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Credit Card Processing

All credit card transactions are handled by the industry leader in online payments: Stripe. Stripe handles the payment processing for more than 100,000 companies worldwide including Target, Expedia, SalesForce, Spotify, Unicef, Habitat for Humanity, Lyft, Booking, Yelp and many many more…

Absolutely no credit card number is ever stored on the French Today site and actually, our servers never actually ‘see’ your credit card number. All the forms you fill in are completely handled on Stripe’s secure servers and at no point do we ever see or know your secure credit card info.

Since we never know your credit card number, there is absolutely no way for us to charge your credit card besides your initial purchase.


Paypal payments are securely handled on Paypal’s site and we never see your Paypal sensitive information.

SSL Encryption

100% of all frenchtoday.com pages are handled via the latest security protocol: HTTPS2 with full TLS client authentication.

Our site uses industry-standard SSL certificates and is hosted behind the incredibly secure Cloudflare infrastructure. All passwords and sensitive information are encrypted using these secure certificates and encryption.

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