Everything About the French Tout & Pronunciation of Tous

When do you write tout, tous, toute ou toutes ? When is the S of "tous" pronounced: when is it "tousss" or "tou"? The reason why it's pronounced differently is grammatical. The word "tout" has different grammatical values in French : it can be an indefinite adjective, an adverb, a noun, an indefinite pronoun or a neutral pronoun. In this article, I'll explain "everything" (pun intended) clearly, with many examples. [Read More...]

How To Switch From Vous To Tu in French

Most French students know that French has several forms for you: "tu" and "vous". If knowing which one to use when meeting a French person is not always easy, it's even harder to decide when it's time to switch from "vous" to "tu", and how to do the transition smoothly. Today, I will give you some useful French sentences for switching from "vous" to "tu", plus many cultural tips. [Read More...]

Understanding The French Subject Pronoun On

The use of "On" may be the most blatant difference between traditional French and modern spoken French... "On" means "we" in modern French, and we use it all the time as such. However, "on" could mean so much more: "one", "people"... but also "someone", "you", "they" and even "he, she" and "I"... [Read More...]

Talking About Age in French – Vocabulary and Grammar

Expressing Age in French is tricky both grammatically and vocabulary wise: I'll explain the differences between "grandir" and "vieillir", the different life stages, the tricky French adjectives for old and young, how to ask someone's age in French, and the difference between "an" and "année". [Read More...]

French Mistakes: Beware of the To Be + verb in ING Constructions

There is a notion totally lost in translation: the progressive constructions in English. I am watching TV, they were dancing, she will be arriving soon... All these progressive constructions (to be + verb in ING) which come naturally to an English speaker often lead to mistakes when they translate them into French. Quite understandable since these constructions simply don't exist in French! [Read More...]