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Jeanne & Paul– 2018 – French Immersion Near Bordeaux, France

French Immersion Near Bordeaux, France

Our week with Edwige was delightful.

The relaxed meals were delicious, thoughtfully prepared and our meal times were filled with conversation, en français, of course and with so much laughter.

Edwige is calm, well organised and so very easy to be with. We enjoyed her company immensely.

Our cottage was very comfortable, well equipped with a tranquil garden overlooking the orchard and vineyards.

While I studied, my husband Paul borrowed one of Edwige’s bikes and explored the rolling countryside. There are a number of villages within biking distance and he reported back on the vendange which began the week we arrived.

One morning we biked to the Maison des Vins 5km away. This is well worth a visit. We learned a lot about the Entre-Deux-Mers region and the wine produced there. And yes, we managed to bike home up the wee hills after enjoying a wine tasting but I am sure Edwige would have collected us if we needed her to.

Because our seven-week stay in France has been quite intense we were happy to choose relaxed outings with Edwige. On a hot summer’s afternoon, the quiet canoe down the river under shady trees was a good choice.

French Immersion Near Bordeaux, France

In Bordeaux we wandered along the banks of the Garonne and viewed some of the city’s notable landmarks such as the Palais de la Bourse, The Cathedral and the spectacular Monument aux Girondins. The latter is a memorial to the Girondins who fell victim to the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. Le Musée d’Aquitaine has extensive coverage of part Bordeaux played in the slavery system in the Caribbean. This was a very informative and sobering exhibition.

My lessons did not often feel like lessons at all. The games prompted me to speak French, to seek out and use the vocabulary and grammar that I had previously learned. The video clips, reading articles and topics for discussion were both provocative and interesting. These challenged me to extend my vocabulary and also to realise that I had a bigger French vocabulary than I thought.

Edwige is an excellent teacher. She patiently corrected my errors and encouraged me to attempt conversations I would never have thought possible.

This was a very special week for us. Thank you Edwige, we hope to return someday soon.

Tanya– 2018 – French Immersion Near Bordeaux, France

immersion france bordeaux

The Perfect French Getaway!

What a wonderful experience it was to spend a week with Edwige. It was the perfect French getaway.

This year I had to find time to squeeze French lessons into my rather packed schedule and so I took one of my weeks of vacation for immersion French. I was a bit concerned I would leave more exhausted than I already was when in fact I needed both to improve my French and have a holiday. I can say definitively after my stay with Edwige, it is possible to both recharge and study at the same time!

The classes were exactly what I needed, when I needed them. Because the classes are one on one with the teacher, the lessons were tailored to my exact needs. Over the course of the week, Edwige was able to see what mistakes I made systematically and create a plan specifically for my needs. We worked on my pronunciation and vocabulary and the kinds of systematic grammatical mistakes I made. However, I learned as much during the meals we shared and the trips out we took as I did in the classes. Throughout the week, Edwige diligently corrected my mistakes and helped me improve my ability to speak correctly and with confidence.

The living arrangements were ideal as well. Edwige has a picturesque farmhouse which has been split into the main house and a little cottage with its own entrance for students. It is perfect as you have a real immersion experience, but you also have your own space for privacy and relaxation. It feels like a quaint bed and breakfast but with privacy and ample personal space that includes your own kitchen and bathroom.

immersion france

The food is prepared with care and presented in a style that made me think of French rural chic. I have to add that Edwige seems to be particularly accommodating to dietary restrictions. As a vegetarian who travels a lot I find it is not always easy to both eat locally and vegetarian during my travels. Edwige prepared balanced, varied vegetarian food that was prepared with local ingredients during my stay. It was amazing.

The small towns around Bordeaux are serene and thoroughly relaxing. I was thrilled to find a wonderful balance of excursions that were culturally enriching as well as physically active. My favorite visits included the guided tour of the home of Toulouse- Lautrec and biking along the river.

By the end of the week I achieved my goal to begin to think in French and even had my first dream in French. I wholeheartedly recommend Edwige as a teacher and can only say my entire stay was wonderful!

Mona– 2018 – French Immersion at Teacher’s Near Bordeaux

French Immersion at Teacher's Near Bordeaux

I am working with the United Nations and wanted to improve my French for professional purposes. I just completed my French Immersion Programme with Edwige in Bordeaux and I am very, very happy with the result.

The week was fantastic and Edwige is an amazing teacher. It was a wonderful experience and my expectations have been surpassed tremendously.

With Edwige’s excellent teaching, I was able to make remarkable progress in my French skills and was able to have conversations on various complex topics at the end of the week.

immersion bordeaux

Edwige is an incredibly kind and patient teacher, while also challenging you to grow and to reach beyond your capabilities. Edwige was able to both adapt to my needs and provide me guidance in targeted areas that require improvement for my professional growth, while also identifying gaps in my knowledge and building on those.

Aside from the learning aspect, Edwige’s house is beautiful and I had an entire apartment within the house to my own and the cooking was absolutely delightful. I would absolutely recommend everyone who wants to achieve an incremental progress in their French proficiency to stay with Edwige. It had a terrific time and I am planning to return again soon ☺

Kate – 2018 – French Immersion Homestay Near Bordeaux

French Immersion Homestay Near Bordeaux

My week with Edwige was wonderful! Her hospitality and friendly nature (personality) immediately put me at ease.

The accommodations are spacious, comfortable and well appointed. The views are fabulous. I took full advantage of the private garden, eating my meals outside and even keeping up my yoga practice. But I was there to improve my French…

Edwige offered flexibility in the class schedule but I enjoyed the routine of morning classes. (following a delicious breakfast) Edwige is a professional and experienced teacher of the French language. She quickly determined my strengths and weaknesses. We focused on pronunciation, listening skills and tips to expand my conversation skills. Using games, audio recordings and some grammar lessons the time flew by as I was learning and getting more comfortable speaking. Of course, there is much more to learn and Edwige gave me resources and guidance to help with that.

I am pleased to recommend Edwige. It was a great week!

Karen & Brian – 2018 –  French Immersion Homestay Near Bordeaux

france immersion bordeaux

My husband and I decided to take a year sabbatical from our corporate jobs to travel. As long-term travelers, it was important for us to have enriching cultural experiences as opposed to just a sightseeing vacation. I read about a French immersion homestay and thought that would be a perfect opportunity to explore a new area, improve our French skills for our travels, and have an authentic experience of French life.

We couldn’t have chosen a more perfect homestay for the week. From the moment of contact, Edwige was communicative and answered all our questions. We arrived to a warm welcome and absolutely stunning property! Edwige’s home is located in the Bordeaux region with vineyards, chateaux and medieval towns surrounding you. The private cottage is clean, intimate, and thoughtfully designed with everything you need, including a lovely patio where you can enjoy a glass of wine, book and watch the sunset each evening. She also has bikes you can take to explore the area on your own.

Edwige is passionate about her job and cares Bout her students’ progress. She is an extremely talented teacher who was successful at balancing two different levels throughout the week, without compromising our experience. The classes flew by and were filled with a variety of activities that improved our grammar, listening, speaking and vocabulary. My husband loved the games she used to make the lessons fun and interactive. Edwige has a flexible and encouraging teaching style, which kept things interesting and made us feel at ease. One important point I noticed was she has strong intuition on when and how far to push her students.

Outside of class hours, Edwige was available for a chat in French over a glass of wine or coffee, but she was also respectful of private time. The meals were healthy and delicious, and we had two wonderful excursions – one to a small winery with a private tour and tasting, and the other to a medieval town, Saint Emilion, where we wandered the streets, sat at a cafe and spoke french together like old friends.

If you’re considering this program, I hope you do because it will be one of the most remarkable travel experiences you have. Thank you Edwige for sharing your home with us, we hope to return someday soon.

Karla & Bea – 2017 –  French Immersion at Teacher’s House Near Bordeaux, France

french immersion south of france

In October 2017 we spent a week of French immersion with Edwige in the South of France.

The experience was educational, fun and one we will never forget.

Our accommodations were very attractive, private and comfortable. The common area was clean and bright and very conducive to socializing and studying with Edwige.

We spent three hours each morning working on French grammar and speech. Edwige was very good at identifying our level of expertise (or lack of) and customizing her instruction to meet our specific needs. She used a wide variety of methods with emphasis on developing listening and speaking skills. There were written exercises, games, audio lessons, and conversations.

On two afternoons Edwige took us on excursions to nearby places of cultural and historic interest.

What made all of this experience especially wonderful was Edwige herself. We found her to be a wonderful hostess and teacher who presented learning with patience, sympathy and humor. And finall,y we must mention that she is a wonderful cook who prepared delicious meals.

We would recommend anyone who wants to take their French studies to the next level to consider studying with Edwige.

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