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Pauline & Richard – 2018 – French Immersion at Teacher’s & Family in the Pyrénnées

French Immersion Homestay

I knew it would be a great week the moment we drove up and saw the family outside waving to us as we drove up the hill to their home.

I jumped right into the French language by attending a « guinguette » that afternoon at a lovely home of the host family’s friends. There was music, dancing, French conversation and delicious food and wine shared by everyone.

All week long Emilie was willing to share local cultural events of which there were many to chose from. We went to a yoga class together, walked along the countryside to a former château to buy freshly baked bread, toured local villages and went shopping in local stores.

French Immersion Homestay

Emilie’s family is very involved in their community, so we were frequently greeted everywhere by neighbors and friends. Being able to connect with locals while traveling really makes a world of diffference!

But of course I really came for the lessons and they were certainly rated at 10 ! This was not my first time taking an immersion course, so I knew what to expect, but Emilie went beyond my expectations because she had taken lots of time to tailor the lessons specifically to my needs. The questionnaire she has prepared for her students is really a fantastic idea and allows her to customize the lessons in advance.

French Immersion Homestay

We worked on my weak areas, with some grammar and pronunciation as we went along. Some morning we watched short videos tailored to my needs that were very helpful, interesting and made the time fly by. Emilie takes terrific notes on your studies each day allowing you to focus on what is really important. I ended the week with a wonderful summary that is very practical and will contribute significantly to my conversational skills in the future.

Knowing that I love yoga, Emilie obtained written instructions in French for various yoga poses and we spent the final morning lesson doing yoga with a pause in between each pose to practice the vocabulary and

verb conjugations. What a great way to end the week! C’était top !

Thank you Emilie for your dedication and the hospitality shown by your family. It is an experience that will forever remain with me and I left many fond memories.

Jillian and Jonas – 2018 – French Immersion Homestay in the Pyrénnées

My husband and I spent one week in September with Emilie and her family. I studied French. My husband relaxed. Together we thoroughly enjoyed the warm welcome, the beautiful house and surroundings, and the opportunity to share French life in a way not possible when foreigners like us travel on our own.

learn french pyrenees france 3

Emilie is a great teacher of French language and culture. She shares her knowledge in a way that keeps the lessons from being pedantic or dull. She works with the level you’re at, correcting errors as they happen and explaining what is “au courant.” And she takes you into her life so that the French you are hearing is real, not theoretical. She also figures out what kinds of things you are interested in and finds ways to include them in the schedule. For us, for example, having learned about my past work in ceramics, Emilie arranged for visits to a wonderful ceramic artist and a private museum that focuses on traditional faience tiles and pottery along with modern artists’ work. The people we met in those activities were a wonderful treat of their own.

learn french pyrenees france 3

While improving my French was the primary goal of our visit, my husband and I found the time with Emilie and her family to be satisfying on a deeper level. We loved hanging out with David while he cooked and after dinner under the stars. We loved getting to know Myrtille and being an audience for her developing gymnastic practice. Her physical flexibility and her sense of humor are fantastic! We enjoyed our limited time with Aristide, who was off at school during the week. He showed a fine sense of design and presentation in serving up the tarte tatin that (ok, I admit it) I made. And of course we had a great time being with and observing Emilie as she went about her daily activities, shopping, helping asylum seekers, and giving bisous to virtually everyone we met. It is clear that Emilie loves everyone, and they love her back.

learn french pyrenees france 3

If you are looking to learn or improve your French but also to have a very special and wonderful experience, we highly recommend doing an immersion program with Emilie.

Maria – 2018 – Immersion Homestay in the Pyrénnées

Immersion Homestay in the Pyrénnées

I’m Maria, I’m 15 and I have stayed with Emilie and her family for 2 weeks.

I have really enjoyed my time here, getting to be a part of their family, meeting their friends, and going on trips together. They made me feel welcome and comfortable from the start, and they have truly built my confidence when it comes to speaking French.

Immersion Homestay in the Pyrénnées

We have been hiking in the mountains, canoeing down a river, and they even convinced me to take part in a show as a dancer along with Emilie and her daughter.

Immersion Homestay in the Pyrénnées

I have learnt so much more casual and useful vocabulary for everyday scenarios from being here and being a part of their daily live that I would never have learnt in a classroom.

Nora – 2018 – Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in France

Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in france

Mon séjour d’immersion chez toi en famille était un vrai cadeau pour moi.

Un grand merci et beaucoup de bises à toi, à Myrtille, à David pour votre accueil si chaleureux, votre générosité, votre gentillesse, votre aide linguistique, pour tout ce que vous avez partagé avec moi : des amis courageux et créatifs, les repas délicieux, la Lune, le Soleil, la Nature, la Chaleur, l’Histoire et la vie quotidienne des Petites Pyrénées.

A tous les trois, je vous remercie de tout mon cœur.

Linda – 2018 – Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in France

Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in France

Our stay with Emilie has been truly memorable.

From the moment my husband David and I arrived she made us feel so welcome and comfortable and her enthusiasm for everything and everyone is contagious!

Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in France

Over the past week we have experienced many wonderful occasions ranging from a magnificent balade in the Pyrenees followed by a refreshing swim in the clear waters of the river, a fun-filled evening with the locals watching France play in the World Cup football, a visit to a Boulanger in a chateau, an evening performance by a group of travelling actors and a delightful barbecue with friends on the magnificent terrace.

immersion france

We have also been so fortunate that Emilie’s husband Davide has been on “vacances “ and he has prepared for us many absolutely delicious meals. Davide and Emilie cook with the freshest local produce and create amazing and healthy meals with ease. Every meal has been an absolute delight and nothing has been too much trouble.

Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in France

Emilie worked tirelessly over the week to make sure we experienced many different and interesting things and managed to juggle teaching at two levels with absolute ease and patience.

We have loved our stay and would recommend it highly and hope one day to be able to return to this wonderful part of the world.

Linda – 2018 – Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in France

Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in France

What an incredible week I just spent with Emilie and her family in their restored farmhouse at the foot of the Pyrénées.

The accomodations were excellent.

The week began with a wonderful welcome from the family and friends and the opportunity to speak French with many interesting people.

As a teacher, Emilie recognized exactly what I needed to improve my French and we worked on that during the week. She is an oustanding  teacher.

And speaking with the charming Myrtille was a delight.

Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in France

In the beautiful countryside there are also opportunities for cultural outings. We had a yoga class together,  visited a artisans market, a museum called « Musée de la Peinture de Saint-Frajour » met a Yougoslav artist ( more French conversation), a tour of the medieval village of Aurignac and a charming tour in Toulouse.

immersion pyrénées.

I also had the good fortune to be here during the « Ciné-Sciences » festival to watch documentaries and listen to the directors speak about their film.

immersion french pyrenees france

Emilie is very creative in finding opportunities specific to the needs of her students.

This truly was an experience I will always remember as highlight of my life.

Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in France

I can recommend Emilie’s immersion to anyone who would like to learn or improve his or her French, while enjoying an outsanding experience.

The immersion was « au-delà de mes attentes » ( beyond my expectations ).

Thank you Emilie, David and Myrtille.

Nicky – 2018 – Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in France

Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in France

I have just spent a most wonderful week with Emilie and her family (Husband David and children Myrtille and Aristide).

From the moment I arrived I was immediately made to feel like a family member and given my own bedroom and bathroom, in the most charming house, situated on a hill with spectacular views over working farms and the snow covered Pyrenees mountains as a backdrop.

Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in France

The meals made by Emilie and David were healthy and delicious and in the evenings they often invited friends to join us which added both interest and conversation.

We made visits to the local ancient town of Aurignac a few kilometres away to a magnificent Chateau housing a spectacular collection of 16th and 17th century ceramic tiles and to the beautiful home and studio of local sculptor Guy Reid.

Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in France

I brought my bike with me and this made it possible for me to explore the local lanes and villages in the time away from the classroom.

Emilie is a very good teacher. She has a profound knowledge of French and she speaks very good English. I needed a foundation in French language and she has given this to me slowly and very patiently.

The week here has been enormously beneficial for me language wise but it has also been a great pleasure and a privilege to be with this family in their home.

Antoinette – Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in France

immersion france

I was given a last minute opportunity to travel to France with my husband whilst he was doing business in Europe. One of my life goals is to learn to speak French. I wasn’t keen on attending a language school and during my search for something different, came across the French today website . An immersion stay sounded fabulous and I booked with Emilie.

Emilie fetched me from Boussens train station and immediately made me feel welcome and at ease. We arrived at their restored farmhouse with amazing views over the countryside. I met David and the adorable Myrtille who were as friendly and welcoming.

immersion france

Emilie is an excellent teacher, very flexible, well organised and was very patient with me . Myrtille is a great little teacher too and helped me with my numbers. I feel that I have better attuned my ear to the language and feel more confident when trying to converse in French.

I had lots of fun and enjoyed walks to Aurignac, around the area and to Lac DôO. We cycled, picnicked, went to Toulouse to see a Baroque concert, enjoyed lunch at the Aurignac market and met some of Emilie’s friends.

immersion france

The week just flew by and thoroughly enjoyed being part of Emilie’s family. An immersion stay is a wonderful way to experience a bit of French culture and life whilst learning French. I would highly recommend a stay with this lovely family.

Merci beaucoup Emilie, David et Myrtille

Keith & Mary – 2018 – Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in France

Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in France

It was with no small degree of apprehension that I signed up for a week of immersion with Emilie and her family. My wife and I were immediately placed at ease as we met our temporary French family in their country home overlooking the areas of lush green farmland with the spectacular Pyrenees mountains as a backdrop.

Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in France

Emilie and I made a plan for the week and happily we accomplished all of our listed objectives. She remained patient and empathetic to the mental work required to learn a new language.

Immersion Homestay at Teacher & Family in France

Additionally, my wife, who accompanied me was included and made to feel welcome, even as a non-student.

Family mealtimes were a treats well beyond expectations.

I am ever so thankful for this experience and recommend Emilie to others without reservation.

Carolyn – 2018 –  French Immersion in France’s Pyrénées

french immersion homestay

I chose an immersion experience because living in New Zealand & Australia affords virtually no exposure to the french language, and many courses over the decades had not improved my ability to speak french with confidence, even though my enthusiasm for becoming fluent in french remains a lifetime goal.

Emilie & David were hosting a birthday party for their 11 year old daughter Myrtille when I arrived & although they were busy, made me feel very welcome & part of the family absolutely immediately.

Emilie and her family are warm, caring, friendly and clearly enjoy sharing their spacious, comfortable, quiet  home.  The setting is idyllic, being rural with a fabulous view of the Pyrénées on a clear day, but only a few kms from the charming village of Aurignac.

french immersion homestay

Emilie was super organised for my visit with teaching materials and options for activities well prepared.  At the same time one of her greatest strengths proved to be her flexibility, so that she could change plans at a moments notice and still distinguish relevant teaching points.   In fact, no opportunity was lost to teach either language or culture.  It was great to learn colloquial phrases and be able to hear them and practise them at the dinner table and other everyday situations.

french immersion homestay pyrenees

I found Emilie to be an experienced and enthusiastic teacher.  With a kind, fun loving nature and good sense of humour, Emilie was also patient and understanding of my needs.  One week is a very short time to attune one’s ear to a new language, assimilate grammar and vocabulary and converse with french speakers.  However I’m pleased to say,  that thanks to Emilie,  I am now more confident to try conversing in french whilst travelling around France.

I can’t wait until I can come back again, and enjoy the pleasure of Emilie helping me achieve a higher level.

I thoroughly recommend an immersion stay with Emilie.  If you still have any doubts about whether or not to try an immersion stay, my advice is, “Just do it!”

David – 2017 –  French Immersion in France’s Pyrénées

French Immersion in France's Pyrénées

I stayed with Emilie and her family for 2 weeks full immersion. I cannot speak highly enough about the experience, Emilie and her family were just fantastic! They welcomed me into their home and lives from the very start.

Their family home is a beautiful converted farm house with awesome views over the nearby countryside and the distant Pyrenees mountains.

Every day we ate delicious meals prepared using fresh and organic food, and we drank a glass or two of great red wine.

French Immersion in France's Pyrénées

Emilie is an excellent teacher; she prepared structured and tailored lessons in a fun and informal environment but was also very flexible to my changing levels in motivation! My French has improved drastically, thanks to Emilie.

Emilie introduced me to many of her friends living in the area, who were all very interesting and creative people and lots of fun.

Emilie arranged a number of great activities during my stay, from a day hiking in the Pyrenees, selecting and delivering farm grown organic vegetables to her friends and neighbours, long walks in the local countryside and villages, markets, to even a New Year’s eve party with all their friends!

French Immersion in France's Pyrénées

Having said that, Emilie and family also made sure I had plenty of time for myself to enjoy the area, exercise and just relax – which this immersion is great for.

I returned to the UK feeling relaxed, revitalised and determined to come-back! I highly recommend an immersion stay with Emilie and family!

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