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Jeannie & Megan – 2018 – French Immersion Near Aix-en-Provence

French Family Immersion At Teacher Near Aix-En-Provence 3

Ma fille et moi avons toujours aimé la culture française: l’art, la langue, les délicieux vins et le fromage. Nous aimons tout! C’est pour cette raison que nous avons décidé d’essayer une semaine d’immersion avec une famille française. Vivant près d’Aix-en-Provence, Virginie  et sa famille nous ont ouvert leur porte —et leurs cœurs— pour rendre notre séjour inoubliable!

Immersion Aix-en-Provence

Après un long vol des États-Unis, nous étions heureuses de voir Virginie nous attendre à l’aéroport de Marseille. Elle nous a conduit chez elle et nous a présenté son mari et leurs trois charmants enfants. Ensuite, nous avons joué aux cartes avec les enfants, mangé un bon repas et dégusté des vins régionaux et le traditionnel bonbon aux amandes d’Aix: les Calissons. Après une bonne nuit de sommeil dans notre suite privée et spacieuse, nous nous sommes réveillées prêtes à apprendre le français.

French Family Immersion At Teacher Near Aix-En-Provence 3

Chaque jour commençait sur la terrasse avec le petit déjeuner et les cours de français. Parfois, le chat, Fripouille participait à la discussion! Virginie est une prof formidable. Avec ses enfants, elle aime la méthode d’enseignement Montessori, et elle utilise le même genre de matériaux avec ses étudiants.

Virginie nous a emmené dans un vignoble local et chez un chocolatier. Nous y avons acheté des cadeaux pour nos amis et familles. Elle nous a emmené à la boulangerie et à son marché bio préféré.

Nous avons aussi visité Aix-en-Provence et Arles.

Immersion Aix-en-Provence

Nous avions commencé notre séjour en jouant aux cartes avec les enfants de Virginie et Alex. Il était donc approprié que nous finissions notre séjour en regardant le dessin animé Les Simpsons que leurs enfants appellent « Spider Cochon »!

Virginie est une excellente prof et sa famille est charmante. Nous la recommandons vivement à tous ceux qui souhaitent étudier le français en Provence.

Horace – 2018 – French Immersion Near Aix-en-Provence

French Immersion Near Aix-en-Provence

I stayed in the house of my teacher Virginie and was made to feel comfortable from the very beginning.

The house is just outside of the village and is a community close to Aix en Provence. Our day began with breakfast around 8:30 and continued the noon meal. There is a road just beyond the house where a vineyard climbs the hill behind the house. I liked to walk several times a day up the hill to an olive orchard.

French Immersion Near Aix-en-Provence 2

On some days Virginie would join me, and we would have lessons while we walked. I enjoyed these lessons very much. Other times we would sit on the veranda behind the house, overlooking the pool, and have a more formal lesson. There was plenty of homework, which was helpful and enjoyable.

We also traveled Aix for the market, and to other small villages to enjoy what they had to offer, and to continue our language lessons. My preference to small towns, and local attractions can best be exhibited by our trip into Eguille, which I enjoyed very much. We visited a garden in the town, that boasted not only a variety of plants and trees, but also of naturalistic artworks completed by the owner.

French Immersion Near Aix-en-Provence 2

We also stopped by a local vineyard for some tasting of their wines. It is very easy to increase your language skills when talking about the things you are doing, or seeing, or tasting.

I came to France with a small amount of French vocabulary, and less of the proper French sentence construction. With Virginie’s help I am much better in my communication and writing skills. As an appreciated bonus she has given me via paper, and via email, a variety of resources that I am taking home to help me progress in my French.

I highly recommend both the immersion program and in specific Virginie. Thank you for helping me have a most enjoyable time in France.

Chris – 2018 – French Immersion Near Aix-en-Provence

french immersion provence

My weeklong stay with Virginie and her husband Alex in Aix en Provence was an amazing time. It was positive on all fronts.

The French lessons were very flexible and customized to address my weaknesses and level. Speaking and listening comprehension are the main areas where I need improvement and Virginie made sure that we were talking all of the time. Her method of teaching certain concepts with topic cards was very fun and useful and allowed us to complete exercises while walking through fields or streets. The only area for improvement would be to have a review of the previous days learnings before beginning new topics.

The location of the stay was fantastic as it was a short drive away from many cities in Provence. I chose to focus the excursions on exploring French towns and Virginie happily obliged, as we spent afternoons in Aix en Provence, Avignon, and Arles. Each trip was interesting and provided a lot of learning. Virginie and Alex even helped organize additional outings that I was interested in such as playing football.

learn french aix-en-provence

Their house was beautiful and I immediately felt at home and comfortable with my living space. The food made was delicious and generous, and I was happy that the meals were often French specialities. My week felt like I experienced a genuine southern French lifestyle.

As a student for the next year in Paris, I am very glad that I chose to spend a week on a French immersion homestay. I would have liked to spend more time but given I will be paying tuition for the next two years, the price for more than a week was out of my range. Regardless, I’d recommend to anyone looking to improve their French and experience a true French life.

Celia, José & Twins Daniel & Emily  – 2018 – French Immersion Homestay in Provence

French Immersion Homestay in Provence

We really enjoyed our stay with Virginie, Alex and their lovely three children in Eguilles and would highly recommend them to others interested in learning French and experiencing life in Provence.

We didn’t really know what to expect from our stay, as we had never done an immersion or homestay program before and were a bit worried about how our children (6 year-old twins) would react to being in a different home and country…however our time in Provence was truly delightful and we would go back in a heartbeat.

Virginie, Alex and their children were very welcoming to us, and quickly made us feel at home. Within a few hours of being at their house, our kids were already catching grasshoppers with Leo, Tom and Lily, chasing each other around the pool, and happily sharing chocolate cookies. Watching the kids play together – and try to communicate – was great fun for all of us.

Virginie was a very patient, flexible and creative teacher and made learning French a lot of fun. We really enjoyed our morning classes and our lunches together, and also appreciated the many excursions we did together to beaches, old villages, the lavender and sunflower fields, the Calanques, and much more. When Virginie found out that my husband was an avid birder, she even organized a visit to an ornithological park together to see flamingos! Virginie also gave us really helpful ideas for places to visit with our children, which made exploring the region much easier and lots of fun.

In short, we were incredibly happy that we choose to stay with Virginie, Alex and their lovely children, and hope we will have an opportunity to visit them again in the near future.

David – 2018 – Immersion Chez le Professeur en Provence

Immersion Chez le Professeur en Provence

J’ai passé une semaine très agréable chez Virginie et Alex ou j’ai fait des cours de français, visité le marché, bu des vins, marché dans la campagne et vu des films.   Virginie est une prof très bien informé mais Alex aussi parle très bien anglais, donc dans le soir quand on a mangé ensemble c’était facile de parler sans confusion – en français mais aussi (quand je n’ai connu pas un phrase) en anglais.   I would recommend Virginie to any English speaker who wants to improve their French and have a lovely Provençal break.

Jhané – 2018 – French Immersion Homestay in Provence

immersion en provence

Today marks the end of my week with Virginie and her family and I’m sad to go. They were very welcoming and I couldn’t have asked for better hosts.

When I arrived at the airport, I heard someone call my name and turned to see it was Virginie. She approached me as if we already knew each other and this immediately put me at ease. Her husband, Alexandre, was also very friendly and their 3 kids were adorable and lively.

french immersion homestay provence

Virginie was extremely accommodating. She made sure that I got to try all the French dishes that I was curious about and even suggested to me some I had never heard of. I tried escargots, légumes farcis, tropézienne, pain au chocolat and even Alex’s very own rosé. She also would change the daily schedule to suit me and what I wanted to do.

For our two excursions, we went canoeing along Les Calanques and horseback riding along the coast. They were both new experiences for me and I enjoyed them a lot. Even though canoeing for that long was tiring for us both, les Calanques was a beautiful sight to behold. I also loved the different views we saw while horseback riding along the coast and in the forest surrounding the ranch.

Virginie also dropped me to Éguilles as well as carried me to the bus stop so I could go to Aix en Provence, and gave me a map for traversing each. Both towns had their own charm and I enjoyed exploring each of them.

immersion en provence

Concerning the French lessons, I wanted to work on my speaking and that’s exactly what Virginie ensured that I did. Not once did I speak English during my trip and Virginie taught me so many ways of sounding more like a native French speaker. In addition, I learnt a lot of new vocabulary and French expressions, not only from her but from her mother and friends who were also very friendly.

While working on my speaking, we also simultaneously improved my writing. I learnt better ways to structure my sentences and she gave me written assignments to practise the vocabulary that I had learnt that day.

All in all, it was an amazing trip. I was able to accomplish all I wanted to and more.

I hope to return to Provence to spend another wonderful week with Virginie and her family.

Jan – 2018 – French Immersion Homestay Near Aix-en-Provence

French Immersion Homestay Near Aix-en-Provence

I had a wonderful stay with Virginie and her family.

She is professional, a talented teacher and a very caring and fun person to spend time with. She made the experience of improving my French so much fun.

French Immersion Homestay Near Aix-en-Provence

She arranged for me to spend the morning at the local bakery to spend time speaking and learning about the art of baking wonderful breads. We visited an olive oil producer as well as an artisan chocolate factory. We traveled to the coast and experienced wonderful food and beautiful beaches.

immersion homestay provence

As you might guess my focus was on food and she wove that in with all of my French lessons.

French Immersion Homestay Near Aix-en-Provence

I can’t wait to go back!

Mona – 2018 – French Immersion Homestay in Provence, France, Near Aix-en-Provence

French Immersion Homestay in Provence, France, Near Aix-en-Provence

Virginie is an excellent teacher she adapted constantly to my French ability and I have greatly improved after spending a week with her.   She was very flexible I need to do some shopping shortly after I arrived and she used that as an opportunity to practice some specific vocabulary.   Her lessons very well structured and she gave me homework so that I could prepare for the following day.

French Immersion Homestay in Provence, France, Near Aix-en-Provence

Virginie and her family were very welcoming and I felt at home immediately arriving. They included me in their day-to-day activities but also gave me a lot of space.   I had a very relaxing week and enjoyed spending time walking in the beautiful area around the house sitting in the garden and enjoying Virginie and her family‘s company.   The room was very comfortable, spotlessly clean and has everything one needs.   I am hoping I can return next year with my own family.

July, Richard, Tom, Jade, Sarah, Brandon – French Immersion Near Aix-en-Provence

learn french in immersion aix en provence

What a wonderful week!

When we arrived Virginie and Alex welcomed us like we were part of their own family!

Our plan was to improve our French speaking skills and discover Provence with our kids and friends, Sarah and Brandon. We can tick both boxes after our stay here.

Virginie succeeded also in responding to our requirements in terms of meals. July is vegan, Brandon and I love red meat and tasty burgers. Our kids even eat veggies well hidden in Virginie’s beautiful and delicious “quiches”. Everything was delightful!

All the classes were adapted to our French level, especially for the kids who did not know any French word before coming here! Léo, Tom and Lily were also a solid backup for the kids and looking at all of them play and trying to communicate was a memorable experience.

Virginie also gave us some useful tips so as we could correct our own mistakes by the end of the stay. The kids definitely made progresses that they could not have achieved without living in immersion with a French family like this.

The evening story with the kids was a wonderful moment as well. We were reading a local tale taking place in “les Baux de Provence” every day to 5 beautiful kids. What a joyful moment! Then we got to visit the actual village. It was incredible!

The big advantage of staying in immersion at Virginie’s is that she knows exactly where to go to make parents and kids all happy! She proposed plenty of activities: zoo, planetarium, treasure hunt in Aix-en-Provence, visit of les Baux de Provence etc. She always insisted that we were doing in the lead to choose whatever we wanted to do!

Before being a good cook and an awesome teacher, Virginie is also a beautiful person.

See you next year!

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