Create an audio CD of lessons

Want to create a CD with some of our audio lessons for your car or home stereo?This tutorial will walk you through all the required steps.

Install iTunes on your computer

I you do not have Apple iTunes installed on your computer, first install it
(iTunes is available for both Windows and Mac).

Save the audio lessons to your computer

Download all the audio lessons you are interested on to your computer by right clicking on the link and choosing “Save Link As”.  The computer will ask you where you want to save your files, to make it easier to find the mp3 files, create a folder/directory on your desktop and save all files in it.

Open the files in iTunes

Once iTunes is installed on your computer, just double clicking on the mp3 file in the folder will add it to the iTunes library and start playing it.  If you want to add several files at once, select “File -> Add to Library” and select all the files you want to add.


Create a CD playlist

Click on the “+” button in the bottom left hand side.  This will create a new playlist.  Name the playlist what you want your audio CD to be named.


Add the files to your playlist

Tip: enter ‘frenchtoday’ in the search window to reveal only the audio files from this site.

Drag the files from your music library onto the playlist name in the left hand column.


Verify your burning settings

In iTunes, go to the preferences and select the Advanced tab.  Then select the ‘Burning’ option.  You will see the following:


Make sure “Audio CD” is selected.  If you want, add a 2 second gap between lessons. Press OK.

NOTE: if you know that your CD player can handle “MP3 CDs” (which most modern CD players and car radios do), then you can choose the “MP3 CD” option which will allow you to put a lot more audio files onto one CD as opposed to the “Audio CD”.

Burn the CD

Select the playlist you want to create a CD from, insert a blank CD into your CD burner and then click on the “Burn Disc” button in the bottom right.


iTunes will now burn the CD and voila…