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A Unique Audio-Based Method to Learn True Modern French


Designed to Simplify the Complexity Of French

This French audiobook clearly explains complex points of grammar and vocabulary and is perfect for the intermediate level.

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À Moi Paris – Intermediate Level

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Designed to Simplify the Complexity Of French, This Low Intermediate Bundle is Recorded at 2 Different Speeds & Using Modern French Glidings/Elisions.

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  • Describing and comparing people and things
  • Making various kinds of phone calls
  • Ordering and commenting on food
  • Flirting in French
  • Discussing a TV show
  • Going to the hospital
  • Common slang
  • Grocery shopping & setting a menu
  • Taking the plane
  • Driving in France
  • Talking with and about babies/kids
  • + A lot of small talk


  • Direct & indirect object pronouns
  • Asking questions: Est-ce que, inversion & street
  • Common & complex interrogative expressions
  • Expressing possession & possessive adjectives
  • Demonstrative & Interrogative adjectives
  • Adjectives of colors and nuances
  • Tous, tout, toute or toutes & pronunciation
  • Quel, quelques, lequel, duquel, auquel, quelques-uns…
  • Possessive & demonstrative pronouns
  • Comparative & superlative adverbs
  • Y/En and their modern glided pronunciation
  • Adverbs and their place in the sentence

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À Moi Paris Level 3
À Moi Paris Level 4

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Intermediate French Booster Pack

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Designed to Simplify the Complexity Of French, This Intermediate Level Bundle Contains our Most Popular Products Together for an Amazing Price.

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