Top 10 Easy to Understand French Movies

Many beginner and intermediate French students are looking for French movies easy enough to understand. It's quite a challenge, so I asked my students and ex-students to help me put together a list of French films they found easier to understand, and these were the most popular results. [Read More...]

Découvrez Les Plages Françaises – An Easy French English Bilingual Story

La France est entourée de quatre mers : en commençant depuis le haut à droite, à côté de la Belgique, on trouve la mer du Nord. Puis la Manche borde toute la côte normande et le nord de la côte bretonne. Enfin, vient l’océan Atlantique pour toute la côte ouest française. Et puis finalement, de l’autre côté, en bas à droite, la chaude mer Méditerranée. Et tout cela sans compter les territoires outre-mer, ni la Corse ! [Read More...]

French Vacation Vocabulary & Expressions – Les Vacances

"Les vacances" (always plural in French) - vacation, is at the heart of the French culture. With 5 weeks paid vacation for French employees, and a total of 16 weeks of vacation for French school students, France sure values her holidays. In this lesson, we will study the French vacation vocabulary, learn expressions used for holidays, as well as cultural information and tips. [Read More...]

How To Be a Polite Guest in a French Home

When you are invited to stay over in a French home, maybe with French friends or maybe during a school exchange, there are some things that may surprise you. In today's article, I will tell you what to expect, what is expected of you as a guest in France, and give you some useful French expressions and vocabulary. [Read More...]