French Immersion and Private Bungalow in the Somme

€1300 per week

  • Lessons: 15 hours
  • Excursions/Tours: 2
  • Meals: 2 per day (B + L or D)
  • Room: Private room & private bathroom.
  • Max Guests: From one to six guests traveling together
  • Teaches Kids: <12 with an accompanying adult
  • Other: Private bungalow.

Experience an off-the-beaten-path French immersion in the Somme region of France, and enjoy its pristine landscapes, Gothic architecture and WW1 history. Eliane, will welcome you and your family in her lovely house, which she shares with her partner Benjamin, and young dog Okami. You’ll be staying in a spacious private student’s bungalow conveniently located in their garden and discover the North of France while practicing your French with your charming hosts.

Your French Immersion Homestay Program Near Amiens

Bonjour et bienvenu chez nous !

My name is Eliane. You may know me as the daughter of Chantal (French Today immersion teacher in Picardie).
Born to a French mother and a Dutch father, French is my mother tongue but I’m also fluent in Dutch and English.

After graduating with a law degree, I worked as a lawyer and training manager. However, I often assisted my mother with her French immersion students: I loved interacting with people and sharing my knowledge of France and French culture. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to change career and train to become a French as a second language teacher myself!

So I’ve had practical training in French teaching, I know how to explain the various grammar rules, I’m experienced (see all the happy reviews at the bottom of this page :-) therefore am confident I can help you with your French studies.

I live with my companion Benjamin: we live in Roye, a picturesque town next to Amiens. This part of France is really famous for its history and especially for battlefields of WW1.

We have a young dog: an Akita called Okami – meaning “loup” in Japanese.

Come visit us and experience a true immersion in French language and culture. We are casual people, live in a cozy house and love having guests over: our motto is: « faites comme chez vous ! » (Our home is your home).

Welcome to Our Home in The Somme

Our house is in the center of the small city of Roye:  there are plenty of lovely restaurants, a movie theater, and charming shops. Everything is conveniently located within a walking distance and there is also a gorgeous park where we often go for a walk or a jogging – you may even fish there!

french immersion france somme

We live in a typical “Amiens” style brick townhouse, which has been entirely renovated. It’s warm and cozy, very comfortable and carefully decorated.

On the ground floor, there is a living room and a large adjacent dining room, a toilet, and a small kitchen which leads to our private garden and the student’s bungalow.

french immersion france

french immersion france somme

french immersion france somme

I love to cook (thank’s Mum!) and I cook all sorts of food: typical French cuisine of course, but also gourmet ethnic food. I love to go pick up fresh produce at the farm in season. With your guidance, I will also be happy to adapt my cooking to your specific diet: I’m always eager to learn new recipes.

If you wish, you can share this moment with me and help me cook traditional French recipes. Or, you can just keep me company while chatting in French, enjoying an appetizer and a glass of wine!

french immersion france somme

Your Private Bungalow in Our Garden

Your private space has just been renovated. It’s sunny and comfortable and opens up to our enclosed yard.

The student bungalow features a king size bed, plenty of storage space, a table with two chairs and a comfortable sitting area.

learn french immersion somme

The private bathroom is through the tinted glass door.

learn french immersion somme

The kitchen area is small but functional – anyway, I do most of the cooking in the big house! But it’s nice for students to have a small kitchen for snacks and coffee.

learn french immersion somme

Your Room in My House

If you prefer, or if you came with a large family or friends, there is also a lot of space in my house.

Upstairs, there is our bedroom, two guest bedrooms with double beds and a single large bathroom with a double sink and a large shower.

Here is a large guest bedroom with a king size bed.

french immersion france

And another guest room with a queen size bed.

french immersion france somme

And the bathroom we will share. The upstairs toilet is in a different room.

french immersion france somme

The Somme Region in France

Roye is a charming little town next to Amiens and the Imperial city of Compiègne, halfway between Lille and Paris, in the Somme region of France.

“La Somme” is a Department rich in many ways, especially for its WW1 history, castles, gorgeous and authentic villages, prehistoric archeology, Gothic architecture, and to the North, natural parks, and beaches…

immersion france somme
We can visit Amiens, a beautiful city with, among other things, its impressive Cathedral, the medieval district Saint-Leu where there are good restaurants, bars and antique shops, and obviously the inevitable floating gardens of Hortillonages.

immersion france somme

We could also walk in the heart of the Somme battlefields and visit Albert, a beautiful city where the museum « Somme 1916 » is located: you’ll discover the lives of soldiers during WW1.

immersion france somme

For longer outings, we could drive to Paris, or Reims, or to the “Baie de Somme” region with its pristine landscape and beaches. Let me know what interests you: there is plenty to do around here.

French Immersion in the Somme

Practical Info About Your French Immersion Homestay

Since our house is located in a city, you don’t need to rent a car although we recommend you do if you wish to be more independent and enjoy all there is to do in this beautiful region of France. Many public transportation options are also available.

Should you not rent a car, I’ll be happy to drive you around, but I will have to ask for a 75 Euros gas fee (a full tank), maybe more should we decide on doing several longer excursions. Pick up at Charles-de-Gaulle airport or at the “Compiègne” train station can also be arranged.

Benjamin and I occasionally smoke electronic cigarettes, and smoking e-cigarettes is possible inside the house. You are welcome to smoke regular cigarettes outside should you wish to.

There is good Wifi and cell reception throughout the house.

Because we have a dog, unfortunately, we cannot accept your pet.

A One Week (7 Days, 6 Nights) Residential French Course Includes:

  1. Fifteen (15) hours tuition – 3h in the morning x 5 days
  2. Accommodation in a bedroom in our house with shared bathroom, or in the private bungalow (once it is finished!)
  3. Two meals a day: breakfast and lunch with me
    You’ll have dinner on your own. Roye is considered as a gastronomic city because there are many restaurants, and you are welcome to use our fridge and kitchen too
  4. Two outings a week of cultural/touristic tours, or activities (like painting, cooking, shopping, cinema… anything according to your preferences) during which you’ll practice your French with me
  5. Preferred arrival on Sunday, departure on Saturday

Please note that entries to museums are not included.

The fee for one person for one week is 1300 Euros.

The key to the programs I offer is flexibility: you can come alone or we could host up to 6 family members/friends, staying in our house and/or in the student’s bungalow. We have a total of three double beds available for guests :-)

For one additional guest, the price per week is:

  • Euros 210 in half board, without lessons or excursions.
  • Euros 700 in half board with shared lessons and excursions.

I can cook and share with you two or three meals per day, or none, arrange for more or fewer outings, more or less French lessons, pick you up at the airport/train station and drive you around, go farther or closer…

Contact me, and we’ll put together a program to best fit your French goals, interests and make the most of your immersion stay with us!

french immersion france somme

Contact Éliane – French Immersion Homestay Teacher

  • Please write a detailed message for the teacher including:
    1. Whether you’ll be traveling by yourself or with friends/family (and if applicable the number of people just staying at the teacher or also taking classes and a bit more about them)
    2. The duration of your desired immersion stay and whether you are flexible about the immersion dates
    3. A few details about yourself: your hobbies, your French learning goal, the kind of immersion you'd like (little/lots of homework, outdoor or more indoor activities), any food allergies or other problems you may have. The teachers will be opening their own home to you and although they’ll ask you more questions if they are able to fit you in, knowing a bit about you from the start would be really helpful and a huge gain of time.

Follow Eliane’s Bilingual Posts On French Today, Where She Talks About Her Life and Beautiful Region.

Reviews From French Immersion Students

Stefano – 2018 – Immersion in the Somme

french Immersion in the Somme

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a beautiful French couple and take a week of French immersion in the Somme this fall. Although I had traveled around much of France before I had never been to this part of the country.

Immersion in the Somme france

After picking me up from the train station, Eliane and Benjamin welcomed me into their home like I was one of the family. The first morning Eliane and I took a walk with their young puppy “Okami” where Eliane quietly assessed, through our conversation, my understanding of French language. She then tailored the lessons to target my areas of need.

france ww1 immersion

We spent the next week with lessons in the morning and leisure in the afternoon. Some afternoons were free for me to do whatever I wanted but several afternoons were spent on amazing excursions discovering the richness that was the region of the Somme.

french Immersion in the Somme

Two excursions were a highlight for me. First was a visit to the “Baie de Somme” on the Atlantic Coast. So beautiful and so much history. The second was an afternoon spent exploring the city of Amiens including the incredible cathedral. Truly amazing! Incroyable!

My week with Eliane & Benjamin was as much a vacation as it was an education. My French language definitely improved while having an absolute splendid time exploring a part of France that was new and fresh.

I would highly recommend a week (or more) in the Somme with Eliane & Benjamin.

Stefano – 2018 – Immersion en Français dans la Somme

learn french in immersion

I stayed 2 weeks at Eliane’s house and I’m very happy of having done this experience.Now I feel more confident of speaking in France since I started as a A1.

Eliane and his fiancé made me feel like I was at home and they were extremely flexible.

learn french in immersion

Now I’m going to summarize the main points:

The loft is very clean and huge and it has all that you need: tv, wi-fi, kitchen and bathroom.

2.French Lesson:
I practice all the days a lot, she is a very good teacher and patient.

Starting from the breakfast I have practiced French with Eliane. She bought all special food for me since I’m allergic to gluten. However she doesn’t eat at breakfast so eating alone was not that fun.

Eliane is a good chef, we had lunch at home and also at the restaurants.

learn french in immersion

We did lots of excursions also during the weekend, and also when she had to do some errand she brought me together.

Carl – 2018 – Immersion en Français dans la Somme

immersion francais france

Les cours avec Eliane étaient géniaux. Elle est une bonne prof (et très sympa). J’ai appris beaucoup de nouvelles choses que je n’aurais jamais apprises dans mes classes au Royaume – Uni.

L ‘hébergement est parfait : complètement autonome et entièrement équipé.

Roye est une base idéale pour explorer d’autres lieux. Les villes d’Arras, d’Amiens, de Noyon et de Compiègne plus les champs de bataille de la Somme sont proches et peuvent être rejoints en moins d’une heure.

Je recommande complètement son cours.

David + Daughter – 2018 – French Immersion in the Somme

Our one-week stay with Éliane was simply magnificent, surpassing all expectations.

My daughter (age 16) and I (age 47) both came to improve our intermediate (B2/C1) French language skills. Éliane was enormously generous with her time and her home.

She spent 35+ hours with us during the stay, including lessons, meals, tourist outings, and recreational activities. She is highly professional and also highly personable, full of friendly enthusiasm.

The instruction was very effective. I could see the leap in my daughter’s speaking ability, and could feel myself thinking more and more in French as the visit went on.

Towards the end of the week, we played host and took Éliane and her partner Benjamin out to one of Roye’s multiple high-end “restaurant gastronomique” for a 7-course tasting menu. We all got dressed up and had a lovely evening talking (in french, of course) at a more personal level and getting to know each other better. It was delightful.

french immersion

Éliane taught using a variety of techniques. We read comedy sketches aloud to work on pronunciation and vocabulary. We played word-games like Taboo and Hangman to work on vocabulary and description. We watched and discussed television broadcasts (news and sketch comedy) to work on oral comprehension, vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions. We did crossword puzzles together for grammar and verb conjugation.

We conversed about our surrounding while walking the neighborhood to work on oral production and vocabulary. We visited the public market and talked with some of the local residents. Throughout, we used small notebooks to jot down unfamiliar words and expressions that came up and to reinforce what we learned.

Éliane is a creative teacher and generous host, who did everything imaginable to make sure my daughter and I had a memorable stay. She did a great job accommodating our different interests, different areas of strength and weakness with the language, and different levels of stamina.

Daniel – 2018 – French Immersion in the Somme

French Immersion in the Somme

I was able to spend a week in Picardie, learning French with Éliane and her partner Benjamin.  They have a beautiful little home, and I had a separate apartment in the back in my own little separate building.  My place was excellent! It was brand new, private, and had everything I needed.   I was able to come and go as I pleased, which was good because in the afternoons and evenings I enjoyed getting out to wander the countryside and look at sites of interest without bothering Elaine and Benjamin with my coming and going. They were wonderful hosts. Very engaging, and we shared some great breakfasts and lunches. Very good company!

I had been working on French only through self study, and with Éliane’s patient teaching I believe I added significantly to my skill set. It was exactly what I needed, though I wish I had had more time. I believe I improved dramatically in one week, and two weeks would have made an even bigger difference. Éliane has a gift for teaching French… patience, positivity and a sense of humor made it a wonderful experience.

French Immersion in the Somme

The Picardie region is beautiful. I toured several important WWI battlefields, including the beautiful Aisne-Marne American cemetery and the nearby Belleau Wood battlefield (hallowed ground for the US Marine Corps). I also got to visit several cathedrals, including the Amiens cathedral, which is one of the most beautiful in France (and in the world).

It was a wonderful and worthwhile experience all around, and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their French skills and enjoy the beautiful region of Picardie.

Evelyn – 2018 – French Immersion in the Somme

French Immersion

I have just spent 2 weeks with Eliane – the first with lessons and the second focussing on speaking and speaking street french!
It was a perfect combination for me and I am now much more confident participating in conversation and using it while I’m shopping! This is all thanks to Eliane’s patience and encouragement.

Eliane is also a super friendly, easy going and has a lovely sense of humour. Her partner Benjamin is equally nice!

French Immersion

My accommodation is a new self contained studio, modern, very comfortable and bright.
My meals are always delicious, varied, fresh and healthy!  Eliane is good cook!

French Immersion

La Somme is a very interesting and historical region. From chateaus to WW1 battlefields, Jules Verne’s Mansion to underground museums and of course beautiful french countrysides, there are still much more to discover and do! I have enjoyed my outings – – such as visiting landmarks and activities – such as running with Eliane. Along the way, we always have good laughs!

What a rewarding 2 weeks for me!
I’m planning to come back!

Rafe – 2018 – French Immersion in the Somme

French Immersion in the Somme

I had the very good fortune to spend a week with Eliane at the beginning of July 2018. From the start, Eliane and her partner Benjamin welcomed me enthusiastically into their charming home.

I stayed in their comfortable new studio but was also welcomed to make use of the living room in their house for relaxing and watching television.

After breakfast (at a very civilised 9AM!), each day we spent the mornings going through chapters and exercises from a grammar textbook and looking at a few video-clips to practise comprehension. Eliane carefully and patiently explained whenever I had difficulties and set some homework to help reinforce my learning.

French Immersion in the Somme

Eliane provided wonderfully delicious lunches every day and our afternoon visits were tailored to my interests (in particular World War One history). These outings provided a valuable opportunity to practise chatting in French, and by the end of the week I’m sure my modest abilities had improved significantly.

I would like to thank Eliane and Benjamin very much for a splendid week and for all their hospitality and kindness!

My confidence in French has improved and I hope to take the learning forward. Above all, it was great fun!

Richard – 2018- French Immersion in the Somme

French Immersion in the Somme

I have just returned from a week and a half stay with Eliane Paauwen in Roye, Picardie.

It is hard to fully describe what a wonderful experience it was.

Eliane is a wonderful hostess who welcomes you into her home and makes you instantly feel not only an honored guest, but also a friend.

Eliane is an excellent French teacher. She is patient, encouraging, and has a killer sense of humor. Although she is fluent in English, she knows when to help fill-in the gaps versus letting you remember the details from a prior conversation. Eliane and her partenaire Benjamin have just finished the guest apartment in the backyard. This is a new, well-appointed studio with an ensuite bathroom with shower, and a kitchenette. The setting is very comfortable and peaceful with glorious birdsong in the mornings.

French Immersion in the Somme

The conversation and learning never stops from the typical French breakfasts, through the didactic session, to the afternoon excursions to the surrounding towns and sites and on into the delicious evening dinners.

We toured Amiens, Compiègne, the Chateaux of Chantilly and Pierrefonds, Albert with the WWI trenches, museum, cemeteries and War Memorials, and just the beautiful Picardie countryside.

French Immersion in the Somme

Eliane is not only a great cook, but she is an excellent historian. Eliane and Benjamin are two delightful people who warmly share their corner of France with you while your French language skills greatly improve.

I highly recommend an immersion homestay with Eliane Paauwen in Roye. I am looking forward to returning to Roye and Eliane’s and Benjamin’s home to continue my ongoing mastering of the French language and to further explore this beautiful region of France.

Je me suis vraiment bien amusé !

Jane & Jim – 2018 –  French Immersion in the Somme

Eliane & her husband Benjamin are a hip young couple who live in a big renovated brick house near the center of Roye. After a long overnight flight it was such a pleasant relief to see the friendly face of Eliane when she picked us up at CDG airport.

As their guest home in the back yard is still being finished, we were given a spacious bedroom on their top floor. It is quiet, bright and confortable. The two are very accomodating. We never felt like we were intruding. More than once we heard « servez-vous, faites comme chez vous ! ».

French Immersion in the Somme

Both Eliane & her husband are confortable with occasional English, helping you retrieve the right word or phrase. This makes all types of conversation easier and more educational, be it at mealtime, in the car or going for a walk.

Do not miss meals as there are delicious and afford more opportunity for conversation.

French Immersion in the Somme

Excursions with Eliane & Benjamin were fun and interesting. Eliane also advises on your choice of places to visit or avoid, and she was never wrong. The countryside is beautiful, and the villages and towns are lovely – alive with history and art is every where, down to the buildings and homes with their sculptures and gardens.

Eliane provides engaging, structured classes with energy and enthousiasm. Although only one of us was student, this was a fun experience for both.

We are sad to be leaving our new friends !

Dom, Francine, Iza and Bob – French Immersion in the Somme

learn french in france somme

I’ve been learning French for a while now. This year, as a special gift to me, my whole family (husband and two kids age 10 and 12) were coming with me. I had done French schools, full of foreign students, with little to no results on my French level. This time, I wanted to improve my French, but also to share France’s history and culture with my family.

I’ve been studying with French Today’s audiobooks, and they’ve helped me a lot. I’m also a big fan of the blog. So of course, I decided to go with one of the immersion programs Camille recommends. I contacted Chantal first, but she was all booked. She said her daughter had recently joined the program, so I decided to give it a try.

It was the right decision. Eliane and her fiancé Benjamin were charming hosts, and bent over backwards to make our stay perfect. I decided to hold on formal lessons and take more excursions. I went on three by myself with Eliane, so I could really concentrate on my French with her. I’ve progressed a lot in one week, much more than in my previous stays in language schools. Eliane truly boosted my confidence in speaking, and provided me with so many opportunities to speak French, not only with her and Benjamin, but also with friends, in shops etc…

Eliane and Benjamin spoke a mix of French and English to the rest of my family, and mostly French to me. It was awesome. The house is very comfortable and convenient. My husband loves history so the Somme was the right place for us.

Our kids loved the big park near the house, and spend hours playing French secrets agents an spying on us from the bridge, their stronghold. They also fell in love with Eliane’s pet rabbit, and now they want one!

We all felt safe and welcome in this typical little French town. Not only was it a great French immersion, it was really a n unforgettable family vacation!

Silvia – French Immersion in the Somme With Lessons

immersion france

I decided to try French Today following the advice of a friend who stayed with Eliane’s mother, Chantal, previously. And what experience it was for me!

After many hours in a plane and considering the different time zone, I was grateful for the possibility of arriving at Eliane’s town quickly and I immediately felt at home. I even had the opportunity to experience a true French family Sunday brunch, what a luxury when learning the language. I am very thankful to all of them for welcoming me on such occasion.

I spent a wonderful week with Eliane and my only regret was that I hadn’t booked two weeks. My confidence in speaking French increased significantly and I’m sure all my “bad habits” would have been eradicated within a two-week stint.

learn french immersion somme

The house was warm and comfortable despite it being the beginning of March. Elaine “disappeared” briefly at lunch time to prepare a delicious meal effortlessly for the two of us. I guess I was a challenge for her as I am lactose intolerant: what a situation to have in the country of cheese, cream and cakes! Elaine did not show any sign of stress while offering such meals and I enjoyed every breakfast and lunch with her, dairy-free!

I enjoyed the class structure and she adapted to my request: focus on conversation. At the end of the day, Elaine had the grammar and the books to correct my mistakes of the day. That was brilliant as I was able to understand my weak points and consolidate the right use of French, written and spoken.

When I absentmindedly used an English word, she politely repeated in French which encouraged me to try harder with mine.

I enjoyed spending time with Eliane and her partner during my week very much! I felt at home and I left with the confidence of speaking a better level of French, especially when alone in Paris.

Thanks, Eliane for a wonderful time! I definitely will do it again!

Tina – French Immersion in the Somme With Lessons

immersion francais france

Last month, I stayed with Eliane and Benjamin. I made this trip in order to improve my French, which is exactly what it did. Eliane made sure I didn’t speak English and neither did she unless it was really needed.

It was an amazing immersion program. Her lessons are nothing like school and are really fun. It was more of a holiday than an education trip and I learnt so much more with Eliane than I would have done in school. We went on outings and trips in the afternoon. Everything we saw was beautiful.

Eliane and Benjamin made me feel instantly at home and as if I were one of their family. And her little rabbit, Choupette is so cute. The room I stayed in was very spacious and lovely. It was like I had my own apartment. Even though we shared the bathroom it wasn’t a problem as we didn’t use it at the same hours.

Eliane is a fantastic cook and I ate the most amazing meals cooked by her. In short, the whole experience of the trip was wonderful.

Robert – French Immersion Homestay & French Lessons in the Somme

French Immersion Homestay france

Eliane is an excellent teacher who used a flexible program adapted to my needs and wishes. I really enjoyed that she tried to correct my bad habits. I learned so much ! She was very patient with me, encouraged me all the time to talk and listened to me with a lot of attention.

Apart from being a good teacher, Eliane is very welcoming.  I spent my week laughing with her, enjoying good food with good wine. And of course, we spent some time sightseeing. Roye is a very nice and authentic village and I loved going to the park and watching the locals – I even got to talk to some of them: everybody was very nice to me. Eliane and Benjamin’s house is very well located. I could go everywhere on foot.

It was just great and I would recommend to all students a French immersion experience with Eliane and Benjamin (her fiancé is just as nice as Eliane).