The Ultimate French Tennis Vocabulary List

To celebrate the French Open starting this week (or "Roland Garros" as we call it in French), I wanted to put together the most comprehensive list French tennis terms I could think of. I'm a big fan of tennis myself and also play about 3 to 4 times a week so I hear these terms all the time (although the ones about me leading in the score not as often as I wished!). [Read More...]

10 Tips to Ride the Paris Subway Like a Parisian

Not your typical Paris métro tips: untold Paris subway politeness rules, safety tips & Parisian know how... A Parisian native share her tips on how to best ride the Paris métro & avoid common traps and scams: the shorter route on the map may not be the fastest, don't keep your ticket close to coins (they will demagnetise)...  [Read More...]