How To Learn French

When you learn French, there are many things to consider: the various rules, the modern pronunciation and most importantly practicing and gaining confidence in the language.

With so many resources to learn French, it’s easy to get distracted and stagnate. You need to set up a clear study plan so you know exactly what to study next and improve your French gradually and steadily.

French Today will help you master French gradually thanks to our downloadable French audio method written especially for the English speaker. Our French audiobooks feature a logical approach to learning French and clear explanations of the French rules with many examples. Everything is then illustrated by a level adapted bilingual story featuring lovable characters in realistic, everyday situations. The ongoing story is then recorded at several levels of enunciation to help you master both traditional and modern French pronunciation.

Whether you are starting your French journey, or already a confident speaker, here are my tips on how to learn French.

How To Learn French For Beginner Students – Levels A1 – A2

Even knowing HOW to start learning French can be a daunting experience! Follow my step-by-step tips to learn French as a beginner.

Intermediate French Students

How To Learn French For Intermediate Students – Levels B1-B2

Beyond beginner’s bliss and struggling to make the step towards fluency?  Here is how to progress from an intermediate to an advanced level of French.

Advanced french students

How To Learn French For Advanced Students – Levels C1-C2

This is often the toughest stage to feel you are making progress! I’ll show you how you can master the French language.

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