French Immersion With French Teacher In Paris, France

€280 Per Day

  • 2 hours of one-on-one French lessons
  • No accommodation : student rents his/her own place
  • 1 lunch with active French conversations
  • 3 hour long excursion in Paris with guided French practice: shopping / museums / tours...
  • 1 to 3 guests traveling together
Wouldn’t it be nice to improve your French and discover French culture as you experience all that France's capital has to offer? Paris is an acclaimed tourist destination, and with a French immersion with your own French teacher, you could immerse in the French language, learning French and living like a typical Parisian. We are currently seeking French immersion hosts and/or teachers in Paris: we could put you in touch with your customers!


Teaches Adults & Children
Public Transportation
Vegan Option

Types of Courses Offered: Guided tours with French conversations, French grammar, professional French, exams preparation...

Teacher Certifications: Experienced French teacher who speak French and English, dynamic host families, French language guides and FLE professionals...

Extra Activities/Options: Maybe your French immersion program will have an option as extra museum tours, fine dinning, shopping, yoga and meditation, sports...

Meet - your French tutor, language buddy & host In France

We have a couple of immersion programs close to Paris :  please check our French immersion in France listing to find out more.

Unfortunately, we currently don’t have any French immersion teacher in Paris itself: if you know someone who could be interested, please tell them to contact us! French Today is responsible for thousands of immersion stays at teachers’ houses: we reach millions of French learners per year, and have developed a faithful, highly motivated audience eager to find their dream French language immersion teacher. Let us help you!

Learning French in immersion is a fun and efficient way to boost your confidence in the French language and get a lot of practice. It’s also a great way to discover French culture.

Although meeting people in Paris may seem easy - it’s a huge French city after all full of people - it’s not always that easy to strike up a conversation in French with a stranger in a large city.

This is why having your very own immersion teacher by your side is so efficient! 

Maybe your French teacher will live alone, or maybe they’ll have a partner, children… More people to talk to!

The French immersion teacher we list use all kinds of different French teaching methods, however many trust our own French Audiobook Learning Method. If you’d like to study during your immersion stay with our “À Moi Paris” method, it’s possible!

Learn French In France – Your French immersion Program in Paris

Imagine Practicing your French on the streets of Paris while visiting some of the most significant museums - and enjoy the best food and shopping in the world. 

Paris is divided in 20 quarters, called “arrondissements”. I hope we will soon be able to introduce you to many Parisian immersion teachers and/or hosts, so you may really dive into the culture of these often very different districts!

Most of the time, your immersion host will also be your guide and will combine French language practice with exploring the City of Light. 

Your French immersion teacher in Paris will help you design the best possible Paris stay and point you to points of interest only known by true Parisians.

Your French Immersion Homestay Accommodations in Paris

As it’s the case in many cities, there are few individual homes and mostly flats in Paris. Paris rentals are quite expensive, so when you go for an immersion at a teacher’s house, you will probably have a comfortable, but somewhat small bedroom, and you may have to share the bathroom with your teacher. It’s OK, Parisians are really accustomed to living this way, and with so many restaurants, parks, museums to go to, who needs a big flat?

Some teachers may also offer a French immersion experience but without the accommodation. There are so many flat rentals to choose from in Paris! 

You’ll enjoy a full immersion experience, as your teacher will spend most of the day with you, but then be independent and free to enjoy the many restaurants and the city as you want in the evening. This may be a very nice option for a couple traveling together.

Whatever your immersion program maybe, French Today is the solution to reach your audience!

Contact - your French tutor, language buddy & host

French Immersion in Paris

Email Directly

NOTE: All immersion teachers/hosts are completely independent of French Today. All communication, transactions and contracts will be exclusively done between you and the immersion teacher/host.

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