Classic French Tales

Timeless French classics recorded with a modern twist

What makes tales so great is that you and your kid already know the story : so they are easy to understand in French !

My version of the tale is extremely lively, sometimes even a big goofy. I tell the tales like I tell them to my daughter, it’s lots of fun. For your kid, it’s a great way to get a feeling for French rhythm and pronunciation, and learn some vocabulary.
With repetitions, you’ll be surprise at how much you/your kid will pick up!
The pdf comes with lots of gorgeous pictures, and a full English translation.
My personal tip: if you speak some French, reinforce the message by picking any English book telling the same tale and point to the pictures as I am telling the tale. Reinforce the message by saying a few words: “Ooooooh, regarde le loup!!” (oh, look at the wolf). Make it fun, make it special: your kid will associate French with a fun experience, which is the key for teaching children.

I will also read – whenever available – the original version, from the 18th century. My version will have prepared you to a lot of the vocabulary, and will work as a bridge to help you conquer the original version. It’s a great way for adults to learn more advanced, sophisticated vocabulary and verb tenses, and stay focussed through longer recordings.

All tales read by Camille Chevalier-Karfis.