How To Learn French

When you learn French, there are many things to consider: the various rules, the modern pronunciation and most importantly practicing and gaining confidence in the language.

French Today will help you master French gradually thanks downloadable French audio lessons featuring French vocabulary you can actually use in conversation.

I’ve also created downloadable French audiobooks / novels to learn truly useful vocabulary in a fun way, master today’s modern French pronunciation and understand French grammar, first thanks to my clear explanations and exercises and then because the point of grammar / vocabulary explained will be used many times in the context of a level-adapted story.


Beginner French Students

How To Learn French Beginner Students

Even knowing HOW to start learning French can be a daunting experience! Let me tell you how best to approach it…

Low Intermediate French Students

How To Learn French Low Intermediate Students

Beyond beginner but still struggling to make the step towards fluency?  Here’s what you should do…

Intermediate and Above French Students

How To Learn French Intermediate and Above Students

This is often the toughest stage to make progress on! I’ll show you how you can master the French language…

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