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Free Masterclass – Day #4

Top 30 French Mistakes English Speakers Make
Free Masterclass – Day #4

10. Grammar mistake: “Mon mari et moi aiment la France”

This is the same as in English, but for some reason, it’s a mistake I hear all the time: I + any other person = nous – we, not they.

Correct sentence: Mon mari et moi aimons la France

11. Vocabulary mistake: “demain, j’attends un mariage”

The verb “attendre” means “to wait for”, never to attend.
In French we use the verb “aller”, to go, which sounds bland in English. But you need to memorize it.

Correct sentence: “demain, je vais à un mariage”

12. Pronunciation mistake: Beware of the pronunciation of common & famous French places

Yes, I know, it’s very hard to guess how to pronounce proper names. It’s far from being obvious, but French people are likely to be offended if you butcher the pronunciation of Les Champs-Elysées (“lay shan zay lee zay”) which is close to la Tour Eiffel (“la too ray fell”).

(Note: In my bilingual audio novel “Une Semaine à Paris, a traveler’s guide with a novel twist” you will find the pronunciation of all of Paris main places).

OK, we’re done for today, I’ll talk to you tomorrow about more top French Mistakes English speakers make…


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