La Bûche de Noël – Christmas Yule Log Recipe & Origins

Like in many countries, "la bûche de Noël", the Yule Log is the ultimate French Christmas dessert. It's easy enough to make, you can cover a non-perfect roll with whipped cream, fruits and Xmassy decorations, and it's tasty, especially if you follow this recipe and make a good filling! Kids will love it!! [Read More...]

Easy Chocolate Truffles Recipe

"Les truffes au chocolat", chocolate truffles, have become synonymous with luxury and decadent indulgence. Whole stores are dedicated to them, yet, they are fairly easy to make. Here is my recipe. [Read More...]

Smoothie Aux Framboises

“Une évasion”  was the name of a very small tart, filled with lime mousse and topped with raspberries that were drizzled with a limey, raspberry glaze. Yumm I love the combination of lime and raspberry. The first time I had this combination was at a small pastry shop in Angers. I was lucky enough to […] [Read More...]

What is Pistou – The French Pesto

PISTOU…or pesto? Pesto is a very commonly known and commercially produced basil/olive oil/garlic condiment used in Italian cuisine. Pistou, it's lesser known cousin, is a basil/olive oil/garlic condiment used in French cuisine. [Read More...]