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Einar & Charles – 2018 – French Immersion & Lessons in Brittany at Teacher’s

French Immersion & Lessons in Brittany at Teacher's

Thank you firstly for being very gracious and pleasant and orderly hosts.
As for the language teaching and training, Suzanne was all the things I like: efficient but interesting, accommodating but determined, bursting with knowledge but focussed on what should be covered. She was, in short, a bit of a marvel (high praise indeed in Australia!)
Many thanks, and my needs and wishes were amply met. Bien joué!

Thank you very much Suzanne and Peter for a hugely enjoyable week in Brittany.
My French has improved greatly thanks to Suzanne’s wonderful teaching style, combining grammar, pronunciation and comprehension in a flowing and always interesting conversational format.
Our two excursions to the coast and to Dinan were great fun too and a continuation of the immersive experience. Peter’s excellent meals were greatly appreciated and the conversation over the table was always an opportunity to put into practice the latest learnings! Many thanks! With best wishes,

Lynn – 2018 – French Immersion in Brittany at Teacher’s

French Immersion in Brittany at Teacher's

Chers Suzanne & Peter (et bien sûr Monsieur X), such a lovely week I have spent here. You have both been so welcoming and gracious and easy to spend time with.
The language lessons, the local tours, the garden and amazing meals; everything was fabulous.

Suzanne, you are a truly gifted teacher – not to mention guide and hostess. It is clear you truly enjoy what you do and as a result you made the week engaging and fun. I marvel at all the techniques, strategies, ideas and teaching resources you have, and even more so, your endless patience and enthusiasm for teaching. I know it takes a lifetime of dedication and love of teaching to develop the teaching skills you clearly possess.

I feel very fortunate to have worked with you and stayed with you & Peter (et aussi Monsieur X) this week. I cannot thank you enough for what you have so generously shared, merci.

Haskell – 2018 – French Immersion in Brittany at Teacher’s

French Immersion in Brittany at Teacher's

Despite having a bad cold when I arrived chez Suzanne & Peter, with an accompanying reduction in my ability to learn & enjoy, this has been the best experience of my language-learning life.

Peter has been an outstanding host & chef, and his optimism is infectious. What a good fellow he is!

But let me focus on French Today. Over 60+ years I have studied several foreign languages: French, German, Portuguese, Spanish. But Suzanne is far and away the best language teacher I have ever encountered. From her preparatory questionnaire to the many individualized language activities in which we engaged she was always seeking the best means of accessing my capacities for learning by ear, by eye and by hand.

French Immersion in Brittany at Teacher's

All her materials are clear, perfectly organized, and uniformly helpful in their multiple forms & varied ways. Add to that her remarkable energy & unfailing good humor, her eagerness to engage & take advantage of every class moment, and the combination is as potent as I can imagine it being.

I did my homework each day with a feeling of accomplishment because she had found for me the right level of challenge and reward.

I could go on, but won’t. Can one be more than 100% satisfied? Mathematically, no. But if so, then I am. With all my thanks

Tony- 2018 – French Immersion in Brittany at Teacher’s

French Immersion in Brittany at Teacher 3

I’ve been with Suzanne and Peter in their charming Bretagne house for two weeks now. My stay has been an unalloyed pleasure – a whisper-quiet bedroom and study area, fresh, inventive cuisine from Peter’s enthusiastic hands and several excursions to such places as the beautiful Cap Frehel and magnificent medieval Dinan.

But I guess that what most French Today customers primarily look for is the quality of the teaching. Several features put Suzanne pretty much in a class of her own. First, she has assembled a vast resource of teaching material of her own, which is quite different to teaching from existing (and sometimes confusing) textbooks. It means that her methods are completely personalised and flexible: no subject is too great or detail too small for Suzanne.

French Immersion in Brittany at Teacher 3

She is energetic, almost skipping around the classroom, and endlessly patient (a must for intermediate students like me!). She has one subtle but important “edge” – as a native English speaker she intuitively recognises specific problems endemic to anglophone students; further, she has a very particular method, heretofore unknown to me, of supplying material at the end of each session in a way which allows the diligent student later that day to reprise and consolidate their knowledge, and indeed continue to do so for as long as is desired.

Chemistry? Well, Suzanne and Peter are warm and welcoming. Two weeks passed like a flash and Suzanne, like an alchemist, turned hard work into fun.

In short, a turbo-charged, bespoke learning experience (sorry for the mixed metaphor!)  It’s not difficult to see why Suzanne is so heavily booked.

Cathy- 2018 – French Immersion in Brittany at Teacher’s

French Immersion in Brittany at Teacher's

We have just had a really enjoyable week in Brittany. Our hosts, Suzanne & Peter, were really lovely and such interesting people.

It’s a lovely location and Suzanne is an outstanding teacher who individualises the lessons and put up with my lapses into English when the topic became animated. I may have progressed a bit more if I had been on my own (non-class time was spent mainly with family) but I still learnt a lot and gained confidence in trying to speak French. There were interesting chats about language.

French Immersion in Brittany at Teacher's

We were made to feel really at home and the later arrivals from our family also felt really welcome. Even the non-French speakers got to learn to speak some French at breakfast.

The home-cooked meals (thanks, Peter) were great and it was part of the experience to see how they used ingredients fresh from the garden (and see the beans drying on the window sill). An added bonus was listening to Peter’s piano playing in the evening.

It has been great to get to know you both a little, the week easily lived up to our expectations and we will recommend La Croix Julot to our friends.

Katherine & Diogo – 2018 – Immersion en Bretagne

immersion bretagne

Thank you so much for a perfect week. It was wonderful and even the weather seemed to agree ;-)

We came principally for French lessons, but the experience was so much more! We felt it was a true French immersion as we met your friends, saw your day-to-day activities, and experienced the life of this community. We even became immersed in the past – an historical perspective – when we visited the little farm from long ago.

We will be returning to San Diego with many wonderful memories, new ideas for my gardening projects – the compost bin, for sure… and of course lots of fun ‘devoirs’ to continue our French lessons. I am positive that our regular teacher, Geneviève, will be happily impressed with our leap forward.

We also want to thank chef Peter for all his wonderful meals… We never had ‘moules’ so fresh and delicious.

And lastly – how wonderful to fall asleep with the soft jazz piano of Peter in our dreams.

Diana – 2018 – Immersion Homestay in Brittany

Immersion Homestay in Brittany

What a great week this has been! How quickly it has passed, and I am sad to be leaving Brittany. I love to travel, but I don’t like to be a tourist. This week I feel I have had a lovely time in the house of friends and their community.

Suzanne is a special person, including being a great teacher. She has been so patient with me. She would gently correct my mistakes, then I would hear myself make those mistakes again… so she would gently and clearly correct me again.

Suzanne correctly identified the areas where I need to improve, and in a variety of ways worked to improve those areas.
I wondered how I could stay on track for three-hour lessons. Suzanne has a variety of exercises that kept me interested for three hours, and then eager to get back to studies after lunch.

Of course, I was always eager for lunch! Peter’s cooking and Suzanne’s garden provided the best meals on this journey.
I hope I can come here again – and I hope Suzanne and Peter will come to visit me in my home.

Robin – 2018 – Immersion Homestay in Brittany

Immersion Homestay in Brittany

I am so glad I acted on my intuition and booked a solo immersion week with Suzanne, having discovered her via French Today. I have always wanted to experience communicating in another language, but I have never learned more than a few words of very basic tourist French and Spanish.

My husband (who can speak some French) and I come to Brittany regularly for cycling holidays and I decided it was ‘Now or Never’ for me having the motivation and opportunity to begin speaking French.

I am 57 and have dyslexia. I had some fear that it might be impossible for me to begin to grasp a new language in any realistic amount of time… Well, Suzanne’s skillful, compassionate and playful tuition has shown me that I can learn to understand and speak French. And have fun while doing it! ;-)

The welcoming, nurturing atmosphere created by Suzanne & Peter (and Monsieur X!) was just what I needed as a student – & a human being!

Immersion Homestay in Brittany

And of course the cuisine. Oh là là!! My family back in the UK are drooling over the photos (WhatsApp) of each of the beautiful-looking & tasting courses created by Peter. (+ not to forget Suzanne’s cheesecake & the dinner made by Suzanne et moi).

I am leaving tomorrow after 5 days of tuition, more competent + 100% more confident to continue building my French skills accompanied and enabled by Suzanne’s teaching materials.

Merci. Merci. Merci Suzanne et Peter. J’espère vous revoir.

Sindy – 2018 – French Immersion in Brittany at Teacher’s

French Immersion in Brittany at Teacher's

What a wonderful week! Thank you so much. I have had an amazing experience and one that has been more enjoyable and enlightening than I could have imagined.

You have been extremely accommodating, helpful, and excellent company. (Yes, OK, I didn’t understand a fair bit of French, but it was still entertaining and humorous. After all, I did sign up for French immersion!)

I came to Suzanne’sLa Croix Julot to learn ‘some’ French, and I leave having learnt so much more. I now have a greater appreciation of plants, trees, and home-grown vegetables, a better understanding of French etiquette, French cuisine, French films, Bretagne, and the local history in this beautiful region. I take away memories of a lovely quality of life this week.

Peter, thank you for your culinary skills, wonderful humour, wisdom, and magical piano playing.

Monsieur X – I won’t forget how to pronounce X in the French alphabet – thank you!

Suzanne – where do I begin? Thank you for demonstrating outstanding teaching skills, which I will endeavour to use in my own profession. You are an award-winning teacher – with a gift for bringing out the best in every student. I will be back for more.

Colleen & John – 2018 – French Immersion in Brittany at Teacher’s

French Immersion in Brittany at Teacher's

My husband and I have just spent a wonderful week at t Suzanne’s. I have spent the week learning French with Suzanne who has taught me so much and has been an excellent teacher in our daily sessions. My knowledge and understanding of French have increased greatly.

We experienced enjoyable excursions to Fort la Latte and Ferme d’Antan and at Suzanne’s suggestion went to the spectacle at the ‘Haras’ in Lamballe which was a great experience.

French Immersion in Brittany at Teacher's

Each day we looked forward to a wonderful meal cooked by Peter.

It was interesting to learn about the history of the house and of the renovations undertaken by Suzanne & Peter.

We enjoyed staying in such a warm and inviting place and were also inspired by the garden.

Thank you Suzanne and Peter.

Jack & Jack – 2018 – Teenager French Immersion in Brittany

teenager immersion france

We were excited to come to France for this immersion program. We had chosen this program because of all the wonderful reviews that were included on Suzanne’s French Today webpage.. Neither of us had been to Brittany before, so we came with very high expectations.

Nothing, however, could have prepared us for how fantastic this experience has been.

teenager immersion france

Suzanne is an amazing teacher. She is patient, very well organised, and adjusts the program to each student’s needs. Peter is an outstanding chef, a great person and a talented musician. Their hospitality is infectious. The weather couldn’t have been better.

We loved attending the photo exhibition, the school food fair and Peter’s choral concert at the Bar des Lacs.

It just can’t get any better than this!

Merci beaucoup Suzanne et Peter!

Dianne, Robin & Eric – 2018 – Immersion en Français en Bretagne

immersion bretagne france

Neither the words I’ve acquired in French, the Spanish words that sometimes interfered, nor the English words that I rely on can aptly describe the experience at Suzanne’s and our appreciation for it.

Suzanne’s skill and expertise as an educator provided lessons that built on skills possessed and provided an excellent foundation.

Pete’s generosity, humor, and culinary skill provided for any want that we might have had.

Thank you, merci beaucoup!

Lisa, Ide & Liam – 2018  – French Immersion in France Brittany

French Immersion in France Brittany

When I first saw the description of the immersion course and Suzanne I felt it would be a good match for my two teens. So much so I booked it a year in advance. I am not disappointed. The course suited their needs perfectly. My teens had 15 hours of learning between them. They benefited from the small class number (2) and Suzanne’s expert attention to individualization. The relaxed friendly atmosphere has made a great start to our holiday. Thank you Suzanne and Peter – Lisa (mum)

Since my arrival at Suzanne’s and Peter’s house my French has improved greatly. I learnt things here in a couple of days which took me about a year to understand in school. I think this is mostly because of the fact that Suzanne is a good teacher who teaches French in an enjoyable way. She didn’t mind if you made mistakes because she believes that we all learn from our mistakes as long as we don’t make the same mistakes again (editor, Suzanne: repeating the same mistake a few times is normal… but ‘progress is making different mistakes instead’!).
The food here was amazing and the garden was beautiful. I hope I can come back and learn more French. Thank you for everything Suzanne and Peter! – Ide

French Immersion in France Brittany

We came to Suzanne and Peter’s place on Thursday 7th of June and once we got there we got a huge greeting by Suzanne and Peter. The house was nowhere near dirty and was really pretty. The jardin at the back was spectacular and so was the atmosphere. The food here was an easy 10/10 and the accommodation upstairs was unbelievable too. The French course that Suzanne taught was really well done and so were the activities that came with it. Having 2 to 3 hours of classes a day was really helpful and I am so happy that I came here. For my stay I’d give this place an easy 9.9/10. They really did a fantastic job and in my opinion they should change nothing about the accommodation or the classes. Well done Suzanne et Peter – Liam

Debra- 2018  – French Immersion in France Brittany

French Immersion in France Brittany

What a truly incredible French language and cultural learning experience this has been for me! I have taken French lessons from time to time over the past many years, but I have never encountered a ‘prof’ as attentive to and capable of both targeting and addressing my particular language-learning needs as Suzanne has been over the past ten days.

Her methods and style of teaching have not only helped me make some genuine progress, but they have also given me a much clearer sense of where my weaknesses lie, so that I will know better how to continue on with my language learning when I return home. I believe I’m much better equipped to make some real progress at this point – which is really exciting for me!

Also, I don’t want to forget to mention the warmth and hospitality that both Suzanne and her husband Peter offered. There is a very nurturing spirit that pervades their lovely home – the beautiful garden that Suzanne maintains, and Peter’s wonderful meals and music which I enjoyed as well, attest to this.

I was able to ‘relax’ and do some ‘intensive’ learning at the same time!

“Merci encore!” for a wonderful stay with you  – I hope to return.

Glyn – 2018  – French Immersion in France Brittany

French Immersion in France Brittany

Quand j’ai décidé de venir à la résidence de Suzanne et Peter pour apprendre j’étais anxieux. Mon français était très basique. Cependant Suzanne m’a fait sentir à l’aise. Elle est patiente et professionnelle. Elle a fourni des outils pour améliorer ma compréhension du français.

Peter, le chef (de cuisine) a fourni de merveilleux repas traditionnels bretons. En plus d’apprendre le français, on m’a appris à préparer des repas traditionnels.

immersion francais bretagne

Profondément provocateur, l’apprentissage était ce dont j’avais besoin. Une expérience mémorable. 
Je vous remercie ! 

Rappelez-vous, la repetition crée une meilleure comprehension!

Mary and Glyn – 2018  – French Immersion in France Brittany

french immersion homestay france

Thank you so much for the stay at your home. The tuition was stimulating because Suzanne was always conscious of the reasons for our problems in speaking French and was quick to resolve them. I am now much more aware of the rules of grammar and the methods one can use to facilitate the speaking of French. My thanks also for the many meals which Peter prepared and for the guided tours of the impressive countryside!

I echo what my brother has said above. Suzanne is inspiring and hardworking and always aware of our needs. I have really enjoyed my stay here and will continue to practise and use what I have learned here. Thank you both.

Danny – 2018  – French Immersion in France Brittany

immersion france

Wow what a ride ! Two weeks with Suzanne & Peter (he kept us well-fed and amused) from almost zero vocabulary and grammar, to knowing how much I still need to know!

I chose to go ‘hard core’ at learning French to get a clear understanding of the grammar, pronunciation and comprehension by doing as much homework as possible. It worked!

Suzanne’s enthusiasm (and energy) together with her understanding of my needs, gently and patiently guided me along an interesting and enjoyable (if not exhausting mentally) journey.

Encouragement from Peter, Suzanne and other guests has helped a lot.

I now have:

i) some grasp of the rules of grammar

ii) some grasp of pronunciation

iii) better comprehension and sentence construction

iv) inspiration to continue with formal lessons at home!

I now need:

– Repetition

– Practice

– Repetition + more practice!

Many thanks again to both of you – a great team, for a very stimulating and enjoyable (albeit exhausting) two weeks.

Julia – 2018  – French Immersion in France Brittany

french immersion homestay france

What an exceptional week! Firstly, I was made so welcome. The quality of the teaching was excellent. It was obvious that many hours of preparation have gone into producing and enormous resource bank.

What was more impressive was Suzanne’s detailed knowledge of its contents which enabled her to find topics which were of particular interest to me. I was particularly impressed by Suzanne’s ability to assess my specific needs and adapt her teaching accordingly even when I was tiring and my brain was giving up. She listened carefully and picked up the errors which I am embarrassed to say I made.

My visits to ferme d’Antan & Dinan were a revelation. Suzanne is the best tour guide I have ever come across, particularly as the temperature was so low.

I must not forget Peter’s part in this exceptional week. His cooking was excellent – such a variety of meals. I was privileged to attend Peter’s choir rehearsal – I have not sung with a choir for over 30 years. What a way to build the self-confidence of the choir members, continue the vocal tradition and have fun. Superb!

Many, many thanks.

Pippa & Lee – 2018  – French Immersion in France Brittany

french immersion teacher homestay France Brittany

Thank you so much for helping us with our French. Our apprehension on arrival has gone! We feel our French has improved massively and that you’ve given us the tools to continue our learning.

The lessons were very well structured and met all our needs and we covered a huge amount of material.

Thank you to Peter for accommodating our food preferences and to both for being most welcoming, informative, patient, and for providing such a homely atmosphere.

The trips out were really great despite the weather.

We hope to return. Many thanks.

Michael – 2018 – Immersion en Français en France – Bretagne

Immersion en Français en France - Bretagne

This is the third year that I have chosen Suzanne for my French immersion week.It’s no surprise! her expertise and enthusiasm are exceptional.

Furthermore this year she was able to center our conversations and work programme around my two favorite interests, sailing and bee keeping. This made the week even more stimulating and productive.

Merci beaucoup.

PS: Peter’s cooking was as good as ever!

Dianah, Homestay at Your French Teacher’s House in France Brittany

french immersion in brittany

Thank you very much for the hospitality while in your house.   You have enabled me to appreciate French better and I will now return very enthusiastic to perfect what I have learnt.

I enjoyed the French classes and the meals in the house.

I am very hopeful we will be meeting again.

Phylip  – Immersion en Français en France – Bretagne

immersion en france bretagne

Je suis ravi de dire que le stage que j’attendais depuis longtemps chez Suzanne m’a plu énormément.   Mon but principal était d’améliorer la compréhension, que j’avais trouvé difficile à cause du fait que je n’entendais pas très bien.   Je n’avais pas besoin de m’en inquiéter !

Suzanne a une bonne voix, claire et bien placée – idéale pour moi.   Par conséquent, ma compréhension a amélioré à des pas de géant .   A vrai dire, j’ai compris tout ce qu’elle m’a dit.

En tant qu’ex-prof moi-même, dans le passé lointain, j’étais étonné de voir à quel point elle était organisée et préparée.   Tout était à portée de sa main.

L’hébergement était incomparable, avec des repas copieux et savoureux.

Une semaine à retenir.

Laura & Tom  – Homestay at Your French Teacher’s House in France Brittany

Homestay at Your French Teacher's House in France Brittany

Suzanne is the consummate teacher!   Her love of France, its language and culture made for an amazing and rewarding immersion experience.   Thank you Suzanne for your patience, generosity of spirit and boundless enthusiasm.   Thank you for the wealth of teaching materials and lessons, and conversation during meals and during wonderful excursions.

You have greatly extended my knowledge and understanding, and helped me work through my weaknesses and improved my confidence!   My husband Tom also appreciated being able to participate in conversation and excursions.

We both thank you, Peter, for the wonderful meals, music and help with logistics like train tickets.  Merci beaucoup et bons bisous.

Laura & Tom

PS Au revoir mon ami Monsieur X – je t’aime  

Mark & Patricia  – French Immersion in France Brittany

French homestay in france immersion

A great thank you to Suzanne and Peter for a wonderful two weeks in Brittany where we were able to enjoy one of France’s most beautiful regions and study French at the same time.

I am an A2 level French student who had little practice actually speaking French, and while my passive language skills, reading and writing are adequate, I really stumble in conversation.

Suzanne developed an oral-based program that quickly moved me forward in terms of active language expression.

If you are new to French or are an intermediate student, I would strongly recommend Suzanne.

I would like to return in the future and spend an additional week with her and focus on actual contemporary conversational French.

Peter’s delicious meals were an added bonus!

Cindy  – French Immersion in France Brittany

French Immersion in France Brittany

Where do I begin?   With Suzanne’s warm welcome and speaking French to me slowly and clearly so that I could understand?  Or with Suzanne and Peter making sure I was comfortable in their beautiful home?

Or perhaps the ‘wow’ moments under Suzanne’s tutelage when I realized I was speaking French in whole sentences – short, but complete.

And then there’s the gentle but firm encouragement to use French in the everyday interactions, whether at home, on the excursions, or in the wonderful gardens they have built around their home.

This week at Suzanne and Peter’s has been amazing and I hope to return soon!

With kind regards, Cindy

PS  Merci, Peter, for the music.

Barbara  – French Immersion in France Brittany

learn french in france immersion teacher homestay brittany

Thank you so much for a wonderful week.

Before coming here, I was very apprehensive about having 3 hour lessons, one to one, each day, plus speaking French for most of the rest of the day as well. I wasn’t sure I would last the course!
But you have made it all so interesting and have covered so much ground. The time has flown by and I now feel so much more confident in using the language.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons, the excursions, my outings and even the homework!

Thank you also Peter, for delicious meals, and both of you for your company.

Chip & Margy  – French Immersion in France Brittany

learn french immersion homestay france brittany

Without doubt, this has been one of the best weeks of my life.   The two of you are some of the most fascinating and interesting, and warm people I have ever met!

My wife Margy and I have visited France on several occasions, yet our speaking French was primarily limited to saying ‘Bonjour’, ‘Merci’, and ‘Parlez-vous anglais?’, and hoping for a positive response so we wouldn’t have to try to communicate through gestures.

So, having planned another couple of trips I determined it was time to really make the effort to learn how to speak the language.

During the past 250 days I made a concerted effort to learn what I could on my own.  Although I made progress with the reading and writing part, my speaking and listening skills were quite poor.  Plus, I had a real lack of confidence and was hesitant to engage for fear of failing.

learn french immersion homestay france brittany

Well, a week with Suzanne has changed that.   She taught me how communication was the key and that if one attempts to communicate, others are willing to help.  Plus, she used creative exercises to strengthen my skills.   She is a patient and understanding teacher with great experience and adaptability.

I leave here with newfound confidence and ideas and suggestions on how to continue to improve.   Thank you Suzanne!

I must add that Peter’s meals were great!  So too was his and Suzanne’s sense of humour.   Again, I have had a marvellous time.

Nina & Graham  – French Immersion in France Brittany

learn french immersion homestay france brittany

My ‘French Immersion’ was a brilliant experience and I would recommend this method to anyone for improving their French, enjoying French hospitality and learning more about culture and history.   C’est une expérience fantastique.

I cannot speak highly enough of Suzanne’s professional but personable approach to teaching.   We practised French using a combination of varied oral/aural and written/digital strategies.

Our conversations in French were diverse and always interesting and Suzanne made sure she corrected my significant errors without interrupting my concentration!

I am leaving with links to interesting websites, a collection of resources and helpful suggestions to help with my French in future.

Peter’s culinary skills are enviable!   Every meal was a delectable delight with so many fresh and local ingredients.

Thank you to both Suzanne and Peter for sharing your love and knowledge of Bretagne, and your help with all our little issues!

Christine & Chris  – French Immersion in France Brittany

learn french immersion homestay france brittany

Merci Suzanne et Peter pour une semaine formidable.   Your gracious hospitality made us feel so comfortable – just like being in our own home.   The room was perfect – everything we needed – comfy beds and comfy chairs – tea and coffee-making facilities – plenty of room to spread out and arrange our belongings.

Peter’s cooking was exceptional.  All our meals included fresh produce from the magnificent garden.   We loved the idea of picking fresh tomatoes from the greenhouse for our dinner.

Suzanne is an accomplished teacher.   She has the ability to quickly recognise areas of need and provide appropriate activities.  I had identified that I was lacking in oral comprehension and she was right on to it.

learn french immersion homestay france brittany

Thank you Suzanne for not making me complete worksheets.   You have such an ability to keep the lessons interesting and varied.   I will continue to make very good use of the excellent resources you have provided.   You really challenged me with the verb tense activities and pronunciation activities.   I loved the fact that you were able to cover the verb tenses orally rather than in written activities.   Very creative!

Chris and I really enjoyed the excursions to Cap Fréhel, Fort La Latte and the Dinan market.   Your knowledge of the area and its history is impressive.   Thank you for taking the time to guide us around and for your suggestions for our other trips around Bretagne.

I have learnt so much here, thanks to your excellent teaching Suzanne.   I would love to return one day.

Robin  – French Immersion in France Brittany

learn french in immersion in france brittan

My one week immersion stay here at Suzanne’s has been very memorable. The courses with Suzanne were always entertaining and challenging. Suzanne’s extra focus on conversational French was exactly what I needed. I have only been taking French for one year, so I have very basic skills in comprehension, speaking and reading. After my week here I feel more confident in my ability to communicate and understand French speakers.

Not only were the lessons great but the food prepared by Peter was phenomenal. Every day I got to try something new and delicious!

learn french in immersion france brittany

During my stay I got to visit Dinan and Fort la Latte with Suzanne who has a wealth of knowledge about the history and culture of this region. Additionally Suzanne and Peter took me to a little festival in Jugon-les-Lacs that had live music, good food and even a performance from fire dancers.

Apart from all of the beautiful views and delicious food the best part of my stay was the welcoming atmosphere. Both Suzanne and Peter are warm and understanding so trying to speak French with them was never terrifying.

Thank you for your generosity and hospitality, I really appreciate it!

Sarah – Learn French in Immersion in France Brittany

learn french in immersion france brittany

Cette semaine chez Suzanne et Peter était vraiment formidable ! Suzanne, tu es la meilleure professeure de français que j’ai eue, ça, c’est la vérité, et Peter, un chef magnifique ! La semaine était pleine de choses à faire, mais aussi j’ai le temps pour faire des devoirs et bien me reposer dans cette belle partie du pays.
Et maintenant en anglais…

Having sadly forgotten much of my French over the last seven years since completing French A-Level, an immersion week has been a dream of mine for a long time. And it has been all I could have hoped for and more – I cannot thank you both enough. I have felt so welcome in your lovely house and have been extremely well looked after. And such a beautiful garden – a real pleasure to ‘faire mes devoirs’ there.

Suzanne, you really are an extremely gifted teacher and I feel so lucky to have spent a week improving my French with you. You gauged perfectly where I had issues with grammar and pronunciation and have wonderful resources for explaining difficult concepts and for tuning the ear to spoken French. You are so patient and so encouraging and I really feel that thanks to you I have improved so much this week. And I’m really grateful for all the suggestions and resources to use to continue improving my French chez moi! The clearest ever explanations of French tenses, grammar rules, pronunciation (et l’IPA) and new vocabulary – and all explanations in French where possible.

learn french in immersion france brittany

I loved my excursion to Fort la Latte and Cap Fréhel, and am looking forward to visiting la Ferme d’Antan tomorrow. I’d also recommend ‘le ’Tibus’ to other visitors wanting to take the trip to Dinan – quelle aventure! And thank you for welcoming me at the dance rehearsal and ‘Festilacs’ – it was great to have experienced some real Brittany culture first hand.

And Peter – thank you so much for all the truly wonderful meals and for the great company. Et les blagues!
All in all, a wonderful and memorable experience. I hope to return one day!

Very best wishes, Sarah, UK

Angela – French Homestay Immersion in Brittany

learn french in immersion france brittany

Mon séjour chez Peter et Suzanne a été une semaine de renaissance pour la tête, le cœur et l’estomac : la tête grâce à l’enseignement inspiré de Suzanne, l’estomac en raison des repas 5* de Peter, et le cœur à cause du calme et de la beauté de leurs environs.

Mille remerciements !

Elizabeth and Bethany, French Immersion in France Brittany

learn french immersion in france brittany

My journey to Jugon les Lacs has been ‘vraiment formidable’.

I came to improve my French speaking ability and to learn teaching techniques from Suzanne.   I am leaving with far more than I could possibly imagine.

Suzanne’s lifelong French teaching career has truly been inspiring.   She can quickly assess your difficulties – explain the logique behind the corrections and provide the perfect amount of helpful instruction and exercises to improve your French.

And beyond that, she and Peter can convey their charming Brummie English accents (editor’s note: from Birmingham GB, put on specially for Elizabeth…) to delight you!   Thank you, Peter, for tickling the ivories and cooking exceptional meals.

learn french immersion in france brittany

Thank you Suzanne for a great history day in Dinan – and telling the fabulous tale of Bertrand Du Guesclin, who left his heart in Bretagne.   Like him, a piece of my heart shall remain here as well.   Bethany and I hope to visit again someday.

Thank you also Monsieur X – un grand chat who made me laugh!

Eunike, 2017, French Immersion in France Brittany

French immersion homestay Brittany France 3

I just had a truly wonderful one-week immersion program at La Croix Julot.
We had intensive learning every day, but with various activities outside the class too!
We went to visit the breath-taking castles of Fort La Latte and Château de la Hunaudaye, we spent a great morning at Dinan with its market and la vieille ville.
Suzanne has so much history knowledge that not only I learned about the places, I got to learn them in French!

French immersion homestay Brittany France 3

We also practiced French when savouring great dishes from Peter, who is an excellent musician, cook, company, and for sure many other things too!
As my stay collided with le quatorze juillet, I got to experience it here.  It was so memorable that I just had to give it a shout out! We started the celebration with la randonnée around Jugon (countryside), then watched la danse bretonne by Suzanne’s dance group La Rosargue, and of course, great food, drinks and celebration with fireworks.

The whole week was truly amazing.  Thanks to Suzanne being such a great and patient teacher, my French has truly improved, my pronunciation is way better, and I am more confident to speak in French.

Both Suzanne and Peter are very thoughtful, warm, kind, and full of talents and energies!
La Croix Julot is really peaceful, with abundant beauty and friendliness all around (when I got lost, for example)

I can’t thank Suzanne and Peter enough for all their kindness during my stay.  Thank you!

Paula, 2017, French Immersion in France Brittany

French immersion homestay Brittany France 3

The sun has shone throughout my stay with Suzanne and Peter, in every way.  A warm welcome from them both.   A little walk round their beautiful garden before a quick trip to Jugon for food – Suzanne provides everything needed – fridge, microwave etc – then a visit to the neighbours to pick (and eat!) cherries from their tree – a great start to my holiday.

Suzanne has experience of teaching all ages, including this 82 year old, with many prepared visual aids as well as audio and video which I found very helpful.   Suzanne is a very good patient teacher.

We had two lovely outings – to the château de la Hunaudaye and the farm and garden at the village of Plédéliac, speaking French all the time.

Peter – well, such a wonderful, creative cook – delicious vegetarian dishes arrived every day, and a special extra for me – a little lesson on my ukulele.
In between I took several walks in the surrounding countryside.   It has been an excellent holiday.

So from another Staffordshire lass thank you Peter and Suzanne very much.

Caron and Tony, 2017, French Immersion in France Brittany

French Immersion in France Brittany

A grand thank you to Suzanne and Peter for welcoming us into their home for a fabulous week.

Suzanne’s French classes were excellent.   She has a great teaching system matched by her enormous energy, enthusiasm and patience.   Suzanne’s natural teaching instincts were ever-present.   With what seems like a year’s tuition packed into one week, we now have a greater appreciation of the language and culture.

Our hire-car enabled us to make day-trips to fascinating places like St Malo and Dinan.   This proved to be an excellent way to balance our days –  “work” and pleasure.

Not to be outdone by Suzanne, Peter did a magnificent job in the kitchen.   We enjoyed great meals and interesting conversation each day.

French Immersion in France Brittany

Finally, we must say a big thank you to Monsieur X and Mrs Vandertramp.   They proved to be wonderful companions and trusting confidants when the rigors of French grammar threatened to consume us  ;-)

Merci beaucoup Suzanne et Peter.   A la prochaine.

Alex, 2017, French Immersion in France Brittany

French Immersion in France Brittany.

I have just spent five wonderful days learning French and exploring Brittany with Suzanne.   We visited châteaux, cap Fréhel and Dinan – all fascinating.

Suzanne and Peter were a blast to spend time with and to get to know – both full of stories, jokes and insights.   Immediately upon arriving, Suzanne with her big smile and inexhaustible energy made me feel comfortable and welcome.   I hope I have the chance to return to Jugon, and I highly recommend La Croix Julot and Suzanne’s French lessons to anyone travelling in France.

C’était superbe!

Merci, Alex

Michiel and Brenda, 2017, French Immersion in France Brittany

learn french in france immersion teacher's home

We had started planning this trip almost a year ago ; we have been anticipating it and looking forward to it for a long time. As my wife is more advanced in her French ability than I am, we split our teaching sessions in two – I took the first hour and a half, and my wife the second.

Suzanne adapted to our differing levels. My sessions were very helpful and consolidated and progressed my French knowledge.

Suzanne and Peter are a great team, working together and complementing each other well. Initially, it was French ‘submersion’ for me, but I have emerged wondering when and how we can do this again.

Merci beaucoup!
Michiel, Vancouver, Canada

learn french in france immersion teacher's home

My love for the French language has been reignited after a week of lessons with Suzanne. No, that’s not true, it was reignited after the first lesson. Suzanne has an amazing ability of knowing at which level to pitch her lessons and to do so with material that has relevance to her student’s interests. And so, there was a fresh wind in my French sails.

Peter and Suzanne create a welcoming environment in their home and create a safe place for one to stumble along in French. Hence, my confidence in speaking French grew as did my command of the language.

I have a very clear idea now of where my strengths and weaknesses lie, and what I need to concentrate on when I return home. I have the enthusiasm to make learning and mastering this fine language a priority again.

Boredom had crept into my French language studies but Suzanne swept all that away with her lessons and suggestions, and I can’t thank her enough.

We chose to travel around Brittany and have our week of French immersion in Brittany because of the ‘French Today’ Facebook posts and website. We have not been disappointed. Bretagne is a jewel and we will be back to explore this area even more.

Thank you Suzanne and Peter! We leave with wonderful memories and better French.

Thank you for your hospitality and for letting us into your home and lives for a week.

The chorale was a fun experience and we take that too with us to Locminé and beyond
Brenda, Vancouver, Canada

Ken & Cathy, 2017, French Immersion in France Brittany

france immersion teacher's home brittany

I just finished my fantasy week (bucket list item) in the middle of Brittany for a week of French Immersion, and repose for my wife who does not speak French.
Suzanne filled any and all expectations hoped for in my immersion course.  She assessed nearly exactly my skill level and as a result the immersion was perfect.  Her teaching is impeccable, her spirits constantly upbeat bursting with energy.  She took us on two wonderful excursions of the quaint Brittany landscape bringing alive its great history and tradition.  She even finds time to cultivate a prize winning organic garden.

The Chambre d’Hote where we stayed was modern in its amenities; but, at the same time a wonderful renovation of an old French farmer’s home.  Peter, Suzanne’s husband did the renovation and he regaled us with, in my opinion, “Michelin 3 star” noon dejeuners. Also, in his spare time he is a full time teacher of music for the government’s art programming.

These two worked together to make my and my wife’s week’s stay truly extraordinary!  Ils sont tous les deux vraiment FORMIDABLES!

france immersion teacher's home brittany

I am the non-French speaker in the house.   And I have to say: it will be so hard to leave this place.   We have enjoyed every minute… and we have enjoyed the owners who wear many hats… chef, travel adviser, travel guide, musician, teacher, gardener and friends.   The meals are fantastic, the gardens are magnificent, the cat is as friendly as its owners.   I have loved the place, the people, the peace… and the cat, Monsieur X !


Anne, 2017, French Immersion in France Brittany

learn french immersion in france teacher home

Thank you for looking after me !   Many thanks, too, for giving up precious time to welcome my (French) friends for, I thought, a brief pause-café.  The four of you sprang a surprise overnight stay on me!
I shall now work at home on the many mistakes which I didn’t know I made and on the many new things which I have learned.   Merci!
Fantastic veggie cuisine too!

Dianna, 2017, French Immersion in France Brittany

learn french immersion in france teacher home

Another wonderful stay at Suzanne & Peter’s. After my first stay here in 2015, I knew I would be coming back.

Life is easy and good here. The food is wonderful and plentiful (thank you, Peter!) and lessons with Suzanne are both fun and oh, so worth it.   Suzanne is a wonderful teacher – endlessly patient and enthusiastic, always adapting to your needs and interests, and she has an abundance of study material to match how and what you like to work with.

There are a variety of excursions, including ordinary local happenings. I participated in a local music quiz competition (I was terrible) for a charitable fundraiser, attended a community lunch following a fishing competition (that goodness I skipped the fishing), visited cap Fréhel (lovely), and an old abbey.

A colleague of Suzanne’s, Eurydice, was my companion for the abbey visit – thank you, Eurydice, for a very enjoyable afternoon.  I hope to return, to see Suzanne & Peter again, and more of Bretagne.

Janet & James, 2017, French Immersion in France Brittany

French Immersion in France Brittany

What an extraordinary experience !

We breakfasted and lunched at the home resto ‘Chez Peter’.  Peter, the significant half of Suzanne, is also an artistic creative chef of music and cuisine.

We had varied and abundant local activities: pub quiz, choir singing, etc.

We visited the farm, the museum and the market, and we enjoyed a lovely tale-telling show. (editor’s note: a storyteller just happened to be putting on a performance for local children and adults in Jugon when Janet and James were here.)

Above all… what a learning experience!

Suzanne developed an extraordinary system for French language learning, which simplified the French grammar and enhanced our listening and speaking capabilities, via brilliant audio files provided…

Everything exceeded our expectations!

Thank you dear Suzanne & Peter.   We look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

Sylvia and Alan, 2017 – French Immersion in France Brittany

french immersion learn french in France at teacher's home

I have been immensely impressed by Suzanne’s teaching methods, her professionalism and the amount of energy she gives everything. What an inspiration!

Thank you both for making me and Alan feel so welcome.  You put in such effort never to be forgotten.   Peter with his wonderful meals, advice on our trips, maps, and even tips on buying  a house in France!  Suzanne for two great excursions and for the clear and concise conversation at all times, to help me with my studies.   You have opened up a whole new world for me and I will definitely be joining our local French club which hitherto was not an option.

Thank you Suzanne for making my French studies so incredibly interesting and for squeezing so much into just one week!

Cette semaine a été une grande mesure vers l’avancement de mes études françaises.   Merci beaucoup !

Seohee, 2017 – French Immersion in France Brittany

learn french immersion homestay france

I studied French here in NYC, USA for a while, but I never felt like I could really speak the language until I took this French immersion course at Suzanne’s in Brittany, France. Live and breathe in French! ^^

This was a great learning experience for me.
Suzanne is a very passionate and patient teacher, and she knows how to structure the class for your needs. Staying there for 2 weeks was a lot better than taking classes for a long time in NYC. Now, I feel more confident to speak in French, and I feel that I can try to speak.

Living with Suzanne was very comfortable and relaxing. But, actually, the course was intense in a way how the day was structured, which I really enjoyed. The daily routine starts at 8:00 am for breakfast, meaning I start speaking French starting then, then the class right after until 12:00, then Lunch till 2 pm. Then, some activities and excursions with Suzanne. After then, I was doing homework for at least 3-4 hours a day.

learn french immersion homestay france

I only spoke in French for 2 weeks when I was there. This was very well organized course for me. Also I always managed to go outside and walked around, or played with their cats. Monsieur X and Miaouss. I love love them, and I miss them a lot.

The visits to the medieval towns were amazing. I went to a few different cities with Suzanne, and she really accommodated me with her knowledges, and it was just fun!! ^^

learn french immersion homestay france

Also, one day, I told Suzanne that I wanted to go and have some Gallette, and she suggested that we make it home. And, it was the best gallette that I ever had. LOL!

It was just a fun activity that we did together like other activities that I did with Suzanne such as singing in choir, watching her dance, and going to her library together.

And, Peter!! His lunch was magnificent. We always had 3 course meal.
He’s a musician, but he cooks like a professional cook. And, it was very nice to have a company like him.

All-in-all, this was a very good course for intense French learning. I would do it again maybe next year!!! Thank you for everything!!

Janet, 2017 – French Immersion in France Brittany

learn french in france immersion teacher house homestay

Je viens de passer une semaine avec Suzanne.

J’ai appris beaucoup et toutes les leçons étaient intéressantes et heureuses.

Nous avons fait deux excursions et j’ai appris quelques histoires de Bretagne.

Merci aussi à Peter qui prépare les bons déjeuners.

Merci Suzanne, merci Peter.

Mark, 2017 – French Immersion in France Brittany

study french in immersion in france pays brittany teacher

For a long time I have loved visiting France and learning about its culture but have only recently started to learn the language. I have found it a struggle though to understand the spoken word and to speak with any fluency.

So, it was with some apprehension that I came to stay with Suzanne and Peter in their home in Brittany. I need not have worried, as I was made immediately welcome, Peter even offering to collect me and my bicycle from Saint Malo as the weather was not looking favourable.

As it turned out this was not necessary and I enjoyed making my way slowly to their house through the Bretagne countryside à vélo.

Throughout my visit Suzanne and Peter have talked to me in slow French, Suzanne often repeating sentences or phrases using different words to explain or ensure that I understood. This has been invaluable. Her lessons have been excellent using a variety of methods and resources and giving me as much or a little homework to do in the evenings as I wanted.

She has been immensely patient, identifying problems that I had along the way and modifying lessons accordingly.

The meals provided by Peter were excellent and varied and his sense of humour much appreciated.

Suzanne took me on a wonderful and informative tour of Dinan, I joined in on the bilingual quiz night that she organised in the local bar and also enjoyed a lunch with her at the nearby relais routier restaurant.

J’en ai bien profité.

Brenda, 2017 – French Immersion in France Brittany

French Immersion in France Brittany

I came to Suzanne hoping to find a program tailored to my specific needs, focusing on verb usage, points of grammar and pronunciation on which I needed work.

Suzanne created a program using some of the many teaching/learning aids she herself has developed over the many years of teaching French.

The lessons were varied and engaging, never boring or unnecessarily repetitive.

I definitely made progress and came away with tools I can use to continue to improve my speaking, reading and writing, whether studying on my own or with a teacher.

The two excursions were the icing on the cake.

Suzanne and Peter, you have given me a most productive and most entertaining and enjoyable eight days.

Merci mille fois!

Michael, 2017 – French Immersion in France Brittany

French Immersion in France Brittany

Thank you for a great week.

It was a bit of a breakthrough because I have been worried about my pronunciation and ignored it.  It feels better now I can tackle it.

Thank you also for the work you have sent (by email after my stay).

Paddy, 2016 – French Immersion in France Brittany

learn french in France with immersion at teacher's house

Je suis australienne.   Je ne parlais pas 20 mots de français avant mon arrivée ici (j’exagère un peu !)

Cette semaine passée, je suis restée chez “le couple terrible” (référence au Petit Nicolas) Suzanne et Peter .

J’ai bien aimé cette semaine.   En plus, mon mari Louis est venu aussi et il s’est amusé à faire du vélo, à boire de la bière française, à lire des livres et à se coucher quand le brouillard était épais.

Pour moi c’était un travail dur, mais aussi amusant et intéressant.   C’est une occasion pour apprendre non seulement dans la salle de classe, mais aussi au petit déjeuner, au déjeuner, et ici et là pendant toute la journée. 

Peter est un bonus !   Il nous parle en français aussi.  Et il a cuisiné de la nourriture délicieuse.

Les excursions, trois, étaient de très bons moments pendant la semaine.  Nous avons visité la côte (le cap Fréhel), la ville ancienne de Dinan, et le concert des chants de Noël de Peter :  il était partout – au piano, à la direction de la chorale, et aussi pour amuser le public.  La musique était superbe !

Ce matin-ci j’ai visité la bibliothèque et j’ai rencontré le Père Noël dans son manteau rouge !   Une expérience de la culture que je ne vais pas oublier.

Suzanne est une professeur superbe !   Elle est très organisée, très gentille et ses leçons sont très flexibles et jamais ennuyeuses.   Elle parle lentement et clairement – j’aime ça !  Maintenant je connais mes mots et 20 verbes en plus !

Moira, 2016 – French Immersion in France Brittany

learn french in France immersion homestay at teacher's house

Grâce à vous, je pense que mon français s’est amélioré beaucoup cette semaine.  Suzanne, tu es le meilleur professeur ! Il y avait beaucoup à faire.

J’ai aimé surtout la visite à Dinan pour voir les lumières de Noël, et les vitraux dans la cathédrale.   Et aussi, j’ai bien apprécié le pub quiz, les répétitions de la chorale, les déjeuners au restaurant, et faire la cuisine.

La campagne est parfaite pour faire du vélo !

Peter, j’aime beaucoup vos repas, merci.

J’espère que je reviendrai l’année prochaine.  Merci beaucoup.

John, 2016 – French Immersion in France Brittany

french immersion in france

“My two weeks with Suzanne and Peter was a formidable learning experience.

Bretagne is a rich historical region quite distinct from other regions of France, emanating from its maritime roots, its linguistic heritage and distinct topography. Their village is a country property and a car was very useful.

Peter and Suzanne have designed and purpose built a spacious, comfortable, effective B&B. I enjoyed Peter’s culinary enthusiasm and skills. I have a strong involvement with music thus Peter’s career as a musician and choir director were a bonus for me.

Suzanne is a veteran adult educator: patient, creative but relentless. After 14 days, with no oral English my mind was numb, a great feeling. Suzanne has created an impressive broad range of teaching tools, visual and audio, over her many years of teaching and they are interesting, challenging and effective.

In summary, it was an engaging and rewarding experience.”

Candi, 2016 – French Immersion in France Brittany

learn french in france in immersion

Ma semaine chez Suzanne était informative, difficile, frustrante, amusante et beaucoup de travail.

Avec un autre professeur, cette semaine aurait été impossible.   Mais Suzanne est bonne professeur et très gentille aussi.   Les trois heures des leçons sont passées vite… généralement trop vite.   Elle savait changer sa méthode d’enseignement pour me donner ce dont j’avais besoin.

Maintenant, je vais revenir chez moi et répéter les leçons.   J’aimerais retourner et continuer mes études avec Suzanne un jour.

Bien sûr, Suzanne a un très bon mari qui s’appelle Peter.  Il est super intéressant.   Il fait la cuisine.  On a mangé bien toute la semaine.   La semaine ne serait pas la même sans lui.

Merci beaucoup Suzanne et Peter.

Jan, 2016 – French Immersion in France Brittany

learn french immersion in france

My two-week stay with you was well worth the stress and effort of leaving my family behind in Australia and traveling halfway around the world !

  • wonderful hospitality
  • great food (thanks Peter !)
  • and lots of great experiences

Suzanne, I would be very surprised if there was a better teacher of French anywhere!

Thank you and kind regards.

Clint and Loraine, 2016 – French Immersion in France Brittany

french immersion in france

Thank you for a wonderful week.

The accommodation and food have been excellent.

We have enjoyed your company and many laughs.

You have helped create many special memories.

Merci et au revoir.

Hope to keep in touch.

Christine & Declan, 2016, French Immersion in France Brittany

french immersion in france

We truly enjoyed our French immersion week in ‘La Croix Julot’.  Suzanne and Peter, thank you so much for your warm welcome. Peter, you looked after us really well.   We had expected to be joining you in a light lunch each midday.  Instead, we found ourselves enjoying a delicious three-course meal every day.  Thank you Peter, you are a wonderful chef.

We feel we have made great progress in our understanding and use of the French language.  Thank you Suzanne, you are a wonderful teacher – very patient and highly organised.   You adjusted your approach to suit our needs, and we found that the variety of activities you used held our interest for the duration of each three-hour session – no mean feat!   The recordings of our work in class, and the additional materials you have provided will keep us busy for months ahead.

Thank you also for our cultural trips to the ‘Ferme d’antan’ and Dinan – we thoroughly enjoyed them.   Christine will have fond memories of her night at the ‘répétition de danse bretonne’ – thanks to your dance group for including her.      Suzanne, we both enjoyed seeing you and your group perform at the ‘Fête Folklorique’.   We hope to come back again for another week at some stage.   We will be recommending your program to our friends.

Go raibh mile maith agaibh  –  Thank you both very much.

Janine, 2 weeks, 2016, French Immersion in France Brittany

learn french in france

Suzanne and Peter, thank you so much for two amazing weeks.   I have been in France, not just as a tourist but as an honored guest and student.

Suzanne, thank you for your patience and understanding while working with me to improve my French, and for sharing your love and knowledge of the dance and music of Bretagne with me.

Peter, thank you for your many, many wonderful meals, your sense of humor and your willingness to help me learn as well.

My stay was perfect in every way and I will be sending many of my friends your way.

Barbara, 2 weeks, July 2016, French Immersion in France Brittany

french immersion in france

Merci Suzanne et Peter pour une bonne expérience.
Suzanne is an excellent teacher, very patient and encouraging.   I came to La Croix Julot to improve my pronunciation and French conversation, a challenge when learning any new language.  Now, after two weeks, my new friends are ‘accueil’, ‘feuille’, ‘seule’, ‘on’, ‘en’, ‘ans’ and ‘incroyable’, just to mention a few.
The resources Suzanne has provided will ensure my learning continues when I return home.
Et aussi, merci beaucoup Peter, ‘chef de cuisine incroyable’.
A bientôt !
(Wow – Barbara was even in the newspaper with Suzanne! It’s true that an Australian in this tiny village of Brittany is quite a buzz – everybody wanted to speak with her!)

learn french in france

Valerie, July 2016, French Immersion in France Brittany

french immersion

I spent one week with Suzanne for an immersion program that was far beyond what I had expected.  Suzanne is a master teacher who readily adapts to any learning style or need.  I, myself, am a teacher and came here to renew my confidence level in French, but gained so much more than that.  Suzanne reminded me of the joy and importance of the basics and consequently had a profound effect on me.  I set very high standards for myself and Suzanne’s teachings matched and even exceeded what I would expect from a teacher to a teacher.

Peter bent over backwards to accommodate me by installing wireless headphones and a system to watch movies in French with French subtitles. His kindness was contagious, his cooking scrumptious.

Suzanne, Peter, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.  You two have taught this teacher many, many things..both concrete and intangible.

Jo, June 2016, French Immersion in France Brittany

french immersion in france

Merci beaucoup Suzanne et Peter. J’ai passé une bonne semaine dans une école cinq étoiles, avec un restaurant trois étoiles !

Suzanne, vous êtes une prof étonnante. Or, if I can pronounce it correctly, vous êtes incroyable,  comme le vin ! (Editor’s note: le vin is a very useful word which can help greatly with pronunciation!)

Jeanie, June 2016 – French Immersion in France Brittany

french immersion stay at teachers' home in france

My week with Suzanne and Peter has been excellent.  Suzanne is a very good and patient teacher.  Importantly, she adapts her teaching to suit individual needs and wishes, and provides plenty of interesting and varied activities for learning.  Suzanne has been extremely helpful in helping me to identify ways in which I can improve my French and continue my learning.

Suzanne and Peter provided me with the warmest of welcomes. They are both wonderfully hospitable and generous with their time and help.  Lunches provided by Peter are excellent.   Very many thanks to you both.

Amanda, June 2016 – French Immersion in France in Brittany

french immersion in france

I have spent a lovely few days at La Croix Julot.   I arrived in France 8 months ago with barely any French at all.   It has been a bit of a struggle to understand what is going on around me most of the time.

Suzanne has been great at identifying the gaps in my knowledge and following them up with fun and simple exercises. Of course there have been ones that I find more challenging, but I came here to learn and I feel that I will continue to learn in the coming weeks and months with the tools I acquired in this short intensive stay.

I was surprised actually by how much I was able to understand while here with Peter and Suzanne.

The garden is gorgeous and the food delicious.   Je vous remercie pour votre hospitalité.

Katy & Solly, June 2016 – French Immersion in France Brittany

french immersion in France brittany

We have had a wonderful week at La Croix Julot, and only ever felt welcome and accepted by our two very creative and interesting hosts.

Suzanne created a flexible, fun and absorbing course for us: myself and my 15 y.o. son.   She has seamlessly increased the complexity of conversation and teaching, truly according to our (different) levels so we felt motivated but not overwhelmed.   I have begun to delight in the French language!

The hospitality and Peter’s cooking, the comfort and conviviality has been without parallel.

A really great experience.   Thank you so much.

Julie & Noel, and Peter May 2016 – French Immersion in France

French Residential Immersion in France

Learning anything new as an adult is hard, especially another language.  We worry if we don’t get it right the first time; it’s disheartening and frustrating.  In our case, having learnt French at school then re-matriculating as adults, we’ve got by pretty well during our yearly 6 weeks in France, but we wanted more.

A friend found Suzanne’s site, and we’ll be forever grateful.  She and her husband are a powerful combination – good humour and an enjoyment of people.  Suzanne made sure she met the outcomes we’d expressed, and at no stage during the lessons did we feel other than comfortable.   Stretched, yes, but also engaged, and never foolish or ‘dumb’.  Clearly she has a sensitive recognition of non-verbal cues, and her exquisite pronunciation and clarity of speech made explanations easy to understand, plus the lessons went by in a flash.  She understands that brains need to be ‘entertained’ in that too much of one thing can become tiring, and the visual, aural and written aids she uses are nothing short of brilliant.

Peter, her husband, is a wonderful cook, a beautiful piano player – his lunches were delicious and healthy, with vegies and herbs from the organic garden.  Mr X, the outside cat, was a beautiful extra.

The bottom line is that if ever you thought a live-in course would be too intensive and too demoralising, then you couldn’t be more wrong.  It’s a wonderful experience and we’ll be back.


Suzanne and Peter

Je vous remercie pour mon séjour très agréable.

J’ai été vraiment ravi de vos leçons – efficaces, intéressantes et remplis de bonne humeur.

La cerise sur le gâteau était la campagne tranquille, l’accueil chaleureux à votre maison et la cuisine de chef Peter (je lui accorde un chapeau). Et ne pas oublier le plaisir d’explorer la Bretagne.

A la prochaine,  Amitiés,  Peter

Mary Lee & Allen, 1 week, April 2016 – French Immersion in France

Mary Lee & Allen, avril 2016

We have really enjoyed our week with you.  We have learned a lot: the language of French as well as customs and food.   We have enjoyed getting to know you and appreciate your patience with our attempts to speak French.   We both feel we have learned a lot and leave with the confidence that we can continue to work with our French.  Suzanne, you are a great teacher and have given us much to continue with on our journey to speak French.   The resources to continue to use are great!   Thanks for such a wonderful adventure.

Mary Jo & Bob, 1 week, April 2016 – French Immersion in France

Mary Jo & Bob avril 2016

Our experience in your home was wonderful.  Thanks you both so very much.   Peter, you are such a friendly and welcoming host and your meals were delicious.  Suzanne, having taught in a middle school in the US for nine years, I know how very demanding and difficult it is.   You are a superior teacher by every standard.  Your enthusiasm and energy is ever-present and contagious.   I’m in awe of your organizational skills and the many systems you have developed to help your students.   I have learned an incredible amount and hope to keep progressing!   Merci beaucoup!   Mary Jo
Enjoyed our visit and learning sessions immensely.   Your hospitality and friendliness made our stay most enjoyable.   Merci beaucoup!   Bob

Janis & Tim, 5 days, March 2016 – French Immersion in France

immersion french brittany

Thank you Suzanne and Peter for your wonderful welcome and the pleasant stay.

We have learnt so much from our lessons, not just the French language… culture, customs, and building tips.   Suzanne, you are an excellent teacher,  so patient with my stumbling pronunciation.   I have improved, and my confidence in my ability to learn French is giving me hope.

Peter is a “chef de cuisine par excellence” and coped well with our dietary requirements.   He introduced us to some wonderful local dishes.   Many thanks.

Farrah, 2 weeks, February/March 2016 – French Immersion in France

French Immersion Program in France

A home away from home.

I am delighted that I made the choice of coming to this little gem of a ‘chambres d’hôtes’.  I came here to learn French and stayed for 2 weeks.  I was truly a beginner and Suzanne’s professionalism, patience and experience helped me in understanding and speaking French. Suzanne creatively uses different methods to suit the student’s needs.  Plus, the love of French language is ignited in my heart.

After one week and at the age of 58 I was able to speak it a little.  The second week of learning was very productive as I started to understand and follow conversations.

If you want to improve your French or start learning like me, this is a place for it.

Merci Suzanne et Peter pour votre patience et remerciements à Peter pour la nourriture délicieuse.

Hilaire, 1 week, March 2016 – French Immersion in France

immersion in France

I am trying to make arrangements for a second visit to La Croix Julot, so I obviously found my first visit so useful, and enjoyable – and good value for money – that I want to repeat it.

Suzanne is not only a very experienced teacher, she is also a good, patient, thorough, empathetic and generous one. I very quickly lost my trepidation and self-consciousness about speaking French, and I never feared feeling incompetent or a fool, as I usually do.

I wanted to have homework, and Suzanne was able to provide as much as I wanted, there and to do at home, from the bountiful resources she has at her fingertips.

The purpose of my visit was to improve my French, not to have a holiday, but I did have a good time and the fact that I was learning seemed a bonus.

La Croix Julot is a team effort with husband Peter making a valuable contribution. Among other things, he does the cooking and took the need to adapt his repertoire of dishes to meet my dietary requirements in his stride, with great success. I welcomed his conversations at lunch as they were a great aid with my listening and comprehension – and speaking.

Very many thanks to both of you.

Peter & daughter Heather Tralaggan, March 2016 – French Immersion in France

“one of the best French teachers I have ever been taught by”

Peter Tralaggan

From Peter: Both Heather and I want to thank you for such a marvellous week at La Croix Julot.   We really appreciated the warmth of your welcome.
Suzanne, you are one of the best French teachers I have ever been taught by.  Your professionalism, experience and enthusiasm made it a joyous learning experience.   You have the ability to appreciate where I was ‘at’ with language progress, and seamlessly built on my language skills.  I still have much more to learn, but I leave here tomorrow knowing I have definitely made progress, and with an enthusiasm to study further.

La Croix Julot is a great place to stay.   Its location in Bretagne makes it the ideal place to launch off and see all the tourist sites such as St Malo, Dinan, the Pink Granite Coast, Cap Fréhel, Mont St Michel, which we did with ease (Editor’s note: some as accompanied excursions, some in the hire car).

Peter, your meals were something we always looked forward to.  We both enjoyed the inclusiveness of our stay, especially the Jugon les Lacs choir experience under your guidance, meeting your friends, and the visit to the pub!

From Heather:  Thank you both for your generous welcome of me as an ‘add-on’.  I really appreciated the lessons, Suzanne, and the tourist advice, Peter.

Michael, 4 days, February 2016 – French Immersion in France

“My French has improved measurably!”

Michael Case

Suzanne, thank you for a very intensive few days in which my French has improved measurably!
The lessons have been both instructive and full of interest, which makes the learning much easier and pleasant.   The food and accommodation has been excellent. Thank you to Peter.
I would recommend this course without hesitation. Thanks again.

Pamela, 5 days, January 2016 – French Immersion in France

“I wish I had discovered this method of boosting my French language skills years ago”

Pamela janvier 2016

I have just enjoyed a week’s stay at La Croix Julot to focus on my French. Suzanne’s incredible teaching methods were so professional (and with plenty of humour), that my weaknesses never surfaced as something for me to worry about.

I came to re-learn many things, and left with an amazing tool box, which is very useful to me. The quality of the teaching was excellent, and I can’t wait to come again to really progress.

Thanks to Peter’s culinary balancing act, we ate beautiful food, which of course is so appreciated when ravenous- by study and fresh country air!

I loved the sociable flow of guests and day students, and of course the lovely strains of music from any of Peter’s menagerie of beautiful instruments.   Grosses bises à Monsieur X (the cat) !

Alison, 9 days, November 2015 – French Immersion in France

“An absolutely amazing experience, a tutor ‘par excellence’.”

Every weakness noted and returned to for in-depth coaching, amazing resources, learning tools so imaginative it’s hard not to learn.
Suzanne’s explanations and knowledge, both of the French language and the difficulties experienced by learners, is beyond any teaching I have previously experienced.
I feel that in 9 days I have covered and understood more than my previous 5+ years. Yes! It’s intensive, but so many ‘seeds’ have been sown and I can easily refer back to Suzanne’s notes and dictations for revision.
I can recommend Suzanne as a teacher without hesitation. The stay at La Croix Julot must include a mention of Peter, who makes sure the chambre d’hôte runs smoothly. Food amazingly prepared and delicious to eat.
In short, wonderful hosts and an experience to remember.

Jacqui, 10 days, November 2015 – French Immersion in France

“I could not have chosen better”

Jacqui nov 15

I have lived in France a short time and want to learn more about all things French – the culture, the language, and above all, how to converse better in French. I looked at a lot of schools and finally decided to stay 10 days at La Croix Julot. I could not have chosen better. Suzanne is a rare combination of many years of teaching experience and insight into each student’s needs. There is no “cookie-cutter” approach. Equally important was being welcomed into their home – a relaxing informality and lots of good eating. Thank you Peter.

Adrian, 1 week, 2015 – French Immersion in France

“Excellent teaching focussed on my needs and ability”


Does what it says on the tin… and more!! I asked for intensive and got it, but at a pace I could follow. Excellent teaching focussed on my needs and ability, coupled with great food and advice on day/afternoon trip… If you want to learn French, this is a place to start!!!
Thank you both very much for a truly memorable experience.

Paddy and Mark, 1 week  2015 – French Immersion in France

“Suzanne and Peter, are warm, friendly and generous”

Paddy & Mark

This was a wonderful week of French teaching, and a wonderful stay in France.
I am writing this in English because it may be useful to other readers. Our hosts, Suzanne and Peter, are warm, friendly and generous.   In the mornings, I had instruction with Suzanne – and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher – while my husband borrowed maps and other gear, and went hiking around this beautiful region.
Suzanne took us on two excursions which were very interesting and informative.
On the teaching side, Suzanne has masses of really interesting materials, many of which helped me to learn about Brittany.
My conversational French is much better, and I have learnt more about the best way for me to learn when I get home.
I hoped this experience would be a success – but it has been far better than I realised it could be.   Many thanks.

Jack & Carol, 1 week September 2015 – French Immersion in France

The hosts are so gracious and every detail gets attention”

Jack & Carol

What a pleasure to stay in such an original farmhouse in Bretagne – totally and so beautifully redone!
The hosts are so gracious and every detail gets attention.  Jack so enjoyed the fantastic teaching of Suzanne and he was sorry to have the lessons come to an end.
Peter cooks such delicious meals from their garden.   In addition, you get to hear lovely music from Peter, as he prepares for his work. I enjoyed the beauty of the surroundings, and being led through the beautiful gardens by Monsieur X (editor’s note:  the cat!).   We thank you for all you did to make us feel comfortable and for taking the time to help me understand the French being spoken.   The whole week was… très joyeuse!   Merci.

Carolyn, 5 days 2015 – French Immersion in France

“Suzanne is probably the best teacher I have ever had”

Carolyn 1

What an experience !   The area is so quiet and peaceful with long stretches of farmland.   Suzanne’s gardens are beautiful and she grows the vegetables we eat.   Peter is an excellent chef.  His meals are delicious and last for at least 1 ½ hours.  In addition to preparing our meals, Peter teaches music and is an outstanding musician.
Suzanne is probably the best teacher I have ever had.   Her constant enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and her extreme compassion made this a truly memorable experience for me.  We speak French all the time.  Suzanne speaks slowly and repeats what I don’t understand.  My whole experience here has been fantastic and is one I will remember forever.   I have already made plans to return next year.

Dianna, 1 week  2015 – French Immersion in France

“Suzanne is so enthusiastic, such an intuitive teacher, and such a genuinely nice person”


My week at Suzanne and Peter’s is one I’ll always remember with great fondness. Suzanne is a French teacher par excellence. She has mountains of material from which to select items of interest to engage you in your learning endeavors – notebooks full of exercices and practice dictations; short recordings from various sources covering news, history, science, etc. for listening practice; photographs for discussion and formulating questions – and this is only what I experienced. I would often sit bemused watching Suzanne deftly search through her thick notebooks and long list of files for just the right topics to pique my interest and make learning fun. Suzanne would take copious notes during a lesson, then record these notes to give to the student. And she did this reading the notes upside down so that you could follow them right side up across the table. She also can write upside down, again so you can read it across the table — amazing. Suzanne is so enthusiastic, such an intuitive teacher, and such a genuinely nice person.
And then there is Peter, Suzanne husband. Peter was the culinary master who whipped up delicious food in gargantuan proportions. The first part of dinner conversation often involved quizzing Peter on his inspiration for the current culinary masterpiece and sometimes searching for a worthy name to give it. Peter is a musician and I loved hearing his piano playing wafting up the stairs to my second floor room. He is affable, easy to talk to, and quick to accommodate your needs. He speaks French in addition to his native English and will keep to French to continue your learning throughout your stay. For my train ride when leaving at the end of the week, he made sure I had a little to-go lunch to take with me — sweet.

Amy & Len, 2 weeks 2015 – French Immersion in France

“Now, I don’t feel ‘lost’ with the French language”

Amy & Len

Many many thanks for everything!   These two weeks have been wonderful, thanks to your generosity, humor, Peter’s excellent meals, Suzanne’s patience and fantastic lessons, the beautiful home and peaceful setting… The time flew by, and I can’t believe it’s time to go.   We will think of you often (each time we speak French!)…
… As usual, Amy has said everything.   But I can’t express how significant these two weeks have been for me.   Now, I don’t feel ‘lost’ with the French language.   The food was superb, and the conversation was excellent.   Merci, merci, merci!
and later…  Without reservation, I would recommend you as a tutor for anyone. Your knowledge, your approach to teaching, and your genuine hospitality during our stay truly made our time with you one of the highlights of our French experience.

Jess  2 weeks,  2015 – French Immersion in France

“Suzanne – a simple “merci beaucoup” is not nearly enough to express my gratitude!”

Jess & Karen

A few thoughts from a “more than satisfied” customer!

Prior to my arrival at La Croix Julot, I was heartened by all the glowing reviews I read here about Suzanne and Peter, and, I must say, I was definitely not disappointed! So, what can I add here that others have not already mentioned? I find myself in total agreement with them all (yes! really!), so, if you are wondering about taking an immersion course with Suzanne, I do encourage you to read all these reviews, as they contain many details about what you can expect!

For myself, I just want to say that Suzanne is a truly gifted teacher, and working with her has helped me take my fairly basic understanding of French to a new level. I feel inspired (and well prepared) to keep going. I was so impressed by her teaching – always clear, and with a bounteous supply of materials that are well laid out and easy to understand. Suzanne – a simple “merci beaucoup” is not nearly enough to express my gratitude!

And Peter? A creative “chef de cuisine” for sure, but he also has a twinkle in his eye and a roguish sense of humour :) Furthermore, he is a gifted musician, as evidenced by the glorious music I heard emitting from his keyboard on an occasional afternoon…

Another thing, which doesn’t have a lot to do with teaching, but more with ambience – this couple love the life they have created, and they happily share it with everyone around them. A gift, for sure!

So – merci beaucoup to the power of 1000 to you both!!

Louis – 2015 – French Immersion in France

“Suzanne has a marvelous talent for adjusting her use of vocabulary and speed of speaking”


Our 9 -year-old son, Louis, attends a language immersion school where he has been since he was 2 years old. We wanted to get a better idea of how much French he was actually learning in school, boost his confidence with speaking, and introduce him to a part of the world where everyone speaks French (not just his teachers). I searched and searched for a French vacation that would allow us to have fun as a family of 5 but also provide structured French instruction for my 9-year-old. When I found French Today’s Immersion program, I was hopeful. When I found Suzanne’s post, my search was over.

I read on a review that staying in their home feels like visiting a good friend. That is exactly how I would describe our experience with Suzanne and Peter. Their kindness, patience, and generosity were beyond compare. Suzanne and our son Louis worked together (en français) every day on something that really interested him. They read a Tintin comic book together, created artwork, and best of all worked together to make crepes (Louis’s favorite part of the entire trip). I was amazed to listen in on a stool in their kitchen as my son conversed entirely in French with Suzanne as they measured out the flour and added the eggs. Although my husband and I speak minimal French, we noticed our French improving in leaps and bounds as Suzanne and Peter spoke to us at mealtimes (and as much as possible when Louis was around) in slow, remarkably easy to understand French. I realized then that Suzanne has a marvelous talent for adjusting her use of vocabulary and speed of speaking to meet a student where they are—and then push them a little further along.

Suzanne teaches English as well as Spanish to several local children and we were very fortunate to have the chance to introduce our children to Suzanne’s young students. It was incredible to watch them play in the beautiful gardens that surround her home, practicing their newly acquired language skills with one another.

I can not describe to you how charming La Croix Julot is, nor can I adequately describe how exceptional a teacher, person, gardener, and hostess Suzanne is (with the help of her equally wonderful husband). You will have to find out for yourself!

Sayoko – 2015 – French Immersion in France

“j’ai parlé beaucoup le français.  J’étais très contente”


Pendant mon séjour chez Suzanne, elle m’a donné les cours de qualité.
Avant de commencer les cours, nous avons beaucoup discuté au sujet du plan, et puis elle a fait un plan efficace pour moi.
Le plan qu’elle m’a suggéré était très intéressant, bien plus.  C’était un plan équilibré.   Un jour, j’ai fait un cours ‘Atelier de cuisine’ chez elle.  C’était très amusant.  Donc, j’ai bien passé mon séjour chez elle.  Sa façon d’enseigner était très bonne, c’est pour cela que j’ai bien compris ce qu’elle m’a expliqué.
De plus, il y avait beaucoup d’occasions pendant lesquelles j’ai parlé beaucoup le français.  J’étais très contente.  Elle m’a emmenée à plusieurs réunions auxquelles elle participait, si je voulais, là où j’ai rencontré beaucoup de gens et j’ai beaucoup parlé avec eux.
Son mari Peter est aussi très gentil. Comme il est simple, j’ai beaucoup parlé avec lui.
J’ai eu beaucoup de belles expériences chez eux en Bretagne. Ça deviendra mon bon souvenir de Bretagne.
Merci, Suzanne et Peter.

Cynthia & Valerie – 2015 – French Immersion in France

“We are in awe of your dedication to all that you do.”

Cynthia & Valerie

It’s hard to know where to begin. Our week at La Croix Julot has been an experience that neither of us will ever forget.

Suzanne, your passion for everything French is infectious. We came here hoping to improve our French language skills; we leave with renewed enthusiasm for the language and a deep appreciation of French culture. We are in awe of your dedication to all that you do.

Peter, we cannot thank you enough for making us so comfortable and for preparing such wonderful French meals for us.

We particularly enjoyed the activities that we participated in – they added a special Breton flavour to our experience.

Merci infiniment, Suzanne, pour votre encouragement constant. On en a profité énormément. C’était une expérience inoubliable.

Et finalement, faire un stage de ce genre est quelque chose que nous recommandons sans hésitation.

Barry – 2015 – French Immersion in France

“she and Peter will continue to speak to you in French during the excursions, other activities, breakfast and meal times”


When I attended the course with Suzanne I was very impressed with the overall structure and also that I felt fully immersed in the French language during my stay there.

I would recommend this course because, apart from the time spent in lessons with Suzanne, she and Peter will continue to speak to you in French during the excursions, other activities, breakfast and meal times. Furthermore, she is fully able to cater for the individual needs and abilities of the pupil when conversing with them in French.

The lessons themselves were at all times highly instructive and Suzanne is attentive towards concentrating on weak points and writing down very useful contemporaneous notes which are then transported onto memory stick for the pupil’s own use. She has clearly taken a lot of time and effort in setting up systems to enable the pupil to gain a better overall understanding of grammar, vocabulary and, most importantly, speaking the language itself which is vital to somebody like me who intends to spend more time in France in the future.

The food and accommodation provided were also very good and the area around the house is rural and very pleasant for walking and other types of activity when you are not hard at it studying!

Christine and Ian – 2015 – French Immersion in France

“Suzanne is an excellent teacher: she is generous, patient, encouraging, creative, adaptive and extremely well organised”

Christine & Ian (1)

We recently spent 10 days with Suzanne at the start of our holiday in France. The aim was to brush up on our basic French in order to better engage with local people during our travels.
The idea of a residential programme where we would be immersed in the French language for long periods, on a daily basis, was particularly attractive for us.
In addition to the language lessons (see below), we were made to feel very welcome by Suzanne and her husband, Peter. Our cosy and inviting accommodation was more than adequate and Peter’s meals were superb, as was Suzanne and Peter’s hospitality.
Suzanne is an excellent teacher: she is generous, patient, encouraging, creative, adaptive and extremely well organised. As well as extensive class notes and teaching aids, she provides audio files and written exercises for private study (ie, homework), should you choose to do any. Suzanne was able to expertly tailor lessons to meet our ongoing needs and requests and to provide a good balance between informal and formal structures within the lessons. Vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, as well as formal and informal conversations and scenarios, were covered. Lessons were reinforced and enhanced through conversations at breakfast and lunch, homework, accompanied field trips to locations of our choosing, and the opportunity to join Suzanne on some of her regular activities (eg, work at the local library, traditional Breton dancing and choir practice).
Suzanne’s approach, together with the opportunity to stay in her home and be immersed in her daily life and the local culture, made our time with her enjoyable, as well as instructive. We thoroughly recommend Suzanne as a teacher, and also the experience that she and Peter provide. The experience certainly exceeded our (high) expectations, and we would definitely return for more, on a regular basis, if only Australia was not so far away! Our holiday experience has certainly benefitted from the time spent with Suzanne. Merci beaucoup, Suzanne!

Annette Love, 2015 – French Immersion in France

“Suzanne was incredibly patient, always encouraging and knew exactly which areas of the language I needed to develop”.


Where do I begin…..
This experience has been amazing from the very first minute I made contact with Suzanne, her replies to my many emails were prompt, full of helpful advice on how to prepare for the visit, how to find her home and a questionnaire to complete so she could prepare lessons at the appropriate level.

Suzanne and her husband Peter are welcoming from the very first “Faites comme chez vous”! Peter is an amazing cook and makes the most amazing meals with ingredients that are freshly picked from Suzanne’s glorious garden.

I have been learning French for 12 months – and although I can understand some spoken and written French, I have been very reluctant to speak the language because I had no confidence in my ability to construct a sentence, and was afraid of making mistakes…. So I avoided it as much as possible. Knowing this, Suzanne was well prepared for my visit, from the minute I walked in the door of her beautiful home she spoke only in French and gently insisted that I speak French in reply. Suzanne was incredibly patient, always encouraging and knew exactly which areas of the language I needed to develop.

The lessons are a fantastic variety of grammar, conversation, pronounciation and listening exercises. The homework that Suzanne provides supports the lesson given and is a variety of different tasks you can chose to do in your room. There is enough for you to be able to spend many hours of self study or choose just one exercise you want to practice.

Learning does not end in the classroom with Suzanne, but continues throughout the day as you converse during meals. Suzanne encourages French conversation during meals, patiently waiting while I constructed a question or response in French and gently correcting any mistakes in my grammar – which is invaluable experience to boost my confidence in making general French conversation.

This French immersion stay has been exactly what I needed in my French learning journey, and Suzanne has been the most amazingly perfect teacher and host for my journey this week. It has been an intensive week of lessons, homework and French conversation – and I have learnt a huge amount in the short time I have been here. It is an invaluable opportunity for anyone wanting to improve their French. I have already booked to return for my next visit and hope this is the beginning of many future immersion visits.

Merci beaucoup Suzanne and Peter.
A bientôt!

Carol, 2015 – French Immersion in France

“This has been a really exciting, confidence-building experience for me.”


I had heard what a wonderful teacher Suzanne was from a friend, so I thought this time I would really try to learn to speak and understand French well enough to enjoy holidays and perhaps be able to live a dream of coming to France permanently, bearing in mind that I might not enjoy the experience, and could always do something else.

Well, expectations and hopes have been surpassed.  I have had lesson after lesson tailored to my ability and interests as the natural and pleasant conversations flowed.   Suzanne is a really intuitive teacher with huge knowledge and enthusiasm.
I have been given useful, useable notes about what was talked about in each lesson to help me practice when I am at home.  There are understandable, simple and appropriate grammar explanations to help me remember words, as well as a memory stick to listen to pronunciation.

In five short days I have become enthusiastic and found that learning French is fun and that I really could enjoy being able to speak and listen with understanding.  So much so, that a dream may well come true!
I am already booked in for another session! This has been a really exciting, confidence-building experience for me.
Thank you Suzanne!

Annie,  2015 – French Immersion in France

“Her lessons are always fun and her enthusiasm is so infectious”


To describe lessons with Suzanne in one word, easy: inspirational.

She is relaxed, encouraging and so patient.   She believes in using visual aids wherever possible with flash cards for example which have been ingeniously made up to suit any difficulty.   Even a jar of Marmite has come into play at the breakfast table, talking with French guests.   It is obvious Suzanne not only loves the language but also loves to teach.

Her lessons are always fun and her enthusiasm is so infectious.  You cannot help leave the lesson not only feeling more confident but also realizing how much you enjoyed learning the lingo.  Truly inspirational.

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