À Moi Paris Level 7 “In A French Mood”

An Advanced Audio Method to Master French Verb Moods

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(Rated 4.90 on 11 Customer Reviews)

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Duration: 9 hrs 02 min (+ 205 Pages)

Target Level: Upper Intermediate & Above

Explore and Conquer the Different French Moods

This French audiobook clearly explains the construction and uses of the French conditional, imperative and subjunctive moods. It explores situations when English and French don’t use the same moods, gives tips on how to avoid complicated constructions and focuses on what is difficult for students such as the hypothetical constructions (‘if’ clauses).

The ongoing story of Mary and her friends is fun and lively and illustrates the points of grammar in context. You’ll then practice the new concepts with exercises.

With this French audio method, you will:

  • Really understand when to use the imperative, the conditional and the dreaded subjunctive mood
  • Train on what is really important to know, and learn common ways to avoid complex tenses (like the French do)
  • Learn many fun and useful idioms/expressions seldom found in books
  • Train in using and understanding the modern French pronunciation French natives use today
  • Continue the adventures of Mary, Sophie, Claudia and their friends

A Unique French Learning Approach

  • Based around a realistic storyline and real-world characters
  • Recorded (not mechanically slowed/sped up) at two speeds (slower and street French)
  • Featuring more advanced French conjugation and grammar concepts

Included in this French Audiobook

9 Hours 02 min of story chapters + study guide + grammar and vocabulary exercises – all professionally recorded by a Parisian native + 205 pages transcript.

US$83.99 US$67.19

120 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Real-life situations covered include:

  • Moving to France
  • Renting an apartment in Paris
  • Setting up a business in France
  • Renovating
  • Talking about a restaurant concept
  • Making hypotheses
  • Discussing the news
  • French strike vocabulary
  • Debating and lightly arguing
  • Extending Dinner invitation on the phone
  • Setting up a dinner menu for guests
  • Making plans for the day
  • Going grocery shopping
  • Comparing items
  • Interacting at the cash register
  • Accepting/refusing an invitation
  • Being polite dinner guests/hosts

The Study Guide includes:

  • Conditional present construction
  • “Je” form – Conditional pronunciation ≠ futur simple
  • Conditional use in French ≠ English
  • Wishing in French
  • Would you like in French
  • Asking for permission or favors in French
  • It would be my pleasure in French
  • Past conditional – should have, would have, could have
  • Hypothesis in French (“if” clauses)
  • Exploring “if” and it’s various translations
  • Subjunctive present construction
  • When do we use the Subjunctive in French?
  • The reality of Subjunctive use in France nowadays
  • Ways to avoid the Subjunctive
  • Subjunctive ≠ Indicative
  • Subtleties of the Subjunctive
  • The “ne” explétif – a “ne” without any negative value
  • Tenses of the Subjunctive
  • Imperative present construction
  • Imperative and exclamation marks
  • The reality of the Imperative use in France nowadays
  • Imperative and pronouns

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Robert S. USA

    J’ai étudié le français depuis 6-7 années, et j’ai utilisé un tas de produits. J’ai trouvé votre séries À Moi Paris formidable en ce qui concerne la grammaire et des astuces culturelles. Mais j’ai quelques petites critiques. Premièrement li y a trop d’anglais. Serait-il possible d’expliquer la grammaire en français plutôt qu’en anglais? Pour apprendre une langue etrangère ill faut de l’immersion totale, et je trouve des longues explications grammaticales en anglais distrayantes. D’ailleurs c’est souvent impossible de mettre une forme verbale en anglais en correlation avec une forme verbale en français, et vice versa. Vaut mieux d’appuyer sur le contexte. En plus pour achever une dialogue plus fluide et naturelle , à mon avis, vous devez utiliser d’autres locuteurs.

    Enfin je vous souhaite bonne continuation et j’ai hâte de voir À Moi Paris Level 8

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