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Camille is most interested in building the confidence of adults who may read French but are afraid to speak it

Camille’s analyses are among the most unique and brilliantly instructive teaching methods I have come across
Mariève Rugo, BA Harvard University, MA and Adjunct, Brown University, USA

A talented educator who knows how to engage her students in an authentic language learning experience using technology Anne Serrel-Jones, curriculum expert for Newton Public Schools, USA

I have benefited enormously from your and Camille’s French courses and am looking forward to using what I have learnt when we return to our house in Burgundy next week.
Doug Anderson, Adelaide, Australia

I’ve been studying many of your products, which have all been extremely helpful for my progressKylie Russell Shepparton, Australia

I recently finished the Pimsleur and Michel Thomas French courses from complete beginner to advanced. And still, I’m only able to carry on the barest of conversations and cannot understand people speaking in French film. The reason is that — although both courses are great at forcing you to speak outloud — neither gives enough breadth of understanding, in terms of vast numbers of verbs, street pronunication and usage, an in-depth knowledge of how the language is structured, and most important, a massive induction into asking and answering questions, which is the basis of all conversation. Camille is truly the one-stop, all-inclusive, and step-by-step teacher for people wanting to truly speak Français… to the French! It takes real work, but I would go nowhere else. H.L. MacAdam, Writer, Kaua’i U.S.A

lingziI’ve been learning French alone for a year before I found out about Camille. To put her in a few adjectives: professional, to-the-point, and thorough. Taking her lessons while following her audio books is a must-do for all beginners, because you need that strong base to either know your ways around France or go further in your study. After a year of skype lessons with Camille, I now study a master degree in wine marketing in Bordeaux while working part-time in a local wine tourism company.
If nothing else, Camille is the French teacher who makes my dream come true.Lingzi He, Bordeaux, Marketing Assistant @ BordeauxSaveurs

John L imageCamille’s method of teaching helps you with the typical grammar and vocabulary found in a textbook, but more importantly she teaches you French the way that you will encounter it in real everyday life, which cannot be taught from a textbook. In addition, she is great at tailoring the lessons to meet your specific needs and goals. I have found my lessons with Camille to be invaluable in perfecting my French language skills. John L. – San Diego, CA USA – Investor

I have been writing, editing and publishing learning materials for the corporate market for 25 years and I find Camille’s, Une Semaine à Paris to be one of the most effective learning packages that I’ve seen on any subject for the adult learner.Michael Brassard, President, Lean Materials, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Our family is getting so much out of your audiobooks and lessons, and I think we have most of them! Gillian Bellwood – London, England

Thank you for your well crafted French language siteStephen Clemmer, Lawyer, Long Beach, CA, USA

I’d just like to give a quick review of your new product – Essential French Dialogs… The travel tips are essential and gives a great insight into the cultural differences that a traveller needs to be aware of to enjoy the trip while respecting the French culture. The dialogs are fantastic for giving an idea of how to respond in common situations, and I loved having the recordings in two different speeds, which makes this product suited to learners of any level. The recordings are in excellent quality so Camille’s voice is clear and very easy to understand. Another great ‘French Today’ product, thank you!Kylie Russell – Shepparton, Australia

A truly remarkable collection of dialog occurrences, tips, and advice on navigating everyday situations…”Dr. Steve Oswald, Colonel, US Army, Ret.

Cindy W's testimonialI had the joy of taking classes with Camille on Skype for about a year, and it was a delightful and educational process. Her software educational materials were excellent, the blog entries were fun and helpful, and I continue to use them. She assisted me in progressing from an absolute beginner to being able to communicate verbally and in writing, and to begin to function adequately in France. My grandchildren live there and speak French and it was important to me to learn. I continue to reap the benefits of her teaching. Thank you Camille for your dedication and your attention to detail.Cindy VanWingerden, RN, MS Nursing Professor

Hollie B.'s QuoteAlthough I had attained an advanced level of reading and writing French though my studies of French Literature, it was not until I began working with Camille on a weekly basis that I was able to be comfortable speaking French. Frequent practice with Camille’s verb drills were key to building my confidence. Merci Camille!Hollie B. Massachusetts, USA

Susan Nash TestimonialI have been working with Camille to improve my French for the last six months – and what has made the difference is her balance of real French conversation (particularly the colloquialisms and local knowledge) with the more formal needs of business language and communication. This sets her apart from other French coaches that I have encountered. She is very professional – but has a wonderful sense of humour too. Bravo! :-) Susan Nash, Amersham, UK

John Hine TestimonialCamille can really teach French!! She teaches French the way it’s spoken today and she has the experience and fund of knowledge to explain and demystify the arcane rules of French grammar. With each lesson, I learn not only language, but also a little about French culture and day to day life, all while having fun along the way.
John M. Hine, MD, Boise, Idaho

Laura Lawless ReviewUne Semaine à Paris – A traveler’s guide with a novel twist is an upbeat and endlessly useful tool for beginning/intermediate French students as well as visitors to Paris.
5 stars 5 out of 5 stars.Laura K lawless, developer/guide of

Steve Oswald TestimonialShortly after my retirement from the medical profession I decided to pursue a long held dream of learning French. I enrolled at a local university and after nearly 30 semester hours I was reasonably adept at reading and writing but my speaking ability was rudimentary to say the least. While searching for a way to improve my spoken French, I happened upon the French Today web site. I immediately contacted Camille and was able to begin lessons via Skype shortly thereafter. It was the best thing I ever did in my quest to become a francophone. During our lessons we typically discuss life events that we encountered during the previous week. This provides a unique opportunity to become familiar with the grammar and vocabulary associated with everyday situations. The Skype format allows Camille to type notes for me to see on the screen. At lesson’s end, I copy and paste these into a text document for later review. They are a valuable repository of useful phrases and vocabulary to which I often refer. My level of comfort with conversational French has improved exponentially since I began lessons with Camille. She is patient and highly experienced in teaching adult learners. I honestly cannot recommend her highly enough.Dr. Steve Oswald, Colonel, US Army, Retired. Augusta, Georgia, USA

Your materials are wonderful. Very well done. I no longer listen to the radio in the car — only French for an hour each day. Your approach resonates with me — it is accurate, methodical, and breaks everything down to essential elements for the beginner.

Susan Liimatta Stoughton – Wisconsin

BenGI have really enjoyed my conversations with Olivier. The subjects seem to always vary and we discuss many topics which forces me to figure out the best way to express myself even though I might not have the particular vocabulary for the subject at hand. I feel that he has really helped me gain more confidence in my conversational abilities because we have real conversations. He is easy to talk to and I never feel uneasy in trying to come up with something to say. He makes our talks have a natural flow and supplies new words and phrases in a way that seems to be part of the discussion to help me when I get stuck.

Ben Gross – Nappa Valley, CA

An incomparable resource that strengthens my graduate-level students own speaking abilityLenette Marcello, M.A. Middlebury College French School, USA

I am a student in second year French at college. Your lessons are so useful to review for my upcoming examsGeorge Browblee, Kingscollege, New Zealand

Thank you once again for all the marvellous things you’ve created to keep my French dream alive!Dr B K Green, South Africa

I want to thank you for all your effort in order to give us french lessons. I appreciate it so muchProf. Roger Iziga Goicochea, MSC, University of Lima-Peru

I have attended a night class and studied alone this past year and I didn’t seem to make a lot of progress. Once I discovered Camille she has helped me gain confidence in speaking and is a huge help with the grammar. She is very professional and puts you at ease very quickly so that I now look forward to my lesson. I learn so much more with an hour from Camille than weeks at a night class, and it’s fun. I would highly recommend Camille to anyone who is serious about learning French. Her verb drills are great too! I am looking forward to meeting Camille at some time on my travels in Brittany.

Anne, Northumberland, UK

nancy marconCamille’s French lessons on Skype have been the best for me. After trying many different methods and attending many french language classes and schools I find that Camille’s method of teaching french and all of her text and audio books and blog and website combined have been the most helpful at improving my French language skills and giving me the confidence to converse in French. She makes a real effort to teach and provide you with all the resources to learn French at your own level. She is also very pleasant to converse with and makes learning french enjoyable. She definitely has a gift for teaching French and the right method.
Nancy Marcon – Woodacre CA

Thanks for such a wonderful resource and great suggestionsCarol Nelson

Just the material I’ve been looking forRay Sullivan

Camille ouvre à chacun de nouveaux horizons de culture et de bon goûtRodica Marcu – Utrecht Alliance Française, Netherlands

Maya Bourdeau TestimonialCamille is a wonderful teacher – patient, fun to speak with, and clear in explaining the rules of French. But most importantly she helps build confidence in the ability to speak conversational French. In my case, I wanted to perfect my business language to expand into the French market. With Camille’s help, I have won my first account (with the classic French brand Lacoste). Thank you Camille, for giving me the confidence do so!Maya Bourdeau – Managing Partner, Attune LLC – Harvard University ’01

Robyn Pollock TestimonialI really enjoy my French classes with Camille. She quickly recognized that one of my biggest issues is a lack of confidence especially in spoken French and encourages me constantly. If I had one criticism, it would be that I feel that she may be too kind in her comments – I appreciate criticism as well as compliment – but perhaps that is only a reflection of my lack of self-belief. Her method in getting you to speak in the present tense rather than worrying about past and future has really helped me to move forward in both my conversation and even written French. As Camille says it is much better to say something in the wrong tense than say nothing at all as you struggle to find the correct tense. As English speakers, we happily accept as other learners of English try to talk to us in English that correct grammar is not of high importance, especially in the beginning, and so we need to apply this idea to ourselves as students of French. Her web page, blogs and free downloads complement the various audios and text you can purchase from her site. I read from one reviewer that she thought that the phone calls without video were better as it did not cloud your learning with visual cues but I think that Skype with video would be a great option. I would highly recommend Camille’s classes to anyone who wants to learn to speak French like it is actually spoken. I hope on my next trip to France that the locals understand what I am saying and stop being so helpful by talking in English. Great job Camille (and Olivier).Robyn Pollock, Queensland, Australia

Eric Rosenstock TestimonialI have been taking private Skype lessons with Camille for 1½ years. I find this format to be extremely flexible since I often travel and can continue the lessons anywhere. Feeling comfortable conversing and learning proper French pronunciation is quite difficult and this is where Camille excels. She is a gifted teacher who is supportive and makes one comfortable with casual conversation.If you’re serious about speaking French you should either live in France or study with Camille.Eric Rosenstock, MD, New York, NY

Toni Johnson TestimonialI began lessons with Camille 1½ years ago to keep my mind active as I prepare for retirement which will include spending time in France. I enjoy les cuisine gastronomique, le vin et les voyages, as does Camille, so our weekly lesson begins with a conversation that often includes these topics, as we discuss our preceding week. She corrects my sentences via typed Skype notes which I then review for homework. After our conversation, the lesson continues where we left off in the books that have been brilliantly written by Camille; stories with chapters focused on practical topics such as shopping, clothing, food, travel and more, each ending with a focus workbook that builds my pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary skills. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and especially being able to work at my own pace, with a few gentle nudges here and there. Toni Johnson, Bermuda – President, AppBermuda Limited

Sharon G. TestimonialMy significant other is French and I was very frustrated not to be able to converse with his friends and family that we visited in France. To remedy the situation, I started one-on-one conversation lessons with Camille in 2009, just before she and her family decided to move back to France. I was delighted to be able to continue our lessons via Skype after she moved. Camille and I talk about our everyday lives as wells as books, cinema, art and current events. She is a wonderful teacher – patient, encouraging and fun. Thanks to her, I am much more confident in my French conversation skills!Sharon G., Boston, MA

Camille has a unique approach to teaching French: a killer combination of everyday conversation (the arts, travel, current affairs, etc) with emphasis on a strong grammatical foundation. She was able to accommodate my busy schedule and tailor the course to my needs. Camille is one of the best teachers I have ever had. All in all, I have had a lot of fun in learning French and have progressed from a total beginner to an intermediate level in 3 months. I highly recommend her, if you are looking to learn French, she is a very dedicated and extremely savvy teacher.”Sandeep Akkaraju

I have been taking lessons with Camille for several years. In addition to being a naturally gifted teacher, she provides a comfortable, safe teaching environment. The lessons are a great way to study the language via discussions of daily life events.Henri Talberth

This course was ideal for flexibility in learning another Romance language without going over the basics of grammar that are so similar to Spanish. This flexibility allowed me to progress in less than a year to the Intermediate level, and Camille invites you to speak in French about subjects that interest you, so it is a fun and exciting experience too! Camille as a native speaker gives an incredibly useful perspective on French culture and attitudes as well as the likely reactions to different styles of speaking. Having been to Paris since the lessons, I know how useful her teaching is! Warning: addictive!
Stuart Wamsley Junior

This is private instruction at its absolute best. Camille has a flair for finding a multitude of language activities to motivate, clarify, and improve all areas for the advanced student. I travel over one hour each way to my weekly lesson without a second thought because this kind of personalized instruction is very difficult to find, particularly at this level.Allen Kalik

I started taking lessons with Camille in preparation to my moving to France in order to attend INSEAD MBA program. Camille is very personable, and my lessons with her have been enjoyable and highly informative. As a native French speaker, Camille is able to provide her students with lots of useful and interesting insights into the French language and culture, and I found her explanations to be down-to-earth and practical. I went from total beginner to conversational in the present tense in 2 months, with 3 hours of weekly lessons, and serious homework. I highly recommend Camille if you need a French tutor. She “demystifies” the French language, facilitates her students’ progress in any way she can, and pays excellent attention to one’s conversational skills, grammar and pronunciation.Tanya Cherneva

Camille is a great teacher! I have been a student for about 10 months — both as part of a group, and for individual lessons. Camille is ideal for the motivated learner, and she is always flexible about lesson content. I might be doing grammar one day, but if I need a break, I read novels, and discuss them (in French, of course!). My vocabulary has improved dramatically, and I am more confident in expressing myself in spoken French. I always look forward to my weekly lessons — I wish I had the time for more!Lisa McShine

I recommend Camille to anyone who is serious about learning French. Camille’s superb teaching technique skillfully combines conversational and reading exercises with a thorough review of French grammar. I have been taking private lessons with Camille for the past eight months, and have been participating in a weekly group lesson as well. I am astonished at the progress that I have made over this period. I definitely owe this to Camille’s extraordinary teaching skills and enthusiasm.
Reza Mollaaghababa

I have been studying French with Camille for 2 years, first in private class and now in a group lesson, and have found both to be equally rewarding. Camille’s approach is very personal and supportive, friendly and casual. She adapts her teaching style to your comfort level and learning comprehension. She encourages you to talk about your interests, prepares you well for the intricacies of travel in France, and rewards you with tales of life in Paris! I have found that you can learn as quickly or as slowly as you like, and have a wonderful time in the process!Melissa Bennett

I have taken lots of classes over the years, tried studying on my own, but it wasn’t until I discovered Camille that I really noticed a huge improvement in both my French comprehension and speaking ability. Camille is an efficent, capable teacher who has an uncanny ability to recognize individual learning style. She’s flexible, patient, and creative. I always look forward to my meetings with her.
Natasha Yakovlev