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Trial Audio Magazine (Free)

[Free] DĂ©couvrez Accrobranche !

Climb from trees to trees and slide down the zip lines with us as we’re going with Leyla and her friends to the adventure park “Accrobranche” !

[Free] Les Jardins Suspendus De Marqueyssac

The hanging gardens of Marqueyssac in the Dordogne region of France are without a doubt my favorite French gardens. In this article, I’ll try to explain why.

April 2024 Audio Magazine

what is un restaurant ouvrier in france

Les Restaurants Ouvriers

A traditional 5-course fixed lunch menu with wine for about 13 Euros! Learn about this secret of the French culinary world.

french theater scene vocabulary. 8

Un Spectacle de Rue en France

Follow Maria, a Danish teen, who came out of her shell and became an extra in a French street show.

Les Français et Leurs fromages

France is known worldwide for its cheeses, and each region will have its own specialty and be very protective of it.

La Colonisation de la Lousiane

Learn about the history of Louisiana, and the intimate relationship between France and the United States.

March 2024 Audio Magazine

french story translated in english SARE

Sare Et La Rhune

Discover the authentic village of Sare in the Pays Basque region of France.

La Grotte de Lascaux

The cave of Lascaux is the largest gallery of prehistoric art ever discovered!
french vocabulary paragliding

J’ai Fait Du Parapente En France !

Follow Rachel as she paraglides in France near the Pyrénées mountains.

Paris et Haussmann

Haussmann organized the great works that gave Paris its current face. Close your eyes, and visualize Paris in your head: what you see is the result of Haussmann’s projects.

February 2024 Audio Magazine

french homestay immersion france

La Ville De Bayonne

Discover the amazing city of Bayonne in the Pays Basque (yes, it’s still in France !!).

canal du midi bilingual french english practice 2

Le Canal du Midi À VĂ©lo

Embark on a peaceful journey alongside the Canal du midi, perfect for a short and relaxed walk or a longer biking adventure.

La MatiĂšre Supercritique

If you’re wondering what supercritical matter is, well, I’m very touched that you’re asking me: so let me explain.

Du Patin À Glace

There is one sport that I watch quite assiduously. It is not a very popular sport, but I love it: it’s figure skating.

January 2024 Audio Magazine

Le MusĂ©e Picasso À Paris

In August 2021 Olivier and I went to visit the Picasso museum in Paris. I was utterly disappointed

Les Voyages Extraordinaires de Jules Verne

Jules Verne was the greatest traveler in human history, and yet, he rarely left his living room.

Les Fondues Savoyarde et Bourguignonne

Discover the essential French winter dish: the cheese fondue and its ‘summer’ counterpart: the meat fondue.

La Maison et Les Jardins d’Arnaga

Imagine an incredible house surrounded by amazing gardens where peacocks and other birds roam freely: this is Argana, a dream house set in heavenly gardens.

December 2023 Audio Magazine

Christmas table in France

Venez Passer Noël Avec Ma Famille

For Christmas, Clément takes us to his home and compares French and American traditions.

dune pyla french immersion france

La Dune du Pilat Et Arcachon

Let’s visit the biggest sand dune of Europe: la dune du Pilat and the lovely city of Arcachon.
free french story - photography

Photos des Pyrénées En Hiver

Practice your French while admiring stupendous pictures of the Pyrenean French mountains in winter.

Du ski Ă  GenĂšve

Do you enjoy skiing? Here’s why French-speaking Switzerland makes a perfect ski/language practice destination.

November 2023 Audio Magazine

Les Jardins du Palais-Royal Ă  Paris

Stroll Paris’ Palais Royal and its gardens

learn french toulouse

Toulouse, La Ville Rose

Discover the pink city of Toulouse, France.

Les Invalides Ă  Paris

The HĂŽtel des Invalides was originally built as a military hospital to serve veterans disabled in the service of France.

La Langue de MoliĂšre

Discover MoliĂšre whose plays were often social satires mocking at the old customs.

October 2023 Audio Magazine

Saint-Jean-de-Luz Sous La Pluie

Don is taking us for a tour of Saint Jean de Luz in the Pays Basque region of France.

Halloween En France

Discover the French way to celebrate Halloween.
gustave eiffel

Gustave Eiffel

You know Gustave Eiffel designed the Eiffel Tower. But did you know he’s the genius engineer of Lady Liberty?

Du Rugby à Biarritz

Do you like Rugby? Follow Clément to Biarritz as he watches a match in a bar with his friends.

September 2023 Audio Magazine

Camille in the sea with French beach

Nager En Bretagne

Today, I’m taking you for a swim ! Practice the French beach vocabulary and discover why I like Paimpol so much.

La Construction du ChĂąteau de Guédelon

Let’s discover together the medieval project of GuĂ©delon with many pictures.

Sur Les Pas De Richard Coeur De Lion

Aujourd’hui, j’aimerais vous parler un petit peu d’Histoire. SpĂ©cifiquement de la vie du roi d’Angleterre.

Je DĂ©couvre Carcassonne

French immersion student Amy is taking us for a virtual tour of the medieval city of Carcassonne.

August 2023 Audio Magazine

Je Suis Français et Je Ne Sais Pas Cuisiner, Mais J’essaye

Learn cooking terms in the context of this fun story about ClĂ©ment’s troubles in the kitchen!

Chùteau du Clos Lucé

Visite Virtuelle Du Clos Lucé

Tag along with Olivier and I and take a virtual visit of Leonardo da Vinci Clos Lucé castle, in the Loire valley region.

Le ChĂąteau de Saumur

Take a virtual tour of the historical ChĂąteau de Saumur in France’s Loire Valley.

Le Chemin de Compostelle

Myriam embarked on quite an adventure as she walked the Saint James way to Santiago de Compostella.

July 2023 Audio Magazine

Pierre et Marie Curie

Learn about Pierre and Marie Curie whose story has made a personal impression on Clément because of their devotion to their work and the impact they have had on science.

Mes Multiples Voyages Au Mont St Michel

It’s the dream of so many people to visit the glorious Mont-Saint-Michel. I’ll share my many visits with you and my tips to best enjoy your trip.

La Ville de Colmar

Discover Colmar, one of the prettiest cities of France, and its charming district called “La Petite Venise”…

Sur La Route De Saint-Jean-Pied-De-Port

Practice your French with this French English bilingual story and discover the charming village of Bidarray in the French Basque Region.

June 2023 Audio Magazine

La FĂȘte De La Musique

On June 21st in France, the streets are taken over by music bands, food vendors and revelers of all kinds…

L’Asie À Paris

Discover the Japanese / Korean district of Paris.

Le ChĂąteau de La Hunaudaye

Enjoy a virtual tour of La Hunaudaye Castle in Brittany.

DĂ©gustation de Vin En Alsace

Follow Steve as he goes wine tasting in Alsace.

May 2023 Audio Magazine

Le Muséoparc Alésia

You probably heard about the Celts, but what about living like them for a few hours? It’s possible at the MusĂ©oParc AlĂ©sia!

La Charmante Notre-Dame de GrĂące

A little chapel up a hill close to Honfleur, overlooking the Seine river. Inside, a big surprise !

Le Vignoble d’IroulĂ©guy

Practice your French and discover Irouléguy (ear oo lay G-hard ee), the smallest vineyard of France!

Nantes – Ses Parcs et Ses Jardins

Nantes is definitely worth a visit: today, I’ll take you to his amazing park “Les Machines de l’Ile” and we’ll stroll the botanical and Japanese gardens.

April 2023 Audio Magazine

learn french easy bilingual story english

Les Piments Et le Village d’Espelette

Discover the spicy village of Espelette, home to the world renowned red chili.

learn french easy bilingual story practice maintenon castle

Notre Visite Du ChĂąteau De Maintenon

Practice your French with this easy bilingual French English story about Maintenon castle, not far from Paris.

Au Marché de Paimpol

I’m preparing a beef bourguignon! But first, I need to go grocery shopping: come with me to the Paimpol’s market!

La Guyane française et le projet Ariane

Located in South America, French Guiana is France: people are French citizens, they speak French and creole. It’s a gorgeous island, home to the world renowned Ariane space rocket.

March 2023 Audio Magazine

L’École de Voile de TrĂ©beurden En Bretagne

In this personal article, Clément takes you to the lovely little Breton town of Trébeurden, where he often vacationed and sailed with his family.

Camille Cherche Une Tenue

Shopping for clothes can be such a pain! Let’s practice the French clothes vocabulary and adjectives in this funny bilingual story.

La Ville et La Cathédrale de Reims

Located to the east of Paris, Reims is a city that has a rich and diverse heritage, and a gorgeous cathedral.
archeological french vocabulary

La France Préhistorique

Embark on an amazing journey in prehistoric France and discover the Lion Man’s story.

February 2023 Audio Magazine

Angers, Ma Ville

Let’s explore the dynamic city of Angers in the Loire Valley, and discover why Clement chose it as his home town!

cow with tongue in nose

Grandir Au Milieu des Vaches

How is it like to grow up in the French countryside? Today, Clement will share with us his own experience.

Drame À La Saint Valentin

In this lively dialogue, Camille and Sophie, two French teenage girls, meet up at the coffeehouse to discuss their respective love lives…
woman kissing hi or goodbye in France

Comment S’Embrasse-t-on En France ?

Learn the traditions and vocabulary associated with kissing in France in this fun and lively dialogue.
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