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Beaujolais Wine Country – French Immersion at Teacher’s + Pool

Craig et Natalie – 2018 – French Immersion in France’s Beaujolais

French Immersion in France's Beaujolais

My daughter and I spent a week at Marion’s, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The quality of instruction provided by Marion was simply outstanding.  Marion and her mother were so very hospitable and welcoming throughout.  The conversations we had together over coffee and meals were extremely pleasant, relaxed and informative.  The excursions we took together were absolutely delightful.

Marion’s enthusiasm for teaching others the French language and about French culture was truly infectious, and we benefitted greatly from Marion’s considerable teaching experience.  Ever patient, she discerned exactly what our respective areas for improvement were, and our French speaking abilities improved markedly as a result.  She also has an innate ability to offer simple explanations in clarifying complicated points of French grammar.  In our case, Marion’s command of multiple other Romance languages enabled her to bridge gaps between French and other languages we speak.

French Immersion in France's Beaujolais

This was a fabulous opportunity for a father and daughter to reconnect.  I’d like to return to study French with Marion and intend to bring my wife on my next trip.  I can’t say enough about Marion’s overall professionalism and pleasantness.  We had a blast!

Louise and John – 2018 – French Immersion in France’s Beaujolais

immersion france

My wife, Denise, and I spent the last week in March with Marion and her Mom, Nicole.
We had decided that we needed help with our French; I much more than Denise. We looked at many different immersion course options but decided that the course offered by Marion in a quiet village in the heart of Beaujolais would meet our needs most closely, and it did.
Marion managed our two very different capabilities very well and with the help of her charming mother, Nicole, not only improved our French but gave us an excellent taste of French country living.
The village is small and quiet but very centrally placed and nearby the A6 autoroute as well as the TGV line connecting Paris with the south. All the world famous Beaujolais villages are within single figure kilomètres, and Lyon is well less than an hour’s drive away.
The accommodation is very comfortable and how many hotels offer rooms where chickens deliver fresh eggs outside the door each morning.
Altogether a very useful and a very enjoyable experience.

Louise and Allan – 2017 – French Immersion in France’s Beaujolais

French homestay immersion in Frarnce

My husband and  I spent a wonderful week in Lancié with Marion.Although it was only me who undertook the immersion course, my husband was very happy looking after himself in the spacious accommodation provided.I have been learning French for some years but wanted to improve my conversational skills and vocabulary and I was really happy how Marion was able to structure the course for me. Each morning after a delicious and filling breakfast, we began with a walk either in the vineyards around the village or along the banks of the nearby Saône River.We walked and talked usually on a specific topic and then we played a game designed to increase and test my vocabulary. We returned to Lancié to focus on some grammar and then listening to a YouTube video (in French, of course). I found this quite challenging, but I wanted to be challenged and it was a good way to hear other people speaking French.On that note, Marion’s house was full of people coming and going. She and her family were wonderful hosts sharing their interests, friendships, food and laughter.I can highly recommend studying with Marion. You will not be disappointed.

Maureen and Bill – 2017 – French Immersion in France’s Beaujolais

learn french in france immersion teacher homestay Beaujolais

My husband and I had a fantastic week with Marion and her mother Nicole.

My French was not strong when I arrived and I was a bit nervous about managing for a week. It had been three years since I took formal lessons and I had only worked my way through Levels 1 and 2 of French Today audio books course.

I need not have worried – Marion was the perfect teacher for my level and I was amazed at how much we managed to converse and the wide variety of topics discussed during our morning walks (which I loved). This was such a wonderful way to improve my French.

Marion and Nicole were also very flexible, including my husband at meal times and on excursions by speaking English, so that he also enjoyed the week.

I have already booked in to return next year and feel much more committed to practising each day. We loved having our own apartment and being able to join the family for breakfast and lunch (always delicious with fresh produce from the garden), visiting the local market and shopping for our dinner supplies.

Lesson time in the morning flew and was an excellent balance of conversation, expanding vocabulary and improving understanding of grammar.

My priority goal was to improve in speaking and understanding and this was achieved, though of course I still have a long way to go.

We left feeling like we had made new friends and loaded up with Nicole’s fabulous confitures and biscuits.

Merci, Marion, tu es vraiment formidable!!

Rebecca – 2017 – French Immersion in France’s Beaujolais

I would highly recommend Marion for a French Immersion Course.  I am at a very, very basic level and having done approximately 30 hours of lessons prior to staying with Marion I was not really able to put more than a few words together.

My teacher from home had concentrated a lot on grammar, which I understand we need to know however it didn’t really help with speaking to people.  Marion has a very relaxed approach and easy way of teaching.  She had me speaking in sentences before I knew what I was doing which helped me get my confidence up a lot.  I have since felt comfortable to order at restaurants, shop at the markets and make reservations on the phone.  I am sure that I am not always completely accurate but it is enough that people understand and I have even found them responding back to me in French when they used to revert to English after my French attempts!

You will be made to feel incredibly welcome at Marion’s home by her and her Mum (her brother was away for my stay).  The conversation is free flowing, the food delicious and there are many things to do around the area if you choose not to have too much homework.  The accommodation is exactly as described and fully self contained.

Overall it was a fabulous experience and one I hope to have again as soon as I can manage to get back and visit again.

John – 2017 – French Immersion in France’s Beaujolais

French Immersion in France's Beaujolais

After seven or eight years of French study in the USA (initially with Camille at her home in Medford, Massachusetts before she returned to France), and a delightful two-week visit to the North of France in the summer of 2016, I decided that the time had come to step up the game with an immersion stay in 2017.

The choice I made, Marion’s program in the Beaujolais region, was absolutely the right one for me. A lover of the countryside, I found the rural setting relaxing and conducive to study. More importantly, Marion’s instruction was truly expert as well as enjoyable, reflecting her years of experience teaching French on the Channel Island of Jersey. We had daily classes in the family’s lovely and spacious stone farmhouse. Several mornings, we took our lessons outside for long walks along the canal path by the Saone River where the time went all too quickly.

The accommodations in the student apartment were generous and comfortable. Although France was experiencing “la canicule,” or a heat wave, at the time, the apartment underneath the house remained naturally cool and comfortable without the need for air conditioning. With the backyard pool to cool off in, the heat was no problem.

French Immersion in France's Beaujolais

During my “off” time, I took every opportunity to explore the countryside. Borrowing Marion’s bike, I climbed the surrounding hillsides, then took great pleasure in speeding back downhill through the vineyards to the charming little village of Lancié. The cycling highlight was a strenuous climb up neighboring Mt. Brouilly where I enjoyed a panoramic view of the local countryside, a picnic of French bread, ham and cheese, and a spectacular sunset.

The daily breakfast and dinners prepared by Marion and her delightful mother Nicole, were delicious, and the good conversation was a pleasure as well as educational. Fresh eggs from the hen house for breakfast were the perfect finishing touch!

My only regret is that just a week was not long enough – I hope someday to make a longer stay – but that week was truly special, and I recommend an immersion stay with Marion to all.

Lachlan et Sarah – 2017 – French Immersion in France’s Beaujolais

learn french in immersion in france teacher's home beaujolai

Our week with Marion was part of a nine week holiday through Europe. We arranged it with a view to trying something very different in a part of France we wouldn’t normally visit for much more than a drive through.One of us had lived in France for two months previously, the other had only learnt French through apps and books. Both of us thought it was the best week of our holiday.The immersion had all the parts described on the website – breakfasts and other meals, day tours, a private residence and of course the lessons – but what we hadn’t counted on was just how welcome we were made to feel by Marion and her family. It’s a special ability to make two people with limited French feel comfortable and engaged as they try to speak French and nothing but French for a full week. Marion has that ability in spades.If you’re considering doing an immersion with Marion, just do it. You’ll both have the quintessential French experience of living in a wine making village with lovely people who talk each morning about politics, food and wine, all the while learning from an incredible teacher.There’s a good chance we’ll be coming over to Europe again next year, and if that happens we have every intention of doing it all again. Merci, Marion!

Paul – 2017 – French Immersion in France’s Beaujolais

learn french immersion france beaujolais

I thoroughly enjoyed my week in Beaujolais.I love the region – and the accommodation, the food, the wine and particularly the company were all excellent!I have been trying to improve my french for such a long time but I felt that I made real progress after my week with Marion. She made me feel at ease and learning french and conversing reasonably well in the beautiful countryside was a great pleasure.Marion’s use of games and introducing me to her friends also helped my confidence -so did talking with her mother Nicole who was always courteous and attentive.Thank you Marion and Nicole for your welcome, for looking after me so well and for reinforcing my love of France and the French language!!

Sharon – 2017 – French Immersion in France’s Beaujolais

learn french in immersion in france teacher's home beaujolais

My stay with Marion was perfect. In the beginning, I wrote to Marion telling her that I mainly wanted to be with a French person/family in order to experience French culture, food, wine, etc. – the total living experience – but not too much of the French lessons and studying. I told her that I was not a serious French student and didn’t like to do homework. And I was on vacation and retired after all!!

Marion was ok with what I wrote her, saying that the immersion course is custom made for each person as was the starting time in the morning! The immersion course should be enjoyable she said.

I went from wanting just the minimum amount of lesson time a day to wanting as much French lesson time that was offered. Marion made learning French and speaking so fun and enjoyable – besides getting in beautiful walks around the area along the river or overlooking the vineyards at the top of the hills. I loved playing Taboo and walking, speaking and learning French with Marion. She makes you feel so comfortable and at ease.

The food and meals were wonderful. I liked that Marion serves mostly local, organic food and every morning you can have her chickens’ freshly laid eggs as part of the generous breakfast besides miscellaneous home made confiture. I enjoyed learning about and drinking natural wines that Marion had for us to drink. I’m sorry I left the day before her friends and family bottled their barrel of wine.

Marion has a bike available for anyone who likes to bike ride. I was able to go on a couple of bikes rides around the vineyards and to Fleurie, the next village above Marion’s village.

learn french in immersion in france teacher's home beaujolais

There was a lot to see on the various excursions available nearby. There are two of the “Most Beautiful Villages of France” nearby – Pérouges and Oingt. We went to a few local marchés where we bought some cheese and bought more local produce besides what Marion was growing in her large garden.

I had wanted to see a little part of the northern part of the Côtes du Rhône (Côte-Rôtie) vineyard area since I love the white wines grown there and the vineyards are on steep hillsides with rock wall terraces. Marion was very nice to drive such a long distance to satisfy my wish.

One day I walked to the Hameau du Duboeuf and enjoyed the wine museum/theme park. Like the brochure says – for the novice or expert.

Marion’s mom was so nice to me when it was time to leave. She drove me to the TGV train station on her way to buy some famous chickens from Bourg-en-Bresse (where Marion’s mom was born too). My train was late and she insisted on parking the car, walking me to the train platform and waiting until the train arrived. This is the kind of hospitality Marion and her family give to their language students.

I also enjoyed seeing the two cats, Tarzan and Lillie, every morning during my stay.

Stuart – 2017 – French Immersion in France’s Beaujolais

french immersion in france beaujolais

For me learning should be fun and in particular learning a language. I currently have a French teacher back home who is fun and casual in her approach with me; Marion was exactly the same for me which was fantastic.

The moment I arrived I had some reservations about my ability to be completely immersed in French, but how wrong could one be. Marion and her Mum Nicole made me feel at ease from the beginning, such that as the days went by I was completely relaxed about the experience.

The week exceeded my expectations by far, as well as the fun lessons, most of which were spent walking through the most beautiful countryside whilst exercising my brain with words games and conversation: I had total immersion from breakfast through to bedtime. My ability to understand spoken French improved immensely with the help of Marion recognising my ability and developing my ears and confidence.

On the last evening I even attended a local amateur dramatics production of Little Red Riding Hood! Admittedly I did not understand all, but a fair amount. This is something I would not have imagined doing before. 

One excursion I would highly recommend is the trip I made to the medieval city of Perouges. We had beautiful weather so we could walk around the city and really take in its charm. Marion and I even stopped in a quaint bar for a refreshing artisanal beer, another part of Marion’s relaxed approach that I loved.

french immersion in france beaujolais

I was sad to leave because Marion and Nicole made me feel like part of the family and I knew I would miss the conversations in French.

To summarise, I now feel I am to more confident and realise that I can communicate in French! It made me realise that this is such the best way to learn French, so much so I will doing further immersions, perhaps with Marion and Nicole again to hopefully demonstrate my progress and to learn more. 

If you want to improve your French and experience the culture and beauty of Beaujolais, then I highly recommend this week. 

Thank you Marion and Nicole.

Charlotte (and her dog Matty) – 2017 – French Immersion in France’s Beaujolais

french immersion in france beaujolais

Thank you for a wonderful 2 weeks’ French immersion, Marion. You made me feel so welcome and really introduced me to life in your beautiful village surrounded by vineyards.

I loved chatting in French over our breakfasts and dinners on the terrace and when the weather was really hot, our French lessons in the swimming pool were just perfect!

And Matty loved our walks along the Saone and pottering through the vineyards. Here’s a pic of her in the garden with your football.

We both felt like part of the family while we were with you – thank you for everything!

Gary – 2017 – French Immersion in France’s Beaujolais

learn french in immersion lyon teachers house beaujolais

I’ve been determined to perfect my French since visiting Paris last summer for the first time in many years.  Since then, I’ve been working steadily on my own and speaking regularly with native speakers on Skype.

Last fall, I came across the French immersion opportunities on the French Today site and thought this would be a great way to get to the next level while experiencing another part of France and a taste of life with a French family.  I wasted no time booking my stay with Marion and was very much looking forward to the experience.  It did not disappoint.

I felt at ease with Marion from the moment we met at the train station.  As a teacher, she is very knowledgeable and supportive.   Her explanations of various points and responses to my questions were very clear and helpful.  I enjoyed our morning walks in the beautiful countryside, during which we discussed a wide range of interesting topics.  I had fun learning new vocabulary while we played the French version of the game Taboo, among other games.

I plan to take the DALF C1 exam just for the challenge, so we worked on some exam exercises and Marion gave me numerous tips on how to succeed.

The accommodations were excellent and the atmosphere was very relaxed.  Marion’s mother Nicole and her brother Lambert were very friendly and welcoming.  The town and surrounding area are beautiful and I enjoyed our visits to Lyon and the “Solutré” rock.

The week went by much too fast and I was very sad to leave.  I even offered to move in with the chickens if they would let me stay!  I hope to go back for another stay in the future.

Sue and Don – 2017 – French Immersion in France’s Beaujolais

learn french in immersion lyon teachers house

“Marion was an excellent guide: With Marion we toured some of the subtleties of “français pour les nuls” and of Beaujolais appellations. Nul is the French for not knowing a lot about something. So it is safe and not impolite to say, “Sue et Donald sont nuls en français.”

What Marion did quite brilliantly was take us forward in not feeling too self-conscious about speaking French out loud to others; in other words, not just to her as our teacher. Learning a language from the A1 level takes guts and Marion helped us feel more comfortable in the world of French speakers.

Marion stresses the audio of learning French. She is keen to make your ears (or hearing aides, in our case) more sensitive to the sound of spoken French, i.e., recognizing what is being said, especially what is being said to you on the street.

Added to her keen pedagogy is a skill to turn the learning into fun. Marion and her mother Nicole love board games, card games and word games. Who knew that you could strengthen your French by playing battleship?

Marion is able to establish a good rapport and solid understanding of the individual student’s strengths and abilities and plays to them. But she does not sacrifice, in the fun of things, the primacy of striving to understand the spoken word.

Julie – 2017 – French Immersion in France’s Beaujolais

learn french immersion in france teacher

For me French language is first of all the pleasure of communication. If you feel the same way than you really should go for Marion’s course.

I have spent two weeks at her hospitable home with her family. Also her friends were visiting, bringing their wonderful stories.

learn french immersion in france teacher homestay

French lessons were interesting, various, we played a lot of cool games that make the brain work. Now I’m a fan of “Taboo” and “Debates”. Also every day we’ve spent part of lesson time in open air walking in vineyards and other beautiful places (there a lot of those!).

I felt as a part of a family and it was amazing.

I am very grateful to Marion, Nicole and Lambert. I would come back with pleasure.


Christine, 2017 – French Immersion Stay in France’s Beaujolais

learn french immersion in france teacher homestay

La vie est trop courte…. Life is too short

Therefore, if you want to do something what better time than now? That is how I ended up booking a one week stay with Marion and her wonderful family in Beaujolais to improve my french speaking: and what a fantastic week it was.

All of the other reviews describe beautifully what you would expect to experience in Beaujolais but a written review can not do adequate justice in conveying just how warm and welcoming the family are to a stranger keen to master a new language.

My confidence in speaking increased 10-fold and if i could, I would return every year. If possible, book to go in the spring or summer to benefit from the lovely countryside walks through the vineyards, by far my favourite part of the stay.

I have become a firm francophile. Great praise indeed from a born and bred London resident.

Thomas – 2017 – French Immersion Stay in France’s Beaujolais

learn french in france immersion teacher homestay

I highly recommend doing a period of immersion with Marion. In addition to being a skilled and patient teacher, Marion’s supportive approach makes it easy to work at speaking even at a beginning level. She adapted her lessons quickly to focus on the aspects I was most struggling with, and varied the class time with exercises, videos, and games.

Of course, the meal times and excursions are very important aspects of the learning experience, and a key reason an immersion approach is so effective.

She and her family are extremely welcoming, making the entire experience very comfortable and fun. The whole family was very patient and forgiving as I struggled to express myself in a new language, and by the end of my time things were moving much more fluidly.

I not only learned a great deal of French, but also a great deal about the Beaujolais, cooking, and of course wine. Outings to Lyon, to vineyards, and to see the countryside rounded out a great experience.

My time absolutely flew by, and I look forward to continuing my language-learning adventure.

Merci pour tout!

Dan – 2016 – French Immersion Stay in France’s Beaujolais

learn french in france immersion

How could I describe to you, potential future student, the time I spent with Marion?

From the beginning I felt very comfortable with her. She encouraged me to speak in French as much as I could (my level was very low when I arrived) and thanks to her patience, my confidence and ability improved a lot during the week.

Learning French was not the only activity I enjoyed during my immersion week with Marion. Being located in the world renowned Beaujolais wine growing region I had the opportunity to tour the vineyards, to meet the “vignerons” who are passionate about their work and tasted some really good wine, even if I’m not a connoisseur, it was very interesting.

We also had the opportunity to visit Lyon together; my favorite part was la Confluence with its new modern neighborhood.

Something I was not aware of until I arrived is that Marion is a keen runner, and as I also enjoy running – we went out for an hour each day running amongst the vineyards – with the autumn leaves on the vines and fresh morning air it was just fabulous.

learn french in france in immersion at a teacher's home

I spent the week learning, talking, laughing, exploring – such a wonderful experience.

In a word, don’t hesitate!

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