Immersion Homestay at teacher's in French Speaking Switzerland
Learn French in immersion and discover French speaking Switzerland. Raymonde will welcome you in the safety of her Swiss country home, share her daily life with you and teach you French. Fluent in French, English and German, she’s been teaching languages for 25 years, but now that her grown-up children have left the nest, she is eager to share her time with students and make them discover the relaxing Swiss way of life.

French Immersion Residential Program Near Nyon, in French Speaking Switzerland

Bonjour and welcome to my home.

My name is Raymonde and I have been living here for the last 24 years. I have 3 grown up sons: two live away and Vincent studies nearby and often comes back home. My partner Michel lives in Geneva. He will stay with us sometimes, and may also guide you to visit our gorgeous region.

At a very young age I had a passion for languages, and was fascinated with people from other cultures. I lived in London for a year to learn English, then in Zurich to learn German, so I’m fluent in French, English and German.

I started teaching languages 25 years ago, shortly after my first son was born, first setting up a clientele of friends, neighbours and expats. I then got my diploma in teaching French and started working in private language schools.

Soon, I realised students best benefited from combining grammar with real life experiences, in a more relaxed environment. So I started offering immersion stays in my own home.

I am excited to now join the French Today exclusive team of immersion stay teachers, and hope to welcome you soon for an immersion stay “chez moi”.

Your Room and Private Bathroom in French Speaking Switzerland

My home is a spacious three-story house set in a calm and safe Swiss country village.

Your room is large and comfortable. It was fully renovated in 2016.

french immersion in zwitzerland

There is a queen size bed, a TV, a large choice of DVDs in French, access to wifi, a nice comfortable armchair to read, a kettle to make yourself a cup of tea (plenty of cookies to go with it ;-) and a little “bureau”.

Your private bathroom is fully equipped with a shower, a toilet, and a sink.

french language immersion in zwitzerland teacher home

I love my house – I’ve been living here for 24 years, and raised my sons here. So many memories… I had time to think over the details and make it as comfortable as I like it to be.


There is a large hearth/fireplace which really sets up a nice mood in the evening, as we crash on the sofas and read, chat or watch TV.

One of my student’s favorite place to relax is the lounge chair in the living room… so cozy!

french language immersion in switzerland teacher home learn

My kitchen is an important part of the house: it’s an open kitchen and my guests and students like to sit by the counter (and enjoy a glass of wine) as I cook. I like to entertain and often have friends and family over – you’ll meet them too!


I love to cook and will happily adapt to any of your dietary requirement such as vegetarian or gluten free. I cook mostly with locally grown produce.

If you’d like, you can help me cook, and we can share some recipes: my speciality is “la Tarte Tatin” – who tries it never forgets it!

french language immersion in switzerland teacher home learn
There is a nice garden with and a large terrace and a gorgeous view: on the other side of the yard, there is a little church and a castle. It’s all very quiet and safe here. You can borrow my bike and go play golf, pet horses, stroll the vineyards…

Please note that I don’t allow smoking inside my house. You can smoke in the garden if you wish to.

Nyon Region Near Geneva Lake in Switzerland

I am privileged to live in the area of “la Côte”, surrounded by the Lake Geneva (called “Lac Léman” in French), the Jura Mountains and the vineyards, not to mention the convenient access to Geneva and Lausanne (30min) and to Nyon (15min).

The coast of Lake Geneva is home to a number of beautiful towns:

  • Montreux is globally known for it’s yearly jazz festival, hotel schools, and once home of Freddy Mercury.
  • A train can easily take you to the Rocher de Naye – mountain peak with 360 degrees view of the mountain ranges, the lake and the towns around it: breathtaking and well worth the small trip.
  • Vevey is hometown of Nestlé and has recently opened a new museum of Charlie Chaplin.
  • Morges, another town at the lakeside, with its colourful old town street and promenade, was once home to Audrey Hepburn, and attracts thousands of visitors every year to its impressive tulip park in spring.

Jura is the top region for hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing – there is a little but very cozy ski resort nearby called St. Cergue.

The region also offers a number of well marked cycling routes, especially enjoyable in the spring when the air is still brisk.

And of course, there are many lake-side activities to enjoy in the summer.

In the fall, the nature all around this area is just amazing – it’s the time of wine harvest and there are many wine related events.

learn french in immersion in swizerland

For historical site visits, one can explore the Nyon Castle, National Museum in the Castle of Prangins, the Castle of Chillon, the Castle of Coppet, the Castle of Morges, just to mention a few.

learn swiss french in switzerland

Lake Geneva, or Lac Léman, has daily cruises to France, where one can visit the medieval town of Yvoire and Evian with the publicly available Evian water spring, not to mention the SPA and a number of crêperies serving most delicious salty buckwheat crêpes.

learn swiss french in switzerland

Practical Info About Your French Immersion Residential Course

The town of Nyon is at a 35 min train ride from Geneva Airport. Then I’ll come and pick you up in my car!

Once you are home, there are frequent public transportations to take you wherever you may want to go. If you prefer, you can rent a car, but you don’t have to.

And I’ll be happy to lend you a bike it you wish to (I have a VTT and an electric bike).

A typical 1 week offer includes but is not limited to:

  • 15 hours intense studying with me – usually 1.5h x 2 per day over 5 days
  • 2 organised unforgettable experiences/excursions of your choice*
  • Accommodation in your own en-suite room with a double bed, TV, shower, sink and toilet.
  • Copious breakfast, generous lunch with local products and a light dinner

*Train tickets and museum entry fees not included

The Price With These Options Is 1500 CHF (Swiss Francs) Per Week For One Person (around €1370).

Of course, I’ll be happy to adapt this program to your needs: cook more or less, welcome additional guests…

The bed in the student’s bedroom is a queen size, so it’s suitable for a couple.

Depending whether my son Vincent is around or not, I may be able to accommodate more people.

Just contact me and we’ll go over all the details and fees.

learn swiss french in switzerland

My aim is to give you encouragement, support and help to gain an excellent understanding of the French language, allowing you to have the confidence to engage in conversation in the relaxed, peaceful, surroundings of my home.

You will also experience the local delicacies, and explore the many beautiful scenic places of interest the region has to offer.

All of this will give you yet another reason to come back !

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Reviews From French Today’s Students

Jessica – French Immersion at Teacher’s House in Switzerland

learn french at teacher's house switzerland

Before my visit with Raymonde, I completed the A1 basic learning of french. After learning the basics in French, it was recommended to me to live in a french environment. I then discovered french today, and I thought I would pick Switzerland to see the beautiful scenery. Switzerland is truly under rated, and is a must see place for sure !

During my two week stay I was able to bring my french to the next level. Raymonde was a marvelous teacher and not only did she save me time and money by attending classes in a language school for weeks upon end but I also got to see Switzerland and have my own private tour of the country. It was so significant to experience language learning from actually living it.

learn french at teacher's house switzerland

It was a pleasure to meet and stay with Raymonde, it was like living in a fairy tale for two weeks. The village that Raymonde resides in is sincerely tranquil, if you are looking to get out of the huzzle and buzzle of your busy life then this is the place for you. With only being minutes away from Nyon, and two train stations that take you anywhere, it truly was a paradise.

Raymonde has encouraged me to continue with my french studies as she has made it so much easier to understand the structure of the french language. Now it is time for practice, practice, practice !

Sarah – French Immersion Stay in Switzerland

learn french immersion switzerland

My daughter Sarah, who is 18 years old, spent a very enjoyable week with Raymonde and her family in Switzerland.
Raymonde spent three hours each morning tutoring Sarah and helping her to improve her oral and written French for her Leaving Cert exams in June 2017.

learn french immersion switzerland
Sarah enjoyed the relaxed and warm atmosphere chez Raymonde and was made to feel a part of her family from her arrival. Her bedroom was comfortable, warm and spacious.

They visited Geneva, Lausanne and took several hiking and cycling trips together. This was very much to the appeal of Sarah who is a fitness fanatic.

learn french immersion switzerland
Raymonde prepared many wonderful, healthy meals for Sarah and included her in sharing meals at home and while they went on their many excursions. It is a holiday that Sarah will never forget.
Thank you to French Today for recommending Raymonde to us.

Nora – French Immersion Stay in Switzerland

learn french in switzerland immersion homestay

It has been a most wonderful experience to learn the language in a warm and charming place. The village of Gingins, located at the heart of the la Côte, offers an authentic Swiss atmosphere with a beautiful view on the Mont-Blanc.

I was warmly welcomed and immediately felt at home. My room was spacious, had its own bathroom and was tastefully furnished. Furthermore, I could benefit of all the amenities of the house.

My days were filled with great activities in the generous surrounding nature and often ended with lovely talks around the chimney with a cup of tea.

Raymonde is a skilled and passionate teacher who is supportive, patient and has a great understanding for people. She taught me a living language by going to cultural place and shopping in nearby organic market, among others. We then spent time cooking French dishes together, such as her famous “tarte tatin”.

Since, I use the French language on a daily basis in my working environment and often get reminded of her teachings that helped me a lot to become fluent.

I highly recommend her to any person who would like to learn or improve a Language.

Edit – French Immersion Stay in Switzerland

learn french in switzerland immersion homestay

Raymonde is an extremely efficient and accommodating person.

She has a natural talent in detecting and applying early in the process the teaching style that is most effective with her students.

She is passionate about her job, therefore her lessons are filled with knowledge and enthusiasm. She is intelligent, humorous and at the same time focused on structure and progress.

I am confident that one day my dream, to speak French fluently and correctly, will come true and for that I will be thankful to Raymonde.

Ava – French Immersion Stay in Switzerland

learn french in switzerland immersion homestay

French is a difficult language but Raymonde knows how to teach it in an efficient and pleasant way.

I have significantly advanced my French skills in a short period of time and feel confident when communicating in French in private and professional environment alike.

Raymonde is a dynamic, well informed and emotionally highly intellectual person, which is why classes with her have been a very enriching experience.

I would recommend Raymonde to anyone seeking to enhance French and to enrich their day-to-day life!

Steven – French Immersion Stay in Switzerland

learn french in switzerland immersion homestay

Coming from South Africa and only working in International companies in Switzerland, French was never easy for me and I never grasped the language. Raymonde was a great teacher who made it interesting to learn, she created a great interactive experience which kept concentration levels up which helped the learning process a lot.

Raymonde has a great character and is a very interesting person herself, and the way she mixes life experiences and conventional learning makes it a pleasure to learn from her, the three hour lessons seemed a lot shorter due to the interest she created.

I now have a great level of confidence and am way more willing to interact socially in French.

I can tell how her love of people and social interaction lead her to this profession and I would recommend her as one of the best teachers I have ever had.