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Modern French Level Placement Test

The Only True Modern French Placement Test on The Internet

1. Why the need for an audio-based French level test?

Most French level tests are based on written sentences and multiple choices. In written form, any typical mistake – such as a wrong agreement – will stand out, so these tests are usually rather simple.

However, they don’t truly test your ability to communicate in French.

If you only learned French from written books, you may be able to read and write in French, ace written test, and that’s already a great achievement.

However, if what you want is to be able to communicate in French, you need to test both your knowledge of French grammar, vocabulary etc… but also your ability to understand spoken French.

This is why I developed this unique French placement test, where all the questions are audio-based.

2. How this French level test works

After listening to the questions, you will either pick the correct sentence or type it in yourself (no need to type in punctuation and/or French accents).

There are 20 questions, so the test should take you ~20 minutes. You may play the audio as many times as necessary: I cannot compute this into the results, but you should… The more repetitions, the less obvious it was to you the first time around, so it may be a point you need to review…

There is only one possible answer per question and unlike other tests that just tell you: “correct/wrong” after you answer, I will also explain each answer in detail right after your response. And not just in writing but also in audio form!

I will also point you to the audiobooks of my French learning method which explains and illustrates that particular point if you need more help.

3 – Finding out your French level

At the end of the French test, there will be a summary of your results. You’ll need to have taken the whole test for the results to be accurate.

If you choose, you’ll also be able to sign up for free lessons via email. These email lessons will be tailored to your level based on your results and you can stop them at any time with just one click.

Good luck!

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