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More Reviews for Françoise

Suomi – 2018 – French Immersion in Paris

French Immersion in Paris

This summer I decided to have a true language immersion experience while exploring different regions of France. I have always been amazed by the diversity of the country. The network of French Today teachers allowed me to combine my two objectives – to improve my French and to visit different parts of the country.

Although this was not my first visit to Paris, staying with Françoise opened new aspects of Parisian life to me. We started with a walk through her lively neighborhood. Throughout my stay, Françoise introduced me to “Paris off the beaten path” even in neighborhoods frequented by tourists. She also found independent outings for me where I could practice French.

French Immersion in Paris

Françoise uses fun assignments and exercises that allow you to practice spoken as well as written French in an efficient way. One evening her friend came over for dinner. It was fun and useful to be able to speak French in an informal friendly setting.

I now feel much more comfortable in expressing myself in French, going on guided tours in French, answering questions of lost francophone tourists – in French – and navigating both the metro and bus systems in Paris.

I fully recommend an immersion stay with Françoise.

Sarah – 2018 – French Immersion in Paris

French Immersion in Paris

I really enjoyed my ‘French immersion stay’ with Francoise. She is very professional, kind, cheerful, enthusiastic and has lots of energy. She made me feel at home straight away and suggested many wonderful places to visit.

Her apartment is very nice indeed with plenty of light and perfectly comfortable. Batignolles is a superb part of Paris and the surrounding streets were full of interesting cafés, restaurants and shops.

Paris is simply fabulous – I did a lot of exploring on my own but Françoise also took me on a couple of guided walks which were fascinating – she has a contagious love for her city, culture and language.

Françoise is an excellent teacher and has a lot of patience, she knows exactly what grammar needs to be worked on.

She joined me at a lovely local fish restaurant (Chez Simon) on my last day and invited a friend round for supper which was very enjoyable.

I felt I had not only found a teacher, but also a new friend. I highly recommend her

Debra – 2018 – French Immersion in Paris

French Immersion in Paris

What a wonderful educational and « amicable » experience in Paris it has been!

Not only did Françoise help guide me in my continued learning of the French language, but she afforded me with opportunities to see and experience parts of Paris and life in this amazing city that were previously unknown to me.

She welcomed me into her apartment home in the Batignolles district with its friendly village-like atmosphere and quickly assessed my particular needs and interests. She is also a wonderful chef and I ate extremely well!

French Immersion in Paris

I had been to Paris several times over the years but under her expert and energetic guidance I became more immersed and felt more “in touch” with aspects of the culture than I have ever been before (as a simple tourist).

Also I am now more aware of where I need to focus in order to bring my ability to speak French to the next level.

I look forward to continuing to practice and learn more French and return in the future.

Merci beaucoup Françoise !

Ellaine – 2018 – Learn French in Immersion in Paris

Learn French in Immersion in Paris

I had a wonderful week in Paris with Françoise. Jam packed with one on one French lessons, excursions to the opera, museums and even a cooking school to name a few, as well as excellent French food cooked by Françoise

There is a bus stop right outside the apartment and with Françoise help it was easy to navigate through the city to any destination.

We walked around Batignolles and Montmartre and as I had visited Paris before Françoise made a special effort to take me to places that I hadn’t been to before.

Learn French in Immersion in Paris

Françoise is an excellent teacher and the lessons focused on my needs and at the end of the week my confidence had improved significantly.

An unforgettable experience I would recommend to anyone.

Carol – 2018 – French Immersion Homestay at Teacher’s House in Paris

French Immersion Homestay at Teacher's House in Paris

It was an amazing, confidence building week with Françoise. She is an amazing teacher with incredible enthusiasm and energy.

I was expecting a week of intensive and challenging French conversation and grammar and Françoise did not disappoint. She helped me with commonly made errors and was equally encouraging.

French Immersion Homestay at Teacher's House in Paris

I also enjoyed her delicious French cuisine (which were healthy as well) and the excursions to charming neighborhoods I never would have discovered myself, especially in her Batignolles area.

It was a memorable experience and one which I would love to repeat.

Katheryn – 2018 – French Immersion Homestay at Teacher’s House in Paris

French Immersion Homestay at Teacher's House in Paris

I went to France to revive my decades old French, learned at University.  Studying with Francoise turned out to be a wonderful learning experience for me!   I had never participated in an individual immersion program before and I found it to be the perfect learning environment for me. What I loved most as a student:  We were able to focus on the elements of grammar and conversation that I most needed; I got so much speaking and listening practice; I was constantly hearing everyday French in a French accent.   Francoise is a warm, friendly, and active woman and a wonderful teacher. She welcomed me to her home, showed me around her neighborhood, and provided delicious meals and fun and instructive outings.  She quickly perceived where I most needed practice. Everyday she gave me interesting. innovative, and effective exercises to improve my grammar and spoken and written French. She tailors the week to each student’s interests and needs. She is very patient and has a good sense of humor!

French Immersion Homestay at Teacher's House in Paris

  It’s easy to see that Francoise loves Paris. She lives in a lovely apartment with great views in a charming section of town.  She’s extremely knowledgeable about the history and cultural events in the city and always eager to help with arranging visits to events and attractions. On our excursions, on foot and by bus and metro, we visited non-touristy parts of Montmartre and the Marais. One night we attended a theater performance. And she even helped me with some tedious (but interesting) research I wanted to do while in Paris.   I highly recommend the French Today immersion program and Francoise’s program in particular.

Phyllis – 2018 – Paris Immersion

immersion français paris

Spending a week in April with Françoise was heavenly. I had made the reservation in September as it is one of the most desirable French Immersion programs available and becomes booked quickly.

I was extremely fortunate that summertime weather arrived with me after many cold, rainy days in New York. It was my fourth time in Paris with a gap of 26 years! I had also lived in the French West Indies but so many years ago.

The Batignolles district is flourishing with spectacular parks, charming restaurants, boutiques, the organic market, so much to do! When dining in, Françoise will spoil you with her incredible cooking and the morning French lessons are wonderful. The apartment is very elegant and beautiful with superb panoramic views and brilliant light.

Françoise has incredible energy and is extremely knowledgeable about the history, culture and best attractions of Paris. We covered so much territory that it’s difficult to believe that it was just one week.

paris immersion

We went all over Paris on foot, yes you will exercise those calories off, and by bus. I learned so much about getting around and where to go, making Paris even more pleasurable!

After just a few days with Françoise, I knew that I was making progress, with Parisians asking me questions in French and my being able to respond and to be understood.

Thank you, Françoise for waking up and improving my French. The entire experience and guidance has given me great confidence to return to Paris in the future and to live like a true Parisian!

Meri – 2018 – Paris Immersion

french immersion homestay paris

My French Immersion stay in Paris with Françoise was a wonderful and memorable experience.

The Batignolles neighborhood of Paris is charming with easy access to all of Paris. Françoise’s flat is elegant and comfortable with stunning views over the neighborhood. Françoise is warm and welcoming, and I felt immediately at ease.

french immersion homestay paris

Françoise knows and loves Paris and we had delightful excursions rich in experience and in French language and culture.   Françoise is an excellent French teacher. I have an unusual background in my French training, and she tailored our lessons and conversation to fit my particular strengths and gaps.   A talented cook, Françoise prepared delicious meals with the freshest ingredients from the nearby markets. A truly delightful and enriching experience, I hope to return again someday soon.

Lina – 2018 – Immersion en Français à Paris

Femme devant monument paris - séjour immersion français chez professeur paris

I stayed at Francoise’s apartment for a week in March and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience ! Her apartment is cosy and comfortable and offers a beautiful panoramic view of Paris’s rooftop.   Francoise is a very professional and patient teacher. She quickly identify my areas of weakness  on my first day of arrival and designed exercises and lessons to deal with them during the week. Majority of the time, we spoke French and Francoise was always quick to correct me. I found these daily french conversations really useful and my confidence has definitely improved ! Francoise is a good cook too. One of the nights, she made a beautiful duck dish and invited a friend to dine with us. It was a fun evening with plenty of laughters and French conversation !  

femme devant marché paris

  On my first day of arrival, Francoise showed me around the neighborhood of Batignolles. It is a beautiful neighborhood with plenty of cafes, bistros, groceries stores and boulangeries. As it is a residential area, I had the opportunity  to use my French while  shopping for groceries or going out for meals . There is also a bus stop located outside her apartment  and a metro station just walking distance from her apartment.   Excursions were fun ! Francoise is very enthusiastic to show me the lesser known places of interests to tourists in Paris, which I really enjoyed. We went everywhere on foot and  buses like the locals!  We visited  Le Marais, Montmartre and even attended a concert at La Sorbonne. We also had a fantastic impromptu late lunch at Le Marche Des Enfants Rouges.   Staying and studying with Francoise, has helped boost my confidence to converse in French and also gain  better understanding of French grammar skills.   Thank you , Francoise for all your effort and time. I have enjoy my stay with you and learn a lot .

Kate – 2018 – Immersion en Français à Paris

Immersion en Français à Paris

I spent a week of intensive French in Paris with Françoise which I enjoyed immensely. Her apartment is very comfortable – warm and cosy during a bitterly cold, snowy period – and I loved the Batignolles quartier which was new to me, off the tourist map but charming and lively. There is a bus stop at the front door and the Metro is only a few minutes away.

The formal lessons I had with Françoise were most useful. She quickly identified my various weaknesses and designed the lessons and exercises to deal with them. However I think it was our informal conversations which helped me the most, including those over Françoise’s delicious homecooked meals. The atmosphere was relaxed and Françoise was easy to talk to, patiently correcting my mistakes without interrupting the flow.

We combined my intensive French learning experience with some great excursions to Montmartre, Belleville, and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, with an unexpected bonus of hearing Placido Domingo in La Traviata at L’Opera Bastille.

The course was an excellent combination of enjoying Paris and improving my spoken French – I hope to do it again one day.

Lucia – 2018 – French Immersion in Paris

french immersion paris

I stayed at Francoise’s apartment for a week in January and I absolutely enjoyed my stay. It was an experience I will cherish a lifetime and I’m so happy I signed up with her for my first trip to Paris!

Francoise is amazingly friendly, professional, and an excellent cook! Plus her apartment offered the perfect location for anyone visiting the city specially for first time visitors!

I absolutely loved the excursions planned for my one week-stay, as well as the language sessions we shared over breakfast. Francoise was also nice enough to help me get my one week metro-pass, and thanks to her help, I was quickly able to learn navigate through the city with little effort.

french immersion paris

I highly recommend signing up with Francoise, she shares not only the language lessons but also lets you experience general costumes, mannerisms, history, as well as enjoy her lovely apartment and wake up to warm cup of coffee with lovely views!

I definitely recommend her and I welcome the opportunity to come back and stay at her place sometime in the near future!

Betsy – 2018 – French Immersion in Paris

French Immersion in Paris

My week in Paris with Françoise was fantastic. From our first sentences exchanged, Françoise kindly corrected my grammar and aided me with my word choice. We rarely spoke a word of English, only to assist in my comprehension, and hearing the constant and consistent French was one of the key aspects to improving my French during the week.

I found the apartment in the 17th arrondissement with ease after taking the RER and metro from CDG aéroport. The neighborhood of Batignolles is extremely Parisian and non-tourist, so it was a perfect location for immersion.

My studies with Françoise included vocabulary and grammar equivalent to my level of knowledge. Not only did we delve deep in regards to my particular needs to becoming fluent in French, we focused on vocabulary that will assist me in my career as an international flight attendant.

French Immersion in Paris

Françoise encouraged me to attend cultural events and activities while in Paris. Although it was not my first time visiting La Ville Lumière, I enjoyed getting to know better areas like Le Marais, Montmartre, Batignolles, and the first, fifth, and eighth arrondissements. I also visited Musée D’Orsay and Fondation Louis Vuitton, and went to a tap dance spectacle which was truly entertaining.

Françoise took me to a French cooking course one day and I found it extremely compelling and useful. I learned how to cook a fabulous dish and got to discuss the cooking process and delicious taste with other Francophones. We cooked duck, something I hadn’t eaten before.

French Immersion in Paris

I also tried rabbit, le lapin, for the first time chez Françoise. She invited a friend for dinner that night and it was great to speak French with someone else in a relaxed environment. Françoise always cooked delicious meals and had breakfast and American-style coffee ready for me each morning.

I greatly enjoyed my week and Françoise made me feel comfortable and at home. She is an active and outgoing woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She is a fabulous teacher! My French comprehension improved immensely after 7 days and the content studied in her courses was incredibly useful to me.

I am grateful to have found a professor who catered my learning to my specific needs, not only to my level of knowledge, but to my personal life as well

Max – 2017 – French Immersion Homestay at Teacher’s in Paris

Note from Camille: Françoise is only comfortable hosting a woman student full time: Max stayed in a nearby hotel but still spent a lot of time with Françoise. The teachers I recommend strive to find solutions!

french immersion homestay in paris

What a wonderful experience studying with Françoise! Her experience as a teacher makes her a standout professional, and I made huge strides during my week in Paris. Beyond just being a great teacher, Françoise is a charming hostess who welcomes her students into her lovely home. I already miss the 17th arrondissement, among the other “hidden gems” in Paris which we toured. I’ll definitely be back.  Merci, Françoise!

Nora – 2017 – French Immersion Homestay at Teacher’s in Paris

French Immersion Homestay at Teacher's in Paris

Je te remercie infiniment, Françoise, pour le séjour d’immersion de 15 jours.  La liste est longue.  Je te remercie pour ta gentillesse, ton énergie, tes histoires, ton esprit fort, et surtout pour tes leçons si bien conçues.  Je suis reconnaissante de ton aide avec toutes mes fautes de grammaire et de prononciation de ta belle langue.

J’ai passé des bons moments avec mon amie dans le 5ème arrondissement.   J’adore ce quartier, en dépit des visiteurs qui parlent anglais. Quel contraste avec ton quartier, si tranquille et authentique. 

French Immersion Homestay at Teacher's in Paris

C’était un grand plaisir de visiter les quartiers de Paris inconnus à moi : les Batignolles, Belleville, le canal Saint-Martin, La Villette … Je n’oublierai jamais le concert de l’Orchestre philharmonique de Radio France.  Merci pour toutes les visites guidées aux lieux parisiens insolites. Les photos que tu m’as envoyées faisaient une belle surprise à Wayne.  

Je vais rester en contact.

Avec mes plus vifs remerciements, 

Sally – 2017 – French Immersion Homestay at Teacher’s in Paris

learn french immersion paris teacher homestay

Ne jamais dire jamais! Never say never! I always wanted to spend a week in Paris speaking French and living like a Parisian! Well I did it! Living with Francoise was so much more than what I thought it would be. Yes, she has a lovely apartment in the quiet, but convenient 17th arrondissment. Yes, she lives on the 5th floor, and so there are a lot of stairs to climb. Yes, she is a great teacher and wonderful cook! But the experience with Francoise was so much more!

Francoise treated me with all of the thoughtfulness and patience of a good friend! After 21 years of being a teacher I loved being the student. Francoise started by showing me the general plan for the week, and so I had a good idea from the beginning what the week would look like. We had four delightful mornings of instruction. She immediately grasped my level of French and she had very interesting and appropriate lessons that allowed me to learn new material that I was ready for and to grow in confidence. She constantly encouraged me and praised my small steps forward.

Our outings were great fun! What could be better than to have a one-on-one tour guide who was not only knowledgeable but enthusiastic about what we were seeing. We even had an impromptu outing one evening on the left bank where we wandered through streets rich with history. We had dinner at a restaurant that “has not accepted credit cards since 1845”.

learn french immersion paris teacher homestay

My own outings were always a success thanks to Francoise’s help in planning them. She had suggestions for where to go, what to see, and how to get there. I felt so lucky to see a lot of wonderful places where most tourists never go. It was so easy to catch a bus or hop on the Metro thanks to her detailed instructions. I also did a lot of walking, which allowed me to rationalize my daily croissant!

I feel like I got the best of all worlds with Francoise. I was seeing Paris through the eyes of someone who has lived there for many years. It was like a “behind the scene” tour of Disneyland where you get to see how the magic happens. And in Paris the “magic” happens, not at the big, touristy sites, but in the day to day lives of the people who live there.

Merci, Francoise, for bringing this city to life for me!

Elizabeth – 2017 – Residential French Immersion in Paris

france immersion teacher's home paris

I enjoyed two wonderful, exciting, amazing and jam-packed weeks with Francoise in Paris.  Her apartment is open, sunny and beautiful, and very clean.  My little bedroom had plenty of storage and a comfortable bed (and 2 down pillows!). I loved the panoramic view from the 5th floor!
Francoise prepared delicious French meals with traditio

nal seasonings and spices. If you enjoy cooking, you will learn from her.  The dishes were substantial and satisfying, and kept me going all day.

france immersion teacher's home paris

Francoise is an excellent teacher.  She quickly ascertained my levels in all aspects of spoken and written French.  She adapted her instruction to incorporate my learning style.  She also knew how to push me just enough so I learned as much as possible but was not overly frustrated.  I was nervous at first, but did relax into the routine of the lessons.  Francoise is relaxed and positive, and the 3- hour lessons actually flew by.

Most importantly, we had FUN!  Excursions with her were entertaining as well as educational.  Taking refuge in a cafe for a few hours during a downpour with a wonderful waiter who was soooo French;  concerts, cemeteries, markets, shops, non-tourist areas, rappers and street art–so many fantastic experiences.  We had dinner with her friends, talked and laughed, great times.

france immersion teacher's home paris

I learned to navigate the subways independently (thank you Moovit!).  I organized extra excursions for myself, and completed them successfully.  I enjoyed getting around much of Paris as well as discovering Francoise’s beautiful neighborhood.

All of my French skills improved during my 2-week immersion program with Francoise.  Expressing myself verbally was the most challenging, but even that became less frustrating.  Now it is up to me to continue studying when I return home to absorb and use what I have learned.  I would definitely recommend Francoise’s immersion program to anyone who wants an educational, local experience in Paris!

Pamela – 2017 – Residential French Immersion in Paris

learn french in immersion in france paris teacher home

My immersion stay with Françoise in her lovely Paris apartment  both fulfilled my expectations and provided some pleasant surprises.
The two weeks were punctuated by visits to parks, museums and, per Francoise’s suggestion, a couple of great movies.  I enjoyed the shops and restaurants in her neighborhood and was delighted to have her point out the many hidden gems on our excursions to other areas like Belleville with which I was unfamiliar.

  The one-on-one  speaking time with Françoise  was definitely the highlight of my trip. Conversing non-stop in french with her was exactly what I was hoping for.  It was really these daily conversations that I found especially satisfying.  She quickly identified patterns of errors in my speech.  Some habits are hard to break but her explanations were clear and helpful.  A terrific teacher.  After two days of journaling in English, I found myself writing in French without thinking about it.

learn french in immersion in france paris teacher home

Beyond these learning moments, Françoise took the extra time to research and find tickets to some very special concerts as well as a cooking class  for me en français.  I also had the unique opportunity of accompanying her to cast her vote at the first round of the presidential election.  Later that evening we watched and discussed the results.  Génial!

Practically speaking, the apartment is just like the photos – light-filled and comfortable, with great wifi.

Did I mention what a wonderful cook Françoise was?  She seemed to prepare an ongoing variety of delicious meals with such ease, but I do know that she put a great deal of thought and effort into all that she did .  She introduced me to the dish called  “boudin” and pointed out the strawberry “gariguette” at the Marché Batignolles which were ridiculously good.  What pleasant surprises. And, I especially enjoyed the evening when two of her friends joined us for a great meal and wine.  Talking, laughing and eating with Françoise and her friends.  What could be better?!

Thank you, Françoise, for all your extra efforts.  You are truly a gifted host and teacher.

Katrina – 2017 – Residential French Immersion in Paris

Residential French Immersion in Paris

Quand je me préparais à partir, j’étais extrêmement nerveuse à l’idée de voyager dans une ville étrangère pour rester avec quelqu’un que je ne connaissais pas. Je n’ai pas besoin de m’inquiéter. Françoise était très sympa et elle m’a accueilli chez elle comme une amie.

Le premier soir elle m’a montré son quartier « les Batignolles ». Ensuite, nous avons parlé de la semaine à venir avec un délicieux repas et un verre de vin.

Françoise a conçu le cours autour de ma capacité et, chaque leçon était amusante et stimulante.

Pendant la semaine je pouvais voir Paris comme une parisienne, parfois avec Françoise et parfois seule. Françoise a suggéré des lieux de visite que les touristes manquent souvent, comme le musée Jacquemart-André, le cimetière de Montmartre et les hôtels particuliers du Marais. Je lui avais dit qui j’apprécie la musique et elle a trouvé un concert gratuit de basson et piano au Petit Palais. C’était chouette !

Residential French Immersion in Paris

Françoise est une très bonne cuisinière et j’ai maintenant plusieurs nouvelles recettes. J’ai également pu rencontrer certaines de ses amies et de pratiquer mon français dans une cadre social pendant le dîner.

C’était une très bonne semaine et j’ai appris beaucoup. Merci beaucoup Françoise.

Moira – 2017 – Residential French Immersion in Paris

learn french residential immersion france paris

Thank you so much for a wonderful week learning French, and experiencing  french culture in Paris. Batignolles is the ideal place to become immersed in Parisian life and experience the different quarters with wonderful architecture, restaurants, shops and the buzz of daily life.   Françoise is a wonderful cook and I enjoyed some of my favourite food at her wonderful apartment ( canard, saumon en croute). She skilfully picked up on my gaps in french and wove the grammar and vocabulary into the lessons making them topical and relevant to many of the fascinating contemporary sites we visited on our excursions.

learn french residential immersion france paris

  Françoise took me to some of the less well known places that Parisians frequent, and advised on suitable trips to help with my love and study of Art History, for example the wonderful old cemetery in Montmartre and the and the Musée Jacquemart-André. The latter is not well known in the guide books and less frequented by tourists, but it is a real gem with a wonderful art collection.   Thank you again for a wonderful stay and for being such a good host. I hope to be back!

Rebecca – 2017 – French Immersion Stay at Teacher’s Home in Paris Batignolles

learn french immersion france teacher homestay

I had a wonderful experience staying with Françoise. Her apartment is very well situated, in a safe area with plenty of shops and restaurants, directly beside the bus stop and close to the nearest metro station.

As a teacher she was friendly and encouraging, tailoring the classes to my level and pushing me while ensuring that the lessons were always relaxed and enjoyable. She provided lovely vegetarian meals, even inviting her friends to dine with us to allow me to speak and hear as much French as possible, so that by the end of the week my confidence was greatly improved. The one on one lessons made for quick progress, as they were focused to my personal weaknesses.

learn french immersion france teacher homestay

The excursions were the highlights of the week, as being introduced to Paris by a local allowed me to discover the city in much more depth than I could have on my own, and she tailored these excursions to complement my university studies, which made them all the more engaging. These excursions also allowed me to implement the new vocabulary and grammar structures that we had learnt, enabling me to see my progress straight away.

The location of her apartment gave me complete freedom when I had time to myself and I visited many beautiful areas of Paris by myself, including the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. Although these trips were unaccompanied, Françoise made suggestions of places to visit that might interest me, so I could explore museums and areas that I wouldn’t otherwise have found, meaning that I was able to experience Paris beyond the typical tourist areas.

learn french immersion france teacher homestay

All in all, this experience improved both my ability and confidence with French speaking and introduced me to the beautiful city of Paris from an inside perspective. The immersion aspect made it much more effective and fun than regular French language classes and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to learn about the culture alongside the language!

Alison – 2017 – French Immersion Stay in Paris Batignolles

learn french in france immersion teacher homestay

Francoise was very welcoming and relaxed. Over a glass of wine and a lovely supper we found out a little about each other and what sort of shape the week would take.

Francoise very kindly had taken on providing vegetarian meals for me; we would have structured classes every day followed, some of the days, by an excursion and other times I would be left to my own devices to explore this amazing city.

Although, as warned in advance, Francoise’s apartment is on the 5th floor, it is a beautifully appointed space, with light streaming in from all sides. It is very quiet and I was barely aware of the neighborhood noises humming away beneath me. My bedroom was small, but entirely adequate and I slept incredibly well in the lovely comfortable bed.

learn french in france immersion teacher homestay

I felt as though I was eased in gently as Francoise found out exactly how bad I was and adapted accordingly. Lessons were always interesting and tailored to my level. Everything was done in a relaxed manner and Francoise had lots of different exercises to push me along and to ensure that I understood a concept.

Our excursions were such a great way to find out more about Paris. Francoise lives in a residential neighborhood with lots of little shops and restaurants with a lovely lively ambiance. I was taken to the local market where we chose items for our meals and to various other shops for whatever else was needed.

After a couple of days I really relaxed into my new life. I was taking buses here and metros there – all guided by Francoise. I went to museums, art galleries, beautiful squares and gardens – every day had a different challenge and was always absorbing.

On a personal level I became completely immersed into life in Paris. I felt as though I was staying in a friend’s apartment. I was included in whatever Francoise had to do on a particular day; I met some of her friends and had a thoroughly enjoyable week.

learn french in france immersion teacher homestay

From an improvement level it’s hard to judge – how bad were you before – how good are you now?? What I do know is where I need to work harder to understand various concepts. I have all my notes and written work to revise and make sure I don’t forget what I learnt.

I also felt so much more confident after my week. Whereas before I worried that no one would understand what I was saying, I was eased out of my comfort zone and made to read and talk and answer questions all of which helped build my confidence outside the cocoon that was Francoise’s apartment.

I am now much more aware of what I need to do and why I need to do it. I feel much more motivated to build French study into my weekly life. I am hoping to return again next year and to have completely incorporated all that I have learned and to continue learning with French Today.

I can completely recommend this method of learning for anyone seeking to improve their French. I can also completely recommend this method for taking you out of your comfort zone and embracing a completely different life in a different language – I feel completely invigorated by the experience and am looking forward to understanding more.

Thank you Francoise.

Caroline – 2017 – French Immersion Stay in Paris Batignolles

learn french in france immersion teacher paris homestay

I had a fantastic stay with Francoise!

Francoise was excellent – and I am so very grateful to her for her warm hospitality and great teaching. It really was such a great week.

I thoroughly enjoyed my course and I would highly recommend Francoise.

Shas – 2017 – French immersion Stay in Paris Batignolles

french immersion in paris teacher home learn

I spent just four days with Francoise, in her really very nice French apartment.

I wanted to kick-start my drive to improve my French in the intermediate rut it has been in for years – Francoise certainly helped me to do that.

She was very good at gauging my level and tailoring our daily  lessons to fit. I learnt plenty of new vocabulary and revisited forgotten grammar.

french immersion in paris teacher home learn

I was well-fed with good, nutritious food, in a warm and comfortable with good wifi connection.

The trips to the fish market, a meal in a restaurant, the Montmartre cemetery and a general exploration around the back streets of Montmartre were fascinating.

french immersion in paris teacher home learn

All in all a very good experience – shame I couldn’t stay longer.

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