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🦓 French Zoo Animals

Eliane By Eliane - updated on Sep 11, 2020
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Let’s learn the zoo animals French names and see what’s the correct pronunciation of “un zoo” in French.

1 – French Zoo Animals Names

Bonjour! My name is Eliane and I’m a French immersion teacher near Amiens in France.

Here are the French names of the animals you can find at Amiens’ zoo, with English translation.

  1. an iguana: un iguane
  2. a chameleon: un caméléon
  3. a turtle: une tortue
  4. a lizard: un lézard
  5. a wild boar: un sanglier
  6. a camel: un chameau
  7. a zebra: un zèbre
  8. an elephant: un éléphant
  9. a red panda: un panda rouge
  10. a wallaby: un wallaby
  11. a monkey: un singe
  12. a tamarind : un tamarin
  13. a spider monkey : un atèle
  14. an ostrich: une autruche
  15. a peacock: un paon
  16. a pink flamingo : un flamant rose
  17. a penguin: un manchot
  18. a swan: un cygne
  19. a vulture: un vautour
  20. an owl: un hibou
  21. a falcon: un faucon
  22. a crane: une grue
  23. a guinea pig: un cochon d’Inde
  24. a parrot: un perroquet
  25. a hornbill : un calao
  26. an ocelot : un ocelot
  27. a wolf : un loup
  28. a sea lion : une otarie
  29. a lemur : un lémurien
  30. a gibbon : un gibbon
  31. a marmoset : un ouistiti
  32. a squirrel monkey : un saïmiri (ou un singe écureuil)
  33. a gnu : un gnou
  34. a meerkat : un suricate

2 – Pronunciation of Zoo in French

Watch out! In English, the word ‘zoo’ is pronounced a bit like [zou].

In French, it’s an “o” sound, so we say: [zo] or sometimes we pronounce the two “o” separately [zo-o].

Even though it’s written the same way, the pronunciation is quite different!

I now invite you to read my French story + English translation about the animals of the Amien’s zoo.

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