French Immersion Homestay At Teacher’s near Vannes, Brittany

With Florence - your French tutor, language buddy & host

€ 1600 Per Week

  • 15 hours of private lessons
  • 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 lounge/kitchen area and private outdoor area in independant accommodation
  • Breakfasts in the gite or with me, lunches with me, and 3 dinners, all with active French conversation
  • 3 French practice excursions in my region
  • One to five guests traveling together.
Contact Florence
Brittany is full of traditions and history. From medieval castles and towns to the standing stones of Carnac, there is plenty to see. Conveniently located in a small traditional countryside village 20 minutes from Vannes, you will experience the authenticity of Breton living. Our house is a traditonal "longère" that we renovated ourselves only a few years ago. It's surrounded by fields so you will appreciate a beautiful and quiet environment which is perfect for studying! Together we will visit markets, coastal towns, and anything else which piques your interest. You will get to learn about the Breton gastronomy and who knows, maybe get to try and make your own "galette"?? The lessons will be tailored to your level and your needs. Having spent 3 years in England and 12 years in Australia, I speak English fluently and will be able to explain the subtleties of the French language in English if needed.


Private Bathroom
Teaches Adults & Children
Multiple Bedrooms
Free Parking

Sleeping Arrangements

Bedroom 1
1 queen bed 1 single bed
Bedroom 2
1 queen bed

Types of Courses Offered: French conversation, professional French, exam preparation. My aim is to improve your confidence and the fluidity of your speech.

Teacher Certifications: Licence de langues, fluent in English, can converse in Spanish

Extra Activities/Options: Workshop to discover traditional Breton clothing and Breton dancing with a local dance teacher. (extra cost)

Meet Florence - your French tutor, language buddy & host In France


My name is Florence and I would like to welcome you into my Breton world! My husband is Australian, and we have two children, born in 2005 and 2008. Both children are bilingual, as they were born and have spent their first few years in Australia. My daughter is actually abandonning us this year to pursue her studies in Lille, so you might not meet her. You will see my son, but only sometimes, as he is a teenager (no comment). We also have a cat, Pixelle, who just sleeps all day, and a dog called Maïa. My mum and dad also live nearby, so we will visit them on a few occasions. You will also get to meet my friends if they happen to come by for dinner. The more you talk to various people, the better exposure you will get.

My hobbies

I love walking, painting, gardening, and I sometimes help organising the local town events, as I am a local councillor. You will be more than welcome to join me on any of these activities if you wish.

My French immersion program

Immersion stays start on Sunday evening and end on Saturday morning. ​After one week with me, you will start thinking and dreaming in French. You will not only improve your language skills, but you will also improve your understanding of the French culture.

Typical one week homestay program

After an initial evaluation of your French, I will establish a program based on your level of grammar, pronounciation, oral and written comprehension, etc... Having learnt a few languages myself, I will be able to use my knowledge to help you navigate the subtleties of the language. ​You will have 15 hours of one-on-one French lessons throughout the week, but you may add more lessons if you wish to. ​On top of the lessons, you will also speak French every minute spent with me and my family or my friends, and all the visits will be in French. You can help me with the vegetable garden, collecting the eggs, cooking, etc. Tout en français bien sûr! Your program is fully felxible: more/less lessons? more/ less visits? A lot of homework/ no homework?

My teaching style

I have been teaching French since 2008 and English since 2013. I have learnt a few different languages myself, and have spent a few years traveling and living in different countries. I therefore know what you are going through while learning French, and I appreciate that everyone is different and learns differently. I have a lot of patience and will help you progress at your own speed, spending a bit more time where you really need it: pronounciation, grammar, listening comprehension...

Additional Guests

€800 for an additional person (sharing the meals, lessons and visits) €400 for an additional guest (sharing only meals and excursions).


As we already have a cat and a dog, we can't accept animals unfortunately.


My husband and daughter are vegetarian, so we can cater for vegetarians. We try and use products from our vegetable garden, the eggs from our chickens, and there are plenty of local farmers and markets where we can buy food from. Well... I will give you money and YOU will buy it actually, as you will need to practice your French!

Learn French In France – Your French immersion Program in Saint-Jean-Brévelay, Brittany

Le Morbihan

The département of Morbihan (Mor: mer/ Bihan: petite => little sea ) is so interesting. Not only it's very rich in traditions and history, but it also has plenty of places to visit inland and on the coast. There are many medieval cities and castles, beautiful sandy beaches, museums, one of the most beautiful bays in the world (the Golfe du Morbihan) We can also visit the mysterious standing stones of Carnac, similar to Stonehedge, which are in the process of being listed at UNESCO.

You could spend a month here and not have time to visit everything. Before your arrival, with your input, we will try to make the difficult choices of the places you would like to see. The region is also rich in gastronomy: you can taste fars (local dessert), crêpes, galettes, local beers, local cider, oysters and mussels, to name only a few.

(photos de Alexandre Lamoureux (Josselin et Golfe du Morbihan), Simon Bourcier (Chateau de Suscinio), et Emmanuel Berthier (Carnac et St Goustan)

More about Florence and the region

View Florence's articles on French Today's blog.

Your French Immersion Homestay Accommodations in Saint-Jean-Brévelay, Brittany

Our house

is located 20 minutes from Vannes, where the train station is. There is a small village 2 kilometres from our house, where you will find everything you need: pharmacy, restaurants, supermarket, bank, post office, etc. You can walk to the village or borrow our bikes. From the village you can catch a bus to Vannes.

Your accommodation

You will stay in the self contained accomodation at one end of the house. It comprises of A bedroom with a queen size bed and a single bed A bedroom with a queen size bed A bathroom with a shower, and a washing machine A fully equipped kitchen and open lounge area Toilets A private outdoor area. Use of the 5.000 M2 property. WIFI It's  a non smoking place, but you can smoke outside.

How to get there?

The closest train station is in Vannes. It's only 2h30 by train from Paris Montparnasse. The closest airports are in Rennes (1h from our house) and Nantes (2h). I can pick you up from there for an extra cost.

Contact Florence - your French tutor, language buddy & host

French Immersion in Saint-Jean-Brévelay, Brittany

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NOTE: All immersion teachers/hosts are completely independent of French Today. All communication, transactions and contracts will be exclusively done between you and the immersion teacher/host.

Reviews (13)

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Reid, San Francisco, USA

I decided to try a week of immersion with Florence to accelerate my language learning and to evaluate my true level of ability. Florence and her family provided activities, constant exposure to spoken French, wonderful food, and comfortable, quiet accommodations. Her classes are completely tailored to your desires and she will expose weaknesses that you probably didn’t even know were there. If you are hesitant to speak due to a lack of experience, confidence, or base of grammar, she will make you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend the experience to any ability level, especially if you are interested in the beautiful countryside and small towns of western France.

Krystyna Colburn, Boston, USA

A week with Florence will amaze you. Somehow, you’re able to spend six days conversing only in French and not feel completely overwhelmed. You’ll begin to really enjoy speaking with Flo, her family, her friends, and her neighbors as they make you part of their world.

The daily lessons are challenging, but that’s what you’re here for and you see yourself progressing daily. In addition, Flo has an uncanny way of quickly pinpointing your needs and gently helping you overcome your blockages. She’ll make you impressed with yourself!

Then there are the meals . . . yes, I ate very well but also learned to cook some traditional Breton foods so I brought back a little of Chez Flo to share with family and friends. Foods are local and fresh and in season there are eggs and vegetables from the home (not to mention Flo’s father’s cider).

The village is an easy walk away via paths and fields and lovely rural countryside. It was a lovely time to reflect and enjoy and breathe the non-polluted air (this from a city-dweller who noticed the difference immediately).

There were excursions as well to a nearby city and the beautiful Gulf of Morbihan, but my favorite was to the Carnac alignments. It was beyond my imaginings and since it was winter, we could go amidst the standing stones and appreciate the Neolithic society that created this intensely magical place. Since Flo is from the region, we went to a “Tumulus” she knew where we were alone inside. Never in my life could I have expected something so special. I loved that we escaped the tourists. And to add to the authenticity, on the way there we ran into a farmers’ tractor blockage of the route and you can’t get more authentic French than that.

I loved it all.

Phoebe Fuller and Alan Madge, UK

Spending an immersion week with Florence in Brittany has all the ingredients you need for a fabulous time. Florence and Dawson live in a beautifully renovated farm building attached to a two bedroomed Gite that’s equally well designed. Both Florence and Dawson are welcoming, friendly and generous and go out of their way to make guests feel at ease and at home.

Alan and I had different levels of French but despite this Florence managed our lessons making sure that each of our needs were catered for. We shared most of our meals with Florence, Dawson and occasionally their busy son Luca, along with the additional daily entertainment from Maya their boxer dog. Despite being a somewhat complex dog she soon relaxes, greets you with enthusiasm! She is a real sweetie and we both fell in love with her. Florence’s cooking is delicious, mainly vegetarian and a lot of the produce comes from their own kitchen garden plus their 13 or so chickens. On one evening we had a go at making Galettes on a special hot plate under the close supervision of Dawson, who was clearly an expert.

During our stay we went on three outings that we had chosen, the local ‘Musee de la Resistance’, Carnac’ – the famous world Heritage site and ‘Vannes’ on market day. Each one of these offered extra opportunity to listen and talk French on the journeys there and back, and Florence gave us plenty of expert information

We were also very fortunate with the weather in our early October week. The sunsets were beautiful, and we were able to spend time relaxing or doing our French exercises outside sitting on our Terrace surrounded by fields of maize.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our stay with Florence and Dawson and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them. I’m certainly hoping to revisit them if possible for a longer period next year.  Phoebe

Thanks for a brillant holiday, your hospitality, delicious meals, your teaching and showing us very  interesting historic places.It was also a privilege and a pleasure to meet your family and friends.

I’m sure my very rusty French has improved, as a result of your efforts.

I would definitely recommend your place to family and friends for an immersion course. Alan.

Carrie Anderson, Australie

I have just spent the most wonderful week at Chez Flo. Flo went above and beyond to make my stay an incredible experience. She is passionate about both teaching and her beautiful region and that passion showed in the really well-thought-out lessons and activities. Flo’s patience in revising what I should remember and ability to explain what was new and difficult, were both remarkable. And each outing we did came with either a detailed, colourful explanation of the history or simply local treats! Flo’s home/family are warm and welcoming and my accomodation was extremely comfortable and private with its own kitchen and living area. It was a truly special week and not just because of the huge leap forward I made in French. I am already planning when I can return!

Ella Cox, United Kingdom

J’ai vraiment profité de rester avec Florence et sa famille. Je suis une étudiante médicale en Angleterre et je vais faire des stages en France dans les prochaines années. Les visites étaient très personnalisées,et j’ai visité les endroits qui m’intéressaient tels que le musée de la résistance. Florence a expliqué la grammaire compliquée d’une manière très simple et je me sens beaucoup plus confiante avec mon niveau de français après mon séjour. Sa famille était très bienveillante aussi – merci Florence!

Julie et Bill Olive, Australie

J’ai assisté au cours d’immersion avec Flo cette année et c’était super. Flo est un excellent professeur et j’aimais beaucoup son style et comment j’étais immédiatement à l’aise avec elle et sa famille, y compris ses parents. J’ai eu des expériences très spéciales et on a bien mangé ! Le gîte est très confortable et bien aménagé avec une ambiance très calme. À la fin du cours, j’étais bien préparée pour voyager en France avec plus de la confiance en moi. Je continue mes leçons avec Flo en Australie sur Skype et j’ai hâte de retourner chez Flo l’année prochaine pour un autre cours d’immersion. Je peux recommander Flo comme professeur de français sans réservation.

Catherine Browne, Australie

Brittany is such a beautiful part of France, far from the more worn tourist route normally taken. Here is a chance to experience ‘real’ France and the French way of life. Flo is a warm, generous and accommodating host and a great teacher of the French language and French culture. She is especially passionate about Brittany and its history and I learnt so much in the short time I spent with her and her wonderful family. I highly recommend staying in their lovely gite which is adjacent to the family home. I was so struck by this location. It is surrounded by serene and beautiful countryside and just a short way from the gorgeous village of St Jean- Brevelay (don’t miss the épicerie fine) and from Vannes. I really loved Vannes – the old Bretagne centre, the canals, art galleries, food and flea markets, a chocolate exposition (wow!) And its nearby oyster/seafood cabanes. We also took a boat out from there to the islands in the Gulf de Morbihan which I enjoyed immensely. Above all though, my French language certainly improved and yes, it is true, after only a few days I was thinking and dreaming in French! Thank you Flo

Frances Williams, UK (lives in France)

I have been having lessons for over 2 years with Flo, she is an amazing teacher for beginners to advanced. She has a great way in helping you to improve conversational French and also has a practical way to relate conversation to grammar and gives you the confidence to try out your learnings on holiday or if you are living in France. I would have no hesitation for recommending Flo and her immersion holidays. The confidence I have in speaking French now is down to Flo’s motivation and teachings

Anousha, Indigo and Maya Victoire, Australie

Nous avons passé un incroyable séjour chez Florence et sa famille en Bretagne.

Florence sait transmettre l’amour de la langue française à travers des cours divertissants, les jeux, et la conversation. Elle est toujours souriante, patiente, et très bien organisée, ce qui nous a permis de bien profiter de notre semaine en Bretagne pour visiter la belle ville médiévale de Vannes, les alignées de Carnac, la plage, un joli château non loin de sa maison, une fête médiévale à Josselin, et le marché. Nous sommes ravies de notre séjour, nous avons adoré participer au ‘fest-noz’ et je rêve déjà de pouvoir retourner un jour revivre l’expérience! 

Je recommande vivement un séjour chez Flo pour vous immerger dans un milieu authentique et convivial pour apprendre le français (ou l’anglais!)

Deborah et Mickael Holt, Australie

Thank you so much for a fantastic week chez vous.

We have loved being part of your family and have enjoyed the whole French experience. The galette night was fun, the cidre was fun, everything was fun!

Flo, your French lessons were great, your program for the week was well thought out, just perfect for me.

The last night at the community music festival was a grand finale of an excellent week.

Suzanne Evans et Alan Cooper, Australie


Le cours d’immersion que j’ai fait pendant 5 jours chez Flo était inoubliable. C’était l’une des meilleures expériences de ma vie. Étant prof de langues moi-même, je comprends ce qui fait un bon professeur et Flo a certainement ces qualités. Maintenant, grâce à Flo, j’ai plus de confiance en moi pour parler sur n’importe quel sujet en français. J’ai adoré faire partie de la famille pour les repas, les excursions aux alentours, les papotages (en français bien sûr), et même des conversations avec la mère de Flo au sujet des jolies fleurs dans son jardin. Sue


I spent a wonderful 5 days at Flo and Dawson’s place while Sue, my partner, attended the immersion course. I spent the mornings flying my drone around the expansive property and sharing my knowledge of drones with Dawson and Luca (in English). Every day was packed full of things for me to do. I was included in all the activities and excursions, except for the morning French lessons.

Helen Fox, Uk

I cannot recommend Florence highly enough. Apart from being a genuinely nice person with a good sense of humour, she is also a fantastic language teacher. Florence is able to quickly and almost intuitively find your current skill level and devises a course to suit your needs and abilities. Her lessons are always fun, interesting with just the right amount of challenge. Anyone contemplating her immersion course would not be disappointed in any aspect – the improvement in their French language skills, the accommodation, the local area and interacting with Florence’s delightful children Leyla and Luca. Both children are also fluent English & French speakers who are great at helping you with your language skill

Barbara, Marybel, Tilly, Juliet, Jan, from Guernesey (groupe)


Florence, merci beaucoup pour le temps brillant que vous nous avez donné, pour votre planification et votre travail acharné. J’ai tout apprécié et cela a beaucoup amélioré mon français!


Quelle prof superbe! on s’est plu énormément chez toi et les cours étaient parfaits! Merci pour tout ce que tu as fait pour nous, pour ton accueil et ta gentillesse.


I have been working with Flo for several years. I have worked with her on Skype , lessons in her house and two immersion courses where she hosted a group of six of us from Guernsey. I can honestly say she is the best French teacher I have ever had. She has shown great patience in her teaching . Her style is always designed to the needs and level of her student and because her English is so fluent is able to explain the grammar and nuances of the French language very clearly . I highly recommend Florence as a tutor , hostess and someone who will enhance your visit to France with her love and knowledge of Brittany


Many many thanks for your hospitality over the last 6 days. You couldn’t have done more. The lessons so well planned, the outings in the minibus very interesting, the delicious meals… All to be recommended. Just perfect. I hope we can come back again.


Chère famille Brown, merci beaucoup pour l’énorme accueil chez vous. Votre maison est très belle et l’hébergement était très confortable. Les leçons étaient excellentes et la nourriture m’a beaucoup plu. Toute la famille était très gentille. J’ai hâte de vous accueillir un jour à Guernesey.

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