French Terrorism Vocabulary

In the light of the recent Paris terrorist attacks (Nov 2015) and in other places around the world, many Skype students of mine who follow the news on French TV/Radio asked for the French vocabulary for terrorism and the meaning of "Fluctuat Nec Mergitur" - I also recorded its pronunciation. [Read More...]

What does the JeSuisCharlie mean and what is Charlie Hebdo?

I wanted to write a little something about the newspaper Charlie Hebdo in the context of the horrible events of January 2015. This is not about starting a political or religious debate (this being a company site, it is not appropriate nor relevant) but by speaking to many of our students last week, I wanted to clear up a couple of perceptions that we heard. [Read More...]

10 Ways You Can Help French Today Grow

As you know, we are a small business: husband & wife, lots of work and good will. Running a small web based business in this economy is not easy, so if you like our blog and all our free resources, here are 10 ways you can help us out. Thank you in advance! [Read More...]