Learn French In Context

Visiting an Old Farm in France + French Farming Vocabulary

Let's learn the French farm vocabulary, animals, crops and other French farming words and practice your French with this easy French English bilingual story about "la ferme d'Antan", a working museum in a typical old small farm in Brittany.

cruise french vocabulary

French Cruise Vocabulary + Bilingual Story

More and more people enjoy taking a cruise (une croisière) in Europe. After we explore the French cruise vocabulary, Steve will share his cruise experience with us in this lively French English bilingual story, and then he'll list the pros and cons of traveling on a cruise.

PARIS covered market learn french

Paris' Covered Markets French English Bilingual Story

Today I decided to help you discover a selection of some nice covered markets in Paris, very popular with Parisians in the middle of the nineteenth century. But before strolling in those first malls, let’s see first the vocabulary of the different French names to designate streets, avenues….

Que signifie "Black Friday"? Meaning & French Traditions for "Black Friday"

What does "Black Friday" mean and is it popular in France? This article in the form of an easy French English bilingual story takes a closer look at the vocabulary and French traditions for the huge American after Thanksgiving sale called "Black Friday" and the one held on the next Monday called "Cyber Monday".