were fantastic. Wherever we went, we had the benefit of an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide at our side and being situated in the heart of Beaujolais country, the options were many.

And complementing Marion’s talents, M√©lie’s approach to food and wine was superb. Being a couple of foodies, proud of our culinary competence, M√©lie still had lots to teach us as we dove right in, working together. And the wine tasting/pairing was terrific. We knew when we arrived we loved wine but M√©lie, with her knowledge and fascinating tasting techniques, took us to a whole new level of understanding and appreciation with no hint of pretension whatsoever. And her passion for ‘Naturally’ made wines was for us, a real bonus. As well, for our evening sipping, the well stocked wine fridge in our room to select from, was nothing short of brilliant. And of course, we couldn’t think of leaving without buying a couple of cases.

The combination of language learning, food and wine blended seamlessly together, resulting in a very memorable two weeks. And what better region of France in late autumn than the rolling, golden, vine covered hills of Beaujolais. We ate well, drank well and slept well, all while improving our french. Kudos to you both for your skills, enthusiasm and sincerity …. a huge…

“Thanks For The Memories!”

Jacquie & Yuka


French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s Near Carcassone

My immersion week at Eliane’s was great from both a French language and cultural perspective. Eliane met me at my language level and expanded my comprehension and speaking abilities by engaging in a wide range of conversation from daily and family life to complex discussions about legal and taxation systems. She was very flexible, our lessons could be at home, on a walk, or doing daily tasks. Our afternoon adventures were great fun and continued my language learning.

The apartment is very comfortable and furnished with everything you need. I was also able to work remotely in the evenings without issue. Breakfast was great and the lunches were impressive, full meals. The family was often at meals as well and are very welcoming.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Eliane and her family and will come back again without hesitation.

French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s Near Carcassone

My second immersion stay with Eliane was great ! Looking forward to the next one !

Vous me manquez tous déjà ! Merci pour ces supers moments avec toi !

French Immersion Program At Teacher's On Ile de Ré

Bonjour !  I am an American, French level of B1/B2.  I just spent an awesome week with Clarisse and family on the beautiful Île de Ré !

I flew into CGD on a Monday and took the TGV ( right from the airport )  to the La Rochelle train station where she was waiting for me.  It took about a 1/2 hour to drive to the apartment complex where I stayed for the week in the studio.  In the studio, we had breakfast each day, then a few hours of lessons, and then we either went out to lunch or eent to see one of the sights.  The large lighthouse was pretty neat and I climbed up to the top.  Excellent view of the island and well worth it.  Make sure you order the oysters when you go out to lunch…best I have ever had!  In the afternoons I was generally free to take a nap and walk around the town.  Saint Martin is a cool little town, very walkable.  As you might have read, this town was built inside the large fort that dates from 1700 or so.  Very pretty to walk around and see the bay. I took a promenade a few times per day, it helped keep the wine off :-).  For dinner I generally was lazy and went to the local carefour market and bought some food to cook in the studio.  But there are a few restaurants open even in late November it you wanted to do that.  I had two dinners with Clarisse and family..the last night was really special as we had une raclette and after dinner Claude and I played guitars and drank cognac…really memorable.

Clarisse is very flexible to whatever style of learning you want or need.  In my case, I liked standing all of the time apart from here while I practiced phrases, grammar, expressions out loud.  Kinda like a real world working session.  While I am not a big fan of homework, I did the little she gave to me….but she can give you tons more if you want. 

All in all a really super experience and I would highly recommend y’all check our Clarisse and the Île de Ré !

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