Discovering France: Its Wonders and Warts – Part 3

An Unexpected Side Trip

-- Snuggled amidst our overstuffed luggage, we began to relax, as images of sanitizing fluid, gypsies, and light fingered taxi drivers, faded from our minds. We absorbed the beautiful French countryside flying past our train windows:  lush green meadows, ancient farms, rivers and rivulets.  This was France in all its natural wonder.
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Discovering France: Its Wonders and Warts – Part 2

Healing Waters


Train transportation in France is slick and speedy, but beware the “facilities” along the way.  They can be diabolical.

Anxious to stick my finger in France’s eye for our recent theft, I pushed my wife as a pawn across my chess board of revenge and right into a toilette --- after I had used it first.  Since I had already dropped in some monnaie for myself, why, I pondered, should I also have to pay for my wife.  She could simply slip into the privy on my franc. So I held the door, she entered, the door locked, then came panicky screams of “I’m being sanitized!”

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