A Unique French Audiobook Method for the Intermediate

Built upon 20+ years of one-on-one lessons with English-speaking adults, these intermediate level French audiobooks will quickly teach you today's real spoken French... Guaranteed.

What Makes The French Today Audiobooks Better

A Unique Approach: Focus on Conversation First

Other methods will have you learn tenses and grammar patterns you would never actually use at your lower intermediate level. Our method focuses instead on truly useful French vocabulary and core French grammar that you will actually need and use in your interactions.

Learn Real Spoken French not Book French

Spoken and written French are worlds apart (more so than any other language). What is taught in most schools and methods is not at all how the French truly speak and will not help you with real French conversations.

Recorded At 2 Different Speeds - The Best of Both Worlds!

Both the method and the companion novel stories are recorded at two different speeds: slower for you to specifically focus on the sounds and street French to build up your ear for how French natives actually speak.

Developed Around A Real Storyline To Keep You Interested

Learn while following a real novel with real characters that evolve in real life situations. Learning French in context throughout the whole book series will not only keep things interesting but will make you remember more vocabulary and expressions.

One Full Method + One Supporting Audio Novel & Study Guide
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À Moi Paris Level 3 "Parisian Life"
A Unique Intermediate Method for Learning Modern French

57 reviews
9 hrs 11 min (+ 182 Pages)

Real-life situations covered include:

  • Describing and comparing people and things
  • Setting an appointment in French
  • Going to the gym
  • Making various kinds of phone calls
  • Getting ready for a party
  • Ordering and commenting on food
  • Mastering all weather conversations
  • Flirting in French
  • Discussing a TV show

The Study Guide includes:

  • Direct & indirect object pronouns
  • Asking questions: Est-ce que, inversion & street
  • Common & complex interrogative expressions
  • Expressing possession & possessive adjectives
  • Demonstrative & Interrogative adjectives
  • Adjectives of colors and nuances
  • Tous, tout, toute or toutes & pronunciation
  • Quel, quelques, lequel, duquel, auquel, quelques-uns…
  • Possessive & demonstrative pronouns
  • Comparative & superlative adverbs
  • Y/En and their modern glided pronunciation
  • Adverbs and their place in the sentence

À Moi Paris Level 4 "New Challenges"
The Perfect Intermediate Audiobook & Study Guide

60 reviews
8 hrs 50 min (+ 198 Pages)

Theme related vocabulary around real-life situations including:

  • Going to the hospital
  • Typical daily activities
  • Common slang
  • Grocery shopping & setting a menu
  • Cooking with friends
  • Taking the plane
  • Driving in France
  • Describing a house & a garden
  • Doing house repairs
  • Computer problems
  • Talking with and about babies/kids
  • Commenting on food
  • Discussing life options

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Some Customer Reviews...

This is a wonderful way to work on listening skills. The story is amusing and keeps your attention, and utilises every day French. It really helped me improve my listening skills and gave me more confidence to engage in conversation.

Christine Kaminski

Perfect for anyone wanting to understand daily French conversations. There is nothing else like this on the market. Superb technical quality.

Jaye Morency

I sampled a few other audio programs, but I found I kept coming back to Camille’s products. Her approach is original and straightforward. She has helped clear up some of the mysteries surrounding the language. I would highly recommend this product and others...

David - Ontario CAN

If you are already at a low intermediate level in your French studies, this is the best way I have found until now to pick up every day french, my best recommendation