French Riddles & Audio Pronunciation & Explanations 🤭

Test your French understanding and laugh a little with this short and simple riddles in French + English translation + audio recording.

Humor is a fun way to practice your French and learn French vocabulary and grammar in context.

Here are some fun French riddles, with the English translation and explanation of the riddle.

There are also a few French jokes and some puns in French… Enjoy!

French Riddle

Please press play to listen to the audio recording of the French riddles.

Qu’est-ce qui commence par E, qui finit par E et qui ne contient qu’une seule lettre ?

What [word] starts with E, ends with E, and yet has only one letter in it?

Réponse :  Une enveloppe !

Explanation of the French riddle

An envelope! [Pun on the word “lettre”].

French Pun

Un voleur est au vingtième étage d’un immeuble. Tout à coup son pied glisse et il tombe en bas.
Les policiers disent : “Ce fut son dernier vol”.

A thief is on the twentieth floor of a building. Suddenly his foot slips and he falls down.
The police say: “This was his last flight

Explanation of the French pun

“vol” means both “flight” and “theft, robbery””.

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French Riddle

Je commence la nuit. Je finis le matin, et j’apparais 2 fois dans l’année. Qui suis-je ? ——– La lettre NClick to Post

Night starts with me,
and morning (matin) ends with me (in French only…),
and I appear twice in a Year (année) (again, in French).
What am I?

Answer: The letter “N.”

French Riddle

Please press play to listen to the audio recording of the French riddles.

Je suis une petite pierre blanche qui tombe dans une mer noire. Un tourbillon argenté, et je disparais. Qui suis-je?

I’m a tiny rock that falls into a black sea. [There is] a silvery whirlpool and I disappear. Who am I?

Un morceau de sucre.

A piece of sugar.

French Pun

Maman comment cherche-t-on un mot dans le dictionnaire ?
– Par exemple, tu cherches “miel” à “m”… et pour épinard ???
– Je cherche à “aime pas”.

I’m afraid that’s not going to work much in English… Hopefully you got it in French!!

Mommy, how do you look words up in a dictionary?
– For example, you look “honey” under “h”… and for spinach ???
– I [would] look up “dislike”.
[“M” sounds like “aime” = like]

French Joke

C’est une femme qui dit à une amie :
– Mon fils marche depuis qu’il a 4 mois.
– Eh bien, il doit être loin maintenant !

A woman tells a friend:
– My son has been walking since he is four months old.
– Gee, he must be far now!

French Joke

Please press play to listen to the audio recording of the French riddles.

La maman de Toto:
– Toto, où est la passoire ?
– Je l’ai jetée, elle était pleine de trous!

Toto’s mom:
– Toto, where is the strainer?
– I threw it away; it was full of holes!

Follow this link for more Toto French jokes for kids.

French Riddle

J’ai un bras, trois têtes, et quatre jambes. Qui suis-je ?

I have a hand, three heads, and four legs. What/who am I?

– Un menteur.

– A liar.

French Riddle

– Pourquoi les éléphants ne peuvent pas avoir un ordinateur ?

– Why is it that elephants can’t have computer?

– Parce qu’il ont peur des souris!

– Because they fear mice !

Video – French Riddles Told By My Daughter Leyla

(This is Camille speaking) We love to tell jokes in my family : here are 2 French riddles told by Leyla!

Leyla’s French Riddle 1

Devinette en français: que disent deux bonshommes de neige qui se rencontrent ?☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️Tu ne trouves pas que ça sent la carotte aujourd’hui ?Click to Post

What do 2 snowmen say when they meet each other?
Don’t you think it smells like carrots today?

Leyla’s French Riddle 2

Qu’est-ce qui fait “teuf teuf” en dessous de la terre ?

What goes “teuf teuf” underground?

Une taupe en scooter !

A mole riding a scooter !

Did you get the riddles in French? Could you guess the answer? I’m interested to know: please leave a comment in the section below, and of course, a share is always very much appreciated!

Mostafa Abedinifard

I am doing my PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of Alberta. In my research I use three languages: Farsi, English, and French. The first is my mother tongue, and the second has been the language of instruction in my studies during the past decade. As for French, I dare to say that my familiarity with Camille’s great French audio lessons has been a turning point in my relationship with this language. Thanks Camille!

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