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French Today specializes in delivering downloadable French audio lessons on topics that are usually badly explained, or explained too quickly.

I’ve also created several downloadable French audiobooks / novels to learn truly useful vocabulary in a fun way, master modern French pronunciation and get familiar with grammar used in context. These unique French audio books and lessons are exclusively available on this site, and will help develop your knowledge of French and build-up your confidence in speaking.

Master the French fundamentals

Starting to learn French online? As a beginner, one of the most important things to do is to develop a strong basis: pronunciation, vocabulary and conjugation.

Start small and then build up on it. Here are four products that are perfect for the beginner… and the intermediate/advanced that is missing or reviewing some of the much-needed fundamentals…

Secrets of French Pronunciation Audio Lesson

Secrets of French Pronunciation
One of our most popular products, this complete 1h 42min audio masterclass explains all the fundamental rules of modern everyday French pronunciation. This in-depth audio lesson will train you on the key French sounds including the ones that are particularly challenging for foreign students like nasals, “euille”, aspirated H, etc…
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“A Moi Paris” French Audiobook / Novel

A Moi Paris French AudiobookThis beginner-level novel, workbook and Q&A exercise book follows the everyday activities of 3 young women in Paris. Using only the present tense, the dialogues cover realistic everyday situations and increase in difficulty as the story develops. A fun and very efficient way to increase your vocabulary and study French in context.
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French Verbs Fundamentals Audio Lesson

French Verbs Fundamentals Audio Lesson
Unfortunately, French is known for its complex grammar and most French classes often fly over the basics. This in-depth 3hrs and 24min audio lesson is the most complete & modern grammar method you will find on the subject. This unique method covers the construction of French verbs, their very glided modern pronunciation and it also contains lots of exercises to do out loud. This method will ensure that you develop the right reflexes when speaking and writing.
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French Greetings and Politeness Audio Lesson

French Greetings & Politeness Audio Book
Meeting and interacting with people is key when learning a new language. If you freeze or start off on the wrong foot, the rest of the conversation will be rough for the both of you. This 33 min audio lesson will build your confidence and teach you the key greeting phrases, how and when to use “Tu” vs. “Vous” and when you should shake hands or kiss on the cheek! This lesson also points out all the modern glidings of Today’s French and includes many cultural notes to avoid faux pas and be polite on any occasion. Great for the vacationer and business folks…
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Describe This! Mastering French Adjectives

Mastering French Adjectives_FrenchToday
French adjectives follow very different rules than English adjectives: their pronunciation in particular changes a lot depending on the word they modify, this is why learning these adjectives with audio is so important. This 2 hour and 40 minute lesson will teach you a lot of truly useful vocabulary to describe food, people, feelings etc… explain clearly the logic that rules French adjectives, and be a major asset in French conversations.
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Essential French Dialogs

Essential French Dialogs Audio Lesson
This 3 hour long audio lesson is a must for anybody traveling to France. The dialogs cover everyday conversations and are lively and fun. They are recorded at a normal and a slow speed so students can practice their pronunciation and understanding of real French, like it is spoken today. This audiobook also features valuable tips which will teach you about French culture, tell you the proper etiquette in key situations, and help you feel ready for your next trip to France.
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Improve your communication skills

Learn French online with these French audiobooks and masterclasses that are designed to make you speak out loud, so you actively challenge your communication skills and improve your pronunciation.

“Une Semaine à Paris” French Audiobook / Novel

Une Semaine à Paris French Audiobook
This is a fun and informative 2hrs and 48min audio book / novel set in Paris. Study French in context as you embark on a virtual journey in the City of Lights. Helpful Paris travel inserts complement the French dialogues and matching English translations. The 350+ questions/answers of the companion workbook will help you practice your conversation skills out loud and compare your pronunciation to male and female native speakers of French.
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“A Moi Paris 2” French Audiobook / Novel

French Audio Book: "A Moi Paris 2"
This 2hrs 54min bilingual audio novel will boost your French to the next level. The awaited sequel to the beginner audio novel and workbook “A Moi Paris”, this intermediate-level novel continues the Parisian adventure and is rich in common everyday tenses. Each chapter evolves around a vocabulary theme like “in a restaurant”, “directions”, “colloquial French”, “on the phone”, etc… and a companion study guide translates and explains the new vocabulary, slang expressions and idioms.
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Secrets of French Conversation Audio Lesson

Secrets of French Conversation Audio Lesson
Asking questions correctly and understanding them fast is the key to any successful conversation. However, there are many variations and ways to ask questions in French, including some very popular street slang which students are seldom prepared for. This 1 hour in-depth audio lesson covers fundamentals such as “est-ce que” and inversions as well as the key French interrogative expressions.
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French verb drills

French Verb Audio Drills Volume 3French conjugation is a real pain and so I designed these unique audio exercises to help you memorize the dreadful conjugations and their correct modern pronunciation which is so often butchered. Each of these 10+ hour volumes covers the most common irregular verbs, in the affirmative, negative and interrogative forms. About 6 minutes per drill, think of it like working out: a little hard to start but well worth it once you see the difference it makes afterwards!
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Bridge the gap between the intermediate & advanced levels

To learn french online as an intermediate level, the biggest challenge is often being able to understand everything the French say, French movies, French radio… These longer – yet reachable – audio recordings will train your French ear, build up tons of vocabulary and expressions, and help you understand longer, more complex French conversations.

Classic French Tales

French Tales Volume 2
These French audio books are about building steps to help you develop your French ear. Because you already know the story, it will be easier to understand my fun and lively version of the tale, which will in turn help you master the much more challenging original 18th century version. Not just for children, these are perfect for the student who is looking for a different type of study material.
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Easy French Poetry Reading & Analysis

French Poetry Volume 3I use simple, everyday French to read and analyse all the most famous French poetry classics. Not only is it a great cultural subject but it’s a fantastic way to learn new vocabulary and improve your understanding of deeper more advanced conversations. French culture is deeply engrained with poetry and these audiobooks will teach you both formal and modern pronunciation.
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