A Unique French Audiobook Method Created for the Beginner

Built upon 20+ years of one-on-one lessons with English-speaking adults, these beginner level French audiobooks will quickly teach you today's real spoken French... Guaranteed.

What Makes French Today Beginner Audiobooks Better

A Brand New Approach: Focus on Conversation First

Other methods focus on complex rules and conjugations when what you need to do first is develop your core structure, build good French pronunciation and useful real world vocabulary.

Learn Real Spoken French not Book French

Spoken and written French are worlds apart (more so than any other language). What is taught in most schools and methods is not at all how the French truly speak and will not help you with real French conversations.

The Only Method Recorded at 3 Different Speeds

Both the method and the companion novel stories are recorded at three different speeds: Slow for you to specifically focus on the sounds, normal (with the proper glidings) and Street French to build up your ear for the real thing.

Developed Around A Real Storyline To Keep You Interested

Learn while following a real novel with real characters that evolve in real life situations. Learning French in context throughout the whole book series will not only keep things interesting but will make you remember more vocabulary and expressions.

One Full Method + One Supporting Audio Novel & Study Guide
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À Moi Paris Level 1 "The Beginnings"
A Clear Beginner's Method to Learning Modern French

102 reviews
7 hrs 56 min (+ 141 Pages)

Real-life situations covered include:

  • Introducing yourself
  • Talking about your family
  • Talking about your country
  • Describing your hobbies (sports, music, travels)
  • Discussing the weather
  • Ordering food
  • Telling the time
  • and more…

The study guide includes:

  • Subject and stress pronouns
  • Verbs in ER + modern pronunciation
  • Top French irregular verbs
  • Making a verb negative
  • Reflexive verbs
  • Infinitive construction
  • Formal and Informal greetings
  • Politeness expressions
  • and more…

À Moi Paris Level 2 "Meet The Gang"
The Perfect Beginner Audiobook - All in The Present Tense

79 reviews
9 hrs 50 min (+ 199 Pages)

Real-life situations include:

  • Meeting people
  • Buying groceries
  • Ordering food
  • Being sick
  • Navigating the French subway
  • Shopping for clothes
  • Planning a party
  • Commenting on an apartment
  • Planning a vacation and packing
  • Discussing the weather
  • Discussing life choices
  • Going to the movies

The study guides includes:

  • Shopping & Clothing vocabulary
  • Food vocabulary
  • Housing & furniture vocabulary
  • Family Vocabulary
  • Packing & Traveling vocabulary
  • Sickness & medicine vocabulary
  • Job & workplace vocabulary
  • Top 30 irregular verbs & pronunciation
  • Reflexive verbs
  • Regular verbs in IR
  • Connaître vs. savoir
  • Handling quantities in French : du, de, des…
  • Aller ≠ venir ≠ revenir ≠ rentrer ≠ retourner

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Some Customer Reviews...

…so valuable in boosting my confidence in stringing French words together into sentences with the proper, up-to-date pronunciation…. With 1½ years of learning French under my belt, it is only after having gone through this book... that I am finally feeling good about speaking some French on my next trip to France.

Rob Kalamunda

If I had this book when I first started studying French, my road to speaking French would be far less rocky than it was. What I love most about this book is the different speeds of the dialogues… Thank goodness Camille noticed the lack of quality French methods out there and actually did something about it.

Cornflakes Carl

A really excellent purchase that’s certainly worth its five-star rating. All of the learning material that I’ve seen from ‘French Today’ is quite outstanding and gives the student of French a superb resource base for making fast progress in the language..

Paul Leather, UK

I loved this series – it was tremendous in helping me understand what was being said in French. The slow pace ( in the initial chapters) and the use of the present tense only was great. This, together with the Question and Answer section was really the only tool I used which allowed me to understand the spoken French..