French Immersion Program At Teacher’s Family In Lyon, France

With Hélène - your French tutor, language buddy & host

€2010 Per Week

  • 15 hours of French tuition with me
  • Private bedroom and bathroom
  • 2 per day (B + L or D) with active French conversations
  • 2 excursions with guided French practice
  • 1 guest or a couple
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Experience an authentic French family immersion in Lyon at your French teacher Hélène, her husband Laurent and their two daughters, Manon (20) and Solène (18). You'll dive right into their lives and improve your French while enjoying the beautiful and magical city of Lyon, famous for its gastronomy, mild climate and punctuated throughout the year by major cultural events.


Private Bathroom
Teaches Adults & Children
Public Transportation
Free Parking
Vegan Option

Sleeping Arrangements

Students\' Bedroom
1 queen bed

Meet Hélène - your French tutor, language buddy & host In France

Bonjour, bienvenue à Lyon, bienvenue chez nous! My name is Hélène. I was born, grew up and studied in the Paris area. I first studied German at university. Then I graduated in French as a second or foreign language. I taught French to foreign students for 20 years in private language schools and taught migrants in NGOs, including children. Laurent and I have been living in Lyon for sixteen years, and that’s where our two daughters Manon (20) and Solène (18) were born. Laurent and I love biking and horse riding, hiking with our young and very cute dog named “Kickass”, kayaking, reading, spending time with our many friends. We are not fluent English speakers, but we manage. Laurent and I can speak German and Portuguese and we know a few Chinese words. Manon can speak Italian well and Solène has been learning chinese and corean for five years. We are interested in foreign languages and we love discovering other cultures through our travels or meetings. Our dog “Kickass” is a big part of our family. She is super friendly to adults and kids alike, and she is a patient listener: the perfect companion to help you practice your French! For a more effective language immersion, I would advise you to come on your own.  However if it would make things easier for you, you could come with your partner. Whether you are a beginner or confirmed learner, I will offer you lessons tailored to your needs and expectations. I am used to adapting the classes to each student’s profile.

Getting To Our House

You can easily reach Lyon by plane, train or bus. You can then take a shuttle from the airport and the tram/bus or metro to come to our house. Or a taxi.

Car Rental

You don’t need to rent a car, our area is well served by public transportation! But should you wish to, you will find free parking spots in our area. In addition to public transportation, you can rent bikes or electric scooters all over the city. There are several Vélo’V stations in our neighborhood.


There is wifi throughout the house.


Our flat is a smoke-free zone. Should you wish to smoke, you can either use the balcony or the garden.


We like cooking traditional, regional French food and exotics dishes as well. We pay attention to the origin and the quality of the products we buy. Friends often show up unexpectedly and some are vegetarian or gluten-free so we are used to providing meals suited to everyone’s dietary needs.


Because of our dog Kickass, unfortunately, we’d rather not welcome your pet. She’s friendly, but we don’t think she’ll enjoy sharing her home with another dog.

Typical French Immersion Homestay Program

A Typical 1 Week (7 Days, 6 Night) Immersion Includes But Is Not Limited To: This following one week program is very flexible. The Homestay price depends on what you would like to do exactly, but you will always be informed beforehand if there were to be additional costs.

  • Half-board (2 meals a day): continental breakfast + lunch with your teacher or dinner with the family, your choice. You’re welcome to cook your meal in the kitchen, however, there are also many food options around. We can also provide you with a small quiet fridge in order to put in some food or beverage, in your room if needed.
  • Accommodation in your own room with a double bed, desk and chair, dresser and your own shower room with bathroom sink and toilet. Sheets and towels are provided. Hair dryer available.
  • 15 hours (one-to-one) French lessons per week, usually 3 hours in the morning over 5 days. Homework if you want some.
  •  2 accompanied excursions, cultural or sports activities of your choice (entry fees not included and depending on your choices any additional costs for gas and toll)
  • Preferred arrival on Monday afternoon, departure the next Sunday morning – but I’m flexible and can adapt to your request.

The Fee For This Program Is 2010 Euros For One Person.

For one additional guest, the price per week is:

  • Euros 600 for half board, without lessons
  • Euros 700 for half board with shared lessons and excursions

For a more efficient linguistic experience, I believe it would be better if you came alone. However, you are very welcome to come with your spouse, a relative or a friend. Your bedroom with a double bed can accommodate two people.

Additional Tours

Depending on the weather, your interests, your mood and what you would like to do, I can organize longer excursions for an additional fee:

  • The Northern or Southern Rhone Valley and its wineries,
  • A week-end in the Monts d’Ardèche natural regional Park, a small mountain where we own our country house,
  • The medieval town of Pérouges,
  • Horse riding around the Miribel lake or in the mountains near Lyon,
  • French cooking workshop… or other!

There is so much to do around here, just tell me what you’d like to do, and we’ll work out the details!

Learn French In France – Your French immersion Program in Lyon

The main gateway to the Alps, Lyon is a World Heritage city, well-known for his large Renaissance old town called “Le Vieux Lyon”, and its culinary delights. After all, Lyon is the home of world-renowned French chef Paul Bocuse! I’m sure you’ll enjoy our typical restaurants called “les bouchons”. Lyon is also the birthplace of cinema, thanks to the work of the Lumière brothers.You will love discovering the cultural life of Lyon and will be amazed by its richness and the many possibilities offered by the city (23 museums, exhibitions and festivals throughout the year, light shows…) Lyon is also a great place to walk, or ride a bike (there are many bike paths) and just relax in a café or on the grass of our Central Parc, “le park de la Tête d’Or” and its amazing botanical garden and greenhouses. We’ve been living here for over 20 years, so I’ll be happy to help you make the best of your stay and take you to my favorite places.

More about Hélène and the region

View Hélène's articles on French Today's blog.

Your French Immersion Homestay Accommodations in Lyon

We own a comfortable duplex apartment located on the second and third floor of a small building without elevator, in a popular, commercial and lively area of Lyon. There are plenty of shops and commodities in the vicinity, including public transportations. Lyon’s town center is easily reached by bus (15-20 minutes) and there are bike-hire stations too in the area. Parking is easy and free. We enjoy a large garden which we share with the other flat in our building. We are there quite often,  have barbecues down there with our friends, and also hang with our dog. As you can see, there’s a nice swing set… It used to be my girls’ domain! The main floor is a nice open floor space with the kitchen and the living-room. Your bedroom and private bathroom are also on this floor. All our bedrooms and our bathroom are located on the top floor.

Your Room And Private Bathroom

Your private room has a double loft bed, with a large desk under the bed and a high wardrobe. It features large windows and rolling shutters. We can provide you with a small fridge (quiet/ 41 dB), in order to put in some food or beverage, if needed. There is also Wifi. Your private shower room including WC is located right next to your room.

Contact Hélène - your French tutor, language buddy & host

French Immersion in Lyon

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NOTE: All immersion teachers/hosts are completely independent of French Today. All communication, transactions and contracts will be exclusively done between you and the immersion teacher/host.

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Oh, the joy of not typing with accents. The stay with you does not lend itself to a concise testimonial as there were so many things I enjoyed!  I’ll leave most of it out.
However, I shall try.

Helene managed to maintain my interest in 3hrs of lessons each morning. A first ever.
Helene managed to ruin my diet.
Helene managed to cause every joint in my body to ache for weeks.

How did she do this?

By quickly assessing my language level and needs and applying challenging but not overwhelming tasks.Only falling back to English as a last resort was a plus as you have to think. By cooking food I couldn’t resist.
By being a full-on tour guide every afternoon and evening.

I am only now realizing how much I picked up at my two homestays in France. I can follow a conversation in French, when spoken with an NZ accent, and can get the gist of one spoken moderately quickly by a native.

For me, this is a big step forward and exactly what I needed.


Im frühlingshaften Februar 2020 konnte ich zwei hervorragende Wochen bei der Familie Lemaitre in Lyon verbringen. Ich wurde herzlich von einer sehr offenen und aufgestellten Gastfamilie empfangen und von Anfang an in den Alltag integriert. Für meinen Rückzug stand mir ein grosszügiges Zimmer und ein eigenes Bad zur Verfügung. Wobei meine Privatsphäre gänzlich respektiert wurde.

Hélène ist die geborene Gastgeberin. Mit grossem Eifer und Freude nutzt Sie jede Möglichkeit, um Lyon und die französische Sprache ihren Gästen näher zu bringen. Lyon ist die perfekte Stadt dafür: Mit seinen vielseitigen Quartieren und unzähligen Aktivitäten bieten sich Ausflugsmöglichkeiten für jeden Geschmack. Dabei steht Hélène bei der Planung und Umsetzung mit Rat und Tat zur Seite. Wenn immer möglich, wurde ich zu den Ausflügen begleitet und im jeden Fall war ich herzlich zur Teilnahme an den Aktivitäten mit Familie und Freunden eingeladen. Die Ausflugsziele konnten wir oft mit dem Fahrrad erreichen, welches mir, während dem gesamten Aufenthalt zur Verfügung stand.

Der Französischunterricht wurde flexibel und individuell, nach meinen Wünschen gestalten. Hélène ist dabei mit grossem Engagement situativ auf Details eingegangen und konnte mir kompetent einige Finessen der französischen Sprache näher bringen. Auch ausserhalb des Unterrichts hat Hélène meine wiederkehrenden Fehler unermüdlich und mit viel Geduld korrigiert. Die drei Stunden Unterricht am Morgen waren durchwegs genügend intensiv. Die Ausflüge am Nachmittag boten Abwechslung und Erholung. Die Mahlzeiten am Abend waren immer sehr ausgiebig und brachten mir die hervorragende französische Küche näher. So waren die zwei Wochen Französischunterricht in Lyon auch ein bisschen wie Ferien.

Der Aufenthalt bei Hélène hat mir grossen Spass bereitet. Zudem bin ich sehr dankbar, dass mich meine Freundin übers Wochenende besuchen konnte und dass auch Sie mit offenen Armen empfangen wurde. Es bleibt mir nur, mich herzlichst für das Spracherlebnis zu bedanken. Das Französischlernen beim Lehrer zu Hause ermöglicht das komplette Eintauchen in Sprache und Kultur.


I spent two incredible weeks with Hélène and her family in Lyon.

As a thirty year old professional optometrist from California, I was able to take off some time from work to dedicate myself to my French learning. Not only did I receive professional one on one French lessons from Hélène, but the days were filled with speaking French with her family, her friends and neighbors, and people from the city as we went around to all the local sights and museums.

Hélène and her amazing family went above and beyond for me. We shared amazing home cooked French meals, discussions in French, and outings that were typical of the cultural city life in Lyon. The accommodations were more than comfortable with the private room and bathroom. I was always included and never felt alone. The family was more than welcoming and kind.

My French improved dramatically, as hardly any English was spoken. What a great way to be forced to practice your French and get over your fears!

LYON and Hélène and her family were warm and vibrant. We spent the afternoons walking the city and visiting museums, and evenings going to concerts, local bars, and enjoying the best home cooked French food.

I highly recommend this immersion program. It was a memory of a lifetime! Thank you Hélène!!

Sean Ni

“I had a wonderful time during my one week stay at Hélène’s place in Lyon. From the moment I got there, her and her whole family welcomed me with open arms.

Hélène was a very patient teacher and tailored the lessons to my needs. I truly enjoyed being part of their family for a week–from watching movies together to going to a high school holiday performance to going to the bakery every morning, to going out to museums or the park or improv shows or going for a bike ride along the river, or just chilling at home and having a couple drinks… it was all amazing.

Hélène made some amazing food too. Their dog Kickass is big and may look intimidating but he’s the sweetest dog ever. The family is really awesome too. Laurent is friendly and we got to chat about a variety of things. I enjoyed being exposed to the day-to-day lives of French teenagers these days through the eyes of Solène and Manon as well.

Thank you so much Hélène and family, for the wonderful visit… I wish I could have stayed longer and I would definitely do it again!

Merci, au revoir et à bientôt j’espère!!!”


I just came back from a great week in France ! I landed at Charles de Gaulle at 8:00 am on a Saturday, took a taxi to our Hotel ( Hotel Louis 2 in the 6th arrondissement ) and then spent two days seeing the sights in Paris. Monday am, we took the TGV from the Gare de Lyon in Paris to Gare Part Dieu in Lyon where Helene picked us up inside the train station ( I took my wife with me on this trip ). We then spent the next seven days eating breakfast and lunch together, and doing French lessons ( she is very flexible to doing what you want and need ) in between.

We had two trips…one was a sightseeing walk along the banks of the Rhone, and the other was a drive into to country to see some small French villages. On Sunday morning Helene drove us to Gare Part Dieu where we took a train to Charles de Gaulle to fly home.

Overall an awesome experience, Helene and her husband Laurent couldn’t have been more accommodating. Her cooking was excellent, first rate authentic French food with lots of French pastries and bread..I was a big fan of pain au chocolat..I know my French improved…speaking 6-8 hours a day can only make you better !

My wife slept in late every day as she was not interested in any French lessons, but she did eat with us and felt very comfortable the whole time.

Each night we went out to dinner on our own, seeing sights along the way like Place Bellecour, Vieux Lyon, Notre Dame, Museum of the Resistance etc.

The Christmas market was a neat visit as well as the festival in town of the Nouveau Beaujolais !

I highly recommend this homestay…when can I get back ?


Twice, in the spring of 2019 and in the fall of 2019, I spent a week in Lyon living with Helene and her family.

The superior method that Helene uses is to incorporate all of our conversation whether in French or English into her lessons.

The benefit of her process is that she instructs me at my level and improves my French conversation, whether it is conjugating verbs, riding the metro or shopping for dinner. She doesn’t stop.

If someone wants a true immersion class that is entertaining, extremely relevant and great hospitality all rolled into one, they should select Helene.


I had a wonderful week with Hélène and her family in Lyon.

We began our time together with a couple days at their vacation home in the Ardeche region, which was beautiful.  After that, I spent the rest of the week with them at their apartment in Lyon.

Hélène and her family were warm and welcoming, and made the week great:  The food was outstanding, the accommodations were excellent, and the company was convivial… it was a perfect week, and I haven’t even mentioned the language and immersion experience yet…

Hélène is a wonderful teacher… very patient with a great sense of humor.  Her teaching style was perfect for me and I made a great deal of progress in the week I was there.  She combined touring the city in the afternoons with teaching those sites in the mornings before we ventured out, so the immersion was a complete experience, and I got to experience Lyon in a way that would have otherwise been impossible.

Laurent, Manon, Solène, and Kickass (the family dog) were endless fun… what a great family.  They really completed the experience by welcoming me into their family conversations and experiences.  Getting to hear the normal back-and-forth and banter of the family was great training for normal day-to-day French conversation, and they are just a sweet, welcoming family to be around.

It was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend Hélène and her family to anyone who wants a complete immersion experience.


J’ai passé deux semaines fantastiques avec Hélène et sa famille qui on été super accueillants, généreux, et chaleureux. Ma chambre était très confortable et les repas étaient toujours délicieux!!
Grâce aux conseils d’Hélène je suis plus confidante quand je m’exprime en français. J’ai beaucoup aimé les leçons qui étaient adaptées à mon niveau.
Lyon est vraiment une très belle ville.
Je recommande fortement cette experience!

Ian & Oscar

We had a great learning experience with Helene and her family.

In addition to the morning study, we had the rest of the day practicing, speaking French with Helene, her friends and family. Helene took us to many beautiful places in Lyon – rivers, cathedral, amphitheatre, museums, murals, live music, picnic in a park and a BBQ in their garden.

I studied much more than I had expected and am pleased with my progress after this super immersion course.

Merci beaucoup Helene.


I stayed with Hélène and her family for one week last August. It was a very enriching and memorable experience.

Hélène is a very experienced teacher. She knows how to speak clearly and slowly to French students and explain difficult concepts and words in simple French. Working with her was very helpful because I was able to improve my speaking confidence and my ability to understand the spoken language.

Moreover she is a very generous host and she is more than willing to show you around the city of Lyon. I particularly liked how she arranged our excursions based on my interests.

Lastly, staying with Hélène is not only a great way to learn French and explore the fascinating city of Lyon but it is a way to be immersed in French culture. By staying in her house with her husband and two daughters I got an amazing opportunity to experience the life of a French family.

Hélène’s husband and daughters are also very hospitable and they also enjoy helping you learn.

Overall I had a great time and I would recommend it to anyone who is seeking an immersion in French language and culture.


I arrived at Hélène’s home in Lyon about 8:30 in the morning, the Monday just after Bastille Day. I was filled with nervous excitement about my next step in learning French. I had spent the last 7 months studying French on-line and with a tutor in the US, and going to monthly French language meetups to try and speak French. Now, French immersion! From the first moment, Hélène put me at ease welcoming me into her home. I quickly settled into a bright and airy room with a well-equipped study space and adjoining bath.

The next two weeks were fantastic allowing me to improve my French to the best of my abilities in a kind and supporting manner. Here I was, now living with Hélène, her husband Laurent and their two wonderful teenage daughters, Manon and Solène. Mornings started at breakfast with everyone and I was there for all the family discussions at dinner. For two weeks I became a part of their family where French was always spoken.

Hélène and I started the mornings at breakfast just talking in French as much as I could. Then we spend several hours in formal lessons, after which, lunch and more talking in French. In the afternoon we went on trips around town, on bike or walking. We went to the markets and on errands with Hélène showing me around the beautiful city of Lyon in a way that only some who lives there and loves the city can do.

Hélène has her home set up for learning French with just about everything noted with cards of their French names, many with pictures. Upon my arrival we went over the diagnostic test I took before I arrived, and we discussed my goals. Hélène was always supportive and focused on helping me meet my goals of learning French.

Hélène and her family are extraordinary, and I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know each of them in the two weeks we spent together. I was introduced to their friends and in the evening, we went to events together as a family, and I was fortunate to be able to join them for a weekend in the country in Ardèche about 2 hours from Lyon.

No review of Hélène’s French immersion experience would be complete without mentioning Kickass, the sweetest dog a family could have, who would come and listen attentively to my French as I practiced pronouncing.

I had a wonderful experience where I went to Lyon to study French but left with a new family.


I spent a fantastic immersion week in Lyon. My french improved leaps and bounds, especially my speaking confidence, and i would recommend this type of immersion to everyone who wants to make significant progress in a short time.

Not only was the standard of teaching superb, Helene and her family couldn’t have been more welcoming in integrating me into their lives.

This was a great opportunity to further practice my french but also sample the culture and way of life in France.

I have great memories of my week there and the whole experience was incredibly worthwhile.


My stay was superior by far to my expectations. Your entire family including your dog was gracious and welcomed me with open arms. What a lovely week.

The unique quality that Helene has is her ability to teach to a level to stretch you. She has very high standards that will be encouraged each and every lesson with grace and charm. There are people who teach and then there is Helene who is at the top of her class.

I would recommend her immersion class and I plan to enrol for another week in 3 months.


My week in Lyon with Helene and her family was absolutely wonderful.

Helene is an excellent teacher and quickly assessed my strengths and many weaknesses in French language abilities and tailored her lessons to address my needs.  She was infinitely patient with me and I feel like I really advanced my skills.

My learning also included extensive touring of the very lovely city of Lyon with Helene as my delightful guide where I had the opportunity to see and hear French in action.

Helene and her family welcomed me with open arms and I immediately felt like a member of the family.  The accommodations were lovely and the food was divine.

Living in a home with the French language all around me made it truly an immersion experience.

My only regret was having to leave.  I cannot wait to return!

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