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Geoff – 2018 – French Immersion Homestay in Provence

French Immersion Homestay in Provence

I have just returned form my second immersion with Julie. Last year she was near Carpentras, this year her apartment is in and central to the beautiful walled city of Avignon. The apartment, which you have to yourself, is within easy walking distance of many historical and cultural places.

I have been to many places in France but Provence is the most beautiful. Our trips to Villeneuve and neighbouring villages was brilliant, they are so beautiful. Walk to the top pf Avignon and witness the view, especially over Villeneuve, also look back to Avignon from Villeneuve, remarkable. Uzes was particularly good.

The centre of this is of course Julie herself. Not only is she a good teacher, but a girl of so many different talents, so is the ideal holiday companion. The conversation never stopped and we had many laughs.

What I can tell you is, she speaks to her dog in Portuguese and knowing Julie it probably replies to her in – Portuguese!!

Don’t miss an opportunity to immerse with this young lady who has achieved so much in a young life.

Chrystale & Christopher – 2018 – French Immersion Homestay in Provence

immersion france avignon provence

TLDR; We cannot say enough nice things about Julie, and our week in Avignon. It was such a great experience and the highlight of our trip. Julie was an incredible host and teacher. We highly recommend her immersion program. We realize that the price can be a little bit shocking, but keep in mind that that price includes a place to stay in central Avignon, private French lessons catered to your needs, 2 meals a day, 2 excursion days and an in-depth culture experience that you can’t get elsewhere.
After our stay, we would 100% recommend Julie’s immersion program to others.

Our week with Julie was the highlight of our month-long trip through France. Julie was so kind, welcoming and a great teacher. My wife and I both took French in school, and we had visited France several times on previous vacations. For this trip, we were looking for an experience that would be more in depth than just brief interactions with the locals. We had talked about taking a week-long class in Lyon at one of the French language schools, but then we found French Today’s immersion program. This seemed to be exactly what we were looking for; private French lessons with a local who could show us around, teach us more about the French culture and get to know someone more intimately than the quick “bonjour, au revoir” interactions we were used to having.

immersion provence

Julie was an incredibly welcoming and gracious host. We were immediately comfortable with her, and she made us feel at home in her apartment. She was completely flexible and worked entirely around our schedule. At the end of the day, she left us the apartment to ourselves. We would have been perfectly comfortable having her stay in the apartment too, but we actually found that it was a welcomed relief to have some mental rest after our intensive French lessons. Julie was also a fun cook. She made cooking look easy as she prepared tasty meals for us. The portions were always very generous and we were very well fed. She also gave us tons of advice for things to do and places to eat. We were heading to Lyon after our trip and Julie even gave us great recommendations for our visit there!

French Immersion Homestay in avignon

French teacher:
Julie was a great French teacher for us. With only a week, it was ideal that she was able to assess our French proficiency and cater our lessons to our needs. She was well equipped with lessons and exercises. She also had fun games that kept us entertained and engaged. We especially found the games to be a great break from the intensive lessons. Julie also catered our lessons to our interests. One of the most impressive parts of our lessons was that Julie was able to condense information that took us 5 years to learn at school into concise and clear rules and reference sheets. Being able to take these reference sheets back with us has allowed us to continue our studying after our stay.

French Immersion Homestay in Provence

Julie was a great guide for showing us around Avignon and the region. She took us on brief tours of the city to get us oriented, and gave us recommendations on things like restaurants and ice cream shops. Getting to ride in her car for two excursion days was a perfect way to get to see the beautiful Provence and Languedoc regions. We went to two small towns, saw lavender and poppy fields and visited Pont du Guard. She also helped us rent bikes and took us on a small bike tour to the other side of the bridge for a peaceful ride with great views of Avignon (note that the automated bike rental process was not easy, and we never would have figured it out without Julie). We were fortunate enough to get to go to a theater performance with Julie and meet some of her friends. She was so kind to think of us and to extend and invitation to us.

Booking Process:
I’m not sure if this process will always be the same, but I figured I’d give this brief explanation of what it was like for us, since I didn’t notice anything in the French today’s website; Once we verified that the week we were interested in was free (via emails with Julie), were able to make a deposit through PayPal. The balance was able to be paid by credit card upon arrival.

Some advice:
Bring a notebook for yourself to keep everything you learn in one place. We also recommend having an extra notebook for Julie to use as she writes vocabulary words and grammar rules throughout your lessons. If you forget to bring a notebook (like we did), we ended up buying some small ones at Carrefour in Avignon. Come ready to learn and study in your downtime. Y

ou will be amazed at what you can learn in just one week!

John & Yvonne – 2018 – French Immersion Homestay in Provence

French Immersion Homestay in Provence

Julie is an extremely friendly person and went out of her way to make us feel welcome and comfortable.

Julie worked out on our first evening just where we were in our French development, and by Monday morning was stretching us from that point with clear lessons reinforced with enjoyable activities. She was also sensitive to what was too difficult for us, and so kept us in an excellent learning zone.

We loved the way Julie wrote down vocabulary and grammatical points as they came up during instruction time, used them as teaching points, and left the notes for us to go over, and then tested our memories as we started the next session. We really valued her continual correcting of our errors, and appreciation of us showing our learning in the way we spoke.

French Immersion Homestay in Provence

The excursions in Avignon and beyond were really enjoyable, gave us ample opportunity to talk French as we discovered some of the special sights of this part of the country.

We both greatly appreciated the huge effort Julie made to help us develop our French, and we feel we gained as a result.

Of course we loved Julie’s home in Avignon, and were very comfortable, as well as very well fed, in her Hôtel Particulier.

Bob & Pat – 2018 – French Immersion Homestay in Provence

French Immersion Homestay in Provence

I wish to express to you my deepest thanks in alerting me and my wife to Julie Gaudin. 

The accommodations were excellent and the location was perfect.

French Immersion Homestay in Provence avignon

She was both a fabulous hostess and a terrific French teacher.

I have already recommended her to all of my friends.

Heloise – 2018 – French Immersion Homestay in Provence

(For English speakers: she loved it!)

immersion provence

A minha avaliação geral da semana que passei com Julie em Avignon foi excelente, tanto do ponto de vista de aprendizado da língua quanto de interação pessoal.   Considerando o lado do aprendizado, logo na primeira tarde, Julie aproveitou dos momentos de passeio juntas para me deixar bem à vontade para falar o que fosse possível em francês sem constrangimentos, podendo avaliar o nível do meu francês e identificar quais os principais erros, falhas e pontos a serem trabalhados durante a semana. A cada manhã ela chegava com atividades organizadas para abordar esses pontos, estruturando a aula para abordar as questões de gramática, mas utilizando vários recursos como jogos, vídeos, perguntas e exercícios variados para sedimentar o aprendizado sem que fosse repetitivo. Em todos os momentos foi trabalhado ao mesmo tempo o vocabulário, e ela incentivava e parabenizava cada novo avanço. Ela é muito atenta e perspicaz como professora, e identifica a maneira do aluno aprender e seus interesses rapidamente. Para quem fala português ainda há um bônus. Como ela é bem fluente em português consegue identificar o motivo pelo qual cometemos certos erros, facilitando a explicação e correção.

immersion provence

Quanto à recepção, atendimento e hospedagem, não poderia ser melhor. Já logo após a inscrição me mandou um questionário sobre meu nível de francês, preferências alimentares, interesses, etc para estar preparada para me receber. Todo dia chegava com um croissant fresquinho para o café da manhã, e estava sempre preocupada com o que eu pudesse gostar. preparava o almoço com carinho e foram ótimas refeições, sempre deixou frutas, café, chá, à disposição e realmente fez tudo para que eu me sentisse em casa. O apartamento é espaçoso, iluminado e silencioso, muito confortável, com banheiro moderno e cozinha bem funcional. Muito bem localizado também. Além dos passeios mais distantes com Julie, que foram ótimos, é bem fácil passear pela cidade, ir a museus e bistrôs, tudo é perto, inclusive dois mercados, o que é bem prático. O turismo em Avignon é sem dúvida um dos pontos fortes também, além da cidade ser linda, encantadora e de um tamanho ótimo pra se andar a pé, nos arredores há muito o que fazer para os mais diversos interesses, seja arte, vinho, gastronomia, natureza ou história.

immersion provence

Tenho certeza que avancei bastante no meu francês, e tenho vontade de continuar estudando. O aprendizado nessa semana valeu por mais do que um ano estudando em um curso regular de línguas. A imersão realmente acelera muito o processo, mas tenho certeza que o diferencial para o sucesso dessa experiência foi a personalidade de Julie, sua didática, gosto por ensinar, conhecimento da língua e da região, simpatia e disposição.   Recomendo muito, sem hesitação!

Tony – 2018 – French Immersion Homestay in Avignon Provence

french immersion homestay france

Having just finished 2 weeks with Julie Gaudin, this short report is a way of both thanking her for both her professional and personal capacities and also a tribute to the wonderful city of Avignon.

First, her teaching. I am a 74 year old Australian at B2 level, occasionally C1, but with some ingrained bad A1 type habits which take a lot of undoing. Six months ago, when I made my booking with Julie, I told her that I was worried that my level might be too low for comfort, to which she made the perfect response “There is no such thing as a bad level for me”. Much encouraged, I discovered during my stay that she has two qualities, (in addition to her quick intelligence and comprehensive knowledge) not always present in teachers. One is infinite patience. The other quality, more rare still, is the ability to see into the student’s mind and understand not just what one is thinking but why one is thinking a certain way. The consequence is that one not only learns but also learns how to learn, a gift that will keep on giving long after the course has finished. She works really, really hard.

Academically therefore, the course was a complete success, hard work for me also but so painless that I was always asking for extra homework. No higher praise is possible! My grammatical skills and fluency have improved dramatically, motivating me to keep up the progress in the months ahead.

french immersion homestay france

Julie’s diligence extends to the social side of a visit. Her apartment, in a historical area intra mures, is magnificent with 20 foot ceilings and molded panelled walls. Completely quiet and comfortable.

I was not only well fed by Julie but also entertained to a much greater extent than was required by the “contract”. Our many pleasurable excursions together, ranging from a bicycle ride in the surrounding countryside to trips to the Camargue, Aigues-Mortes, Arles, Fontaine de Vaucluse, Isle de la Sorgue and Villeneuve were all enhanced by Julie’s warm and enthusiastic personality and broad knowledge.

french immersion homestay france

This local knowledge, by the way, is supplemented by her international experience, broad beyond her 27 years, which provides both additional points of contact with the student and also many talking points.

french immersion homestay france

Finally there is of course the grand city itself, endlessly fascinating.

My advice – to myself – is “come again”. To others – if you are serious about improving your French and having a great time, don’t hesitate to visit Julie in Avignon.

February 2018 – Please note Julie has moved from to a large flat in the heart of the city of Avignon in Provence. The comments below come from students who stayed in immersion with Julie in the countryside.

Lina – 2018 – French Immersion Homestay in Provence

French Immersion Homestay in Provence

Julie is one of best teacher  I ever come across ! She is quick to assess my areas of weakness and  designed my daily lessons to tackle those weakness.   She is very resourceful and uses games, written and listening exercises, worksheets  to help me better understand French grammar. She is also extremely encouraging when I made small improvement and this really helped built my confidence in learning French. I looked  forward to the daily French lessons with Julie. We covered a lot during the lessons. As the lessons were tailored to my needs, I learnt a lot. Time flew by very quickly as I was  making progress and having fun learning too!  Everyday, we did a lot of repetitive exercises to help me remember new vocabulary and French grammar.   Julie is a good cook too! She uses a lot of fresh local ingredients  to prepare our meals. Very delicious home made French cuisine  !

French Immersion Homestay in Provence

Outings with Julie was great fun and we laughed a lot ! We visited Avignon and  explored the open market in Carpentras together.   The outings also gave me a great opportunity to practice my French conversation skill with Julie!   Thank you Julie for an amazing week. I have learnt a lot in just one week . I  wish I could have stayed longer.

Vernon – 2018 – French Immersion Homestay in Provence

French Immersion Homestay in Provence

I can’t say enough good things about Julie and how good a teacher she is.  She was excellent at tailoring lessons for me and was patient as I tried to grasp new ideas.  When I didn’t understand a topic, she approached it in multiple ways to help move me forward.  She used all types of things, like worksheets, games, and videos so that I could understand and use the language.  I thoroughly enjoyed my week learning with her.  All and all we covered a great deal, and that’s exactly what I wanted.  My French improved a lot, and even better, I now know more ways to keep learning and practicing on my own.

French Immersion Homestay in Provence

In addition to lessons, I also appreciated the excursions.  Julie took me on a tour of Avignon to see the Palais des Papes and the city center.  Since she’s very knowledgeable about the city and its history the tour was very interesting.  She took time to point out things and answered all my questions.  I enjoyed myself greatly and even the drive to and from the apartment was amusing.

French Immersion Homestay in Provence

Another day we toured Abbaye Saint-André and its gardens.  I can’t thank her enough for allowing me to take a lot of time to just sit, relax and enjoy the gorgeous view.  The view and discussion we had was a highlight of my trip.

The week with Julie seemed to go very quickly and unfortunately all good things must come to an end.   Without hesitation I would highly recommend her to anyone considering a French immersion experience.

Nina – 2017 – Learn French in Immersion in Provence

Learn French in Immersion in Provence

A week of French immersion with Julie near Carpentras was a most enjoyable and constructive week.

Julie is a relaxed teacher and has a skill of pitching lessons at an appropriate level but by the end of the week, she was extending my knowledge of French. Julie uses a mix of engaging and imaginative games to stimulate conversation, along with paper-based and digital presentations. She was able to provide daily support for the revision of errors as well as repetition of new vocabulary and grammatical constructions.

Not only did Julie prove to be an engaging and thoughtful teacher during our formal lessons, but she provided dvds, online and video emissions to support extra learning during the informal periods of the immersion week.

Learn French in Immersion in Provence

We enjoyed several excursions together. We cycled to Saint Didier for a nougat dégustation, and to one of France’s “beau” villages, the medieval village of Venasque. On Friday we visited Carpentras to experience the markets, and buy cheeses for a meal.

Julie provided an easy lifestyle during the week with excellent French meals during breakfast and lunch. These occasions were great opportunities to continue our discussions which ranged from same sex marriage to IVF, and from historical events and figures such as Napoleon to modern day politics!

Thank you Julie for a wonderful opportunity to combine learning more about France with immersion in the French language.

Geoff – 2017 – Learn French in Provence

learn french in france

I have just spent a week with Julie in Provence. It was a week I will never forget.

The “en mas” accommodation, food, visits and location were all excellent.

But most of all Julie herself. She is a superb teacher, an incredibly interesting person who has achieved so much in her young life.

As a student you need the lighter moments, she is great fun and we laughed so much.

learn french in france

I am unique amongst her students in that I taught her a language, ‘Yorkshire’. She no longer says, “je vais acheter du pain”, but “am gunna get a loaf”.

Cannot recommend Julie highly enough.

Anthony – 2017 – French Immersion in Provence

french immersion provence

My week with Julie was both very enjoyable and extremely useful for improving my French

Julie’s apartment, situated near the town of Carpentras in rural Provence, was very spacious and comfortable.

The picturesque surroundings providing a charming and relaxing backdrop to the excellent meals that Julie cooked and served on the balcony. These meals were a highlight of my visit, not only because of the fresh, traditional and tasty ingredients, but because it also gave a great opportunity to improve my French conversation skills with Julie.

french immersion provence

Upon our first meeting Julie was able to effectively assess my level of French and identify weaknesses that needed to be worked on and improved. My French level and lesson needs proved to be slightly different to that which I’d specified on the initial contact form, but Julie was able to efficiently adapt the course to my needs and design lessons that were both fun and extremely effective.

Our excursions: A cycle ride up to a very picturesque medieval village, and a trip to the superb historic city of Avignon were really enjoyable and gave a true experience and flavour of the region of Provence.

Megan – 2017 – French Immersion Homestay in Provence

french homestay provence 3

I was very nervous being a lone female traveler to a country where I spoke none of the language but it was, and is, my desire to learn the French language in a way that was meaningful to me.  Julie delivered that and more!

As a host, she was warm and friendly and this made me feel quite comfortable in her home. As a teacher she provided rigorous classes allowing me to get the most out of the time, however, she was also sensitive to needing tea, or stretching breaks as well.

Our excursions were memorable taking a ferry cruise out to the islands of the port of Marseille with a packed picnic, touring a nougat factory, having lunch in the city after touring the Friday Market.  During these excursions, she gave me history and culture lessons which brought the whole area to life even more than just seeing it.

french homestay provence 3

In the evenings we would unwind with a French TV series where I got lost in the drama of the show.  In addition to all this, she fed me so well!  Initially, she shooed me out of the kitchen when she was preparing or cleaning up from meals but this felt awkward to me and I had to just jump in and contribute.  Eventually, she did task me with helping to prepare dessert and it was another learning opportunity to follow the recipes in French.

french homestay provence 3

She took such great care of me and it was obvious that she enjoys cooking and providing a meal experience for her guests.

The location was an easy train ride from the main airport in Paris, however, it is several miles from the city. Julie has bicycles but I would recommend renting a car for any extra excursions you might want to make.

This part of the countryside is a perfect place to spend a week immersed in the language and culture.

Stacey – 2017-  Learn French in Immersion in Provence

learn french in immersion in france provence

I do not want to write this review.  Why? Because if it’s time to write this review, then it means it’s time to say goodbye to one of the most incredible people whom I have met.

Wow!  Where do I begin?

When I first met Julie over Skype I thought she was very nice and professional.  Now that I have lived with her for a week, I know she is a very intelligent, dedicated, talented and quite an interesting person.

French Lessons
I did not know what to expect in terms of “lessons.”  I enjoy taking all type of classes and i love to learn but I tend to be very creative and it’s hard for me to sit in one place for a long time. I don’t know if Julie sensed my need to mix-it-up or not but she seemed fine with starting our lessons at the large kitchen table in a more formal format and then migrating to the sofas for a more casual dialogue and deeper discussion.

In terms of understanding my French speaking level, Julie quickly assessed my strengths (vocabulary and my willingness to talk a lot and talk about anything) and my weaknesses (use of proper tenses and prepositions).   She prepared customized worksheets to address my weaknesses.  And she seamlessly and deliberately wove my new learning into daily conversations, pointing out my proper use and/or improper use of new knowledge.  This was a very helpful because there is a very big difference between static lessons and worksheets vs real life conversation and situations which require real world application.

learn french in immersion in france provence

Perhaps this is a stereotype but Americans presume the French have frequent deep conversations about life, politics…subjects necessitating sitting face to face and digging deep into one’s soul. After all, if we also believe the French daily spend hours sitting in cafes, what else could they be doing all of that time? (Lol) Americans also have the notion that overall the French are more reserved and private than we are, and possibly not so interested in making small talk with strangers.  I happen to be very extroverted (measuring 99% on an extroversion/introversion scale!). Julie told me she is very outgoing and we quickly engaged in very interesting conversations our first night together; topics such as world peace, different education systems, life, love, raising children, parent/child relationships and more.  Although, Julie is only 27 years old, she is wise beyond her years and I immediately felt very comfortable to talk to her and share personal stories.  Sometimes I shared stories about my past to help me practice using various French past tenses. And inevitably past tense conversational lessons turned into deep long dialogues.

Accommodations can be tricky depending upon the comfort level one is accustomed to at home and the comfort level one expects while on vacation. I will be honest.  From the photos I saw online, I was not sure the accommodations would be very comfortable. I knew they would be practical but not sure of the comfort level. The pictures conveyed simple comforts but nothing luxurious nor plush. The photos depict a spacious flat typical of Europe. I personally did not need plush accommodations nor did I expect 4 or 5 star quality hotel style.

But Julie’s flat is very comfortable, spacious, airy and clean.  In her flat, I had my own large bedroom with a queen (or maybe even king) sized bed.  The bedding was very comfortable and i had plenty of room to unpack.  She cleverly provided me with a wicker basket for my toiletries and while there was only one full bathroom, it was large, clean and the water pressure was perfect.  And given the limited counter space in the kitchen, the specialties Julie prepared were absolutely amazing.

learn french in immersion in france provence

When Americans dream of spending time in the south of France we think of fields of lavender and sunflowers, biking around little villages, browsing outdoor markets, tasting wine and exploring historical sites transporting us back a few centuries.  Julie’s lifestyle and excursions did not disappoint!  Julie had spoken about and was eager for me to see the lavender fields near her home. I assume she knows American’s love to see this.  Unfortunately, the lavender fields were not in full bloom, however the aroma was enough to fill my all of my senses.  (I’m not sure who was more disappointed seeing the freshly cut lavender fields…me or Julie.).

The village of Carpentras is very charming and has much to offer.  Being Jewish, I was happy to discover Carpentras is home to France’s oldest synagogue and enjoyed learning about its rich history.  And Carpentras’ Friday market did not disappoint.  We tasted wine in Chateau du Pape and it seems Julie has developed a lovely rapport with the gentleman operating one of the wineries which made for lively discussion not about wine!  When I asked if it was possible to visit  an additional winery while in the area, it was not a problem at all.

Another excursion included canoeing on la Sorgue and then exploring L’isle sur la Sorgue. Wow. What a perfect day.  The weather was perfect. The canoeing was invigorating and the scenery was like paddling through a fairy tale. Walking around L’isle sur la Sorgue was picture-perfect and quintessential France.  The sites and sounds and smells were exactly as I had hoped.

And I will not forget Avignon. It is very difficult if not impossible to find a city or village in the USA untouched by modern hands. While walking on the cobblestoned streets in Avignon, I felt as if I was travelling in another time.  And of course sitting for a few hours at a cafe drinking cappuccino and learning French was priceless.  Les Halles was an unbelievable feast for my eyes and stomach.  And walking on the Pont St. Bénézet was incredible.  The real treat was when Julie suggested we rent bikes and go across a bridge to an island where i had seen the fields of sunflowers while driving from Carpentras to Avignon. Biking along the Rhône, passing by people picnicking and observing the Pont St. Bénézet from its incomplete side was beautiful.  Most importantly, we were able to walk into the sunflower field and take some beautiful keepsake photos.

learn french in immersion in france provence

Julie is a fantastic host and cook.  She made regional dishes most Americans feel are difficult to make but she prepared each dish ease and everything tasted delicious.  Additionally, she made sure I was never hungry and when i tried to help clean up she preferred I relax and enjoy my stay. Of course l’apéro is now my favorite “meal” and I look forward to embracing this tradition when I get home.

I could go on and on about the food.  After all, I was in France.  I don’t know if I have the writing skills of a restaurant critic to convey how delicious everything was.  But I can share some of my favorite foods Julie prepared.  She made the following dishes from scratch: ratatouille, cold zucchini soup, Provençal chicken, chocolate mousse, salads, simple but delicious eggs, fish, potatoes and even homemade dips and spreads for our daily l’apero. Who knew bread, cheese, olives and specialty spreads could pass for a meal in itself? Julie even garnished her dishes with mint and basil she grows on a charming window sill next to her cooking area.  What a nice touch!

I could go on and on about Julie, French Today, Carpentras and more. Writing this review has been cathartic for me especially since I feel I made a dear friend last week but I am not sure if or when I will see her again.

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