A Unique French Audiobook Method for the Upper Intermediate

Built upon 20+ years of one-on-one lessons with English-speaking adults, these upper intermediate level French audiobooks will quickly teach you today's real spoken French... Guaranteed.

What Makes The French Today Audiobooks Better

French Tenses Explained With the English Speaker in Mind

To successfully master the various French tenses of the future and the past, you first need to understand the logic of the tenses, when to use them and then memorise the various French verb conjugations. It’s useless to know your verb forms if you don’t know when you are supposed to use “passé-composé” or “imparfait”. With our clear explanation you’ll never hesitate again..

A Realistic Story Illustrating French Tenses

See the French tenses of the past and the future come to life in our fun and enticing novel with real characters that evolve in real life situations. Learning French in context throughout the whole book series will not only keep things interesting but will help you understand when we use the various French tenses.

Learn Real Spoken French not Book French

Spoken and written French are worlds apart (more so than most other languages). The modern French pronunciation also applies to verb conjugations. With our French learning method, you will master both traditional and modern French verb pronunciation.

Recorded At 2 Different Speeds - The Best of Both Worlds!

Both the method and the companion novel stories are recorded at two different speeds: slower for you to specifically focus on the sounds and street French to build up your ear for how French natives actually speak day to day-to-day.

Two Upper Intermediate French Methods + One Supporting Audio Novel & Study Guide

À Moi Paris Level 5 "Our Past and Future"
A Complete Audio Method to Master the French Past and Future Tenses

32 reviews
8 hrs 44 min (+ 194 Pages)

Real-life situations covered include:

  • Discussing your schedule
  • Jogging and Exercising
  • Telling about your day
  • Talking about friends
  • Relating problems in a restaurant
  • Discussing vacations and hobbies
  • Talking about school
  • Visiting apartments
  • Reporting a robbery
  • Describing a renovation project
  • Going to the hairdresser and discussing looks
  • And lots of small talk!

The Study Guide includes:

  • Recap overview of the present (le présent)
  • Depuis ≠ pendant, en, dans, pour, il y a
  • The near future construction (futur proche) and the future (futur simple)
  • “On” versus “nous”
  • The participles (le participe présent et le participe passé)
  • The imperfect (l’imparfait), the French past tense “passé-composé” and the preterit / simple past (le passé simple)
  • A direct and indirect object review
  • How to choose between être or avoir for the passé-composé
  • The pluperfect (le plus-que-parfait) and the future perfect (le futur antérieur)
  • Expressing cause and consequences, opposition and restriction

À Moi Paris Level 6 "A Blast From the Past"
The Quintessential Audiobook to Practice Your French Past & Future Tenses

18 reviews
10 hrs 51 min (+ 255 Pages)

Real-life situations covered include:

  • Catching up with old friends
  • Discussing diets, nutrition and ecology
  • Exploring feelings and relationships
  • Addressing a problem in a restaurant
  • Relating living arrangements
  • Sharing vacation memories
  • Bargaining for prices
  • Ordering coffee
  • Describing your job
  • Sharing school memories
  • Interacting with a young child
  • Talking about smoking
  • Fighting over paying the check
  • Reacting to some news
  • Asking for more info
  • Making plans
  • Doing small talk
  • Reflecting over your career
  • Talking and making plans over the phone
  • Going on a journey by train
  • Taking a tour of a house
  • Asking for directions
  • Relating pet stories
  • Interacting with a toddler
  • Describing a garden
  • Discussing art
  • Touring Giverny

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Some Customer Reviews...

The A Moi Paris series is hands down the most fun, creative and effective way to learn French.

Marcus Estrada

I have never seen content like this. So well presented and so useful in any other language course anywhere else.

Tony H

This is a great way to learn to speak and write French; and also a novel one can read at different stages too if, like most people, one is busy with lots of other things in life.

Susan Nash - UK

If you are already at a low intermediate level in your French studies, this is the best way I have found until now to pick up every day french, my best recommendation