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Some 2020 À Moi Paris Method Reviews

It’s by far the best French content outside of moving to France that I have come across. The three speeds of listening, the native pronunciation, the simple intro to grammar constructs, every bit of it has increased my french level in such a short amount of time.
–Nov 2020 Kyle Archuleta – VA, USA

My understanding of French conversation is steadily improving, and I am learning lots of useful dialogue and expressions. Having these lessons delivered by a native French speaker speaking in modern conversational style is a great preparation for “real world” conversations.
–Nov 2020 – Jeff Harrison, San Mateo, CA, USA

I have tried many french courses and, sadly, I dropped them all until I found French Today. Camille’s method of teaching is so clear, relevant and fun.
–Oct 2020 Michelle + Eureka + USA

I am so happy I found you! I am enjoying your simple and effective teaching method, you explain things so clearly. I enjoy that you teach formal French, but most importantly to me, you also teach the way people speak on the streets.
–Oct 2020 – Ernesto C. – CA, USA

I have just finished the audio books L3and L4. I found them excellent in helping me to understand spoken French… they are so great that now I can actually understand spoken French. They are very well written, the topics are well chosen with dialogues you will actually use, and the tech side is so easy, All I had to do was click on a link to load the app and everything was there and easy to find. I highly recommend this series of audiobooks to any student of French.
–Oct 2020 Nicole, Melbourne, Australia

As a retired academic, I’ve been muddling along trying to find good resources to learn enough French for travel. Most of the packages I’ve found tended to be tedious, and apps more on the game side. French Today was a wonderful find, mixing naturally progressive content with explanations on French grammar and pronunciation, incorporated in a technically sound app with realistic scenarios and excellent audio. The ability to slow or speed the narration is an excellent method to grasp the sound of the language and adjust to the appropriate learner level. Includes common French usage as well as modern adaptations. A fantastic series, with multi levels and options for more specific content areas in other packages.
–Oct 2020 Sharon, Boise, ID, US

This method was designed especially for me and I thank you both for that: the course itself and the technology.
I feel that I will make progress with French Today because of Camille’s detailed program and enormous help in understanding written vs spoken French.
–Oct 2020 Roopa Narinesingh – FL, USA

Camille’s brilliance in her French audio programs is that she creates an environment in which I feel that I am receiving one-on-one instruction from a bilingual teacher sitting just across the table from me.
–Sept 2020 Richard Sparks, San Anselmo,Ca, USA

I’ve been searching for a long time for a way to transition from classroom French to fluency. It’s great to find a product online that teaches modern spoken French with detailed grammar explanations.
–Sept 2020 Tirzah, Hong Kong

I tried several programs, but I have found French Today to be the most effective by far. The combination of audiobooks as well as specific instruction in various aspects of the French language allows me to explore the language at my own pace, and also enables me to easily review and repeat the lessons in order to build my vocabulary and improve grammar skills. I highly recommend this program to you.
–Aug 2020 Robert, Victoria, Canada

A miraculous way to learn French. One hundred percent effective.
–Aug 2020 Tomas Laskovsky – Czech Republic

I am really enjoying this course, I find it very easy to follow and the explanations are fantastic. This is the best way I have found to learn the French language without living there. I can highly recommend these audio books to any level of learner.
–Aug 2020 Steve Simmonds, Essex, UK

I have been trying to learn how to converse in French for years, and I believe my best chance at success is with French Today products, with both the audio books and the supporting products (e.g., verb drills, and others). What seems most helpful to me is the emphasis and drill on comprehending what others are saying, especially with common glidings, liaisons, and speech patterns – other methods I’ve tried do not do this.
— Aug 2020 John Love, Dallas, Texas, USA

“This is a fabulous method for learning or reviewing French grammar. The lessons are given logically with the story to reinforce the material. I am very impressed with the creation of the stories used to highlight each lesson with sentences used in everyday life.
I highly recommend this series.”
–Aug 2020 Maureen – Paris

I have all the levels. I love the format. I like the questions after the stories but I especially like the grammar lessons. I think it is much better than Babbel.
I highly recommend it. I’m glad I found it.
–Aug 2020 Joni Rossmoor USA

So far, is the best course I have ever studied in my perennial search for a better way to learn French. I wish I had encountered this courses before. I have about ten courses from other companies and they are not in the same league.
–Aug 2020 Hector Enamorado – Florida, USA

This is by far the best course I have found for those wishing to speak French. It tackles, head-on, the differences between written and spoken French ( I had previously spent many hours listening and re-listening to Open University audios, trying vainly to reconcile the spoken words I heard with the transcript in front of me. Only now, with the benefit of the French Today course have I understood the differences). I also like the early concentration on the present tense, with the less common tenses, and subjunctive – do most of us really need these- delayed to more advanced levels.
–Aug 2020 Tony Halliwell – UK

“This product is exceptional! (Review is for the whole series–well, at least up to L6, where I am now)

I have tried quite a few different podcasts and apps for French language instruction, and this one just works better. It lacks flaws frequently found in other sources, such as isolated out-of-context topics, too much material in English, and haphazard organization.

It’s clear this is a COURSE–designed as such from the ground up–rather than a collection of unrelated topics. The chapters of the story hang together and are followed by extensive discussion of relevant vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar, each chapter building upon the last. Corny as it sounds, by the 3rd Level I was starting to grow attached to the characters, who are fleshed out better than would be really necessary for a strictly didactic purpose, and it makes for a much more enjoyable experience. Really, I can’t say enough about how good this is.

(And while I’m at it, kudos to Camille for the huge amount of excellent free content on the website. She clearly has a calling as an educator and is very good at it!)”
–July 2020 Jeff – Vermont, USA

“Only 5 stars? It’s worth a lot more :) I’ve just started using À Moi Paris, beginner L1 + L2, having tried many different things, on and off over the years, typically ending in frustration.

I love this programme and its methods. The introduction to grammar is welcome, the different speeds are a great idea. Despite being able to “”keep up”” at normal speed, I found going back to listen at the slower speed really useful for detecting the subtleties in pronunciation. Camille is at pains to point out the need to take your time, and not rush ahead and the importance of repeat, repeat, repeat!

Creating flashcards is a great idea, as is not trying to map every single word literally back to English, you’ll go mad trying as it just doesn’t work, and it’s not efficient, this programme helps you to think in French.

The materials are really, really high quality and beautifully presented, with very clear instructions on how to set up on different devices. I will be buying more, once I’ve mastered L1 + L2 :) Thank you!”
— July 2020 Jim Craig, Byfleet, UK

As a woman, there are often moments when I dream of that unique dress or of that undeniable perfect parfume scent which will haunt my every step, or that book hidden in a shelf somewhere, that will ravish my entire being … this time though, I have found much more, a masterfully designed method of learning one of the most beautiful languages in my opinion, with its particularities, of course, too many exceptions, similarities, drama causing phonetics, etc, still, even so, this amazing family, Olivier, Camille and Leyla have managed to dig in all the secret corners of a language and serve you a state of the art kind of linguistic meal and you will definitely want more and you will come back because they know how to keep you close. It is the only time in my learning experience, when the lack of a teacher in front of me, has not become an issue for me, I feel them close, watching my progress and failures, paying attention to details and constantly improving their ways of delivering valuable information to you, the student. I highly recommend this investment, for the love of language, culture, history, knowledge, in one word: Chapeau!
–July 2020 Christine Cizmas, Timisoara, Romania

For the last few years, I have used a couple of methods to learn French. However, French Today has by far the richest amount of resources, grammar explanation, speaking practice, literature, and number review. What I find most helpful are Camille’s explanations of how modern French is used on the street, how it is spoken and how it sounds. Her materials are engaging and she really understands how English speakers learn French. I highly recommend her program!
–June 2020 Mary Frances Surma Lisle, Illinois USA

I find the French Today audiobooks really helpful in improving my learning and understanding of the French language. I usually first listen to the storey in “Slow” mode while simultaneously looking at the French text. I find it so useful that you can turn the english text translation on and off as you need to. I then struggle through the grammar, which for me is difficult, even if Camille does an excellent job of explaining it. I then listen to the storey again in “Street French” mode and hopefully understand most of it. This multi method mode of going through the material is what makes these audio books unique and really worth purchasing.
June 2020 Hugo Reidy – Ireland

Camille’s explanations, especially in audio with the story have helped me hugely.
I just wish I’d found the series earlier. It just makes sense. Everything is covered clearly in a way that you can remember and I like having a story. A brilliant idea.
–June 2020 Zita Toulouse France

“This is an excellent and essential resource. The text combined with the audio and grammar provide a playful, entertaining and up to date method to learn French. Love the option to hear the audio at different speeds. It is wonderful how personal this product is. It is effortlessly relatable and it quickly pulls you into everyday French life.
–May 2020 Nick in Louisville, CO USA

Enormously helpful. This is real French and I love the fact that you can alter the speed of the soundtrack. Great value for money
–May 2020 Roger Horton – London, UK

…the very best way to learn to speak French, with an emphasis on learning the language as it is spoken by French people. Camille has an excellent knowledge of both French and English grammar as well, and I would highly recommend these audiobooks.
–May 2020 Margaret Makin (Australia)

This is a MUST HAVE. This audio series is superb with its multiple speeds and clear explanations. I bought ALL levels. It gets a SIX STAR rating.
–May 2020 Frank Fazzio, Kuna (Boise) Idaho, USA

5 stars ! The French Today audio French Course is outstanding.!
Not only the story line… but also the excellent features of slower/faster audio speeds and the show/hide English translation and the ability to rewind/fwd 15 secs etc. Brilliant !
I wish I had discovered Camille earlier, before I spent a year on numerous fragmented internet French language sites.
–March 2020 Lou Kemp – Watford, U.K.

…after using French Today audiobooks on and off for a couple of years, I now can’t wait for the next opportunity to speak French. I’ve even received compliments on my accent. It’s a great product.
–March 2020 John Cahill – DC, USA

This is the best language learning site you could ever want to assist with your journey. The attention to the quality of the courseware along with the support you receive from Camille and Oliver is phenomenal.
March 2020 Daniel – Charlotte, North Carolina USA

I am truly enjoying these audiobooks! I have spent money on a few different French learning programs and this is definitely my favorite and the only one I’ve stuck with.
–March 2020 Julie Frost, Portland Oregon, USA

Best method by a long shot. Have reviewed plenty of them. Have bought most of their audio courses. The value for your money hard to match with anyone else’s.
–March 2020 Jorge, Sarasota, Florida USA

It’s by far the best French content outside of moving to France that I have come across. The three speeds of listening, the native pronunciation, the simple intro to grammar constructs, every bit of it has increased my french level in such a short amount of time.
–Feb 2020 Kyle Archuleta – VA, USA

I have tried many French language courses, and this is definitely the best one!
–Feb 2020 Chris Muir – Ireland

This course guides you through the very foundations and gradually builds your French through the various levels. Before you know it you will be having conversations in French which you would have never thought possible. **
I can’t recommend this course enough!
If you want to learn French, try this course, you won’t regret it! Thank you Camille.
–Feb 2020 William Allen – UK

A Moi Paris is the first program that offers just the right balance between grammar and oral comprehension, and, most importantly for me, in manageable “bites.” I never feel overwhelmed and can stop and pick back up at my own pace without losing the thread. It must have taken a lot of hard work to develop the programs to this level
–Jan 2020 Jacqui Haines, France

As a former fully qualified teacher of (Dutch) language I wish to express my fullest admiration for this French language course. As a great fan of the French, their language, their culture, I have taken a few different courses (including the Alliance Française) over the years, but quite frankly none of those beats the À moi Paris method.
I am really impressed with the kind of personal approach that the authors are using throughout this method, its logical structure, the explanations of the various grammatical issues in simple, easy to follow terms, the exercises, the story line, the audiobooks, the low cost… this all makes this method an excellent choice that you won’t regret
–Jan 2020 Albert Loots – New Zealand

Everything builds at a steady rate, and the lessons are enjoyable because they are all based on a continuing story. Instead of learning being a chore, there’s more motivation to understand because you want to follow the story. It’s almost like learning French is a side benefit instead of the main purpose!
–Jan 2020 Jeffrey Masters – MN USA

A fantastique method of teaching French, the dialogues are interesting and the subjects covered are those of everyday conversation and vocabulary. And to add to that, my French pronunciation has improved dramatically by listening to the audio.
I wish that I had discovered this audio method when I first started to learn French!
–Jan 2020 Ron Button, England

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