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Free Masterclass – Day #2

Top 30 French Mistakes English Speakers Make
Free Masterclass – Day #2

4. Grammar mistake : “Il y a beaucoup des fleurs”

Boy, all these little words “du, des, de, d'” are confusing… You pained to learn that plural nouns are introduced by des (or les), why the heck should you use something else here?

All expressions designating A QUANTITY (beaucoup, un peu, un kilo, un litre, une bouteille, un sac) are followed by DE (or d’), never un, une, or des. Here the De is a preposition (of), not an article (un, une, des). It’s actually just like in English, you say “there is a lot OF flowers”, not “a lot some flowers”.

Correct sentence: Il y a beaucoup DE fleurs.

5. Vocabulary mistake: “mon plaisir!”

French people just don’t say that. All the words exists, it seems logical to put them together like that, but in French, it doesn’t sound good…maybe a bit flirtatious or something… You can say “mais ça me fait plaisir”, but usually we just say the typical “je vous en prie/ je t’en prie” or “il n’y a pas de quoi”. You could also say “tout le plaisir est pour moi”, but that is definitely flirtatious, but in correct French :-)

To learn the expressions of politeness in French, their correct pronunciation as well as French cultural greetings tips, take a look at my French greetings and politeness masterclass.

6. Pronunciation mistake: Beware of the pronounciation of the month of August “Août”

This month totally eludes my students. Too many vowels together. It’s pronounce oot. No A sound, and you do pronounce the final T.

And it takes liaison: en août :noot. Le mois d’août: doot…

I’ll talk to you tomorrow for more top French Mistakes English speakers make…


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