À Moi Paris – Free French Audiobook


Download “À Moi Paris – First Encounter” today!

  • Recorded at 3 different speeds (slow, normal and modern street French)
  • Almost 2 hours of pro recorded audio
  • 6 chapters + workbook
  • 34 pages PDF

Learn about asking questions in French, some very useful food-related vocabulary, the many meanings of the subject pronoun “on” and more…

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Chapitre 1 - Rencontre Dans Un Train - FREE French Audiobook

Learn French for free - Sample the first chapter of French Today's FREE French audiobook to learn the modern French language. Recorded at 3 speeds, this eBook will help you master both traditional French and "street" French, French like it is spoken today.

How to Use This French Audiobook

This French audiobook is recorded in 3 different speeds and features dialogs and lessons. Find out the best way to work with this audiobook to maximise your French learning experience.