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Trial Audio Magazine (Free)

[Free] DĂ©couvrez Accrobranche !

Climb from trees to trees and slide down the zip lines with us as we’re going with Leyla and her friends to the adventure park “Accrobranche” !

[Free] Les Jardins Suspendus De Marqueyssac

The hanging gardens of Marqueyssac in the Dordogne region of France are without a doubt my favorite French gardens. In this article, I’ll try to explain why.

March 2023 Audio Magazine

L’École de Voile de TrĂ©beurden En Bretagne

In this personal article, Clément takes you to the lovely little Breton town of Trébeurden, where he often vacationed and sailed with his family.

Camille Cherche Une Tenue

Shopping for clothes can be such a pain! Let’s practice the French clothes vocabulary and adjectives in this funny bilingual story.

La Ville et La Cathédrale de Reims

Located to the east of Paris, Reims is a city that has a rich and diverse heritage, and a gorgeous cathedral.
archeological french vocabulary

La France Préhistorique

Embark on an amazing journey in prehistoric France and discover the Lion Man’s story.

February 2023 Audio Magazine

Angers, Ma Ville

Let’s explore the dynamic city of Angers in the Loire Valley, and discover why Clement chose it as his home town!

cow with tongue in nose

Grandir Au Milieu des Vaches

How is it like to grow up in the French countryside? Today, Clement will share with us his own experience.

Drame À La Saint Valentin

In this lively dialogue, Camille and Sophie, two French teenage girls, meet up at the coffeehouse to discuss their respective love lives…
woman kissing hi or goodbye in France

Comment S’Embrasse-t-on En France ?

Learn the traditions and vocabulary associated with kissing in France in this fun and lively dialogue.
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