How To Talk About Wine in French

Learn how to speak about wine in French with this French dialogue written in easy French and translated into English. Learn the French wine vocabulary in context, as well as typical questions and sentences you'll encounter during a wine tasting in France. [Read More...]

Une Dégustation de Vin d’Alsace – Easy Bilingual Story

Grâce au massif des Vosges à l’ouest, le climat est sec et ensoleillé, parfait pour la culture du raisin. Cette région de France produit du vin depuis l’époque romaine, et donc Colmar est souvent considérée comme la capitale des vins d’Alsace. Il y a une forte influence allemande sur la gastronomie de cette région et on peut la voir partout. [Read More...]

A Fun Wine Game

Here is a fun wine game you can do at home with your friends. No prior knowledge of wine is necessary: there are no right or wrong answers really! [Read More...]

The Secret of Burgundy Wines

What I am about to tell you is probably the single most important bit of information you can remember about French Burgundy Wine. It has to do with grape, and "terroir" - I'll explain both in details. [Read More...]