Ecology French Vocabulary

Author: Suzanne

Ecology is an important topic in the news. Let’s study some French ecology terms, with English translation.

Let’s learn some French ecology terms – if you’d like to suggest more French vocabulary with English translation to complete this French ecology vocabulary list, please send me an email or add your suggestions to the comment section below – merci !

  1. l’écologie – ecology (watch out for the French pronunciation no “djee”: no d sound just “é co lo ji”, no tonic accent either.
  2. un, une écolo – (common slang) someone who is ecology conscious
  3. le bien-être de l’humanité – the well-being of humanity
  4. la protection de l’environnement – environmental protection
  5. les ressources naturelles – natural resources
  6. les énergies fossiles – fossil fuels
  7. la consommation d’énergie – energy consumption
  8. la détérioration de l’environnement – environmental degradation
  9. une catastrophe écologique – an ecological catastrophe
  10. les gaz à effet de serre – greenhouse gases
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  1. le gaz carbonique, le dioxyde de carbone – carbon dioxide
  2. le réchauffement de la planète – global warming
  3. l’empreinte carbone, le bilan carbone – carbon footprint
  4. la pollution de l’eau – water pollution
  5. le milieu aquatique, le milieu marin – the aquatic/marine environment
  6. l’industrie agro-alimentaire – the food industry
  7. la grosse distribution – major supermarkets & hypermarkets
  8. les emballages – wrapping, packaging
  9. un sac plastique à usage unique – a throwaway plastic carrier bag
  10. les déchets ménagers – household waste
  11. non-recyclable – non-recyclable
  12. polluer – to pollute
  13. réutiliser, recycler – to resuse, recycle
  14. la récupération des déchets – waste recovery
  15. économiser l’énergie – to save energy
  16. biodégradable – biodegradable (not to be mistaken with “bio” which means organic)
  17. le développement durable – sustainable development
  18. le tri sélectif – selective sorting
  19. la décharge –  dump
  20. la poubelle – garbage bin

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Author: Suzanne


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