Tailored Proofreading of French Documents

It’s your paper, I just make sure your French is right !

I’ve done proofreading for many different people ; students of course, but also teachers, business people working with France, individuals writing letters to their French friends, poets and song writers…

We’re sorry but French Today has stopped offering proofreading services and we can not recommend any other services at this point in time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The proofreading can be basic (just discreetly correcting the big mistakes), or thorough (changing or improving the writing style so it is more French). I can also give an explanation of the corrections, so you do learn in the process, or just give you the corrected document… The process is easy: you send me your document by email, and I send it back to you within a few days with the corrections. You pay me with a credit card or Paypal.

Contact Camille to learn more.

Thank you for your expert corrections, elegant turns of phrasing, and the extremely prompt service. Most of all, thank you for your enthusiasm in helping me Caroline Cha University of Southern California in L.A., USA

Thank you Camille. As always you are a life savior! Herman M. Michel

I am doing business with a French company. Camille looked over a speech I was going to give, and then recorded it for me. She was a huge help Jasmine Yong