French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s In La Livinière, Occitanie

With Pierre - your French tutor, language buddy & host

Euros 1400. Arrival on Saturday, departure on Friday. The date of your arrival can be flexible. Per Week

  • 3 Hours a day (Mornings), Monday to Friday, minimum 4 outings in the Afternoons
  • 1 large Bedroom (possibility to have two separate spaces), 1 private bathroom, a private Kitchenette for your dinners/dining room/salon/private terrace and patio.
  • Breakfasts, Lunches and a dinner the day of your arrival and the day before your departure for a stay of two weeks
  • Minimum 4 outings a week
  • Up to 3 (contact me for more guests)
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If your goal is to improve your French, in a relaxed atmosphere, in a beautiful and quiet setting and if you love to learn more about French History and Culture, come to this place, in the beautiful Languedoc. Pierre will host you for a full Homestay French immersion. You will stay in a renovated old house, with its typical architecture, between splendid and picturesque villages, castles. The area is famous for its spectacular and breathtaking Castles,, its villages, its gastronomy.. Live the authentic French lifestyle at Pierre’s house, Pierre is a graduated and experienced French teacher who will be delighted to provide you with tailored French lessons adapted to your needs and your level. He shares with you his experience as well as his everyday life. You will stay in my old renovated farm. The house has a private terrace and a lovely patio.


Private Bathroom
Smoking Allowed
Teaches Adults & Children
Pets Allowed
Wheelchair Accessible
Free Parking
Vegan Option

Sleeping Arrangements

Bedroom 1
1 queen bed 1 sofa bed
Bedroom 2
1 double bed

1 single bed

Types of Courses Offered: French conversation, Professional French, Exam preparation, French for children

Teacher Certifications: DAEFLE/Master in Histtory/English Fluent/German spoken

Extra Activities/Options: I will be your guide to discover the historical Languedoc. You will stay with me in my house (an old renovated house) which is located in the peaceful countryside of the South of France, with its rollings hills covered with vineyards, olive trees and the mediterranean scruband called garrigue. History have always been a passion and I love to share this passion with my students while visiting the villages, the numerous castles... I'm rather fond of Hiking too. If you wish it, I will be very delighted to explore with you the numerous footpaths in the surroundings. I can show you the varied display of fauna and flora. The discovery of the various quality wines of this area, Minervois, Cabardès,... can be another option (La Livinière is very famous for its wine, for its local olive oil). I also play tennis and I would be happy to play Tennis with you. We can also do some canyoning ! I will tailor my program of visit to your interests, your passions.

Meet Pierre - your French tutor, language buddy & host In France

Hi, my name is Pierre. I have lived in the Uk where I started to teach French and I never stopped since then ! I've been teaching French as a foreign language for 12 years now. I'm used to teach  students for all levels and ages: my youngest student was 4 and my oldest was 89 years old! For me the diversity, the different profiles, backgrounds, ways of learning of my students are a real driving force. I'm learning while I'm teaching ! Each experience is unique. You will enjoy an authentic immersion in a quiet and peaceful spot, overlooking a picturesque valley, a place surrounded by gentle fields.  I live on my own but I sometimes have my children with me.  When you have spare time, you will enjoy studying, reading, on my lovely private terrace or on the patio by the pool !

My teaching is focused on the everyday life French, the Authentic French! A French immersion is a unique way to connect what you learn during the lessons with the real life. Each language has its own music, its own structure and my approach consists in giving you the essence of it. Practical situations, roleplays make sense and when you learn a new field in the language, it always has to be put in life in a real situation of communication. Learning a new language can be fun! Each student has a different level, a specific way of learning. This is essential to adjust the way of teaching to these differences and an immersion is the ideal context to get the best way of tailoring the teaching.

Learn French In France – Your French immersion Program in La Livinière, Occitanie

Learning French while discovering a fantastic region, so typical of the South of France! Far from the crowds, this part of France is packed with different traditions, cuisines and historical heritage. There are cute villages with their picturesque houses and abundance of restaurants.  There are plenty of restaurants, cafés, located under on shady squares, typacal of the South of france where you can sit outside admiring the beauty of the village. I will be happy to take you to splendid castles,  the four Cathares castles of Lastours, Arques, numerous cistercian abbeys and , obviously, Carcassonne... Well worth a visit if you like old castles and buildings. I will share with you my passion for History!

More about Pierre and the region

View Pierre's articles on French Today's blog.

Your French Immersion Homestay Accommodations in La Livinière, Occitanie

You will stay in a very typical and traditional stone house. It is private and comfortable and I have kept the rustic French style of an old house. You will feel the atmosphere of an authentic French house, a combination of an old architecture, old furniture and a modern fitted kitchen. You will have a privaye bathroom..  If you enjoy watching French movies, I can recommend you some DVDs, a perfect way to improve your French while watching good movies! At the end of the day, after dinner , you can watch French movies if you want ! Winters are rarely very cold here and, the whole year long, it's possible to have our meals under the covered terrace when the sun shines or when the temperature is not too cold. I will prepare your meals, using fresh and local products. I will introduce you to the traditional French cuisine and you are welcome if you want to cook with me. I can show you how to cook some traditional French meals!  I can pick you up at the nearest station which is  or Lézignan Corbières or Carcassone. I can also pick you up at Carcassonne airport . There are direct flights from the UK.

Contact Pierre - your French tutor, language buddy & host

French Immersion in La Livinière, Occitanie

Email Pierre Directly

NOTE: All immersion teachers/hosts are completely independent of French Today. All communication, transactions and contracts will be exclusively done between you and the immersion teacher/host.

Reviews (51)

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Stan and Oda, Ohio, USA

My wife and I originally booked an immersion week with Pierre for 2020. However, much to our dispappointment, COVID ended up derailing those plans. As 2024 was approaching, we wanted to make spending a week with Pierre part of our 40 anniversary  in France. It was worth the wait ! My wife is relatively new to French, whereas I am at a more experienced level. Despite the disparity of our levels of French, Pierre was able to make our learning time effective and interesting  for both of us. Pierre’s knowledge of language and his ability to teach spoken French in an immersion style is exceptional. My wife was hoping to learn more of the basics of French and to establish a proper foundation upon which she could build. I was hoping to have the opportunity just to speak a lot of French, with the objective of correcting recurring mistakes of grammar, pronunciation, and accent so that French speakers would stop switching to English whenever I try to speak with them. We both got what we were hoping for ! After our week with Pierre, we spent a second week in France on a self-guided bike tour in the Dordogne/Lot area of Freance, and I can honestly say that among the dozens of interactions and conversations I had with francophones that week, there was only  one person who preferred to speakin English with me (the front desk Clerk at the Mariott in Toulouse).

In addition to the excellent learning experience, staying at Pierre’s place was also just what we were hoping for. We prefer to experience France in  the countryside closer to the people’s lives rather than in big, fancy, touristy cities. La Livinière  was just what the doctor ordered.

Additionally, Pierre’s cooking was excellent. One of my wife’s favorite French dishes savory galettes, and Pierre’s were superb ! He even made sure we had them twice !

Pierre also took us on several excrusions and beautiful hikes. We saw ancient ruins, châteaux, beautiful hamlets and villages, just to name a few. Pierre is very knowledgeable about almost everything-culture, history, plants, birds, geography, you name it ! He is also a good tennis player. Knowing that we were tennis enthusiasts, Pierre  made arrangements for us to play at his club. In addition to some fun tennis, he taught us a lot of tennis vocabulary. It will be a lot more fun the next time I watch the French Open !

Overall, our stay with Pierre was an outstanding experience and we would positively recommend an immersion stay with Pierre !

David, Northampton, Connecticut, USA/ Villefranche de Rouergue France

Pierre is an unusually gifted French teacher. I have taken classes and used tutors multiple times before to learn French and no one has explained things as clearly as Pierre. Not only were his sessions specifically tailored to my needs, but he patiently pushed me to a level I never expected to reach in two weeks. His teaching format is a great combination: morning sessions with more formal content and afternoon outings that provide an opportunity for relaxed and extended conversation while touring or hiking in the beautiful region near his picturesque village. He is also a delightful cook! I strongly recommend him.

Betsy, Baltimore, USA

Pierre is an excellent teacher and an impressive guide to his very interesting region.  I have pages and pages of notes from his lessons! He was also really fun to hang around with.  I learned so much about the history of this part of France.  We visited historic villages, an olive oil factory and hiked among ancient chateaus. Pierre is serious about his teaching and his guiding.  I found myself working harder than I expected to, but also learning more! The same is true for my understanding of history.  It is a passion of Pierre’s, and he imparts his enthusiasm!  My family and friends would have been shocked to see me climbing to see ancient chateaus, but my 75 year old self did it and was glad I did (even though I flaked out before reaching the last two.)

Pierre’s home is in a small historic village.  My space on the first floor of his home was very comfortable.  Our meals were very good and full of conversation as were our drives through the gorgeous countryside. My week with Pierre pushed me in many ways and I’m so glad it did.

Ann et Stephanie, Connecticut, Maryland, USA

My sister-in-law and I, both in our 70s, had a wonderful week with Pierre. With grace, patience and humor, he made us feel welcome, laughed at the jokes we told in broken French, and shared his beloved countryside, history, culture and, of course, language in such an interesting way. He was generous and patient with our mistakes, and we both improved in our ability to speak and understand French.

We loved “living” in La Livinere for a week, being regulars at Le Meulieres, and sharing Pierre’s delicious breakfast and lunch with him. The experience brought back many memories of our prior experiences in France, and Pierre was generous with his interest. I appreciate that he did all this – teach, host, cook, guide, advise, laugh – while also living his own busy life.

In the week after our immersion, we traveled the region; both of us were able to order in restaurants, select a cheese (“dur, pas trop fort”), ask strangers for help and successfully navigate our exploration of Albi, Pyranees, Sete, Agde, Pont-du-Gard, and Montpellier. I was able to read my Arsene Lupin book more easily on the way home than on the way there. Our explorations were deeper as a result of our improved access to the French language. Merci, Pierre.

Kennedy Claire

Claire Kennedy
January 14-20, 2024

I live in Toronto and work as a lawyer and corporate director.  I have some exposure to French in a professional setting (through a board on which I serve, though I participate in English) but my interest in learning French is mostly personal. I have studied French off and on for a number of years and would describe my level as intermediate. I can read French reasonably well and can write functional French but I’m much less adept at conversational French, in part because I’m still in the mode of trying to translate from English in my head while speaking and also because I have difficulty following French speakers, who naturally don’t sound like the textbooks from which I’ve been learning!!

I decided that 2024 would be the year that I recommitted to French and I was very lucky to find Pierre on French Today.  I wanted an immersion experience, away from a large city (too easy to fall back into English) and the tailored 1:1 experience vs. a classroom setting really appealed to me.  So did Languedoc both for the milder weather in January and the fabulous wine and food (more on that later).

As eager as I was to do this course, I was nervous as the TGV from Paris pulled into Narbonne station, where Pierre was waiting to pick me up. He greeted me with a kind smile and our conversation started, haltingly for me, but he was patient and put me at ease. In under 30 minutes, we were at his charming home in the equally charming village of La Livinière. His house is very well laid out for immersion homestay –   I had essentially the whole first floor to myself with a large bedroom with private sitting area, private bathroom and kitchen (which I had no occasion to use).  Stone walls and wood beams in the ceiling created real ambiance. The dining area and living room (also site of lessons) and main kitchen were on the second floor, to which I had access, and Pierre has a private third floor loft.

After I dropped my bags and got a little settled, we headed out for a walk to get the lay of the land in the late afternoon light.  The village is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves and Mediterranean herbs and wild oak and almond trees abound.  Pierre is very knowledgeable about geology, geography and history as well as local flora and fauna so we had lots to talk about on our walk. We returned chez Pierre and he prepared a delicious meal of swordfish. During the week,Pierre prepared continental breakfast and lunch for us. He is very accommodating of dietary restrictions (I don’t eat meat or poultry) and he is an excellent cook, using fresh, local ingredients and offering local cheeses.  Evenings are free time and I availed myself of the 2 excellent restaurants in La Livinière, one casual and the other a little more formal, both with very good food and wine (reasonably priced too!) Had I felt like cooking, Pierre would have taken me to the grocery store but I was on holiday and decided I wasn’t cooking for myself.

Breakfast was served around 815 am and conversation (and learning) began.  After breakfast, there were about 3 hours of lessons.  I found the time flew by even though I was working hard. Pierre is obviously an experienced teacher and he quickly assessed where I needed the most help (yes, subjunctive, I’m talking about you!). Lessons were organic, not using textbooks, but with enough structure to be useful and enough fluidity to stay engaging and an emphasis on French as it’s spoken by native French speakers. Pierre is good at gentle, clear corrections, frequent enough to be useful but not so frequent as to sap confidence and interrupt the flow.

Not surprisingly, French is an orderly language with a logic, albeit not one always obvious to Anglophones. Pierre was very good at explaining the “why” of French language usage as well as the “what” and I’ve carried those lessons with me and find myself now figuring out the correct usage more quickly, which helps my comprehension and speaking pace (and is very satisfying!).

After lunch, we watched the lunch time news (another good way to pick up vocabulary) and then each had some “own time” before heading out on a walk/hike.  Pierre is an experienced hiker and knows many fantastic local walks, some challenging, others less so, so we had a great mix.  It was invigorating and more time for conversation on a wide variety of topics. On one gorgeous, warm afternoon later in the week, we ran into the vigneron at Château Sainte-Eulalie. I was thrilled to be able to have a spontaneous conversation in French with him and it was a good marker of how far I’d progressed, not just in the language per se but in my confidence to speak (despite my inevitable mistakes). 

I deliberately decided not to rent a car while I was in Languedoc and found I didn’t need one. There was a good restaurant open every evening in La Livinière and everything there is within walking distance but there are not a lot of shops or other amenities in the village so if getting around on your own to neighbouring towns is important to you, you might want to consider a renting car.

At the end of my stay, Pierre dropped me at the train station in Carcassone. I’m determined to return to La Livinière to improve again. Since coming home, I watch French news regularly and have downloaded a French TV App so I can watch French shows and movies with French subtitles and have started weekly lessons with a local tutor.  What a great start to the year!

Chris and Ben Peterson, Florida, USA

I have been learning French for some time and really wanted to try an immersion as a way to boost my conversational skills. My one week stay with Pierre in November 2023 did not disappoint. Pierre always made attempts to converse in a natural way, whether we were en route to visit a historical site, eating breakfast, or checking in at the end of the evening to discuss our evening and plans for the next day. I found Pierre to be easy to talk to, yet not talking too much (incessantly) or draining my energy (since I am an introvert). He also was very helpful in giving gentle corrections while I was speaking, something I really valued. Regarding the lessons, he adapted them to work for both myself and my husband who just started learning French in the last year. He is very knowledgeable of the grammar, pronunciation and especially nuances of spoken French that one does not learn about in university courses. Our outings were tailored to our interests, and my husband and I very much enjoyed them. There are plenty of interesting things to see in the area, and Pierre was happy to take us, even in the cooler weather and sometimes a little rain. We really enjoyed Pierre’s cooking and meals as well. They were simple, nutritious and delicious. We loved trying different cheeses, and I learned that I really prefer to have a fried egg on my galette. (I would not have tried one with an egg if he had not prepared it that way.) We ate at the local restaurants in the evenings, and those were very good also, with generous portions. Pierre’s home is comfortable and met our basic needs. Overall, we very much enjoyed our time with Pierre. I highly recommend giving an immersion with Pierre a try if you are interested in improving your French language skills.

Kate, United Kingdom

After buying a holiday house in France in 2022, I needed to start learning French. 
I spent around a year doing Duolingo and teaching myself from a book. Whilst I was making progress, I could only use the present tense.  I was too nervous to actually speak to anyone and very unsure how to pronounce the French correctly. 
I booked a week with Pierre in order to try and boost my French. I was so nervous arriving at Carcassonne airport. I needn’t have been as  Pierre was very friendly and welcoming. 
Each day we ate breakfast together and then spend 3 hours studying, with emphasis on new tenses and pronunciation. Pierre was very patient and persistent in helping me get it right. After lunch we went for a hike somewhere interesting including the Castles of Lastours and the gorgeous village of Minerve. While hiking I would try and use the French I was busy learning. It was fun! 
I chose to have half board and I really enjoyed all the lovely food Pierre prepared for me . I looked after myself in the evening which worked for me as I was pretty tired after speaking French all day and hiking. 
At the end of my week’s stay Pierre dropped me in Carcassonne where I stayed a night before flying home.  I was now able to check into the hotel, buy things and order in restaurants while speaking French. Whilst I have a long way to go, I am no longer frightened of trying to communicate. I was delighted with my progress. Thank you Pierre. 

Michael Field, Seattle, USA

October 8th to the 15th, 2023
There are a few things that I wanted to achieve by taking an immersion course.Feeling more confident with myself speaking and listening. Being able to use colloquial language, so as not to sound like a textbook.Given a reliable approach to continue on my learning path.All of these goals were obtained in an atmosphere that was non threatening. In fact Pierre offers a situation and accommodations that should exceed every student’s expectations!Whether you are a beginner or a confident speaker of French, Pierre will contribute to enhance your skill level, without you ever feeling awkward or intimidated. The most important thing Pierre emphasizes is that this is an ongoing process and you must be motivated to continue to learn. This is not French in 3 months!
The accommodations are comfortable, not luxurious. If you want, and I suggest you do, plan on having dinner with Pierre during the week. He loves to cook and I enjoyed each meal. He will organize outings each afternoon according to your interests. The discussions during these trips add to what you want to achieve, conversational French at a level that you are comfortable with.Pierre is extremely personable, and after my course had finished I felt as if I had developed a friendship, more than a teacher-student relationship. I am returning to France in February and March to take a few more weeks with Pierre. During the intervening time I hope to continue conversational French with online tutors twice a week.

Laurence Doxsey Texas USA

I came to France to get a better idea of everyday life and language in France. I had a very good experience with Pierre in this regard. It was an exceptional experience as Pierre could share understanding life in France within a framework that included history and nature.  Pierre is located in a small village in a wine region of excellent quality, with easy access to hiking trails in quiet natural areas as well as historical sites.  He is a competent guide and an effective teacher. It was a pleasure to have lived this experience.

Sara N, Bend, Oregon, USA

Pierre is a gifted language teacher and a wonderful host. During my week of French language study and cultural immersion, Pierre thoughtfully and continuously engaged me in language learning, as well as in the culture and history of his region of France. He assessed my linguistic strengths and weaknesses well, then adjusted his instruction accordingly. I appreciated his unrushed exploration of important language concepts, with detailed attention to common usage as well as grammar. The excursions Pierre planned (according to my interests) were unforgettable walks through the history and nature of the region. Pierre (and his parents as well) were perfect hosts–generous with their time and very thoughtful of my wishes. I have wonderful memories of long, delicious lunches and dinners in their garden! I would highly recommend a French immersion stay with Pierre, and look forward to returning again one day.

Stewart Ralph, Palm Springs, California

I found a week with Pierre and his family did more in improving my verbal communication skills than any other emersion program I have done in France.   Discussions at the dinner table in conjunction with Pierre’s lessons showed me the real French spoken language and expressions – far more useful in everyday communications than all the text book exercises I have done.   Also, I was treated like royalty –  great food and family activities, and Pierre showed me hiking and cultural attractions, all while speaking French! 

Elizabeth, Virginia, USA

Elizabeth, Virginia, USA – July 2023
I spent a perfect week of immersion with Pierre in July, in the countryside south of Toulouse. I just wish
it could have been longer. I chose immersion because I wanted a one-on-one experience that could be
adapted to my specific needs. I was not disappointed!
Pierre has a real knack for customizing his teaching so that his students’ goals can be achieved. For me it
was all about speaking French 100% of the time for a week, updating my out-of-date colloquial
expressions learned decades ago at university and refreshing my memory on all the finer points of
grammar I had managed to forget over the years and correcting my mistakes. I also was keen to
broaden my vocabulary on all kinds of topics – something that is only possible when you are totally
surrounded by French in every aspect of your day.
Pierre is probably the most hard-working, dedicated and conscientious teacher I have ever met. He goes
above and beyond to give 110% to his students. Frankly, I have no idea how he manages it, but he does.
Not only are the study sessions engaging and fascinating but the excursions are outstanding experiences
in and of themselves. We walked, hiked, visited castles and Bastide villages. Never a dull moment and
always speaking French! I was fortunate to visit at a time when the sunflowers were at their peak and
have the most stunning photographs imaginable. What great memories.
When you go, make sure you pitch in and help Pierre with preparing his delicious meals, cleaning up,
shopping etc. You’ll be amazed how much additional French you can learn during these simple everyday
A couple of weeks after my immersion week I returned to France and received so many compliments on
my fluency and pronunciation from everyone I interacted with. Thank you Pierre for making all this
possible!! À la prochaine.

May June 2023Sherr C, Shady Side, Maryland, USAFor as long as I can remember, I have wanted to study French in France. First, I was told “no” by my...

May June 2023
Sherr C, Shady Side, Maryland, USA
For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to study French in France. First, I was told “no” by my parents, then I was
told “are you crazy?” by my husband. And now, on the eve of my 69th birthday I am living my dream; I studied maps,
recruited friends, made reservations, and pushed the button. Of course, I was scared to death, because now all my
family and friends are thinking I am crazy; I had never traveled alone, now here I am traveling to France, not speaking the
language and meeting Pierre, a man I knew nothing about except that I liked his name, and he had excellent reviews.
I arrived in Toulouse the day before I was to meet Pierre, feeling quite proud of myself that I am actually in France, by
myself and getting along just fine. Why did I wait so long?
Pierre met me in Toulouse at the appointed time and we are off to L’Union where I will be staying for two weeks learning
to speak French in the Immersion School. My French skills are horrible at best. I studied French in high school (we all
know how that went), I studied French in college, I studied French here and there over the years ~ oh how I tried.
Nothing stuck. On the way to L’Union, Pierre immediately starts teaching; “where do you live, how many children do you
have, what is the weather, are you hungry, are you tired, etc…” My poor pronunciation of what little I could recall of my
primitive French did not deter Pierre at all. He continued speaking French to me, expecting me to answer in French
while gently correcting and coaching my blunders.
Pierre’s relaxed method of teaching French is truly the best. He did not have an agenda; he waited to see where our
conversations took us. One morning, I noticed a pretty black and white bird out on the patio and for the next hour we
talked about the bird, its plumage, how many birds (a bird, the bird, those birds, some birds). That lesson of partitive
articles carried over to everything I could see. I would point to an item, Pierre would give me the French word and I
would do my best to use the articles correctly.
Lessons would begin every morning at 8 am when Pierre would arrive with breakfast (what can you name on the table,
what do you like to eat for breakfast, do you drink coffee). Not surprising, I kept a notebook by my side at all times
because if Pierre was in the room, there was a lesson going on. On car rides to the many beautiful cities and cathedrals
we toured, there was always a French lesson. Pierre has a vast knowledge of French history of the region, and of all the
quaint villages we toured ~ Rabastens, Galliac, a French cemetery, Albi, Cordes sur Ciel, Carcasonne.
Pierre would also give me assignments on days we did not have a field trip scheduled. I was to go to the local
boulangerie and order. Go to a restaurant and make a dinner reservation. Eat in a restaurant. This might sound so
simple to you if you are fluent in French, which I clearly was not. Nervous did not begin to describe what I was feeling.
Pierre spent the morning coaching, encouraging, and teaching me what to say and anticipating responses. My first
attempt went as you might imagine; I came home somewhat defeated, and I cried. Pierre arrived promptly at 8 am the
next morning and wanted to know “Comment s’est passee ta soiree?” We walked through my mistakes, and soon I felt
confident enough to try again. I ordered at boulangeries and cafes, went to a movie, ordered dinners, asked directions,
and attended Mass. By not giving up, I discovered France is full of friendly, encouraging tutors, all willing to help you
speak their language.
This Immersion Program under Pierre’s tutelage was all that I could hope for and more. I had the most
wonderful experience. Pierre’s patient method of teaching conversational French is practical and easy to retain. I
would highly recommend him as a tutor. He is a wonderful host and friend.

Marie and Mandy from Melbourne, Australia

We have just completed an excellent week’s immersion with Pierre in Toulouse
His depth of knowledge of the French language, meant, that our lessons were always highly informative and rich. Pierre was an attentive host; the excursions he took us on, exploring nearby villages, and French monuments added to our experience, as did in his warmth and dry sense of humour. We would unreservedly recommend Pierre.

M and M

Kerry and Mark/ Brisbane Australia

« I spent a week of immersion with Pierre in May 2023 and it was all worth it. Pierre is a very patient teacher and with his relaxed method of teaching, he made me feel very comfortable in speaking French. Pierre adapts to your level and we touched on many subjects. He is very approachable. Apart from our 3 hour lesson everyday, Pierre also took us to many excursions like Carcassonne, Gaillac, Saissac, Montholieu just to name a few. I even got a chance to pick cherries from his cherry trees in his garden. After a week of total immersion, I felt very confident in speaking with the natives and my French friends have even commented on my fluency in French. I would recommend Pierre anytime. If you don’t believe me, give him a try. You will not be disappointed.

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