French Vocabulary

french jesus expressions

5 French Expressions With Jesus

We have only a few expressions using the word "Jésus", Jesus in French. I will translate and explain them, and illustrate them with an example + tips

french vocabulary movie film. 

French Movie Types, Vocabulary & Terms

French Movie Vocabulary and expressions + "le cinéma" ≠ "le théâtre" - what is the French verb to say to watch (regarder, voir...), commenting about movies, etc...

french may month holidays faire le pont

Long May Weekends in France

Traveling to France in May can be a bit complicated. We have many holidays, and many extended weekends since the French "font le pont" - they will take an extra day off when there is only one day separating a holiday from a weekend, and therefore have a "long weekend". And there are many holidays in May in France.

french presidential election vocabulary learn explanation 2017

French Election Vocabulary + Practice

France is about to elect her new president. Let's study the French Election and Politics Vocabulary, and understand a bit how we elect our French president with this French English bilingual story written in easy French.

Les Traditions de Pâques - Easter's Traditions in France

"Pâques" is an important holiday in France: a religious one of course, but also a traditional gathering for families, religious or not. Kids go egg hunting (you can see our daughter Leyla in action), but our egg providers are a bit different: magic bells!! And we traditionally cook a large meal with a leg of lamb, and set a lively table to honor the coming of Spring time.

French Vocabulary For Childcare, Kids, Children, Babies

Today, we'll explore the French vocabulary used to talk to French kids, and essential French childcare vocabulary such as diaper, pacifier, stroller.... I also included common French baby words as well as a video of a French infant saying "areuh" - the VERY French first coo...

spoken french pronunciation of il y a there is

Modern Spoken French Pronunciation of "Il y a"

"Il y a" is probably the common French word where the modern French pronunciation is the most blatant. And this often comes to a shock to poor students of French who were never prepared for that!

Visiting an Old Farm in France + French Farming Vocabulary

Let's learn the French farm vocabulary, animals, crops and other French farming words and practice your French with this easy French English bilingual story about "la ferme d'Antan", a working museum in a typical old small farm in Brittany.