Chapitre 1 – Rencontre Dans Un Train

Learn French for free - Sample the first chapter of French Today's FREE French audiobook to learn the modern French language. Recorded at 3 speeds, this eBook will help you master both traditional French and "street" French, French like it is spoken today. [Read More...]

Chapitre 3 – Au Wagon Restaurant

Listen and read the third chapter of the free French audiobook "À Moi Paris First Encounter". This chapter features a bilingual story, a Q&A section as well as an extensive vocabulary list of food and drinks. [Read More...]

Chapitre 4 – Mary Arrive À Paris

The fourth chapter of the free À Moi Paris French audiobook covers what a French adjective is and how to make it agree with feminine and plural words. It also features a Q&A section to test your understanding of the bilingual story. [Read More...]

Chapitre 5 – En Attendant L’Ascenseur

This chapter of the free French audiobook "À Moi Paris First Encounter" talks about the many different ways we use the subject pronoun "On" in modern French. Experience the different uses of On in context with the included bilingual story. [Read More...]