New French Today Audiobook Player App
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Listen to your audiobooks anywhere, anytime

Once downloaded onto your computer or device, enjoy your French Today audiobooks in the plane, at the gym or in your car. No internet connection needed, no data used...

Totally free for all French Today customers (past, present, and future)

All our apps (iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac, and Windows) are completely free to download for all current and past customers. Bought a French Today audiobook in 2012? Experience it in a brand new light within our apps!

Toggle recording speed in 2 clicks

All French Today stories are recorded at two or three different speeds and levels of enunciation (NOT mechanically slowed or sped up). Quickly switch from one to the other to test your understanding or focus of specific words.

Quickly hide/display English translations

In one click, hide or reveal the English translations of the story chapters and Q&A sections. No more taking a sneak peek!

Download the audiobook & transcript to your device/computer in 2 clicks

No more fiddling with iTunes or Windows Media Player, simply log into your account and tap on the available audiobook to fully download it to your computer/device. You never have to see another MP3 or PDF file ever again!

Quickly navigate to any chapter or section

Simply click on the extensive table of content to directly jump to that point in the transcript and playback the related audio. The app remembers where you were next time you open it so no more hunting around!

Skip/Rewind 15 or 30 seconds

Missed something that was said? Want to focus on the pronunciation of a particular word or phrase? Just click on the 15-second rewind button (or arrow keys). Want more? Press shift and make it 30 seconds... It's like Déjà vu except you control it!

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You can even try the app with our free 2.5-hour audiobook without being a customer!

For Mac OSX - download latest version

For Windows OSX 7/8/10 - download latest version

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