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More Reviews for Geneviève

Joëlle – 2018 – French Immersion in Nice, France

French Immersion in Nice, France

I had a wonderful time during my week of French immersion in Nice with Geneviève. I stayed in the studio apartment adjacent to hers which was clean and had a beautiful view of the city. The apartment itself was very nice.

Geneviève picked me up from the airport and brought me back to the apartment. This was my first time traveling to France on my own but I immediately felt comfortable with her. She fed me very well and let me try new dishes including une salade niçoise, crème brulée, and ratatouille.

In terms of the French lessons, every weekday we had 3 hour lessons where I practiced reading, writing, listening, and speaking exercises. She makes sure you practice all 4 skills but will focus on the skills you specifically want to improve, if need be.

Geneviève also took me out on excursions and provided me with everything I needed in order to see the city on my own. She is very knowledgeable about her city and better than any tour guide!

Nice, in general, is a nice city, It has an expensive reputation as the stores can be pricey. I thoroughly enjoyed my week with Geneviève but a week was definitely enough time to spend in Nice, especially as the French immersion can be quite demanding.

I would highly recommend this homestay. By the end of the week I saw improvements in my French accent and I started to think in French. You couldn’t ask for a better host, teacher, and guide than Geneviève.

Shoji – 2018 – French Immersion in Nice, France

French Immersion in Nice, France

My stay in Nice with Geneviève for a week was quite amazing.
Firstly she was waiting for me at the exit gate of the Nice Airport. She took me to my apartment studio, which was clean and tidy, whose balcony facing to the city through to the Mediterranean Sea. I really enjoy staying there. It is located minutes walk from the central station and was convenient to move around Côte d’Azur.

Geneviève is a French teacher who has great experience and she immediately found my level. Her lessons was focusing on enhancing my skills in all aspects.

By the end of 5th day, although it was only 1 week stay, I found myself able to talk more in French and understand what people are talking around myself in town much better.

After Nice, visiting other several cities in Europe, I went to Paris. What made me so happy was the fact that people in Paris this time kept speaking to me in French rather than English!

I know my French is still yet to improve further; however, one week stay with Geneviève gave me a tremendous opportunity for me to use French language throughout my stay and it gave me a lot of confidence using French.

Apart from her lesson, Geneviève is great cook. I was looking forward to her dishes every evening. Breakfast was also my enjoyment. As I told her that I love croissant and pain-au-choclat, she went in the. morning to a boulangerie who makes best of them.

I promised her on my departure that I would return to Nice once I got B2 DELF, and now this is my new motivation to continue with studying French.

Thank you very much for your great help throughout my stay in Nice, and see you again!

Hillary & Terry- 2018 – French Immersion in Nice, France

We  have just returned from a wonderful week staying next door to Genevieve in her light & comfortable studio with magnificent views over Nice.  We are a couple wanting to improve our French and explore Nice.

Genevieve met us at the airport and all week made us feel welcome, cooking some delicious meals for us and taking us to local sights and to savour Niçoise specialties. We also had time to do our own thing too!

Genevieve is a sensitive and skilled teacher who is able to identify and quickly adapt to her students’ learning needs. We learnt loads and had lots of laughs and fun too.

A fabulous week!

Valerie – 2018 – French Immersion in Nice, France

immersion french at teacher's in france Côte d'Azu

I had a most enjoyable week chez Genevieve, she was so hospitable that I soon felt at home in her flat and her meals were delicious.       

The flat is very central and close to station, trams, buses and to the sea.

I wanted an immersion course and that is what I got, – from breakfast right up to bedtime everything was in French.   Lessons in the morning, included much needed grammar, but even more what I wanted and needed was to talk.  Genevieve used many different methods and had the skill and ability to encourage me to do this.

Two afternoons Genevieve took me on excursions, firstly to Old Nice and the other day we went to Madame Rothschild house and gardens. Another afternoon I was taken on a history tour of ancient Nice, by Chantel, leaving me only two afternoons to explore on my own and there is so much to see and do. 

I spent one really enjoyable evening with  some of Genevieve’s family, as they were celebrating her cousin’s birthday.  It was a real joy to meet them and to be a part of their celebration.

Thank you Genevieve for such an enjoyable week spent in improving my French.  What a great way to learn and speak  French.

Margaret – 2018 – French Immersion in Nice, France

immersion cote d'Azur france

My week with Genevieve was time and money well spent.  My French level is intermediate at best, lots of vocabulary but more than a wee bit skinny on grammar.  My goal was to comprehend and be comfortable speaking on a daily basis and travelling solo.  Genevieve is clearly an ace at French as a second language.

My daily homework was to listen to contemporary news broadcast, and to relisten reading the transcript.  We chatted over breakfast and then 3 morning hours beginning with discussing the news, with various digressions and then grammar with excellent handouts .  She uses grammar as a tool, rather than intimidation, although it wasn’t exactly fun, it did make a lot of sense.  Genevieve has a great sense of humor and certainly lots of patience!

Her apartment is lovely and spacious, I stayed in the studio next door, which was very pleasant, airy and sunny with its own balcony, complete with two turtle doves who visited daily!.  Very comfortable bed, sofa and a great shower.  Genevieve is an excellent cook, she makes her own delicious yogurt, which was my breakfast preference with fruit and yogurt and of course coffee.  I had either lunch or dinner with her, and for meals on my own, I could have prepared something in my well equipped kitchenette, but was too tempted by the foodies paradise of Nice.  (highly recommend also the African bistro across the street for takeout).  The apartment couldn’t be better located, 5 minutes by foot to the sea and Promenade des Anglaises. A 45’ walk to Musee des beaux Arts and Musee des Arts Naifs in one direction and in the other direction to Musee Matisse and Chagall.  Of course you could take a bus…  Also have option of some cardio at apartment on 7th floor (there is an elevator).

The best part of my week was spending time chatting and excursioning with Genevieve, including dinner with her brother, and a bonus play one evening with friends at a tiny theater.  Lots of practice with the day to day comprehension that is so essential, and so difficult to master.   I absolutely love Nice, it is truly a gem of a city and the natives are very friendly ( I managed to get lost several times).  The art and music scenes are very dynamic.

A week is not long enough.  I will definitely return. Highly recommend French Immersion with Genevieve in Nice!  (if you find a stray dog like I did, see if there is a tattoo in the ear, now that is a way to meet people!)

Charlotte – 2017 – French Immersion in Nice, France

immersion homestay french riviera france

Geneviève is a great teacher, very structured in her approach and flexible. She started with a full assessment of my french level so the course was effectively tailor made for me. She also has an amazing range of resources available and not only teaches well but she’s got a great sense of humour and is really friendly.

It goes without saying that Nice is a great place to stay but Geneviève knows it so well and is so knowledgeable that I discovered loads of new places even though I’d visited Nice several times before.

And Geneviève also went out of her way to cook vegetarian food for me!

Thank you for everything, Geneviève. I had a fantastic time and learned loads.

John – 2017 – French Immersion in Nice, France

french immersion homestay south france

I had a beautiful stay in Nice, France and had the wonderful opportunity to study with Genevieve. She is a terrific teacher who encouraged me and motivated me in a very positive way. The variety of teaching strategies she used were effective and helped me to develop confidence in my language skills.

In addition, the lodging was more than adequate, comfortable, clean, and situated next to her home.

We took several field trips that were enjoyable, interesting, and educational and afforded me even more experiences to practice my French.

Thank you Geneviève for a terrific two weeks. I hope to return soon.

Sheila – 2017 – French Immersion in Nice, France

learn french in Cote d'Azur France

I wanted to say how useful and enjoyable I found the immersion week I spent with Geneviève  in November in her lovely apartment. She was very welcoming and made me feel relaxed throughout my stay.

Geneviève was very organised and tailored the 3 hour session in a structured way to meet my learning needs but also was flexible enough to adapt to enable me to pursue matters that arose spontaneously.

She  provided me with great ideas of what to do in Nice in my free time and the two outings organised by her were very enjoyable and informative.

Geneviève  was a great host even cooking good vegetarian food for us all week. The apartment is very comfortable and I felt very comfortable sharing your living space.  We seemed to chat non-stop and she was always supportive and encouraging – helping me improve my french and build up confidence.

This was an excellent experience.

Thanks once again Geneviève.

Stella – 2017 – French Immersion in Nice, France

French homestay immersion in nice

I have read over the last few years of bucket lists. The circumstances of my life changed and there were suddenly things that could be done.   Would I be brave enough to do something on my own?

The delightful Geneviève fetched me from Nice airport and what a fantastic adventure.   We studied for three hours every morning.  I arrived with very hesitant French but by the end of the week I suddenly realized that I was not translating.  Better than I could have hoped for.   I even learned how to think in the correct tense!

I had my own bedroom and shower room in G’s apartment and it was very very comfortable.    Watching TV lying on my bed and reading subtitles in French is very good for you and your comprehension.

Apart from the teaching Geneviève proved to be the most wonderful hostess.   We had so much in common.  We shopped together, walked together and visited some lovely historical sites.  The gardens of Madame Rothschild, the palace, I could go on…  

Realizing you are walking ‘ Promenade des Anglais’; a dream come true!

Laura – 2017 – French Immersion in Nice, France

french language immersion homestay Nice

Geneviève was such a great help to me in my French language acquisition efforts! 

I was looking for a program where I could speak only French (no English!) all week, while continuing in my language learning with an experienced teacher. 

Geneviève fulfilled these requirements – and more!  Her hospitality, coupled with her teaching (and cooking :)) skills made it quite an enriching week.

I highly recommend her program to anyone wanting to take their French language to the next level.

Thank you so much, Geneviève!

Sarah – 2017 – French Immersion in Nice, France

learn french in nice immersion france provence

‘Yes, I was nervous to say the least when I arrived in Nice. The french I had learned in my one hour weekly french lessons for the past 18 months seemed to evaporate the moment I stepped off the plane and sheer panic set in. Help! What on earth was I doing?

Once I had met Genevieve panic receded. I felt very relaxed in her company. I wasn’t going to gain any significant fluency in one week but I needed to gain confidence to just have a go. Knowing  in my head what to say but just not being able to get the words out was my biggest problem. Not once did I get the impression that Genevieve was bored with my very limited conversation. Instead, she encouraged me to have a go, ask questions and most importantly have fun in the process.

Morning lessons were well structured with grammar, reading, listening to french news and even singing some french songs! Those three hours each morning would fly by.

The apartment was clean, bright and modern as was my room. The location was perfect, close to shops, sights and the beach. Genevieve is a great cook and meals were tasty and varied,  always finishing with cheese and a desert!!

I left Genevieve with a desire to continue, confidence to try and some wonderful memories.

I will certainly be returning (sorry Genevieve!) armed with the knowledge that my being fluent in french one day is actually possible, it’s all about confidence and persistence.

Thank you Genevieve

Jude – 2017 – French Immersion in Nice, France

french immersion homestay in France Riviera

I spent 2 weeks with Geneviève in May 2017, learning french and discovering Nice and the surrounding area in my free time.

This was my first time travelling on my own but I was never truly alone. The mornings always began with a cheerful “bon matin” from Geneviève and petit déjeuner on the terrasse. This was followed by 3 hours of very useful french lessons. Genevieve quickly determines where your weak points are and works on them. Then it was free time, either with Geneviève or on my own.

The apartment is bien situé, close to the train station for trips to Antibes and Monaco. It is also a short walk to the ocean and the Veille Ville de Nice.
After a day of exploring it was back home for diner sur la terrasse. Genevieve is a wonderful cook. The delicious meals and the lively conversation were a great way to spend the evening.

All in all this holiday was a great balance of study and vacation.

Michelle – 2017 – French Immersion in Nice, France

french immersion homestay in France Riviera

I recently returned from a cruise in Northern Europe. Having seen a promotion in Camille’s French Today newsletter for a new language teacher added to her stable of home-stay tutors in France, I checked her existing options and found Geneviève in Nice. I contacted Geneviève online and because I was booking 12 months in advance, we were able to reserve the week prior to my cruise. It was not until friends asked me about the details that I realised I had jumped into the unknown. So it was with some trepidation that I fronted up for my one-on-one experience. I need not have worried!

Geneviève is the perfect host, with a room and its own bathroom in her lovely apartment that was so comfortable, and her gourmet cooking an added bonus. She is a thoroughly professional teacher, very patient and supportive. I still wonder if she really understood as I prattled on in French over the dinner table!

I saw that many of her students stay in contact from all around the world and a longer stay in the future looks very tempting. There is nothing wrong with Nice either!

Pam – 2017 – French Immersion in Nice, France

learn french in france immersion homestay provence

I recently spent a fantastic week with Genevieve in Nice. My level of french is Advanced and my aim was to prepare for the DELF B2 exam while, of course, speaking as much french as possible. Both these aims were amply fulfilled by Genevieve with great good humour and attention to detail.

The mornings started with chat over breakfast followed by an exploration of current affairs in France and elsewhere using an excellent website which I have continued to use in the UK. This was followed by grammar exercises and explanations which were really helpful in finding the “holes” in my grammar knowledge. Genevieve has a very flexible approach so that when a difficulty is encountered she quickly produces exercises on the topic to ensure that the point has been understood.

Lunch was taken in a restaurant with her twice during the week and followed by 2 outings – both of which were fascinating. The first to Eze, a beautiful hill village with amazing sea views with obligatory visit to chez Fragonard for some retail therapy! The second was an informative walking tour of Nice including the Castle at the top, again with great views.

The apartment is very centrally situated in Nice – 5 minutes walk to a delightful old fashioned French cinema and a further 5 minutes walk to the sea with both the new and old town very close by. I was free to use her very comfortable apartment during the day if I wished for extra study etc. We then met up again for supper in her apartment – always delicious – followed by television and conversation until bedtime.

I found the whole experience not only very beneficial to my French but also hugely enjoyable. Genevieve is a very patient, amusing and experienced teacher of French and I certainly plan to return next year.

Raishma – 2017 – French Immersion in Nice, France

learn french immersion teacher france

I’m a typical Brit in that I studied French at secondary school for five years and subsequently parked it to one side once I finished school and have never used it since. I had always regretted not pursuing the language further in some way, shape or form and it was only through personal and professional goals I set in January 2017 that I resolved to become fluent in French once and for all. I was incredibly fortunate to find a two week slot with Geneviève at the last minute and I flew to Nice in trepidation and excitement at what lay ahead over the next two weeks.

I should have feared not. From the moment I met Geneviève at the airport, I lost my fear and inhibition and managed to tap into the dark depths of my memory that had lain dormant for the past fifteen years, to hold a conversation in very basic, imperfect French. By the end of my first morning in Nice, we had pulled together a work plan based on my strengths and weaknesses as well as my objectives and happily arranged our excursions as part of my programme.

The lessons in the morning were structured using material Geneviève had prepared and they provided the foundations for me to do further work in my own time to consolidate what I had learned. I found Geneviève to be a fantastic teacher who was able to convey the principles of French grammar in a very easy and simple way. Concepts I had struggled with at school suddenly made sense when taught by Geneviève. Each lesson covered speaking, listening, reading, writing and comprehension skills ensuring my progression in the language was balanced.

In the afternoons, I visited various attractions around Nice, from the numerous museums and art galleries to meandering through the narrow cobbled streets of the Old Town to find a quiet coffee shop to do some work. I found people were perfectly willing to be patient as I practised my broken French when out and about, which helped tremendously as it encouraged me to speak more in French without reverting back to English at the first sign of discontent or difficulty.

I was spoilt in the evenings by Geneviève, who is a fantastic cook and we shared some delightful meals together over a wide range of conversations from politics to showbusiness in French, no less. By the end of each day, I was shattered – physically and mentally but went to bed happy in the knowledge that I was making progress that was beyond my expectations.

The immersion programme was exactly what I needed to kick start my journey in learning French – it is jumping in the deep end but with a good teacher you’ll find you float and eventually, if you stick at it, you’ll swim. I feel very fortunate to have found in Geneviève a wonderful teacher/mentor who is generous and knowledgeable. She also cares about helping me achieve my objectives and provided guidance and advice with the work plan she created for me to follow on my return home. It is also thanks to her persistence and encouragement that I have registered to sit the DELF B1 in June, which if left to my own devices I would never have dreamed of doing.

I thoroughly enjoyed my two weeks in Nice and am planning a return trip in the Autumn for the next stage of my journey to achieving fluency in French. There were plenty of highlights over the course of the two weeks but there were two that stood out for me above all. Our trip to the charming village/hamlet of Èze, which was combined with a visit to the local Fragonard factory and a meal with Geneviève’s friends and family to celebrate the birthday of her brother and cousin. I cannot wait to return for the next chapter…

Liz and Dot – 2016 – French Immersion in Nice, France

french immersion in france Nice Provence

My friend and I have just returned from spending a wonderful week in Nice with Geneviève.

For the last year Dot and I have been meeting once a week for an hour to practice our French. Whilst this has been good we felt we needed a new impetus in order to take a leap forwards.

We found Genevieve online and decided it was exactly what we needed; complete immersion for a week with a native speaker!

Geneviève is the perfect host, from meeting us at the airport even though her car had broken down and she had to enlist her sisters help, to serving us delicious food each day and answering all our touristy questions.

Now to the most important part; Genevieve put us at our ease and we spoke French with her from the moment she met us at the airport to when she dropped us back again a week later. This does not mean Dot and I were speaking wonderful, grammatically correct French all the time (or even most of the time!), but we were able to just have a go and not feel inhibited when we got it wrong – which we did frequently!

Over mealtimes we just chatted the best we could with help from Genevieve when needed. By contrast the morning lessons were more structured; Genevieve asked which areas we wanted to concentrate on for the week and then drew up lessons accordingly.

Afternoon excursions with Genevieve were very relaxed, very interesting and again helped to extend our French vocabulary. In the evenings after supper we would spend some time watching French films so that by the time we collapsed into bed each night we were definitely ‘thinking’ in French!

Most importantly the three of us got on so well and spent a lot of time laughing which made the week so much fun and definitely memorable.

Dot and I came home having had a wonderful trip away in sunny Nice having achieved our objective of taking a confident leap forwards with our French – all thanks to Genevieve!

Jean -2016 – French Immersion in Nice, France

french immersion in france

Geneviève is a wonderful teacher and human being.  My husband and I stayed at her studio apartment, which is just half a block down the street from her own place.  It is the perfect little apartment: nice and sunny, and it’s also within walking distance of many of the sights in Nice.  As a bonus, it also is equipped with a washing machine.

Geneviève is good at zeroing in on what a student needs most.  She also laid out a two-year “game plan” for me on what I need to focus on in order to advance more rapidly in my French studies – and it’s working!
It was so nice to have that connection with a local person who could help me with my French, show my husband and me the sights, and either cook an excellent meal for us or take us to a restaurant frequented by locals in order to sample some of the local fare.

An immersion experience with Geneviève is well worth the time and tuition.  Although I was traveling with my husband and staying in Geneviève’s studio apartment, this would also be a great experience as a solo journey, staying with Geneviève in her own apartment rather than the studio apartment down the street.

Geneviève, you are awesome, and our stay in Nice was over the top!

Thanks so much.

Helen M, 2 weeks 2016 – French Immersion in Nice, France

french immersion in france

I have recently returned from a 2 week stay, studying French, with Genevieve.

I was nervous prior to my arrival as I didn’t know what to expect. From the moment Genevieve collected me from the airport she put me at ease with friendly conversation and a warm welcome into her home.

My bedroom was large and bright, with plenty of cupboard space, an air conditioner/heater and a TV. I also had a private shower and basin.

The lessons were spread over 5 mornings. Afternoons were spent either exploring Nice and it’s art galleries or sightseeing with Genevieve in nearby towns.

I used my 2 days off in the week to train to towns further along the coast.

Although I had good comprehension of French before I went to Nice, I lacked the confidence to speak. Genevieve was so friendly and encouraging that I soon got over my reluctance to speak. It doesn’t take long before you realise that you are not thinking of what to say in English, mentally translating into French then speaking, but just automatically speaking French.

The immersion method improved my language skills considerably and having Genevieve as my host and teacher made it enjoyable and entertaining.

Paula H, 1 week 2016 – French Immersion in Nice, France

french immersion in france

“As a pensioner, I was anxious about booking a week’s French Course of total immersion, but I need not have worried.  Genevieve welcomed me warmly and soon sorted a programme to fill some of the gaping holes in my knowledge of the French language – she is a very good teacher.  She created delicious vegetarian suppers for me in between practising the Ukulele.  Yes, I gave her a few lessons and homework as I have just joined  a Ukulele U3A group.

Nice was a bit hot in August, but after our outings to places of interest a swim in the sea each evening was wonderful.  I had a most enjoyable week with Genevieve.”

Joie C , 1 week 2016 – French Immersion in Nice, France

Joie , une rose parmi les roses

I have spent a week with Geneviève for an immersive course in French. It was very helpful towards improving my grasp of the language. I requested help particularly with my speaking and comprehension skills, and I really appreciate how well she tailored the course to my needs. She is an excellent instructor and swiftly helped me grasp certain structural aspects of the language that I had been struggling with for a while. There are set hours of instruction, and we covered a lot of ground each day. She also sets homework, which provides the opportunity to revise and apply the lessons learnt during the day.

One of the issues I have faced while learning French is that I feel self-conscious when speaking which makes it difficult to practice and improve. Geneviève is such a lovely person, and is so able to put others at ease, that probably for the first time I was able to speak with someone in French without any feeling of hesitancy. She also corrects pronunciation and grammar during conversations, but in a way, that is kind and warm. Looking back I realize that I learnt a lot from her, not just during class hours, but also throughout the day.

Geneviève is a generous and caring host, and the stay in her ideally located apartment in Nice was very comfortable. She is a wonderful cook and my meals with her were delicious and varied. She took me on multiple excursions, and helped me gain insight into the culture and history of the place. The French immersion stay with Genevieve was an incredible learning experience, and at a personal level too, I had a wonderful time. I hope to return.

David P , 1 week 2016 – French Immersion in France

Nice market

I came into this as one who did not start learning French until after I was 50 and, although I can get by in restaurants and simple conversations, I have struggled with rapid or complex conversation.

A week spent one-on-one with Geneviève provided an enormous learning experience for me.  Just the fact that I heard and spoke only French was extremely helpful, but Geneviève provided several hours each day of intensive instruction–much of which will take me weeks or months to truly incorporate into conversation, but the structure and knowledge are now in my head and only practice will move me onward.  It was a week well spent.

Holly D – 1 week 2016 – French Immersion in France

Immersion in France

Bonjour from Texas! I have just returned from a week in Nice studying with Genevieve and I can’t say enough good things about my stay. Firstly, the instruction was top-notch. Each day she assessed my needs and tailored the day’s lesson to me. At the end of the week, she gave me suggestions of online and print resources that would help me on my road to fluency.

Next, let me speak of the accommodations. Her centrally located and lovely apartment suited my needs “to a tee.” The light-filled bedroom overlooked the rooftops of Nice. The bathroom was modern and efficient. And I had access to her living room and (my favorite spot) her flower-filled terrace! She prepared two meals a day for us, usually breakfast and dinner, and she is a wonderful cook. I felt so pampered because I am a mom and am not used to being served meals without any prep or clean up on my part!

I spent my afternoons and evenings (after I completed my homework!) exploring Nice and the riviera. Genevieve took me on several excursions that fit my interests. We explored gardens, a chateau, and a parfumerie.

But, when people ask me “what was the favorite part of your trip?” I tell them it is the fact that I have a new friend! Genevieve is warm, funny, and utterly charming. I will return!

Gaby S – 2 weeks 2015 – French Immersion in France

Gaby S

I had the pleasure of staying with Genevieve for 2 weeks in December 2015.  A last-minute opportunity arose to stay with Genevieve when a cancellation provided an opening – how fortunate for me was that cancellation, as Genevieve is a very busy and sought-after teacher!

My French was very rusty with significant holes in my understanding and application of the language.  Genevieve quickly focused on my weaknesses and tailored her teaching to those areas.

Genevieve’s generosity as a teacher and a host is truly special.  The set teaching hours seemed to fly-by each day, so enjoyable were they, and so filled with an appreciable improvement in my grasp of the language.  The true value of an immersion course is that learning does not stop at the end of the dedicated lesson time, but continues non-stop throughout the day for the duration of the stay.  My only complaint is that I was not able to stay longer and improve further!

Genevieve’s apartment is well situated to take advantage of Nice and the surrounding area and region, and it is so easy to get about by walking and public transport.

There is so much to see and do in Nice itself, and the region in general, and the expeditions that Genevieve arranged were true highlights (and another indication of Genevieve’s generosity, as I know that she had done these things many times before, but still managed to make these visits so enjoyable with no sense of any sort of boredom on her part – a true achievement).

Genevieve also met – without a hint of any sort of difficulty – my dietary requirements (vegetarianism in France is perhaps not the easiest thing to accommodate), and provided restaurant quality meals, always varied and always flavourful.

In short, this was a marvellous holiday, combining dedicated language instruction with a wonderful, personalised insight into a beautiful city and beautiful part of the world, under the guidance of one of the nicest and most professionally dedicated people you could hope to meet.

I am busy saving my ‘sous’ and planning for a repeat visit, though I know I will have to take my place in the queue!

Sarah J – 2 weeks – 2015 – French Immersion in France

Sarah parmi les luxuriants bougainvilliés d'Eze village

I spent two fantastic weeks in August 2015 with Geneviève learning French. I was a little nervous before I arrived as to what it would be like, but Geneviève welcomed me into her home, and made me feel very comfortable. I enjoyed the daily routine which included a morning swim in the sea.  Geneviève is a great host, and teacher. She helped, and encouraged me to
develop my language skills, correcting my pronunciation, and improving my grasp of verb conjugation. At the start of the first week, I lacked the confidence to speak more than a few basic phrases, by the end of the two weeks I felt a lot more confident, and prepared to have a go, I no longer panic, and run a mile when anyone speaks French to me!

Geneviève is warm, funny and generous, I enjoyed every aspect of my time, and wished that I could have stayed for longer. Nice is a beautiful city to explore, and Geneviève’s apartment is ideally placed. I enjoyed the excursions especially the visit to Eze village, and St Jean cap de ferrat.

Geneviève adjusted to my level of french, but also pushed me to make lots of progress. This was the perfect course for me, as I knew that in a group of students that I wouldn’t have spoken so much. This immersion course pushed me out of my comfort zone, which made it even more rewarding. I learnt so much from Geneviève about French culture, and language, and it was an absolute joy to spend two weeks in her company.

Patricia F – 2 weeks – 2015 – French Immersion in France

Patricia l'hôtesse de l'air au MAMAC

I tried to study with Genevieve in 2014 but she was fully booked.  Something told me to book for 2015 while I had a chance.  This was one of the best decisions I have made in a long while.
First and foremost, she is an outstanding teacher.

Her communications skills are extremely good.  There were times when I just wasn’t understanding and she patiently rephrased and worked with me until I did.  Within two days I found myself thinking in French and totally able to communicate with people that I came in contact with during the course of the day.  My self confidence soared and I enjoyed my interaction with everyone.  She inspired me to do well and was responsible for my new found ability.

Staying in Genevieve’s home was great.  Her apartment is in easy walking distance of the ocean, the markets, and the museums. She is a great cook and has a fantastic sense of humour, both of which I appreciate greatly.  She was also kind and helpful when I had to change plans due to a sudden family crisis in the UK.

My two weeks of study with Genevieve were hard work, worthwhile, and lots of fun.  This was definitely a five star experience.

Schirley B –  2015 – French Immersion in France


Geneviève is an excellent teacher and hostess.  She adapted very well to my level of French. Here is a bright, capable lady that takes charge.  I thought that three hours a day might be too much, but it wasn’t.  The days are flexible, we even went by train to Monte Carlo for a day trip.

Most of the time she spoke in French, unless I made a funny face because I didn’t understand her. Nice is beautiful, I would love to live there.  There’s always people outside. Their growing season is about nine months, so all the fruits and vegetables are ripe. The meals had a lot of variety.

I would greatly recommend Geneviève as a teacher. She is wonderful. Just be prepared, she gives a little homework.

Paige L – 5 days – 2015 – French Immersion with Geneviève

Séjour Paige

Genevieve’s French Immersion program is a definite must for anyone interested in taking their French communication skills to the next level.

It’s almost too difficult to put into words how valuable my week with Genevieve was.  My immersion began the moment we met at the airport and continued on  24/7 from there!

Paying particular attention to my goals and language needs, Genevieve created my customized curriculum, which included conversation, comprehension, reading and writing.  Through Genevieve’s instruction I have broken the many erroneous habits and pronunciations I have learned through the years and have now learned the proper way to communicate and have been able to build out my toolbox of skills so much so that much of my French conversation comes from thinking in French, rather than thinking in English and translating to French.

But, my 5-day immersion program didn’t stop when my morning lessons were done.  Whether sharing a meal, touring through city and beyond or guiding me to the best spots the coast had to offer, Genevieve was the ultimate hostess.  A native of Nice, Genevieve provided me with an insider’s view of her beautiful city and the surrounding areas and went out of her way to make sure my stay was special.

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to Genevieve for the time we spent together and the skills that I gained, which stayed with me throughout my time in Paris, speaking only french and which have stayed with me now that I’ve returned to the states.
Additionally, she is an intelligent, thoughtful and wonderful woman, who it was a pleasure to get to know and who will be a part of my world from now on.

Bela V – 1 week – 2015 – French Immersion in France

Bela V

I stayed with Geneviève for one week in March 2015. The class far surpassed my expectations. Geneviève is a wonderful teacher. She was encouraging, patient, and was very quickly able to assess my ability, and tailor the course to match my needs. In addition to being an excellent teacher, Geneviève is a warm, kind, fun (& funny!) person. In no time at all, I felt at home with her – and by the time I left, it was as though I was saying à bientôt to a friend ! 
Geneviève, merci pour votre temps, votre patience, et votre amitié ! J’ espère qu’un jour,  je peux continuer mes leçons avec vous!

Jane R. –  1 week – 2015 – French Immersion in France

Jane R

I’ve just returned from a fantastic week in Nice Genevieve! I went completely unprepared, hoping Genevieve would have some ideas to help me improve my French. And she did! Although officially “classes” started after breakfast, practicing French started from the moment we said “Bonjour!” every morning and lasted until we said “Bonne nuit.” What’s more, Geneviève showed me some excellent apps I had no idea existed, so now I can listen to the news in French at home – still quite a challenge for me! After just one day, I knew THIS IS IT so I arranged immediately to come back. My entire stay simply couldn’t have been better!

Pam S –  1 week – 2015 – French Immersion in France

Pam S

What a week! My stay with Genevieve was a great adventure and so much fun. I had always wanted to study French in France, with a goal of overcoming my timidity and reticence in speaking. Genevieve’s course was perfect for me because we could focus on conversation instead of grammar (although I needed some help here, naturellement!). We spoke French all day long, starting with a discussion of current events each morning. Genevieve was always exceptionally patient with me and encouraging.

Of course, one week was not enough time for a complete transformation, but I made great progress. The course exceeded all of my hopes and expectations. My only regret? Not having spent two weeks with Genevieve. However, I feel that I’ve found a new friend, and I’ll just have to return next year to continue my studies!

Annika and Filip – 2 weeks – 2014 – French Immersion in France

A and F

Thank you for the time with you in Nice – one week for Annika and also a second one for Filip.

Annika: When we came I must admit I was a bit affected by all the comments I had from colleagues – What, are you going on vacation to study French?? They didn`t say: Are you out of your mind; but the message was pretty clear. So I was wondering if we had made the right choice?

They were wrong and we were right. We both like to have something meaningful to do during vacation, and the balance between our morning lessons, dinners or lunches + the tours in Nice and the free time we had was perfect.

For us it felt like vacation even if we tried to work hard – to be able to concentrate on just one thing is truly relaxing as an antidote to the everyday working life. We hope you agree with us when we say, we think we both learned quite a lot. After speaking so much French one feels more feel more confident and it is much easier to speak, which is a huge step forward in itself.

 And as an extra bonus we learned more about the area. It is so much more rewarding to see a place through the eyes of someone who lives there than as a complete outsider.

All in all we are very pleased with our stay – happy to come back another time.

We wish you all the best,

Risa – 3 days – 2014 – French Immersion in France

Risa M French immersion in Nice

The three days I spent in Nice were just incredible as I took an immersion course with Geneviève and I lived in her apartment.

Notwithstanding that I have studied French for almost a year at a language school in Lyon and having also passed my C1 exam, the course with Geneviève still helped me a lot in putting into practice what I have learnt. We spoke a lot during these three days as we had breakfasts and dinners together, in addition to having a three- hour class each morning. It was my first time in Nice and I visited the town during the afternoons.

This was the best way of traveling in France for me as I lived with someone who is not only French but is also a very good teacher who could correct me every time I spoke the language incorrectly. I was also completely immersed into the local culture and I didn’t feel like just another tourist.

Geneviève is a very good host and she made me feel very at ease ever since the first day of my arrival. She is also a very animated person. Not only have I spoken French and learnt a lot in these three days, I have also laughed a lot. On my last day, she drove me to Villefranche-Sur-Mer where we spent half a day like friends. My stay with Geneviève in Nice has become one of my best memories in France.

Chitra – 1 week – 2014 – French Immersion in France

Chitra à Eze village devant le début du sentier rejoignant la mer

I spent a week with Geneviève at her bright and lovely home.  I studied French on weekday mornings and explored the region the rest of the time. Geneviève was recommended to me by a friend and she has all the qualities to which the testimonials attest.  She is very professional, a good teacher who tries to understand what you need and to make the best use of your time.

I must confess that I had moments of strong anxiety the day that I arrived in Nice.  I asked myself how I could spend a week with a person I did not know at all.  Would we get along? What on earth would we talk about? But I need not have worried.  Geneviève is very hospitable, a good cook with a down to earth sense of humour. She took good care of me and our conversations turned out to be more than mere exercises in French. We talked constantly about everything – cooking, travel, family life, even touching on religion and politics.  And she introduced me to my two new favourite foods, socca and beignets d’aubergines.

I didn’t have any homework, which might seem to be a defect in a French course.  But I was on vacation, visiting Nice for the first time, and wanted to spend my free time exploring the delights of the du Côte d’Azur.  If I had been working towards a certificate, I would have had to allow more time for study. It’s worth discussing the goals at the very start and reviewing them from time to time. The program is flexible, and depends to a large extent on what you ask for.

All in all, a week of immersion in French language and culture in the incomparable Côte d’Azur turned out to be one of my most memorable vacations.

Shazia M – 1 week – 2014- French Immersion in France


This past April, I had the pleasure of meeting Genevieve and participating in her Learn French program. From the moment we met at the airport, I could sense her professionalism and attention to detail.
I only spent a week with Genevieve, which was not enough! From the get go, she encouraged me to try and to make mistakes. She has a great ear, and promptly created lessons tailor made to my difficulties.
While Genevieve is undoubtedly the best French teacher I have had, she is also delightful, charming and very down to earth. Her teaching style, coupled with the lovely setting of Nice and the French Riviera made for an unforgettable experience.

Judith F – 2 weeks – 2013 – French Immersion in France


When searching for a French immersion course, I quickly choose Genevieve, partly because of the personality I sensed from her website and partly because I wanted to return to the French Riviera.
During my two weeks in October 2013 studying with Genevieve, my hopes and expectations were met. Genevieve is a delightful, playful person and a competent teacher who tailored the morning classes to my level and needs.
Another thing I appreciated was her good-natured response to my bringing her a cold that extended for both of us nearly to the end of my stay.
Nice and the surrounding areas offer many options for spending afternoons after class on one’s own. Complementing my time with Genevieve, each day I chose a different city in the area to visit by bus. To the west, I went as far as Cannes and to the east, Menton. My love of art drove most of my decisions.

Eileen and Joan – 1 week – 2013 – French Immersion in France


My friend Joan, and I spent a week this September studying French language with Geneviève at her apartment in Central Nice. We were very fortunate with the weather which was fine and sunny all the time. We had three hours study each morning, which was guided by our needs. We had all our meals with Genevieve which was very good for our conversational skills
After revising some points of grammar which we were finding difficult we had other activities.

Conversing in French throughout the lessons and at all times with Genevieve was the most important part of the course for us
We also had the opportunity in our free time to explore a beautiful city and it’s environs…. Gardens .. museums , the old town …the chateau etc…
Genevieve is a good hostess and after the week Joan and I agreed that our grasp of the French language had improved, and we had really enjoyed our visit!

Tsuyumi N – 2 weeks – 2013 – French Immersion in France


En septembre 2013 j’ai passé deux semaines à Nice avec Genevieve.
Au debut je pensais que ce serait trop court, mais c’était très satisfait.
Pendant mon séjour, nous somme allées à la la plage, aux musées voir les expositions de Matisse , et parfois au cinéma le soir.
Et puis , nous avons mangé tous les jours sur la terrasse qui a une belle vue.

Je remercie Geneviève , c’était une expérience précieuse.

Artem et Alena – 2 weeks – 2013 – French Immersion in France


Je voudrais remercier Geneviève de son accueil amical. Mon fils et moi, nous avons vécu chez elle pendant deux semaines en août 2013, mon fils a étudié en cours individuels avec elle.
Geneviève est très bon professeur, elle a l’expérience et elle choisit la méthode d’l’enseignement qui répond au niveau, aux buts et aux caractéristiques de l’élève. En vue de la préparation au DELF B2 , elle a bien réuni les 4 parts de l’enseignement des langues: l’expression et la compréhension de l’oral, la production et compréhension des écrits , en outre, elle a trouvé le temps de parler de la culture française: Mon fils a entendu des chansons françaises populaires, les textes étudiés étaient sur la vie des Français et de leurs problèmes.

Si nous avons beaucoup amélioré notre niveau du français c’est également grâce aux conversations pendant les dîners. D’ailleurs, Geneviève cuisine très bien, elle nous a toujours cuisiné quelque chose de nouveau, nous avons ainsi pu connaître bien des plats français très intéressants (maintenant je les cuisine en Russie). Pendant ces dîners magnifiques (qui se passaient sur sa terrasse, au coucher du soleil) nous avons parlé de thèmes différents, notamment, de l’art, de la littérature, de la vie quotidienne en France… Nous avons reçu une bonne expérience du français parlé.

Merci à toi, Geneviève

Tigran – August 26 2013 – 3 weeks – French Immersion in France


“I greatly enjoyed the private French lessons with Geneviève . She specifically designed an intensive three-week French course to help with my transition to Luxembourg, in pursuit of new job opportunities. The lessons were practical and focused on essential French vocabulary and grammar. Each lesson was carefully prepared and started with the revising of the previously learned material which greatly facilitated the learning process. I appreciated that Geneviève included some topics relevant for my professional life, such as money and banking. Geneviève explained the French grammar clearly and often made comparisons with other languages; this certainly helped to understand the peculiarities of the French grammar. She had a great sense of humor which made each lesson fun and enjoyable!

Overall, my stay in Nice was highly rewarding and provided an excellent foundation to continue with my studies of French. I would strongly recommend Geneviève to anyone who wants to learn French in a relaxed and fun environment!”

Elena K – 2 weeks – 2012 – French Immersion in France


From the moment I sat in the plane Moscow Nice, I thought, « My God, but what did I have invented How am I going to understand my teacher when I’m not talking french well?
But all my fears disappeared as soon as I met Geneviève  at the airport. I lived with her for two weeks in September 2012. It has been a wonderful time!

Her apartment is spacious and bright. When I arrived in my room, I opened the window and I admired the view, the sun, the tiled roofs, small mountains and the birds singing. It was superb. She  showed me the rest of the apartment and the terrace where we ate all our meals.

Every morning we planned our day. As it was the month of September 2012, I was able to enjoy the beach when it was not raining. Every day we did grammar, vocabulary and discuss about various themes.

I also remember our trip by car in Villefranche sur Mer and our visit to the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild with its musical fountains in the garden. It was beautiful!.

I love Nice, I’ve been three times, but during this last visit I really deepened my French, I could see how the French live, I was immersed in their daily lives. I spent a good two weeks and it was sad to leave.

Alexandre D. – 5 weeks – 2012 – French Immersion in France


I annoyed Geneviève for three weeks , then again for another two while I learnt with her. I had an unforgettable time with her ( after which, Geneviève had to take a year’s holiday). I had originally planned to come for just three weeks , but upon discovering these being a big chess tournament I stayed for another two, through not wih Geneviève.

For the first three weeks , I had two hours of the courses each day: texts, vocab, grammar. I think I perfect my French ! When Geneviève speaks French , you understand every word. My grand mother who didn’t know a word of French , began to understand her ( sometimes with gestures)

Thanks to wonderful excursions, I now know Nice and the little villages a bit . I met many French people and I have even got a friend of my own age . Geneviève did every thing to put me at ease. I accompanied her going shopping, doing the cooking etc…

Geneviève cooking was another story: If you don’t stay with her and she doesn’t need anymore holidays, she could easily became a chief in a restaurant.

James – 2 weeks – 2012 – French Immersion in France


When I just arrived at Geneviève’s apartment in Nice, I was very nervous and apprehensive at the idea of staying two weeks in Nice to learn French. But right away, Geneviève made me feel very comfortable at home. The atmosphere was very relaxed, and I was free to go wher ever I wanted, as long I took the Keys.!!!!

During my stay with her, I did the course for three hours every morning, some days we went to very nice places and always with lots of things to do and see. Also I met a lot of nice people, which helped me a lot gaining confidence to speak French all the times with everybody.

And the food, I won’t even mention !!!!! Each meal was different and every one was delicious. All these things combined made for a wonderful sejour.

Koji – 4 weeks – 2012 – French Immersion in France


I had private french lessons for 4 weeks with Geneviève . I needed to learn the French language for my work.

When I arrived in Nice, I couldn’t speak any French. I knew ONLY « Hello, How are you?, My name is Koji and I am Japanese. « Thanks to her courses and conversation , I got the ability of communication quickly. I was really proud when I could communicate in a restaurant, a bakery and market. As my biggest goal was to have the ability of basic communication, the individual lesson with Geneviève was the best choice for me. She corrected my errors my granmar and pronunciation. I improve so much in so little time.

The apartment where I stayed in the heart of Nice was very accessible Nice is ideal for learning the French language with the mild climate .

The cooking was delicious and various: not ONLY my level of French but my waist expanded. Thanks to her, my four weeks stay was a very rich experience.

Brenda J – 2 weeks – 2012 – French Immersion in France


My name is Brenda. I live in San Diego, CA. I spent two weeks with Geneviève in the autumn of 2012 and the whole experience exceeded my expectations.

Geneviève is an excellent teacher as well as a gracious host and wonderful cook. Geneviève challenged me and encouraged me and gave me the tools I needed to improve my French proficiency. The instruction I received was well-tailored to the areas in which I needed improvement. Geneviève has a way of building one’s confidence as she builds one’s knowledge.

In addition to studying the language it was such a pleasure to be immersed in the French way of life. Geneviève’s french lessons are cultural as well as grammatical. I look forward to returning to study with her and maintaining a friendship with her.

Colleen K – 2012 – French Immersion in France


Thank you so much for your patience and great teaching abilities. I really had a great time learning from you. I learned so much!! Each day was a new topic, but I understood each new topic as we went along so it was very fulfilling for me. My head was full! I was not sure what to expect when I started out on my journey, but it was much more than I had hoped for. The one on one lessons are irreplaceable with other forms of learning. It was a great way to reacquaint myself with French and move quickly forward to the next level. I only wish I could have stayed longer. Being able to practice my French with you on a day to day basis outside of formal lesson time was a great gift because you were so patient with me.

I am missing your wonderful cooking. I did make a Salad Nicoise on the weekend – but it is just not the same. Mealtimes were always fun with a variety of people to talk to and practice with. It was really wonderful staying in your very lovely home. An extra bonus I had not considered before going is how close your home is to all the attractions in Nice. I walked everywhere and it made the vacation all the more enjoyable. This was a great vacation for me.

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