How to Open a Scallop Easily + Video

Author: Olivier Karfis

Want to learn how to open scallops easily? Watch my video and follow my tips.

Scallops (“les coquilles Saint Jacques”) are so cheap in season here in Brittany (about €2.20 per kg) that we eat them in all kinds of ways. 

Our favorite so far has been in a raw carpaccio with either some olive oil, lemon and crushed pink peppercorns (“des baies roses”) or with a little bit of soy sauce, sesame oil and rice vinegar.

Fresh Scallops in Brittany

Here in Bretagne, we are very lucky to have access to some of the best seafood in the world that is fished mere kilometers away from our shore (I think it’s to compensate us for the 300+ days of rain but I digress ;-) One such beast that we get plenty of in season is scallops.

Here is my technique to open them: it’s very easy and will ensure you are getting the fresher scallop possible. By the way, buying them in the shell is much less expensive than buying the nut only.

Click the Video Below to See How To Open a Scallop Easily

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What Should You Do Once You’ve Opened the Scallop?

Once you collected the nuts, make sure they are clean (remove the any dark membrane still left and the hard piece from the side). Put them on some kitchen paper and make sure they are nice and dry.

Cleaned Scallops Photo

How to Freeze Scallops

If you wanted to freeze them, remove the paper and put them on a flat dish in your freezer. Once they are frozen, you may put them in a bag.

What You Can Do With the Other Parts of the Scallop

Many other parts of La coquille Saint Jacques are edible, and great to make sauces or terrines.

See my Scallops with Truffle and Fresh Pastas in Coral Sauce recipe for an easy to make and delicious example.

Scallops with Truffle Recipe Photo

Ever Tried Scallops With Foie Gras?

This is yet another recipe I made for Christmas: St Jacques scallops with foie gras sauce. To be honest, the combination sounded weird to me at first: but it was delicious!


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Author: Olivier Karfis

Olivier Karfis

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