Unlock the French Past and Future Tenses

A serious approach to learning both traditional and modern French. Grammar and vocabulary specifically explained for English speakers. Practice everything you learn with an ongoing and fun novel with realistic dialogues/situations.

L5 + L6

À Moi Paris Method – Upper Intermediate

4.97 out of 5
(116 customer reviews)

Now that you master the French pronouns, time to tackle the tenses.

Understand how you build and use tenses of the past and future in French versus English. Unravel the secrets of Passé Composé versus Imparfait, the elusive “On” and more. Reinforce all these concepts in the context of an ongoing story recorded at 2 different levels of enunciation (enunciated & modern). Q & A section will entice you to practice out loud what you’ve learned and improve your confidence when handling upper intermediate conversations.

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"I’ve tried dozens of language learning methods for the three different languages I’ve studied, and I’ve never found anything quite like French Today. The absolute best program for language learning, and great customer service."

Elizabeth Ryan - brussels

"I have tried others and even a private teacher for over a year and learned grammar but still cannot have a conversation!! With your techniques, I am speaking and comprehending faster."


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  • Discussing vacations and hobbies
  • Going to the hairdresser and discussing looks
  • Exploring feelings and relationships
  • Addressing a problem in a restaurant
  • Bargaining for prices
  • Discussing diets, nutrition, and ecology
  • Interacting with a young child
  • Talking and making plans over the phone
  • Going on a journey by train
  • Relating pet stories
  • Touring Giverny & discussing art


  • Recap overview of the present (le présent)
  • Depuis ≠ pendant, en, dans, pour, il y a
  • The near future construction (futur proche)
  • The future (futur simple) and the future perfect (le futur antérieur)
  • On versus nous
  • The imperfect (l’imparfait) and the past tense “passé-composé”
  • The participles (le participe présent et le participe passé)
  • A direct and indirect object review
  • How to choose between être or avoir for the passé-composé?
  • The preterit / simple past (le passé simple) and the pluperfect (le plus-que-parfait)
  • Expressing cause and consequences, opposition and restriction

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À Moi Paris Method - All Levels

More than 3 days of pro audio recordings and 1700 pages of transcript. These audiobooks will take you from beginner to advanced all while learning in the context of a story recorded at multiple speeds and levels of enunciation. Includes all the story chapters, study guides and Q&A sections of the whole À Moi Paris Method.

Verified Customer Reviews

4.97 out of 5 stars

116 reviews

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8 reviews with a 5-star rating

  1. 5 out of 5

    Lani Hoeh, Linwood, Mi and Bonita Springs Fl., USA Verified Owner

    I absolutely love this course!…At age 70, I’ve been learning to speak, write and understand French for about 4 years now. I have employed many ways and techniques in learning, including, Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, Duolingo,, and taking some semi-private beginning and intermediate classes with my friend who is French, lives most of the year in France, but who vacations in Florida for several months in the winter, (which explains how we met). This course is comparable to the best.
    I’m a retired Reading Specialist , who has worked for many years with children, grades K-8 , with reading difficulties, and realize what a powerful tool audio-books have become in helping children to read more fluently and with comprehension. This applies also to helping those who wish to learn a foreign language. This course provides the opportunity for one to read along with text while listening to it, in short manageable chapters, to have the translation at one’s fingertips, and to review at will. (You’ll be able to pronounce the words and enunciate correctly..to sound intelligible!)
    Chapters include review of verb tenses, and grammar instruction and exercises comparable to what one would expect to receive in a class taught by a competent French teacher.
    Thank you so much for offering these excellently crafted and presented courses….My next purchases will be the review of the French verbs!

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  2. 5 out of 5

    David Jones – Melbourne, AUS Verified Owner

    I have been learning French for some years now and I bought “A Moi Paris – Level 5” several months ago. I am very happy with my purchase. When I was a Physics student many years ago I found that there were three things which were crucial to the learning of any new concept; one was to find a good explanation of the idea, either from a good teacher or a good book, the next was to have some typical examples to look at to take it out of the abstract and make it real, and the last thing was to have some test problems to work on (with answers) to assure myself that I really understood the concept. I was delighted to find that Camille has also taken this approach in “A Moi Paris”, there are very clear discussions of many grammatical points which I have previously found a little difficult to understand, there are interesting and useful stories in French (with English translations) which illustrate the use of these points (and provide new and useful vocabulary) and then there are examples to test your understanding (with answers). All of this is available in both audio (at two speeds) and print formats. It’s an excellent resource for improving your French and I recommend it highly. This is definitely a five star product.

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  3. 5 out of 5

    Tom Grayson, Champaign, Illinois Verified Owner

    I’ve used all five audiobook levels. They are exceptional in many ways. They are well constructed and sequentially planned to help you progress, step by step, in learning the French language. I recently enrolled in French classes at the University of Illinois and found these audiobooks to very valuable to my understanding of French as it is spoken, not to mention vocabulary. I listen to one of these audiobooks on a daily basis as I work out at gym. I’ve been doing this for the past several years. As Camille says, repetition is the key to success.

    Also, I love the audiotapes on verb drills and on pronunciation. Very, very helpful and valuable… 5 Stars!

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  4. 5 out of 5

    Ray Budd – Pittsburgh Verified Owner

    I have used other titles in this series as well as two poetry items and two Fairy Tale items. I have always been very satisfied with products from this company, so when I saw this new title advertised I purchased it and am delighted. I love the detail and grammar behind the stories. These products have helped me improve my abilities in French.

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  5. 5 out of 5

    Doug Anderson – Adelaide, Australia. Verified Owner

    One more chapter to go and I’m loving it! Thank you both so much! Really looking forward to the arrival of Level 6.

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  6. 5 out of 5

    jen c. ,U.S.A. Verified Owner

    I have the entire À Moi Paris series so far. The stories are realistic, enjoyable, and hold one’s interest.
    The option of different listening speeds insure that listeners of different levels are neither overwhelmed nor unchallenged.
    It’s a very well thought out; wonderful tool for learning and/or review.

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  7. 5 out of 5

    Scott, Canberra, Australia Verified Owner

    A Moi Paris 5 is the fourth book I’ve used in this series, though I also have purchased and enjoyed Une Semaine a Paris and Une Semaine a Paimpol.

    I find Camille’s presentation excellent, easy to understand and with sufficient vocal variation amongst the characters to differentiate them without needing to check the accompanying texts.

    Through the A Moi Paris series, the steady development of the story line about the three girls is an excellent way to enhance understanding, as the inclusion of more complex ideas, vocabulary and grammar is set in a familiar environment, so the listener’s (and reader’s) own visualisation helps comprehension immensely.

    Book 5 seems, to me at least, to be starting a transition towards a more normal speed in the conversations, and has thus helped my understanding of things such as movies or the TV news from Paris.

    I often listen to Camille’s recordings as I drive to and from work (about 30 minutes each way) and frequently find myself having wonderful little moments when hearing a phrase or expression suddenly makes more sense! I find that I can then incorporate them into my own spoken french, giving me more nuanced or different ways to express ideas.

    I should note that I have deliberately only ever listened to the “Street” versions of the audio books as my objective is to be able to (without needing to translate) hear, understand (and use myself) the french that is actually used by the French, instead of the far more formal written french that is typically taught in classes.

    For those starting to transition to more advanced understanding of real spoken french, I am happy to recommend this book (and indeed the entire series) without reservation.

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  8. 5 out of 5

    Victoria. Sydney Australia Verified Owner

    After a few years of studying French these simple stories are great to keep everything I’ve learned fresh in my memory. Thanks Camille Oliver and team.

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