French Immersion Program At Teacher's On Ile de Ré

With Clarisse - your French tutor, language buddy & host

1.600 euros + Accommodation (depending of the season, from 400 euros to 850 euros) + extra for each additionnal guest Per Week

  • 15 hours of French classes
  • 1 studio + bathroom + kitchen + "garden" + swimming pool, sauna, hamman (feb to nov)
  • BF + Lunch OR Dinner
  • 2 Workshops, visits or activities included (more options available) - 2 evenings with my family (games and movie)
  • 3
Contact Clarisse
Ile de Ré is a dream destination less than a 3 hour TGV ride from Paris! Clarisse, a certified and experienced French teacher, will be glad to be your teacher and guide. You can come alone, or with friends or family (up to 3 people). Clarisse is fluent in French, English, Dutch and speaks a little Italian. Her love of the island and of the French language will help you to improve your French and enjoy your stay! You will have your own accommodations, sauna, swimming pool and hammam available from February to November. Extra French classes if you want, yoga, painting, biking... if you would like them.


Private Bathroom
Pets Allowed
Public Transportation
Free Parking
Vegan Option

Sleeping Arrangements

1 single bed 1 sofa bed

Types of Courses Offered: French conversation, grammar, vocabulary, ...

Teacher Certifications: Teacher language degree in Belgium in 1999. English and Dutch fluent, Conversational Italian and a little German.

Extra Activities/Options: - Yoga - wine tour - meditation - kite / surf - massage - boat trip, sailing classes - golf - paddleboard - horseriding - biking -soap factory -bee factory

Meet Clarisse - your French tutor, language buddy & host In France

Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Clarisse, a native French speaker, 47 years old, living with my husband Claude and two of my three daughters on Ile de Ré. They both go to the college (middle school) in St Martin., on the island. We have a six-year-old dog, Heidi, and two guinea pigs. We live in a house in La Flotte, one of the two "best villages of France" on the Island! I was born in Brussels, I am half French half Belgian. I left Brussels to follow my husband to Paris, and we moved here, on the island in July 2021, leaving Paris behind to live a wonderful experience on that amazing island! I have been coming here since I was 2! We enjoy having picnics while watching the sunset, summer or winter, it is always beautiful! Claude and I love watching movies in the evening, something we can do together! And of course, going to the beach, biking, horseback (our girls are always away to take care of the horses) We do live on an island but La Rochelle, which is a wonderful city, is only 30 minutes away!

My program as an immersion teacher will be :

7 Days, 6 Nights (arrival Sunday evening- departure Saturday morning)

  • 3 hours of French classes every morning after breakfast
  • Lunch or dinner, while we speak French!
  • 2 afternoons with excursions “à la carte”
  • 2 evenings with my family such as a game evening, or watching a French movie

I have been working as a teacher for the last 25 years, initially as a regular teacher in a school, and then via the Internet since 2014. I teach students from 10 to 99 😉 Teaching is a real passion for me, as I love being able to help students who are not confident at first to soon enjoy speaking French with pleasure! I adapt my lessons depending on my student’s needs. All levels are welcome! Perhaps the most important thing for me is that my students never feel bored, so I have a variety of teaching methods up my sleeve to make sure that never happens!  My lessons are primarily based on speaking, which I deem the biggest priority.  Writing is important too and we tend to do this as homework, which we then correct together and speak about it French again. The homework materials are varied and fun, e.g.  dictation, listening to songs, reading a book, making a summary, grammar & vocabulary exercises, the last movie you’ve seen…..

A2 level required.

Not there yet ?
You can follow French classes with me for few months before your stay :)

How to get to ILE DE RE ?

You will have to reach LA ROCHELLE, the nearest city (30 minutes from home) I will pick you up either at the train station (less than 3H from Paris Montparnasse, 2H from Bordeaux or Nantes) or at the airport (1h15 from Marseille, 1h30 from London, 1h30 from Brussels, 2h from Lisbon). Transportation back to La Rochelle train station/airport is included.

Public transportation

There is a bus (5' from the studio) that will take you to La Rochelle for 4,20 euros in 40 minutes. 


You will have your own studio which is 10 min from my house. I will meet you there every morning for breakfast and French class, or I will pick you up there and we will have breakfast and classes at my house. The 33 m2 apartment is 5 minutes away from the harbour of Saint Martin, in a very quiet residence. It has a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with a bath.  One sofabed 160cm, and a bunkbed for kids.   You may choose to cook once a day (or not!..... There are many restaurants within minutes of the studio.) You can also enjoy the swimming pool, sauna, hammam, and even a gym from February to November. There is a small garden with chairs and a deck chair.


You will have wifi free access in your studio.


Smoking is not allowed in the studio or in my house


As you will have your own studio, you can bring your pet :)


An immersion week includes : 7 Days, 6 Nights  (arrival Sunday evening- departure Saturday morning)

  • 3 hours of French classes every morning after breakfast
  • Lunch or dinner, while we speak French!
  • 2 afternoons with excursions “à la carte”
  • 2 evenings with my family such as a game evening, or watching a French movie

Price : 
1600 euros (Classes + food + activities)
+ accomodations : 

January + 400 euros 
February- March + 550 euros
April - May - June -+ 700 euros
July - August + 850 euros
September - October + 700 euros 
November 1st to 11th + 550 euros 
November 12th to December + 400 euros 

Additional guests :

For one additional guest, the price per week is:

  • Euros 300 without lessons, excursions and food included, per guest,
  • Euros 600 with shared lessons and excursions per guest.

Breakfast and lunch or dinner are included You can come with a maximum of two kids (there is a bunk bed in the studio).
400 euros for a shared lessons for one or two teenager(s)

2023 :

  • October 11th to October 18th 
  • November 19th - 25th
  • November 26th - December 2nd
  • December 3rd - 9th
  • December 17th - 23rd 

You want to come earlier? 

If you'd like to come on Friday or few days before the class, this is possible:

80 per night from October till March
120 per night from April till September 
Breakfast not included. 


Free parking.


Heated inside and outside swimming pool, sauna, hammam, sport room from February till November.

Learn French In France – Your French immersion Program in La Flotte, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Ile de Ré is a wonder island! You can come all year long, there is always something to do. The island is one of the three sunniest places of France, after la Côte d'Azur and Corse. The light here is amazing! Here are some ideas of what you can do:

  • Les Baleines Lighthouse

    Les Baleines Lighthouse is open all year round! You can admire its breathtaking panoramic view in any season.

  • The Vauban fortifications

    Whatever the season, discover this stony star of the Ile de Ré coastline. Either on a guided visit led by the Saint-Martin-de-Ré Welcome Centre or on your own, come and admire the engineer Vauban’s masterpiece - nowadays the citadel of Vauban, considered the definitive island fort, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Lilleau des Niges Nature Reserve

    You can walk through the Nature Reserve or cycle along it. If you’re a nature-lover, then this is the place to be. Lilleau des Niges is a safe haven for thousands of migratory birds. The maze of trails, freely accessible all year round, will lead you into the heart of this remarkable biodiversity.

  • Atelier Quillet

    Listed as a Living Heritage Company, Atelier Quillet, in the village of Loix, is open all year round. It is one of France’s leading authorities on the conservation, restoration and binding of old documents and books. Guided visits will enable you to discover the various crafts that are practised in the Atelier.

  • La Savonnerie de Ré

    Discover how soaps and cosmetics are made with donkey milk! This milk comes from Regis Léau Farm, in Saint-Martin-de-Ré.

  • Abeille de Ré

    Come and learn about the secret life of bees and the beekeeping profession. Beekeeper Aldo François will share his passion and ancestral know-how with you! Guided visits and events are organised all year round!

  • Abbaye des Châteliers

    A listed historic monument, the Abbaye des Chateliers is an exceptional abbey that will prove a revelation whatever the season. The site is free to visit!

  • Bières de Ré

    If you love beer, come inside where it’s warm and taste the artisan beers of the Ile de Ré - you can also find out how they’re produced.

  • Saint-Martin-de-Ré Belltower Observatory

    Saint-Martin-de-Ré Church looks out over the heights of the village. If you climb the 117 steps, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning view, one that is particularly spectacular at night. The heights of Saint-Martin-de-Ré will transport you into a magical world populated by the historical riches of the Cité Vauban, where gargoyles and statues seem to chatter to one another.

  • Go on a bike trip to the salt marshes

    Go on an adventure and cycle your way through the salt marshes! These fabulous landscapes between land and sea will make you want to get even closer to nature.

  • The Ernest Cognacq Museum

    Located just opposite the Saint-Martin-de-Ré Welcome Centre, this museum is a must-see if you want to learn all about the history of the Ile de Ré and the key events that made the island!

  • Forest hikes

    Immerse yourself in the Ile de Ré flora and fauna! The Ile de Ré is covered in wooded areas between the dune barriers and the villages.

  • See the vibrant colours of the landscape

    Take in a seaside sunset as the autumn brings the island's nature alive.

  • Meet the Ile de Ré's donkeys

    The Poitou donkey is a real symbol of the Ile de Ré. For many years, donkeys have been used in farming and are a key part of daily life here.

  • Go for a walk along the coast

    Follow the trail along the coast and you'll discover breathtaking landscapes. Use the Ile de Ré Tour app or the Ile de Ré hiking field guide.

  • Try your hand at paddle-boarding

    Escape into the heart of nature and try your hand at paddle-boarding for the chance to discover the Ile de Ré's best-kept secrets.

An island for all seasons | Destination Ile de Ré | Official Website of the Tourist Office (

Your French Immersion Homestay Accommodations in La Flotte, Nouvelle-Aquitaine


33m2 with all you need in a studio, 5 minutes away from the harbour of Saint Martin, in a very quiet residence. One sofa bed 160cm, a bunk bed for kids. Ideal for three adults or a couple with two kids. There is a small garden with chairs and a deck chair.


Heated inside and outside swimming pool, sauna, hammam, sport room from February till November.


Free parking.

Contact Clarisse - your French tutor, language buddy & host

French Immersion in La Flotte, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Visit Clarisse's Website

NOTE: All immersion teachers/hosts are completely independent of French Today. All communication, transactions and contracts will be exclusively done between you and the immersion teacher/host.

Reviews (11)

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I had a truly wonderful week of French immersion with Clarisse. She was able to adapt the level her speech to my ability and then push me to improve.  More than anything else, I needed to speak using the French that I already knew.

So we stressed having conversation together and with her family and friends. We chatted over coffee and croissants in the morning at the La Flotte town market, while driving to see the sights of Ile de Ré, at lunch, during the afternoon review of my nightly homework, and with friends and family during two social gatherings.

I was amazed that we were able to have some real conversations that went far beyond the tourist subjects one learns at the beginning of studying a language – for example we explored the differences between health care in the US and in France. As a result, I made excellent progress in my comfort level speaking French as well as my ability to undertand native French speakers.

Most remarkable was the sense of accomplishment that I felt after communicating in a new language for the first time. My goal when I began was to become conversational in French and the immersion experience with Clarisse encourages me that I can succeed in reaching this objective.All the best,Sam


I absolutely enjoyed my time with Clarisse and her wonderful family while exploring the beautiful Île de Re.

Although I currently live in France, having a one-week intensive course really helps me push through to the next level and I was not disappointed after my week-long stay.

Clarisse is so welcoming and easy to be with, you feel like you have always known her! She adapts to your level and keeps the topics very interesting, more like a conversation between friends than a student and teacher, exactly what I was looking for… real french interactions.

There was never a dull moment with so much to see in this area, including visits to historical landmarks, artisan workshops, famous ice cream shops and endless paths for walking or cycling. It was a fantastic stay and, above all, a pleasurable and productive french learning experience.

Mille mercis

Anda's Family

In July 2023, together with my family I’ve spend one week on Ile de Re with Clarisse for a French immersion course. We are a family of four (having 2 daughters of 11 & 15 years old)  and we moved to Switzerland in a French speaking canton. So, for us the immersion course was what we needed to improve our French.

The immersion week with Clarisse was above my / our expectations and now looking back I’m so happy that we decided to spend one week of our summer holiday like this.

We stayed in La Flotte area in a private home (provided by Clarisse) and each morning she was coming to our place for the French lessons.

I loved the way she managed to accommodate to our French level (similar but not common) and what I appreciate the most is the way of explaining the “lovely” French grammar. For me, a visual person, I loved how she was writing with different colors and making everything so easy and understandable. She also provided us with support materials, books to help us learning, that are very useful.

Clarisse is a real professional, coming prepared with different interactive exercises that could involved the entire family and making sure that we all participate to the class. Also, she is the best tour guide on Ile de Re, during the afternoon we had the opportunity to explore the island with her and at the same time practice our French.

Also, we had the pleasure to spend some evenings with her and her family, we appreciated the most the “Apero” mystery box and dinner on the beach.

So, if you are looking for a great way to spend your holiday and learn French at the same time I recommend you to reach out Clarisse 😊


Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

I should say the usual things about my immersion with Clarisse and Claude in August 2023, for instance, that 1) Clarisse is a wonderful teacher, full of good humor, high energy, and great patience, that 2) Claude is gracious host, and that 3) Ile-de-Ré is an idyllic place to visit. All of it is true, of course, as can be seen by reading any of the reviews on this page.

But I had the opportunity to test the character of these lovely people in unexpected ways which illuminated their nature in ways that a standard immersion week might not have. And I am here to tell you that their care of me went above and beyond the call of duty. In addition to their competence as teachers (and I have to include Claude here as an adjunct teacher), I came to appreciate their basic humanity and capacity for compassion. In this way, they were truly ambassadors of the French culture.

To explain briefly, I came to Clarisse directly from another week-long immersion the week before. Clarisse was already proactive in calling my teacher from Week 1 to coordinate lessons so that they didn’t end up covering the same material. So that was nice. But just prior to my arrival, a knee injury that I had just before coming to France flared up to the point that I could not walk without debilitating pain.

So, on Sunday, when Clarisse was only supposed to pick me up and transport me to my studio and then spend a pleasant Sunday with her family, she spent an entire day sometimes pushing me around in a wheelchair, sometimes helping me navigate an unexpected conversation in an Emergency Room, and sometimes dragging my luggage all around so I could limp my way from one place to another. It was ridiculous that she would have to do that. I felt bad, almost embarrassed by it. But she did it without hesitation in a way that immediately taught me something about her character.

For the rest of the week, she and Claude both went out of their way to assist me in any way they could whether it meant driving me to the pharmacy, loaning me a ski pole to use as a cane, or escorting me to my departure train so I didn’t have to carry luggage up and down stairs.

All of this perhaps limited my sightseeing around Ilede-Ré, but it did not affect my immersion lessons, my pleasant nights with the family, or the simple joy
of playing guitar duets with Claude.

As a teacher, Clarisse will quickly discover the boundary of your French capacity and then push on it for the rest of the week in an attempt to expand it. There was a certain intensity to the immersion that I liked, but my sense was that Clarisse could easily
modulate that intensity based on a student’s level and wishes. I do have two cautions however: 1) Clarisse’s natural speech pace is a bit faster than other native speakers that I encountered. I came as a late A2 student which I think is the minimum level
to be able to take full advantage of the immersion. I know Clarisse would adjust to any level but A2 / B1 would shine in this immersion. 2) Ile-de-Ré, while
idyllic, is a place where even the French come for vacation in the summer. So, expect the place to be rather crowded. Bicyclists were as numerous as flies
on a summer day!

But in the end, my experience was more than a language immersion, it became a life immersion where I ended up feeling a part of a family and where I was permitted entry into the French heart. What I found there was natural kindness and compassion, and a ready willingness (as in my case) to go above and beyond the call of duty. You could hardly find nicer people to learn from.


Chère Clarisse,

Je tiens à te remercier infiniment de m’avoir enseigné et diverti cette semaine !
J’ai beaucoup appris, surtout tes leçons de prononciation/liaison et je te promets que je n’oublierai jamais le PAS à partir de maintenant.

Merci aussi à ta famille. J’ai adoré renconctrer tes parents, des gens si détendus et heureux ainsi que tes filles et Claude, bien sur brièvement.

Merci beaucoup,
Cheryl, ton Australienne :) 


Clarisse has been a thoughtful and patient French teacher to me for the past two years. So when we discussed an opportunity to study French immersively in Il De Re, I couldn’t say no! The experience was more than I could imagine. I developed my confidence in speaking and vocabulary while having a fantastic time exploring the idyllic island with Clarisse.

The apartment was chic and well-located, a short walk from the city center of St. Martin. The daily lesson plans were engaging and tailored to my goals, with many activities, like visiting an oyster farm or scaling a lighthouse, allowing us to practice conversational French together.

It was a very dynamic program, and I look forward to returning and growing my love for French!

Kelsey's family

What an amazing time our family had studying immersive French with Clarisse. Clarisse is an incredibly patient teacher as well as super focused on helping us correct our weak spots with humor. She uses engaging methods to help us learn, and spending time talking French with her wonderful family over meals and during activities was a real treat. All of us felt so much more confident speaking French after only a week with Clarisse and her lovely family. Finally, the activities she arranged were experiences we never would have found on our own. I cannot recommend this experience more highly

Travis and Anita

After 3 zoom sessions and then a one week French immersion course, I highly recommend Clarisse as a teacher. I have difficulty speaking what French I know and she really pushed me to converse in French. 

Her use of written and verbal exercises 3 hours each day and then more casual conversation during meals, excursions and home visits was really effective. Clarisse is a dedicated teacher, yet she is very friendly and fun. She adapted her program to my needs and made the immersion course hardworking, but exciting and interesting. It also helped me identify how to focus my future studies to hear and speak French.

My wife Anita stayed with me but did not participate in the immersion part of the course. Clarisse and her husband Claude went out of their way to include her when possible. We particularly enjoyed restaurant meals with them as well as home visits with their daughters, family dog, and two guinea pigs. 

The studio apartment was confortable and well located near restaurants and shops. We particularly liked the short walk to restaurants. In addition to St. Martin de Ré, L’Ile de Ré has several interesting villages and attractions, way more than we were able to visit.

In summary, I think anyone interested in immersion to improve their French would really like and benefit from Clarisse’s program. I did.


I recently spent a week with my French teacher, Clarisse, in Île de Ré for a French immersion course, and it was truly an unforgettable experience! From the moment I arrived, I was greeted with warm hospitality and an authentic French atmosphere that made me feel like I was truly in good hands.

The language immersion aspect of the course was top-notch. My French language skills improved tremendously throughout the week thanks to the dedicated and experienced Clarisse who was patient, encouraging, and always willing to help with any questions.

In addition to the language classes, there were many opportunities to explore the island and its rich culture with Clarisse and her beautiful family. I visited charming cafes, quaint boutiques, and historic landmarks that gave me a glimpse into the local way of life.

The accommodation was also excellent in Saint-Martin, very clean, comfortable, and a stone throw away to the sea. I felt truly relaxed and at ease during my stay, which only added to the overall experience.

Overall, I highly recommend this French immersion course for anyone looking to improve their language skills and immerse themselves in the rich and vibrant culture of France. Thank you so much Clarisse and your family for hosting me for a week. I left feeling more confident in my French abilities and with memories that will last a lifetime


Although I have been living in France for some time, I still struggle with French conversation (shy about jumping in). What better way to improve than a week of immersion on the beautiful Ile de Re. I had never been to the island and I am now a huge fan—such an unspoiled treasure (although I wouldn’t recommend going during school break or the summer).

Clarisse (the instructor) has amazing energy and infinite patience. She varies the morning lessons, chooses wonderful lunch spots, is an interesting guide for the afternoon activities, and includes her family (I even met her parents and beau-parents) in the conversations at her home. She corrects errors in just the right way, so that you remember the problem. I now feel more comfortable initiating French conversations (rather than being an English bully) and will continue to focus on ways to improve my spoken French. Thank you, Clarisse for this great adventure.


The French intensive course with Clarisse is fantastic. It has really helped improve my French which is B1 level, and Clarisse is incredibly helpful and patient. Ile de Re is a beautiful part of France to visit, and Clarisse is extremely knowledgeable about the area and takes you to the best spots. Having never done a french intensive course before, I chose the course because of the beautiful location and the friendliness and approachability of Clarisse as a teacher.  Claude, Clarrisse’s husband and Coraline and Cassandre her  daughters and Clarisse’s parents who were visiting Ile de Re at the same time I was there were extremely welcoming and made the effort to speak clearly and a bit slower than normal so I could keep up with the conversation.  It exceeded my expectations and I can’t recommend the course enough.

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